i apologize for the profanity but,

can someone please explain to me the purpose of cat calling girls/women?

like what satisfaction do you get from that?


i don’t understand???

what is the purpose of yelling at someone knowing that they’re most likely going to ignore you but be really offended or uncomfortable??!?


and this wasn’t even a “normal” incident (i would consider normal catcalling as being on a run in sportsbra and spandex//i think then they at least have a reason to do so since id be showing some skin BUT EVEN THEN ITS NOT OKAY). I was coming home from class just now, DRIVING IN MY CAR, and i had the windows down and i was blasting Summertime Sadness because i was just having a moment you know?? this week has been really bad and i was actually enjoying those few minutes. i got to a red light and some GUY on the sidewalk stopped and yelled HEY THERE BEAUTIFUL making clear eye contact with me.

like excuse me? what? 

first of all fuck you for making me feel uncomfortable and ruining my moment, i closed my windows and locked the doors after that because you made me nervous.

second shut the heck up you fuckface you’re clearly blind because i don’t even think i brushed my hair today, I’m wearing a running t-shirt thats like 3 years old, and I’m tired AS FUCK.

third you’re a douchebag and i really hope you have a small dick.