I’ve never seen something so accurate in my life. Until now.


Indiana Jones - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’? (by HAWPOfficial)

Another great HAWP.


A while back, someone asked Star Wars fans to film chunks of scenes from the original Star Wars, to be cut together into a shot-for-shot remake of the film.  The submitting fans could do their scenes any way they wanted.  This is the result.

Also, at the 1:11:32 mark, you can see the creators and stars of the webseries Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’.

Finally, if I’d have known about this, I totally would have done a scene in which I played Han, but dressed as Malcolm Reynolds, opposite a Leia dressed as Inara and maybe a Chewie dressed as Jayne.  It’d be in front of a green screen and we would put Serenity’s interiors in behind us.


So I’ve been playing this with my brother for a while now. And along with having NO memory for how to play all the songs, when I finally get them right, Ash’s lyrics are all I can think of. 
Thank you, Ash. For making my first time playing Zelda a little extra special.


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