So I was watching the Hey Arnold! Movie. Also taking screencaps for icons, when I stumbled upon this small moment between Helga and a passed out Miriam.

Helga is just so deadpan when she was talking to her mother, who wasn’t even awake, but just the fact that this scene is in here makes me sad. She is so use to her mother being passed out from binge drinking that it deosn’t even effect her– it’s like after seeing it all her life she doesn’t even care. It’s normal, a sad alcoholic mother and father who can’t even remember her name let alone that she’s even there. This is what Helga thinks normal is.

Miriam uses drinking to drown out her depression and a pile of other shit, Big Bob is a workaholic who loves his first born more, treating Helga like dirt. I could go on, but I don’t feel like.