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uh,, i made a moxiety fusion a while ago, and im kinda proud of it so,, im posting it now

is it a good fusion? i dunno. am i posting it here because they have cat features? yes

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“the three songs” ask set

1. three songs that come up when you put your phone on shuffle

2. three last songs you listened to

3. three songs you were recently obsessed with

4. three songs that you know thanks to your parents

5. three songs you wish you could forget (because listening to them hurts)

6. three songs you wish you could erase from history (because they’re terrible)

7. three songs you didn’t expect to like but eventually loved

8. three songs that remind you most of summer and vacation

9. three songs that get you in the Christmas Mood

10. three favourite Halloween/spooky songs

11. three favourite songs from movie or TV series soundtrack

12. three favourite songs from video games

13. three songs you want at your funeral

14. three songs you want at your wedding

15. three songs you want to dance with your love to

16. three favourite songs for sex

17. three songs that remind you of your crush

18. three songs that remind you of your best friend

19. three songs that are your guilty pleasure

20. three songs that remind you of the person who sends this one

21. three songs of your childhood

22. three songs you listen to when you’re sad

23. three songs that never fail to get you pumped up

24. three favourite old songs

25. three favourite songs of 2017

26. three favourite non-English songs

27. three songs that you sing while drunk

28. three best songs to get drunk or high to

29. three songs that influenced you most (some songs change or save lives)

30. three songs you really want your followers to know (for reasons other than all those above)



@izuqu wrote some hilarious headcanons about class 1A and 1B and the beautiful friendship that Kiri shares with Tetsu that I absolutely came to love.
I drew this particular scene ———> TO DECK’S POST <———-


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


hello everybody i’m back on my bullshit 


bmc fandom whenever michael mell says or does anything

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Damian isn’t allowed to antagonize reporters, at least not openly. Reporters ask questions, and, well, there’s a lot they could find if they looked too closely. Damian has strict instructions about the image he should present to the press: polite, introspective child who is Not At All Suspicious
  • But obviously, he’s found a workaround
  • Damian really only encounters reporters inside the manor itself, where he’s likely to be accompanied by assorted pets. They ask the standard questions: what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you get along with your brothers and sisters? Oh, so I guess you like animals?
  • Yes, Damian likes animals. He also likes it when reporters leave him alone, so he answers in the affirmative and invites the offending party to meet his pets, starting with the most common animals.
  • Some immediately abandon ship. They were just making smalltalk, so oh no, sweetie, I’m afraid I’ll have to meet your cat another time! But it was so nice to meet you! 
  • The ones interested in Damian himself meet his cat, and his dog, and sometimes his cow (but not his giant bat-monster, who cannot be seen by anyone), but that isn’t the end of the list.
  • You see, not all of Damian’s pets are either pets or his. Some of them are animals that happen to live on the manor grounds: ducks, songbirds, deer, squirrels, and other more interesting animals. Damian keeps an eye on them. He likes to observe them in their natural habitats. 
  • So stubborn members of the press are invited to see the colony of hissing cockroaches, the huge spider in the pantry, or the giant garden slugs. 
  • “Do you like animals?” “Sure! Except for snakes. I don’t care for snakes” “I found three king snakes by the pond yesterday. Want to see?”
  • That tends to clear them out
  • The tactic has failed only once, on a photographer from the Gotham Times, formerly of National Geographic. That guy visited every animal, took pictures of all of them, and mailed Damian a personalized animal calendar. Damian has deemed him “acceptable company”

some concept playlists;

edit: pt. II (these were all requests);


Too Agressive Square vs Smol Triangle Gremlin (or just two dorky sisters fighting)

(P. S. Also, thanks all of you guys for 150+ followers, wow!!1 DD:)

creativeandinterestingnamehere  asked:

Hi, so I don't know if you're gonna wanna draw this or not but I've had this idea in my head for so long now of Hanzo knowing how to play the violin and every one is just shocked when they learn, and he's like really good???? Like he's been playing since he was rlly little so he's just great at it and everyone's like >:OOOOOOO k imma go byeeee

Sorry, this took so long ‘cause I was on vacation for almost a month!

But I adore this kind of headcanons!

I was talking with my friends about it, and we thought it would be really nice if the moments Hanzo plays his favourite instruments are the ones he’s the happiest!

Relaxed and peaceful Hanzo is what I live for. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

(Oh, in case if you’re wondering what he’s playing. ;^) )