Do you think Shiro woke up the day after the first Voltron episode and thought, “Holy shit, I’ve just escaped from government custody then kidnapped a bunch of children into space” or has Shiro just passed the point of caring about that sort of thing?



Hello! I’ll be hosting a back-to-school giveaway! Details below :)


  • there will be one winner [chosen randomly]
  • personalized mixtape from me [on my 8tracks]
  • colorful + handwritten letter from me :)
  • everything given away has a retail value of about 150 usd
  • all of the material prizes im giving away are pictured above

more info:

  • this isnt affiliated with or sponsored/endorsed by tumblr/yahoo/instagram
  • pls be >18 years old
  • be comfy w/giving me ur address [if u win] ~ u will not be giving tumblr any information
  • must have an open ask box on tumblr
  • winner will have 24 hours to respond if they win
  • lmk in tags if it a sideblog [no giveaway blogs]
  • do not delete this text pls like thats not cool
  • my ask box

deadline to enter:

  • august 8, 2016
  • @ 7:00pm EST


  • must be following me on instagram @wintreyeo and @nitrugen (YOU HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING BOTH!)
  • you don’t have to be following me here on tumblr but it would be nice!
  • also, if you have twitter, you can follow mine @jannyckayeo

best of luck!!! xoxo j