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Hey there. Read and liked your lady of winterfell and ned/alys post. So what are your views about Jon calling himself Warden of the North. He signed the letter he sent to Sansa in 7.07 as Jon Snow Warden of the North. I don't think there has ever been a WOTN who wasn't Lord of Winterfell. KITN obviously had authority and power over Lady of W. If WOTN governs the North then the Lady of W only governs the castle and lands around it. How do you think it would work?

Hi there! Thanks for this message. I’ve actually been ruminating on that quite a bit. It’s again one of the things that makes it harder to believe Jon agreeing to being WotN is genuine. 

It could just be the show glossing over the issues, but Book!Jon wouldn’t just buy into it as easily. With KITN, at least we have material to suggest Robb wanted to make Jon his heir to avoid the Lannisters taking Winterfell through marriage to Sansa. Robb would be giving Jon this validation and Sansa would have to agree to it after her experiences because the safety of Winterfell is more important. The Lords can’t snub Sansa in such a situation because many of them are plotting to put a Stark in power. Even if they do, there’s a will suggesting why keeping Sansa shielded away from the title is better for her, Winterfell and the North so long as her marriage to Tyrion isn’t annulled. The show does this loosely, and there are underlying tensions but I think even show!Jon wouldn’t take up the role of KITN if the Others/White Walkers weren’t coming. He’s agreeing to it because the situation is dire and it might just be a temporary thing for him until things are settled. One of the butterfly effects starting with never writing in Robb’s will and dismissing the importance of annulment or Tyrion’s death for invalidating her marriage to him is they have to show Sansa being snubbed and overlooked. 

So while Lady of Winterfell under such a situation would be limited to rights and running over Winterfell, here’s where I think the ambiguity of the situation and Jon/Sansa’s dynamic even on the show implies there’s a blurring of things. I elaborated on that here. Sansa should be a princess of the North, not Lady of Winterfell as happened when Robb became KITN. She’s not his mother acting as regent and handling Winterfell until he takes a wife. She has even lesser official experience of leadership in public knowledge. The fact that Sansa is Lady of Winterfell while Jon is KITN would actually would confuse the Northern Lords a lot about what Jon’s and Sansa’s roles are, which sets up a situation where their political and personal dynamic definitions seems very weird because it doesn’t fit convention. 

But WOTN is not just a war-time situation; it’s agreeing to a post-war situation. One could argue that he did it to avoid another unnecessary war, but without consulting Davos, Sansa or the Northern lords? Book!Jon would at least discuss this with Sansa before agreeing to it or he would name Sansa WOTN for the post-war situation. That Book!Jon actually would strip trueborn Starks of their rights when he has major issues and guilt about it makes so little sense. Will he end up getting all that he thinks he doesn’t deserve? Yes, but it will be after he rejects it and he’ll accept it only after a Stark gives it to him. He wanted and still wants to be Lord of Winterfell more than he would ever want to be king because that would mean complete acceptance of him as Stark, but he knew the idea was out of reach. So actually the greatest endgame for Jon is to become Lord of Winterfell without usurping the rights of the trueborn Starks like Catelyn was always afraid of. 

Jon repeating “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa” twice when Stannis offers him Winterfell isn’t out of his great love for Sansa. At this point, she still is the most distant Stark kid to him yet she is family by extension and given his experiences with Robb and Catelyn, by law and right it should go to Sansa, who is the next trueborn Stark heir, not him. This was before they ever meet again in the books (which hasn’t happened yet). Imagine him meeting her and seeing how much she’s changed and she’s actually interacting with him and being kind to him. Sansa saying “You are [a Stark] to me” actually gives Jon more validation than a KITN title does. The KITN title would itself bring up issues about Jon being Robb’s shadow throughout his life and that he doesn’t deserve it and he would do everything possible to do justice to the memory of him. He would only do it to serve the Starks and because they needed it. WOTN would bring up issues related to Ned because he held that title while he was alive. Jon loved Ned and one of his biggest issues was that he tried his hardest to deserve being his son as he was a bastard. There’s baggage with these titles that the show doesn’t dwell too much on, and thus people assume Jon would be totally okay with all of it. He wouldn’t be. Even if Dany isn’t her father, she still is volatile and has dragons that could destroy Westeros and show!Jon knows it. At best she’s Aegon the Conqueror 2.0 (who overthrew the tyrant Harren Hoare of Harrenhal but he also threatened to burn down most of Westeros and got people to submit to him and replaced Harren’s tyranny with another kind) and at worst she has the possibility of becoming like her father (who didn’t start out crazy, mind you).

Of course, book and show characters deviate but their end goals would still be the same. Even show!Jon has “I’m not a Stark” as a chip on his shoulder as much as he has embraced the fact that he is a bastard like Tyrion suggested early in the story. Even show!Jon feels like he doesn’t deserve to be king so much so that when Sansa compliments him for being good at ruling, he scoffs at her and looks away. He has major issues that a Targaryen cannot solve by making him her right hand man or even the fact that he’s a Targaryen won’t bring him any solace. He would rather wish he was Ned Stark’s bastard again, especially after knowing the death and destruction the Targaryens brought to the Starks. He would love Ned even more for making the world and his own family believe he dishonoured his wife to protect his sister’s son, to protect him. All that distance was to keep Jon away from the spotlight. He didn’t tell anyone, not even his wife, and took the secret to his grave. If Jon worshipped Ned before, he would pretty much explode in his love for him and beat himself up even more thinking he didn’t deserve it because Jon is that character.  

People who think Jon wouldn’t be dishonourable and deceive anyone because he’s Ned 2.0 forget that that includes thinking of the Starks. Book!Jon was more ruthless as Lord Commander because the job asked for it and even engaged in deceiving the Wildlings as part of the job (which made it broadly to the show). But he would break every promise of duty and honour to protect the Starks, who are Ned Stark’s children and his family too. He breaks his Night’s Watch vows for “Arya” in ADWD and she’s the Stark he associates with family most. When it came down to it, he chose being Arya’s brother over a brother to the Night’s Watch. He couldn’t give up family for his duty to a knightly order finally after trying for so long. Romantic love he could, but not family when it needed him. Never family. Here, family means Starks because he grew up with them, shared a childhood and memories with them. 

Also, Ned plotted against the Lannisters in AGOT/season 1. He also told his biggest lies and accepted dishonour on his name for Jon’s survival (made Catelyn and the world believe that he cheated on her) and then later to prevent Sansa from any harm by the Lannisters (accepted being a traitor when he was telling the truth). So even if the show doesn’t intend it because there’s a plague of bad writing, it’s not because it’s what the books are doing. Even if the show wants me to believe Jon gave up the North because he’s so smitten by Dany or because he thought a kingdom was a consolation prize for Dany’s dragon child dying, it wouldn’t be so in the books. This would be the Robb/Talisa version of book!Robb/Jeyne Westerling and show!Tyrion/Shae being in love and making Shae’s betrayal feel random over book!Tyrion/Shae which had far more pretension and deception throughout. Like everything, their relationship at worst was romanticized as Rhaegar/Lyanna’s relationship was on the show. It doesn’t ever show what Lyanna thought about running away with Rhaegar after his father had her father and brother killed. If she was like Arya, imagine Arya actually wanting to be in that tower and naming her son after a Targaryen because “she loved him”. Not to mention the show never addresses Rhaegar being a bit too obsessed with prophecies and that could have been a reason why he slept with her. At best, the show executed this much awaited “boy meets girl” plot (which is MUCH easier to write than political plots) so badly because it’s actually hiding Jon’s true intentions while also being surrounded by a cesspool of bad writing because they neglected the show in season 7 and made the bad writing visibly just bad

Either way, book!Jon would never agree to all that show!Jon did in season 7 without feeling immensely conflicted (we didn’t get his pov much; Dany’s pov was the focus) and his decisions would consider the Starks and the North all the way. If he genuinely meant to do these things he would ask Davos and Sansa for their opinion, and he would definitely look to Sansa for approval of such a huge decision. Not doing these things is both inconsistent and doesn’t show his character in a positive light. People forget the way people analyze the show isn’t for the show itself. It’s to figure out where the upcoming books are headed. The deviations tell you a lot more. Things don’t add up. 



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Thank You

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading your messages all morning and I’m just honored by the outpouring of love. I didn’t really expect that video to get the response it did and I hope I didn’t worry anyone with it. I’ve always wanted to be honest with you guys both with the good and the bad in my life and I hope you know that I don’t regret getting to this point. I’ve come a long way down this road and I don’t intend to turn back anytime soon.

The heart of the matter is finding that next big thing to chase. What dream should I pursue next? Because there’s a lot of options opening up in front of me and I’m not sure which one I want to pour my heart and soul into. I know it’s a bit of an asinine thing to complain about but I’ve always found it hard to do things just for my own sake. I would never have pushed myself so hard as a YouTuber if it weren’t for you all cheering me on the whole way. That’s what I mean when I say I owe EVERYTHING to you.

So thank you.

Thank you, honestly and truly for everything you’ve done along the way. I still don’t know where this road is going to lead me but I don’t want you all to worry that I’m going to abandon you or YouTube or stop creating in general. My life stands still when I’m not making something to try to impress you haha.

-Mark “The Night Vlogger” Iplier

At the library
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> *hiding behind a shelf* okay. This is it. You're gonna go up there, and talk to them and wow them.<p/><b></b> *peeks around shelf at person b who is looking at books*<p/><b>Person A:</b> Alright. Here goes.<p/><b></b> *walks up to B*<p/><b>Person A:</b> Hey I noticed the book your holding is one I've read, and I think it's a really good one-<p/><b>Person B:</b> *looks down at book they're holding* You've read......encyclopedia of earth worms?<p/><b>Person A:</b> ......yes? *inner monolog* *S H IT SHIT SHIIIIIIIT NOW THEY THINK YOU'RE A C R E E P. WAY TO GO BUDDY. TIME TO HIDE UNDER A ROCK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND LIVE WITH THE GOD DAMN EARTH WORMS. SHIIIIT*<p/></p>
Reading Your Comments #100

Hey there! So I posted this already on Twitter yesterday but I wanted to get some from here too. I’m going to be doing the RYC #100 episode soon and I wanted to make it something more than a regular episode :D I’m going to be going through the #100septiccomments tag here to compile a mega list of comments for it so please feel free to send me some comments if you wanna be involved :D 


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Sterek: Stiles is fresh out of FBI class in an obscene white button up and tie and Derek just finds it incredibly sexy
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Pour yourself some mead and get ready for the wildest ride of your life.

Attraction To A Stranger [Jason Todd x Reader]

I got this prompt from a post by @otpprompts​: “Person A sees Person B in the waiting room of an airport and tries to get in touch with them without actually talking, eventually managing to slip a paper with their number in the book Person B was reading. How all of this happens is up to you. Bonus if Person C is the one helping Person A.“

A/N: When you think you write too much for Jason but then remember that’s not possible. (Fem Reader)


Jason was sitting, bored as all hell, in the seats outside his gate. Roy sat next to him hat pulled over his face, trying to get a few minutes shut eye. Jason sighed leaning into the back of his seat, just people watching.

He was unamused by anyone until a [h/c] haired girl with the most stunning [e/c] eyes sat in an open chair across from where he was. You had a set of headphones in, completely oblivious to anyone and everyone around you. Observing as you would gaze at the gate and check your watch.

Jason found you absolutely stunning. Every move you made entranced him. Even more amazing when he saw you pull out a book he found to be one of his favorites. Watching as you turn each page eagerly, looking forward to how the plot continues onto the next page.

He just wanted to get up, sit in the seat next to you, and strike up a conversation. But for some reason he just… couldn’t.

So, he just continued to watch.

“Dude you look like a stalker.. Or a crazy boyfriend. One of the two” Roy interrupted Jason’s staring. He shot the archer a glare. “I don’t look like a stalker”

“Kind of do the way you’re staring at the poor girl.” Roy whispered. Making Jason roll his eyes before they landed on the stranger again. “Just go talk to her”

“I.. I just… I don’t know” Jason crossed his arms shrugging. Looking at Roy he saw he had a shit eating smirk, “You’re scared to talk to her” he teased.

“What? No! I’m not scared to talk to her. I just… don’t want to interrupt her book” Jason glanced over looking for an excuse.

“Yeah, whatever you say Jaybird. Then I guess you won’t mind if I went over there and talked to her, maybe asked her out got her number” Roy’s smirk widened as Jason sent another glare. “Fuck you Harper”

“Ah, there it is. The truth comes out. Jason’s nervous to talk to a girl.” Roy shook him by the shoulders, leading Jason to hit his hands away. The movements catching your eye, chuckling upon seeing the exchange before looking down at the page once more.

“She just looked at us by the way” Roy commented, making Jason’s eyes widen and look at you once more. “Just go over there already, aren’t you the one who girls swoon over?”

“Shut up” Jason shook his head, running a hand through his hair. Messing up the white streak. “Well what if you got her to talk to you, pace around her, maybe drop something to catch her attention?” Roy offered up some suggestions. 

“Why do I feel like I’m in middle school with a crush? I’m a grown man I should just walk over there” Jason pinched his nose as if he were getting a headache. 

But he eventually did what Roy said, just trying to get your attention. Tried to drop something by you, and ‘accidentally’ bumped your seat. However, you were to entranced in your book and deafened by your music to notice.

That was until they heard your phone begin to ring, watching as you picked it up from the space at your side. Pulling out your headphones and setting your book on the open space next to you.

“Hey Mom” Jason heard you speak for the first time and was even more attracted to you. “No, I’m just sitting at my gate. There’s still some time before boarding.” you continued to talk on the phone. 

“Now’s your chance, slip your number in her book. She’s facing away from it.” Roy was indeed right, you had your attention turned to a window opposite the direction of your book.

Jason nodded, scribbling down his number on a piece of paper with a small note. Carefully he strode over, staying out of your vision. Sticking the paper on the page your bookmark was and backtracked to his seat.

Leaning against the armrest, waiting for you to find it. As you continued to talk he ended up pulling out a book of his own, phone stuffed in the pocket of his leather jacket. 

“Alright Mom. Yes I’ll be careful. I love you too. Bye.” Hanging up the phone with your ever worrying mother. You grew up in Gotham, of course you can handle yourself elsewhere. Chuckling you picked up your book, opening it to the marked page.

Though when opening the book a small folded sheet of paper fell into your lap. Confused, you unfolded it reading the contents.

‘Hey, so I’ve been trying to get your attention but it seems you like that book about as much as I did when I first read it. I’m across from you if you’re up for a date some time.


You looked up from the note to see two men. One with red hair that was scrolling through his phone and the other with black hair and a white streak through it. Both were rather attractive but the one with the black hair was just gorgeous in your eyes.

Hoping for the best you typed in the number and sent a message. 

Jason felt the phone buzz in his pocket and dug it out. Clicking the screen it lit up to reveal a message from an unknown number. Not noticing the smile grow on your face as you watched the screen.

“That’s one way to give a girl your number. But a name might be nice to know first deary.. -_^

Jason looked up at you with a dumbfounded look, you covered your mouth giggling before removing it and waving at him. He grinned before beginning to tap the screen.

“Jason Todd. Your turn doll”

Chuckling at the nickname you answered quicky.

“[F/n] [L/n]”

Looking up you saw his buddy looking over his shoulder before he smirked and stole the phone, swiftly typing on the screen.

Reading the message you let out an audible laugh, muffling it with your hand.

“About time he got to talking to you. But how about instead of this texting shit, you sit with us on the flight. Get to know Jaybird audibly.”

After you stopped laughing you responded.

“It’d be my pleasure. I’d love to talk to ‘Jaybird’” 

Jason visibly blushed at the use of his nickname Roy had for him, even if it was only through text.

Though one thing he was looking forward to was hearing you talk to him with the same smile you had been talking on the phone with earlier. Little did he know about how this would be the start to something he’d forever treasure.


So i’m thinking of making a reading your comments soon but with Tumblr asks, so if you have something on your heart you feel i should know or that YOU would like to know hmu!


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~