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my new professional networking strategy is that whenever I find someone who is doing the kind of work I want to be doing I email them like ‘how did you start doing the thing??? please help’

I’ve just started on this today bc I discovered that 'expeditionary artist’ is a thing you can BE

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what is typo request?

Like the typo edit post thingies. Wow I’m really bad at explaining. Like the cliche positive phrase on the cliche pink background lol. The thingies that pink/aesthetic blogs make. Wow. I’m sleepy please don’t judge me lol.

it is my FAV !! when he does this, then you know you have done your job as a Good Dog Ownerand properly tuckered him out

What if we could choose where we grew hair?? like if you could just stop your body from growing any hair and just redirect it all to your head so that that hair grows twice as fast?? or maybe just pick a spot on your body and constraint on growing hair in a pattern there. and then just be all “oh hey friend, look at my tumtum. its a picture of your face, i’ve been growing it all week!”


Hey Tay! These are pictures of my lovely mother and I! We both wanted to tell you something.
Since I was young my mom has been in and out of the hospital. When she was 11 she was diagnosed with diabetes. She became what is known as a brittle diabetic by the age of 20. She couldn’t keep control of her blood sugars which caused seizures and diabetic Keytone acidosis (DKA). I spent my entire childhood in fear of my mom having a low blood sugar everytime we went outside of the house. At age 35 the doctors told her that if she didn’t get a pancreas transplant she was not going to live to see 40. So my mom got put onto the transplant list. In January of 2009, when my mom was 39 years old we got a call saying that they had a donor with a perfect match and for us to come right away. So we did. My mom spent a month in the hospital recovering. Everything was okay after that with a few bumps in the road that had to do with rejection and things like that. Then, August of 2013 hit. My mom was put into the hospital after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. They found out that she had 3 blocked arteries. They tried to stent it, but they were too blocked and the stents weren’t going to help. In early September of 2013 my mom had open heart surgery. Triple bypass to be exact. It was a long hard recovery from that.
Now Taylor, I’m not telling you this because I want you to feel sorry for me or anything, please don’t. I just what you to know that now my mom and I are able to do things like go to New York and your concerts and different things that we couldn’t do before and it seemed like we never would be able to. My mom is strong and I know your mom is too. I just hope you keep a positive outlook because as far out reach as it seems now one day it won’t.
I’m praying for you and your mom. I know you guys can do it. My mom and I love you and are sending you both a hug.❤️