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Baku, this is probably a really dumb question, but where did you come up with your name?

hey! my name started out as a nickname that i didn’t really like ppl calling me, so i ended up shortening it to baku and it ended up sticking with me. when i accepted myself as trans and started to present more masculine, the name ‘baku’ felt masculine to me and it really helped with my dysphoria. a few years later and everyone calls me it- people irl, included! 

i didn’t really expect it to become my name but i feel pretty attached to it now. i’ll be changing my name legally this summer so i can finally be rid of my birthname, too! 

also, there are no dumb questions nonny, i promise!


hey! welcome to the jilychallenge! your prompt is “bump into each other when christmas shopping in hogsmeade/diagon alley” but feel free to interpret it as loosely as you wish! your partner is @hiddenpolkadots and the deadline is the end of december, look forward to seeing what you will be creating!

It was December, a fact which was made clear with every snowflake, Christmas carol, and early gift exchange. For Lily, when she had been younger, December had been her absolute favourite month of the year; close enough to her birthday, and with the prospect of presents and family, she had always been overjoyed to return home and spend the holidays with Tuney, Mum, and Dad.

But now, after… after the fighting (after Dad’s death) she couldn’t possibly bear going home. It had been a difficult decision to make, of course, because not returning meant that Mum would have to suffer through Petunia and Vernon alone, but then Petunia had sent her a Christmas card giving false but well-composed wishes for a happy holiday at school. Suddenly any hesitation, any possible welcome Lily might have felt was gone. She was no longer compelled to go home. 

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