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Prompt: "Are you teaching our baby French?"

“I’m singing frere jacques. I think teaching is a stretch.” He’s on the floor, Ella in front of him, blue eyes bright as she watched her father pull silly faces. “I can remember singing it at school, could never keep in time when everyone started off at different times.”

“Well that was a lot of…a no would have done.” Aaron planted a kiss to his cheek as he got on the floor beside him. “Hey munchkin! Is Daddy inflicting his singing on you?”

“Er, excuse me! I can sing thank you very much! She likes it. Claps along and everything.”

“Yeah? You feel like an encore?”

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s(t)imulation || part 1/2

This is my contribution to @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K follower AU writing challenge!
#57 - movie star / celebrity

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1179
warnings: AU, smut

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Come on,” Bucky moans. “Come for me, sweetheart.”

It’s in the script, printed there in black and white, but it’s still a shock to you anyway. His voice is pitched low and rough. His blue eyes are bright and sparkling as he looks down at you. His dick is rubbing against your clit, and even through two layers of fabric, you can feel him hot and hard and thick against you. So when he tells you to come, you do it, and you hope that everyone else thinks your acting is just that good.

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Hey, just passing by to tell you that, what the Fuck, Lance is 17, you're an awful human being :)

Thank you so much for getting rid of my writer’s block! Enjoy reading! :)


The Blue Paladin stared into his boyfriend’s gray eyes, feeling guilty for believing if they had confessed their relationship to the team they would be frowned upon. Lance couldn’t bear the thought of losing the respect of his loved ones. He had been bottling it all up; his desire to know the truth. And now, this was it, his chance to come clean to Shiro—his beloved Kashi.

“Kashi, baby, please tell me the truth,” Lance spoke apprehensively. “Am I too young for you?”

Shiro stared into those beautiful blue eyes in confusion, wondering what brought this strange question up. “What makes you say that, Kitten?”

“I… I don’t know. But I just think that—”

Suddenly, mid-sentence, Shiro placed his big palms over Lance’s shoulders, leaving the rest of the Blue Paladin’s words to remain unspoken. “Listen carefully; if you were ‘too young’ for me, you wouldn’t be reliable or levelheaded, but you are, Lance. You are a strong, smart and independent young man, and I love you.”

“You don’t think they’ll find it weird that we’re dating?” Lance asked, holding onto Shiro’s wrists to pull away, but it was useless, his boyfriend’s grip was firm.

“Who, the team?” Shiro asked.

“Well, yeah. But others too…”

Then, Shiro’s tight grip loosened on Lance’s shoulders, moving his hands upward to gently cup the Blue Paladin’s cheeks in his hands. “Do you love me, Lance?”

“Yes, of course! I love you so much!” the Blue Paladin genuinely replied, earning a fond smile from his lover.

“Well, then, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As long as they know that you and I both love each other just the same, everything is okay. Right?”

Lance smiled at Shiro’s reassuring words. This is what he needed to hear; that there was absolutely nothing wrong about their relationship; that it was healthy and comforting; that there was mutual understanding and respect. Because having someone like Shiro—a very patient and caring man—was difficult to find, but Lance couldn’t be happier.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed, leaning in for a kiss. “Thank you, Kashi. I love you.”

“You’re welcome, Kitten. I love you, too.”


control // liam dunbar

summary ; in which it’s nearly the next full moon and the pressure of everything means liam is struggling to stay in control whilst lacrosse practise is under way. good job y/n’s there to calm him down when his alpha can’t.

pairing ; liam dunbar & fem!reader

warnings ; violence, liam losing control and punching a wall (more than once), making out (kinda very heated), season six spoilers (not really but still), (why have i used so many brackets)

word count ; 2.7k

published ; 15th august, ‘17


stay safe + ily 🐯

Perched on the chilled bleachers built to the side of the ample lacrosse field, you pulled your coat tighter around your shivering body and glared up at the near full moon as if it was at fault for the cold, shadowed night, and the thick mist that spilt like smoke across the vast of green. 

Coach blew his whistle from where he stood, next to Scott who was enjoying his final time as Assistant Coach before he left for UC Davis. As much as you were proud of your friend for making it into the college he applied for and he smiled happily whilst obtaining his final moments of Assistant Coach, the shrill sound screeching in your ears did not aid the pounding in your head initially provoked and brought on by the bright, bleach white flood lights looming down onto the pitch.

You let your eyes wander back down to the mass of lacrosse players filtered out and practising their game play for the next big match, before they singled in on your boyfriend. Number 9. The drills continued and you watched as Liam scooped the ball up from the ground and captured it within the pocket of weaved stringing and then proceeded to skillfully twist and dodge his way through the defenders that aimed to stop him.

Then, he drew his arms back before launching the ball strongly past the goalie that failed to seize it himself as it flew into the net, and Coach blew the whistle again - surprisingly commenting on his great shot without the dire sarcasm that usually seemed to seep from every word he spoke.

A few minutes later and Liam had the ball once again, only this time when he aimed to make yet another shot, someone roughly shoved into him and swept his feet out from under him. He landed on the floor with a thud, and you winced as you observed the scene, but not panicking as whatever hurt would heal instantly anyway.

You assumed everything was fine until Scott dropped his things and expeditiously rushed across the pitch from where he stood with Coach toward Liam who continued to reside on the hard ground - his back to you. You stood from your seat on the middle level of bleachers, your suddenly worrisome-struck eyes darting over the crouched figures of your boyfriend and good friend. 

Scott grasped Liam’s helmet between his hands and tugged his head down, shielding his face away from the other players who had stopped practising to witness what was happening, and you.

You had a feeling that you knew what Scott was attempting to conceal and there was clear confusion painted across your rosy features due to it; Liam had gotten so much better at keeping himself under control when playing the violent sport and even better at obtaining that same control near and on the full moons. So why had one hit from the opposing team sent him tumbling into a sudden loss of control?

Next thing you knew, the beta was ripping himself away from his alpha, wrenching his helmet off his head and forcefully hurling it onto the grassy land, and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, he raced off toward the school building. You caught Scott’s dark chocolate eyes and before you could fully perceive the permissible nod he shot in your direction to indicate that you should follow him, you were bolting down the steps and across the field. 

Scott wasn’t exceptionally worried for your safety when it came to Liam losing control; it was the only thing he envied when it came to the two of you and your relationship. That no matter how wound up Liam got, no matter how far gone he seemed to be, he would never hurt you. He might snap and growl as you came closer, his dire fury and rage causing him to see red through his vibrant golden irises, but he would never injure or wound you in any way and everybody, including you, and him, knew it.

Throwing the doors open their hinges, your legs swiftly carried you toward the boy’s locker room and from your knowledge, you instantly darted to the showers. It was dark, the inky shadows of the late night eclipsing every crevice of the locker room, but ironically, the optical gleams of the near full moon glaring down through the small, uPVC windows allowed you to locate your boyfriend.

You let a soft sigh adequate with relief slip from your lips when you caught sight of him, his body being soaked by the pelts of cool water plummeting down rapidly from the shower head. His forehead rested against the cold tiles of the shower room, his back to you once more and his hands curled into firm fists as he pressed them against the wall either side of his head. 

The sound of the animalistic growls erupting from his throat and the brutal striking of his knuckles against the hard concrete - cracks appearing under the fierce pressure of his punches - would easily scare anybody away. But not you, and as you called out his name into the shadows surrounding his heaving body, you stepped closer, past the threshold and into the centre of the shower room, “Liam?”

You wearily watched as his body froze, going rigid under your concerned gaze; the incessant blows of his fists against the crumbling wall halted as his head tilted slightly to the side, now aware of your calm presence. You took another step, now in reach to gently bring your hand up and clasp one of his clenched fists in your soft hold.

“Hey,” You tried, but apparently he had decided to be difficult that night as he snatched his hand from yours and let out a vicious snarl in response, his knuckles coming back into ruthless contact with the concrete once again - a large chunk of brick breaking away and mercilessly colliding with the floor with a deafening, echoing bang, and you had to speedily jump back to ensure it wouldn’t land on your feet and possibly break any of your fragile bones.

A huff of frustration tumbled from your lips as you eyed the broken portion in front of you, and you snagged his fist away from the wall anew, tugging on his arm and forcing him to pivot around subsequently. Shoving his back up against the surface, you contrived him to look at you through the water drops pelting down on the two of you - willingly deciding to sacrifice your comfort and warmth for the sake of calming the boy you loved by letting the water soak your clothes through and stick uncomfortably to your skin along with him.

“Hey!” You snapped harshly, your bristling tone capturing his strained attention immediately. His vibrant golden eyes locked onto yours, the relentless struggling coming to a gradual termination latterly and your taut, irritated demeanour dwindled down the drain. On their volition, your hands made their departure from his firm chest and travelled to his sharp jaw, the pads of your thumbs lightly brushing across the apples of his cheeks.

“Calm down for me, Li,” At your endearing touch and the soft, loving tone of your request, the golden specks eclipsing the baby blue colour in his eyes slowly faded, and the shade that you adored to no extent was restored. A breathless sigh escaped past his parted lips, his chest heaving as continued to gaze into the assurance and encouragement swirling in your deep, (y/e/c) irises.

After a few moments, you quirked your eyebrow up in askance, and Liam shot you a nod of his head - concluding your wordless inquiry of whether he was calm or ready to strike once more. You let your fingers gently run through his dripping locks of hair, “What’s going on, Liam?”

He hands lightly squeezed your hips, his eyebrows tugging together at your gentle question, “What do you mean? You saw, he knocked me over right as I was about to make the shot-”

“And that stopped provoking you to lose control months ago. Plus, it was practice - not an actual game. Why’d it get you so worked up?” Your comments were tender and considerate as you spoke, concern and worry infiltrating the syllables as you tried to get to the bottom of what was bothering him.

“I-I…” He paused, struggling to provide you with an answer, “I don’t know.”

“Is it something else?” You inquired gingerly, softly grasping his hands in yours as you pulled the both of you out of the stream of pounding drops of water and back into the locker room.

Liam took the initiative and delicately tugged you toward his gym locker, letting go of your hand to clutch the lock with shaking fingers and trying to fix the combination in - ultimately avoiding the question. But, you watched with imperative concern as he struggled to do it correctly the first time, and the second, and by the third, his breathing had started to pick up, escaping past his lips ragged and choppy.

You closed your hands around his and tenderly pried his fingers away to halt his frantic actions of yanking at the lock; he let his eyes flutter shut as he made an attempt to control his breathing and sky-rocketing heart rate. 

You put his locker combination in easily, neither of you commenting about how you knew the sequence, just like how he knew the sequence for yours too. Opening it quietly, you grasped two of his spare shirts between your fingers and placed them on the bench beside where the two of you stood.

Afterward, you pivoted swiftly on your heel, turning to face him in his struggle to clasp control. “It’s something else,” You concluded softly, capturing his hand in yours again and occasionally running your thumb back and forth across his knuckles.

“Scott’s leaving.” The words left his lips bluntly, and you thought that was all he seemed so worked up about, until he continued, “So is Lydia, Malia; Stiles’ has already gone. Most of our pack is leaving.”

“Liam, they won’t be gone forever. It’s just College; we’ll all have to do it someday, it doesn’t mean they’re leaving for good.”

“And we’re going to be Seniors and how am I supposed to balance being a Senior whilst being the new Alpha that everyone expects me to be when Scott’s gone?”

“No one expects you to-”

He sliced your comforting words short, “Scott does!”

You took his face between your hands just like you had done previously, forcing him to look into your eyes glistening with care and love, “No one expects you to do it alone,” You repeated the earnest and cordial comment, making sure he listened this time, “I’m here, and I’ll be here in Senior year, and after Senior year, okay? No one expects you to do this alone, Li. And even if they did, I wouldn’t let you do this alone. But they don’t, so stop worrying so much.”

Then, an affectionate, attentive smile painted your features, setting you aglow with adoration as you looked up at him and noticed the ghost of the same smile tugging at the corners of his lips. With his hands coming up to rest on either side of your face, thumbs cradling your cheeks and fingers getting lost in the soaked strands of hair, he pulled you closer into the solace his safe vicinity brought you and pressed a sweet, lingering kiss to your lips. 

Only having time to draw back slightly and mutter, “I love you,” out through passionate whispers, his tone flooded with euphoria, before your hands found themselves settling on his waist and you tugged him back down to capture his lips with yours once more.

“And I love you,” Came the muffled declaration of love through heated kisses, and gently, Liam pushed you back until your back hit the cold metal of the row of lockers. As a subsequent, you couldn’t help but dig your fingers into his hips and tow his body closer until he resided flush against yourself - every nerve in your body feeling as if someone had lit a match and set them on fire.

When his lips coaxed yours open and his tongue swept across your own, you couldn’t help but tug at his shirt, indicating that you wanted it off. He complied instantly, before moving to remove yours too. You let him, the fabric coming up and over your head in no time, falling to the ground and being utterly discarded as his lips landed back on yours, a shiver inevitably rushing down your spine and a sharp gasp tumbling from your lips as your bare back, bar your bra, hit the chilled metal of the lockers again.

His large hands had then been located to your waist, squeezing at your hips appreciatively when one of your hands landed on his broad shoulder and the other ran your fingers through his dark hair, tugging at the roots as your lips moved more and more heatedly, more and more eagerly against his. 

Then, his hands found themselves travelling south, settling just under your ass, “Jump,” He mumbled breathlessly against your feverish lips, and you did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist as his arms held your weight easily and pressed your back even more firmly against the surface of metal. 

Rolling your head to the side, granting him better access, a gasping moan slipped from your lips as Liam’s lips peppered a trail of hot kisses down your jaw and headed straight for the sweet spot just behind and below your ear, sucking with the intention of leaving a purposeful hickey and then blowing cool air across the skin to soothe it, goose bumps arising on your soft skin as a subsequent.

Feeling the calloused tips of his fingers travel to the clip on your bra as he continued to leave matching bruises littering your neck simultaneously, you arched your back further into his burning hold but let out a breathless keen when his lips, and fingers, froze in their place, “What is it?”

“Practice is over,” His words were muffled as his lips remained against the exposed crook of your neck but you heard them nevertheless, and your eyes widened.

Liam let you down carefully and the two of you clumsily fumbled around in an attempt to make yourselves decent before any students trundled into the locker room. You snatched one of the two clean shirts that you had previously seized from his locker and Liam did the same, and just as you had pulled it over your head, the door slammed open on its hinges - sweaty players filing into the room without so much as a glance in yours or Liam’s direction.

Until, Scott roamed in, and caught your guilty eyes. He made his way over to the two of you and you tainted your features with the facade of an innocent smile, shooting it his way. “Why didn’t you two come back to the field? Everything okay?” He questioned, aiming his second inquiry more at Liam than at you.

Liam swiftly glanced at you before looking back toward his alpha, “Yeah,” He nodded, “Everything’s fine.”

Scott eyed the two of you suspiciously, his supernatural powers clearly picking up on the quick, rapid thumps of your heart in your chest - still worked up from prior - but he kindly let it drop and nodded his head, “Okay, good. I’ll see you guys later, then.”

You sent your friend a genuine smile, bringing your hand up and waving slightly in parting as he began to make his trek out the busy locker room, until he stopped short and turned back to face the both of you, an amused smirk pulling at his lips, “You might want to hide those hickeys before you go home, (Y/N).”

At his teasing words, your mouth fell agape - your eyes widening and hues and shades of red rushing to your cheeks, sending a wave of heat blossoming across your face and setting you aglow with embarrassment. Liam snickered quietly before slinging an arm around your shoulders and bringing you closer as you tried to covertly hide your neck. 

“Let’s go home,” He mumbled into your damp hair, pressing an enamoured, lingering kiss to your hairline; all his worries that whisked wickedly through his head prior having dissipated into the air and left behind a heart adequate with utter love and adoration for the girl in his arms: for you.


tags ; @virgincreek (if you want a tag for a particular character that i write for, feel free to ask)

Annoying Interruptions [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello lovelies, here’s a Eggsy Unwin imagine, based off this anon: 

  • Eggsy imagine, please? You both are sexually frustrated because Merlin and Harry is always interrupting.  

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader.

Part Two. 

Warnings: Uh, there’s nothing explicit, but there is some content that is sexual in nature, nothing detailed. If that’s not your thing, please don’t read and to be sure, please, please, only read if you’re an adult

Rating: M, just to make sure, because I’m paranoid! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. All the characters go to their respective owners/creators. 

P.S.:Thank you for requesting and I hope this is all right! :) I’ve checked this over for mistakes and whatnot, but if any have managed to slip through, please forgive me.

Living the life of a spy was a tough business. Dealing with terrorists and plots to destroy the world, was something you had to deal with on many of your missions. You weren’t complaining, but when you actually found some spare time to relax, you’d like to be able to do that freely. If you weren’t on a mission, then you were training, or helping new recruits train and if not doing any of those things, you were busy filing through paperwork and briefing for upcoming missions, or debriefing for past ones. It constantly felt like you were doing something, so when you got back to your room after an exhausting day, you collapsed on your bed, just wanting to fall asleep.

Your boyfriend, Eggsy Unwin, had other ideas. He waltzed into your room unannounced, a breezy, carefree smile on his bright face, his light green-blue eyes sparkling in the evening light.

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| Cute | Holoform!Bumblebee

“This better be good”

- the first words out of your mouth as you knocked on the door hard.

Sam answered almost immediately, as if he’d been waiting, eyes staring at you from under a mop of brown hair as his head popped out.

“Oh it is,” He verified, a smirk pulling up his lips. He leant against the doorframe. “Bee’s been nagging me to call you for ages.”

“Bee?” You rose an eyebrow, curiosity slightly pinched but the irritation at having to walk all the way over to Sam’s house still pricking you.

“Why didn’t he just come himself?” You muttered. Sam only supplied you with a slight shrug of his shoulders as you turned to walk to his garage.

“You better not get it on with my car, Y/N!” You heard him call. You slightly bristled, knowing he must’ve noticed the excitement you tried to hide at the fact that it was Bee who called you over.

“He’s not yours Sam!” You called back. “And get a haircut you dork! You look like a broom!”

You heard him yelp and looked back to see him run his hand into his slightly overgrown hair with a blanched face. Snickering to yourself, you entered the garage, letting his sounds trail off to silence.

The moment you entered, the bright yellow Camaro in the middle of the room instantly shook on it’s wheels.

You laughed as he transformed, quicker than you’d ever seen before, growing to his full height. He hunched slightly because of the short roof but his servos clicked rapidly, clearly excited.

“You look happy about something,” you teased, resting a hand on your hip.

Because I’m happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!” The song flowed from his speakers which made you give a very unattractive snort. Bumblebee nodded enthusiastically, going down on one knee so that you could see him better, and not have to look almost straight upwards to see his face.

You found yourself lost in the gaze of his impossibly blue optics for a moment, before shaking yourself out of it. “What did you want to show me?”

Bee blinked once, twice, slowly, then popped up again as if realizing that yes, he indeed wanted to show you something. His doorwings fluttered so childishly you almost cooed out loud.

He folded back down into his alt mode, the door opening smoothly without a creak.

“You want me to get inside?”

You – got it – sugar cakes,” came his voice in the distorted radio speech he used.

You rolled your eyes, sliding into the driver’s seat and buckling yourself in as a habit. Humming a tune under your breath, You tapped your fingers on the dashboard to the beat. Your other hand brushed a thumb over the AutoBot insignia in the middle of Bee’s wheel, your gaze growing soft.

“We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we bud?” You exhaled lightly, remembering all the exciting - albeit terrifying and life threatening - adventures you’d gone through with the Cybertronian.

That we – have,” The words were also without his usual enthusiasm, thoughtful as if he were sharing the same sentiments you were feeling.

You rested your palm fully on the seat, feeling the warmth almost pulsing beneath your fingers, instead of cold leather. It reminded you yet again that Bee was a living being - a sentient, amazing being that you had had the opportunity to meet.

“What would I be without you?” You mused softly, not realizing you were thinking out loud and also failing to feel the seat belt tightening around you, as if hugging you close.

“But hey!” You broke yourself from your emotional state, putting your hands on the wheel, twisting and pretending to drive down a street.

You grinned, laughing as you gave it another spin and made car sounds. Bee went along with it, turning as if you were actually controlling him, the engine revving loudly and sending you into another fit of giggles.

“Sam would freak out if he saw me in his seat,” You snickered, imagining said control freak sputtering and demanding you to get out of his ‘special seat’.

“But you wouldn’t mind would you Bee? After all I’m your favourite.” You joked, nudging the wheel playfully.

“Oh I definitely don’t mind,” A voice next to you drawled.

You stiffened.

Your eyes slid over, and to the right there was a guy, casually leaning on the dashboard with his cheek on his palm. He smirked as he captured your gaze.

You screamed.

Unbuckling your seatbelt roughly and ignoring the whine of opposition from Bee, you threw it off you. You nearly fell headfirst out the car as you leaned to open the door, forgetting it was already ajar. Eventually you made it out, slamming the door shut and backing away.

Your chest heaved as you panted for breath. “Who the hell are you??
Afterwards you instead turned to your best friend of two years. “Bee! Who the hell is that?? Did you know he was in there?”

I did,” Came the short and almost cheeky answer.

“You did?” You asked, calmed down slightly, assured in the fact that Bee would never let someone harmful stay with you in the car but still on edge. “How long has he been in there?”

“Since the start of the conversation”

You turned around so fast you could have gotten whiplash. The same guy was now right behind you even though you hadn’t even seen him leave the car.

“I wasn’t asking you,” you narrowed your eyes, stepping back, putting some space between you. “I was asking Bee” You didn’t even try to censor who you were talking to, seeing as if he had been there the whole time he would have already witnessed who Bee was.

“But I am-”

“Shush!” You said, irritatedly. “Bee, why aren’t you answering me?”

Beautiful – calm down – listen to me”

“I am listening to you!” You said, clearly not getting whatever was going on.

“No you’re not,” Mystery guy said again, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I’m not talking to you” You felt as if you wanted to rip your hair out, your voice raising in pitch at your frustration.

“Y/N, calm down,” He stepped closer, resting a hand on your arm. You jerked back instantly.

“Don’t touch me!”

He hissed, and you saw that your nails had scratched three angry red lines in his skin. Your head cleared a bit and you couldn’t help the worry that flooded you.

“H-Hey wait, I’m sorry,” you stanmered. “Are you okay?”

He only chuckled raspily. “This is not how I expected this to go at all.”

At his calm output you found yourself levelling back to earth. “Who are you?” You frowned. “Why were you in…”

At the look in his eyes, realization suddenly dawned on you. “…in..Bee…”

“Bee?” You said incredulously.

“The one and only babe,” he grinned, winking the same impossible eyes, such a deep and baby blue it was like you could swim in them.

“But, you, how, what?”

He chuckled, lifting an arm to scratch at his head, an arm where there were no scratches that had just been there, as if healed already.

“Ratchet invented these holoforms for us to be able to blend in with humans better,” He said.

“Ratchet what??”

After a long explanation you stood in the same spot, blinking owlishly. Groaning, you leaned against the hood of the car. “I need to lie down.”

Bee laughed before coughing suddenly, dissolving into hacks that instantly worried you.

“Bee?” You said, still in slight disbelief but coming to terms with the fact that was standing right before you.

“I-I’m alright,” he rubbed his throat, and you suddenly noticed that he had been speaking hoarsely the entire time, but now it was like a rake was being dragged down his throat. “Talked too much.”

That’s right, his vocal processor was never properly fixed, You thought sadly.

“Will you be ok?” You asked.

I’ll be – fine,” The radio spoke from his alt.

“Just can’t talk for a while after this,” Bee spoke again.

You grew disoriented from his different forms speaking. “That’s so weird.”

You bit your lip absentmindedly, tracing your eyes over the male. Shaggy golden locks that curled right beneath his ears, sky sapphire eyes and a smooth jawline. Unsurprisingly, the rest of his body was adorned in black and yellow articles of clothing.

“Holoform…right? Holo like hologram?” You asked. “Does that mean…can I…?” You raised a hand tentatively.

“Go ahead,” He prompted, putting his palm up, hovering in front of yours. You ventured closer, swallowing before letting your hand slowly connect with his. Your eyebrows visibly lifted when the tips of your fingers brushed warm skin, instead of phasing right through him.

“Wow,” you breathed and dashed your caution to the wind as you pressed your hand fully to his. “It feels…You feel so-”

“Real?” He grinned toothily, interlocking his fingers with yours. “It’s not. But pretty awesome right?”
He stared at your interlocked hands. “I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”

You ignored the way your stomach fluttered at those words, still in awe. “Wow Bee, just wow. I don’t know what to say.”

You’d been expecting something when you went over Sam’s house, but definitely not this!

“Shh,” he put a finger to your lips before leaping back with the grin still attached to his face. “Then don’t! Let me amaze you”

There was a small flash of light and then Bee was dressed differently, a leather jacket over a yellow ripped shirt that slightly showed his abdomen. There were boots with chains climbing up his legs and fingerless gloves on his hands. He leaned against his alt, sunglasses glinting.

Bee tilted the sunglasses down and peered over the top of them. “Impressed?”

You were silent for a few extra moments before you broke out into laughter once more.

Bee looked adorably confused. You just laughed harder.

“Oh Bee!” You wheezed. Something about the bad boy look on Bee had you in fits. He just looked so clueless, like a five year old kid dressed in ripped jeans and trying to look cool. “No matter how you try to look tough, you’re just too cute.”

Bee’s cheeks flamed and he lost his confident persona, sputtering. There’s the Bee you knew.

“But, but I,” He actually whined, crossing his arms. “Y/N!

You were too busy rolling on the floor to hear him, and Bee contemplated running you over underneath the tires.

“What? That’s a good thing!” You gasped, getting up and leaning on his alt for help. “Isn’t it?”

“Cute?” He murmured angrily, storming over to you. His hands came to box you in and you had barely stopped your laughter when you noticed that he had trapped you on his hood.

You felt your heartbeat pick up as he leaned closer, and you could count every golden eyelash framing narrowed, intense blue. “Am I cute now?” His voice had dropped, and due to the fact that it had already been hoarse, the depth only made a shiver run up your back.

You controlled your breathing, steeling yourself before looking up as if thinking.

“Yes, yes you are,” You said before poking him directly underneath his ribcage. He froze, letting out a giggle.

A giggle.

You lost yourself to laughter again as he whined in the background, and the car revved angrily.


[If Bee thought your reaction was bad, he definitely changed his mind when Sam let out a high pitched shriek when he came into the garage to check on you, throwing a chair at him.]



Summary: Soulmate AU - you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts x Lorde’s Sober || What will you do when you’re sober?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language (I am so sorry in advance)

Word Count: 1631

A/N: Here’s my submission for my wife Blade’s 2k Writing Challenge! Hope y’all enjoy, this might just be a personal favorite of mine now. (Italics indicate reader’s/Bucky’s thoughts / lyrics are set aside)

Originally posted by pinkywinky44

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Three Strikes

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve  x Reader

Warnings: NONE

Summary: Sam, Bucky, and Steve see you in a bar and all want a chance with you. 

A/n:  This never happens to me but happens to my friends all the time so I get to write stuff like this. 

It had been a night like any other, you and your girls were at the bar all distracting yourselves from one thing or another.   Your friends had long since ditched you as they had each found a guy to distract them.

Alyson was first to ditch you, her husband calling and begging her to come home since their daughter had suddenly started vomiting everywhere.   With a grimace she bid you both goodbye and made her way quickly towards the exit.

Caitlin after spending ten minutes flirting with the man across the room finally plucked up the courage to make her way to him.  You scan the room and search for her, you find her quickly wrapped in mystery man’s arms, the two of the attached at the lips.

You let out a sigh and turn back to the bartender and wave him over to order another drink.  You weren’t often the one guys come up to but it did happen on occasion.  You usually spent most of your night trying to make sure your friends don’t make bad life choices, so you don’t immediately notice the trio of handsome men watching you.

Steve, Sam, and Bucky had noticed you the minute they walked in the bar, the dim lights of the bar gave you a soft glow, your dress fitting you in all the right ways.  You were focused on your phone in front of you, so you missed them checking you out.  If your friends were still beside you, they would have confiscated your phone, telling you to get up and mingle.

The guys had ordered a round of beers and sat at a table off to the side, Sam and Bucky’s eyes never leaving your form. The entire time while waiting for drinks they had argued over who would get the opportunity to go up to you first.  Steve just shook his head and sat nursing his beer listening to his two best friends.

You finally looked up from your phone and turned on the bar stool to search for a man that you’d want to take home, you catch sight of the three men, two arguing over something and the other, who happened to be a gorgeous blond with bright blue eyes.  He was exactly what you were looking for.  You send him a shy smile which he returned before he grabbed the attention of his two companions, turning away quickly you scan for Caitlin again.

A hand on your shoulder draws your attention to a man with short black hair and rugged features, “Hey baby, do you come here often?”

You give the man a cold look and grab your drink before moving further down the bar, leaving him with a displeased look. “Where ya goin?!”

You park yourself on the other end of the bar shooting a glance at the blond again before taking a sip of your drink.

Sam stood and straightened the leather jacket he had covering his broad shoulders, “Well boys, looks like he’s out, so it’s a man’s turn now.”

Walking over to you, he gave you a grin, which you returned, after introducing yourselves, he began talking about how he was in the Air Force and was now in the Avengers. “I can even fly.”

He gives you an excited look after seeing you were interested, “I could fly you home if you wanted.”

You gave him a small smile and extend your hand to him, “No thanks.  I hope you have a good night though.”

Sam gives you a sad smile before making his way back to a laughing Bucky, Steve had met your eyes once again and bit his lip in shyness when he realized your eyes were locked on him.

“Clearly since you struck out, she wants a real soldier not some bird, later boys.”  Bucky stood quickly before Sam could stop him and waltzed his way over to the bar where you sat.

Placing his arm on the bar flexing a bit as he did, causing his already too tight tee shirt to stretch even more, “Hey doll I am Sergeant James Barnes, mind if ask you for a dance?”

You look at the man and wonder briefly if this was some kind of challenge between him and Sam.  “I’m Y/n, and I don’t dance.”

His grin widens a bit, “I could teach you.  I’m an amazing dancer.”

Giving you a wink he extends his arm to you, you look down at his hand and shake your head, “Thanks for the offer but I am going to pass.  It was nice meeting you Bucky.”

Bucky nods his head at you and makes his way back to Sam and Steve.  Bucky sat down beside Steve before taking a big gulp of his beer.

“She must have a boyfriend or a date or something.  Why would she turn down the two of us?”  James pointed between him and Sam as he spoke.

“Ever think that maybe she didn’t want to be bothered?  Besides it’s a ladies right not to be interested.”  Steve shrugged at Bucky.   He chances a glance at you again and see’s you with a blond girl.  You give her a hug before the blond girl is lead out the door by a man with glasses.

After Caitlin had left with lover boy, you decided it was time for you to head home too.  Chancing another look in the direction of the blond man’s table, you decide to make your move.

You get off the bar stool and straighten your dress, throwing your shoulders back you walk right up to the boys table, both Sam and Bucky give you wide smiles, figuring you had changed your mind.

Your eyes were solely focused on Steve’s, “I’m Y/n, I was hoping you might wanna get out of here and grab a coffee or something?”

A small smile appeared on Steve’s face, “Steve, I’d love to grab some coffee, I know a great diner right around the corner.”

“Maybe after you can take me home.”  You give him a broad smile as he stands and offers you his arm, which you take.

“I’ll see you boys later.”  Steve gave a two finger salute to Sam and Bucky before leading you out of the bar and down the street.

Sam turned to Bucky a look of disbelief on his face, while Bucky repeatedly hit his head on the table, “What just happened”


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The Hideout (Happy x Reader)

I wrote this earlier in the week and forgot about it. Here y’all go my lovelies <3

Word count: 5,346

WARNINGS: Language & Explicit Content (Smut) 

Playlist: Safari - Jidenna 

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There was only one rule at the Hideout; no problems. In order to step into the building, you had to leave all issues and affiliations at the door. The Hideout was common ground, an in-between, a meeting place. All gangs of every kind were welcome. On the condition that you didn’t bring your violence inside with you. Once you were outside the front doors, well – that was a whole other story.


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“Broken” (Chapter Twelve)

Holla for some NSFW between Cap and Clint, and some sweet moments between Tony and Bucky. Cant wait to hear what you guys think about everything!




“You boys decent?” Clint knocked on their door once before just opening it and sticking his head in. “Hey. You guys are wearing clothes right?”

“Clint. I swear to god. If you don’t let me sleep–” Steve flipped his wings up, hiding his own face and half of Bucky from view. “We didn’t get home until three am.”

“I can’t help that you and Widow decided to go frolic in Russia, but–”

“It was a mission, Clint. Must be nice to not be necessary on every single mission but I–”

“Both of you shut up.” Bucky groaned and rolled out of Steve’s bed, and stepped to the other one, collapsing face down in the pillows.

“What’s with big and cranky?” Clint frowned and wadded up a piece of paper from the desk, throwing it at him. “Not only is it one in the afternoon but I’m just messing with–”

Shut up!” Bucky snapped, and this time his wings flared, leaving nick marks on the wall, slices in the bed covers.

Clint and Steve exchanged a concerned look. “Hey baby.” Clint sat down on Bucky’s bed, running a gentle hand up the big Omega’s back. “Hey, we are just messing around. But you are feeling warm. Are you alright?”

“Feel weird today.” Bucky grumbled, and Clint raised an eyebrow.

“Well.” he shot a glance at Steve. “I know a sure fire way to keep your mind off it. What say we sneak up to Tony’s shower and you know–” he wiggled his eyebrows. “-spend some time getting clean.”

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Part 14 of Lance Bonding w/ The Lions!!!!!!!

Lance took a deep breath as he faced his Lion. He didn’t want the others to know, but he was nervous. Him? Talk to the original Blue Paladin? He couldn’t wrap his head around it. He glanced over his shoulder to see his team giving him reassuring and encouraging smiles. Keith smiled warmly and gave him a small thumbs up. Lance’s eyes softened and smile back. He took another deep breath.
“Okay. Let’s do this.”
Lance slowly made his way into his Lion, taking his time. As he say into the pilot seat, Lance wiped his sweating palms on his pants and glanced worriedly around the cockpit.
“Uh, hey ole Blue. It’s your Lancey Lance! Um..I don’t know how to do this, but can I talk to the first Blue Paladin?”
Lance waited and could feel Blue come to life, but he was answered with silence.
“Uh..Blue? Beautiful?”
Lance pressed his face again the controls, giving his best puppy dog eyes and he petted Blue.
“Come on, Blue. You know you’re my favorite Lion. You’re the best Lion.”
Still silence, but he could feel Blue’s amusement. He threw himself back in the seat and rubbed a hand across his face.
“Alright, well there goes that. Is they’re some magic word or something?”
Lance raised up, eyes bright and excited. He stood up and straightened out his clothes. “Alright Blue, you asked for it. EXPELLIARMUS!!!”
Lance could feel Blue start to laugh inside his head.
By this time the other Lions had joined on the laughter. What Lance didn’t know was that the team could still hear him.
“Uh…is he screaming out random Harry Potter spells?” Shiro asked, trying and failing to keep the smile off his face.
“Yes. Yes he is.” Pidge answered, cackling madly.
Keith just face palmed and shook his head while Coran leaned over to Allura, whispering “What the quiznak is a Harry Potter?”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Alright, Lance!! Shut up with the Harry Potter crap and talk to your damn Lion!” Keith shouted.
Lance jumped at the shout and nearly shrieked. He felt his face warm, finally realizing the team just heard everything he said.
“Why don’t you come up and make me?” He shouted back.
Pidge intervened before Keith could respond. “Lance quit flirting. You can do that later!”
Lance scoffed. “You call that flirting? THIS is flirting! Hey Keith, I always knew that you were part alien because that ass is out of this world.” And with a gasp, Lance suddenly found himself in a strange place.

It was grassy, with a few trees scattered along the distance. Lance reached down and touched the soft blades of grass. He could feel it, but everything seem slightly…off. It clicked. Lance knew where he was. He looked up to the sky in bewilderment and exclaimed, “All I had to do was flirt? Flirting got me here?!”
He didn’t expect anyone to answer, so he wasn’t surprised when no one did. There was just silence. Lance sighed and dramatically threw himself in the grass. It was surprisingly soft. It didn’t tickle him or pick him through his clothes. It was almost like a bed. Lance threw an arm over his eyes. “
Now what am I supposed to do?”
Lance sat up and looked around, when an idea popped into his head. Flirting got him here in the first place, so it seemed like a logical plan. “Uhh, hey baby. You’ve got a great GRASS!” And lamely finished with his signature finger guns. “Did you just really flirt with grass?”
Lance whipped around to where the voice came from. There stood a blue figure, wearing a light red and yellow open vest that showed off more of his blue torso. He also wore a smirk that could compete against Lance’s.
“N-No! I was just-well, you see-not that the grass is ugly-not that grass turns me on-” Lance’s rambling was cut off my the alien’s loud chuckles. Lance flushed a bright shade of red before it all clicked.
“Wait…you’re the original Blue Paladin. Aren’t you?”
The man smile warmly and opened his arms, presenting himself. “Guilty as charged. The name’s Blaytz.”
Lance shook the hand that was offered to him. “And mine is Lance.”
“And since you’re here talking to me, you must be the True Blue Paladin.”
Lance suddenly cast aside his gaze, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Yeah. I guess so.”
Blaytz brow furrowed. “Whoa whoa, kid. Why the long face? You’re the True Blue Paladin! That automatically gives you attractive points. In fact, I’m a little jealous. You should be thrilled! Blue chose you!”
Lance turned his gaze to the former Paladin. “That’s just it, isn’t it? Everybody is telling me how proud they are, and how I should be proud, that I’m special. But I’m not.”
Lance clenched his fists, tears springing to his eyes.
“I’m nowhere near the pilot Keith is, or the leader like Shiro and Allura are. I’m not smart like Hunk or Pidge, or know my way around the castle like Hunk.”
Lance didn’t stop the tears from falling, not even bothering to wipe them away.
“I’m just a boy from Cuba. A human! And you’re an alien who probably has like superhuman strength or can cut onions without crying.” Lance chuckled wetly at that.
“See? That’s all I’m good for. I’m the team goofball. I don’t know why Blue chose me to be her Paladin in the first place, let alone chose me to be the True Blue Paladin. I didn’t even mean bond with the other Lions! It’s just kinda…happened. I was just being myself.”

A few moments passed, the only noise being Lance’s hiccups between sobs. Blaytz then walked over to Lance, placing his hands on Lance’s shoulders, getting his attention. He gave him a small lopsided grin.
“Lance, don’t you get it? That’s why Blue chose you. You weren’t looking to be the True Blue or form bonds with all the Lions. You were being yourself. Blue and all the other Lions saw something in you, something special. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have bonded with you. And trust me, I know Blue. She wouldn’t have chosen just some pathetic human as her Paladin, especially her True Paladin. And it wasn’t just your good looks either.”
He said with a wink. Lance laughed at that, wiping his eyes across his sleeve.
“I dunno. I am pretty attractive. My skin is flawless.”
The alien clapped a hand on Lance’s back, chuckling and shaking his head.
“There we go, getting back to normal. But seriously, don’t sell yourself short. You trust Blue and the other Lions, right?”
Lance nodded his head in confidence.
“So trust them on this. They all chose you. Blue thinks highly of you. Our thought our melded now, so I know all about it and you. And you’re definitely special. One of a kind! And not just a boy from Cuba.”
Lance gave him a watery smile and threw his arms around the blue alien.
“Thank you. For everything.”
Blaytz returned the hug. “You’re absolutely welcome Lance.”
He pulled back and gave Lance a large grin. “Well, I think it’s time you went back to your team. Don’t want to keep them waiting.”
“Uh, there’s just one problem about that. I don’t know how.”
Blaytz smirked and began to walk away. “You’ll figure it out. You’re a lot smarter than I am.” Lance gave him a wink.
“I don’t know about that, but prettier? Definitely.”
Lance suddenly found himself back in his Lion, the faint laugh of Blaytz still in his ears. Lance blinked hazily and laughed breathlessly.
“Flirting again? Is that the answer to all my problems? Or is that just the Blue way?”
Lance could almost feel Blue roll in amusement. “Okay girl. Let’s go meet our team.”

Hey There, Delilah


a/n: this one isn’t too long. this was just a cute ass idea that i thought up and so i’m not sure what all i’m going to do with it or make of it, i just needed to write something to get my creative juices flowing for Ryan and this came out of it and i am really excited about !!!!!!!! wooo!!!!!! yay for ~accidentalDad!Shawn!!!!!! 

You’re awoken from your 3 o’clock nap by an intense banging on your door. You grumble and groan and roll off the couch, making your way to the door of your little one-bedroom apartment. Upon opening it, you’re shocked to find a small car seat filled by a little chunk of love that couldn’t be more than a month old.

You squat down to the baby, playing with its little fingers and toes. You look around the hallway, but there’s no one in sight. Whoever’s baby this is obviously left it here intentionally.

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Daddy’s Girl

Alrighty. So this request was from a long time ago and I feel really bad for not getting to it sooner but here it is. This was requested by an anon:

“Hi there :) Could you do a oneshot where Y/N calls Mr. J “daddy” for the first time while they’re making out and his reaction? He never mentioned his kink infront of her so she doesn’t know (it can turn in to smut if you want) of course you don’t have to write it if you don’t want to but it’d be really cool if you would <3″



It had been a long day at work. You and J met with some new prospects, handling possible business deals, and a slew of other pointless errands. Relief washed over your tired body as you stepped into the warmth of you and J’s house.

“What do you want for dinner J?” You yelled from across the room. He was off on his way to his office to no doubt do some more work. Gosh this man never takes a break, you thought to yourself.

“I don’t know darling, you pick. Just order something,” he groaned in a tired voice. He stalked off towards his office and left you in the spacious kitchen.

“Chinese it is,” you mumbled to yourself. Picking up the phone, you dialed the number of the closest Chinese food joint around and placed your order for the both of you and then some. You collapsed on to the couch and shut your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose.

You and J hadn’t been together for very long at all. There were still many things you didn’t know about him, many mannerisms that you had no clue what they meant, you still couldn’t understand his moods most of the time and it frustrated you to no end. You understood that he didn’t like to talk very much, you understood that he was a fairly private person, but you were his girlfriend, he should be able to talk to you.

A couple minutes later the doorbell rang letting you know that your food had arrived. Your stomach rumbled loudly as you stood up, thanking your lucky graces that your food had finally arrived.

The kid standing outside the door mumbled an oh fuck as he realized who you were .With the Joker being one of the most if not the most wanted criminal in Gotham it was hard to not grab attention as well. Everyone knew who you were, the Joker’s girlfriend.

“That’ll be $21.95…,” he stammered quietly.

“Oh relax kid, I’m not gonna hurt ya. Here, keep the change,” you said after handing him thirty bucks and closing the door. “J the food is here,” you yelled, hoping he would hear you from his office. His heavy footsteps thumped down the stairs and to the kitchen.

“You got Chinese?” He looked at you with  face of mild disgust.

“Yea, you said to order something so I got Chinese. I was in the mood for it.” You opened the boxes dishes a bit of everything on to your plate and leaving him to do the same. You padded up to your shared bedroom and plopped down on the bed. You looked down at your plate and started shovelling all sorts of food in to your hungry mouth. The door cracked open and you looked up.

“Hey. Mind if I join you?” It wasn’t really a question, more of him letting you know he was coming to sit with you. You grunted in acknowledgement and went back to your food. You felt his hand creep up your calf, massaging the stiff muscles of your leg. He worked your leg muscles with vigor and caution before moving to the other leg. You closed your eyes and sighed at the amazing feeling of his hands massaging you. “Y/N are you mad at me baby?” You looked up at him and made eye contact with those wild blue eyes. Instead of answering him you just looked back down at your food.

“You know waht J? Yes. I am mad. I know we haven’t been dating for long or anything but I don’t think it’s fair for you to ignore me and be a dick whenever you’re pissed about something. I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a bit,” you said as you stood up. He stared at you as you walked away from him.

No one had ever really been that honest with him and it caught him off guard. He knew he was an asshole but no one ever had the guts to point it out. He sighed and walked back to his office deciding it was probably best to leave you be for the time being.

After you had stepped out of the shower and dried off a little bit you plopped back down on to the bed and laid there staring at the ceiling. You had sort of zoned out and finally snapped back in to reality when the bed side opposite of yours dipped .

“Please don’t be mad princess. Come here.” You turned over to face him. His face was sincere and although it was difficult for him to admit, he was sorry. He hated seeing you mad at him. You scooched towards his open arms and laid your head on his firm chest. “Treasure this moment  because it’s a rare one, but I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off. I’m a little grumpy that’s all. I got word that one of my, no our, business partners has plans to kill me. I don’t want to get you involved,” he stated. You heart grew as you realized that he really meant it, he was just being like this to protect you.

“Fine… But ya gotta make it up to me,” you countered. A a wide smile touched his lips, putting his shiny silver teeth on view.

“Mmm come here princess, let me make it all better,” he growled, looking at you with a predatory look on his alabaster white skin. You grinned and crawled towards him returning his hungry look. “That’s it baby c’mere.”

You finally reached him and you threw your arms over his shoulders. You pulled him in for the kiss you had been anticipating. Your lips molded perfectly together creating a fiery, passionate kiss. His hands were roaming your body, trying to elicit the moans he loved so much. He traced his fingertips down your arms creating goosebumps. His lips trailed down from your lips, to your jaw, and finally to the base of your neck where he found the most sensitive part of your neck.

“Mmm daddy yes.” Your eyes widened and you pulled away in shock that you had just said that. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. It just sorta slipped out oh my gosh,” you babbled. He pressed his pointer finger against your lips, silencing you.

“Come back to daddy princess,” He purred in your ear as he pulled you flush against his body. “What do you want daddy to do baby girl? Tell me,” he demanded.

“I want daddy to touch me,” you mumbled quietly. The hunger in his eyes was indescribable. He was filled with pure lust right now, his pupils dilated to the maximum. He grinned at you and pushed you down on the bed, laying you down. He kneeled over top of you and slid your shirt up your torso. His touch burned your skin as he touched your stomach and lifting them up to your breasts.

“So beautiful,” he mumbled as he drank you in. “Tell daddy what you want. Are you wet for me baby girl? Hmm? Tell me princess, tell daddy how good he makes you feel.” He briefly lifted you up to unclip your bra. He gently pushed you back down and slipped off the undergarment. The cold air made your nipples harden and he brushed his thumb over your hardened peak. You let out a quiet moan and subconsciously lifted your chest in to his hand. He smirked and pinched your nipple. You let out a yelp at the unexpected pain that only brought you pleasure.  

“Oh god J. Please I want you so bad,” you said in a needy voice, your desperation for him coming through. You reached up to run your fingers through his green hair but the moment you lifted your hands he had them pinned down to the bed.

“Oh baby girl you think you can move without my permission? Is daddy gonna have to teach you a lesson?” You loved when his dominant side came out. You shook your head and smiled up at him. His hand slid down your stomach, reaching in to the band of your pants. You gasped as you felt his finger lightly press against your throbbing clit. You needed him and he knew it. He studied your face careful trying to figure out your expression.

“If I let your hands go will you be a good girl for me?” He smirked at you as he looked at the vulnerable place you were in. The hand he was holding your wrists with moved down to caress your cheek and then wrapped around your neck. You threw your head back and moaned at the rush that his choking gave you. “Mmm that’s it baby moan for daddy,” he purred in your ear.

He dropped his pants along with his boxers and looked at you with pure lust.

“I want you so bad,” you moaned. He pulled off your shorts and your cute little thong and aligned his cock with your dripping hole. “Do it J, fuck me, fuck me hard,” you stuttered due to his hand lightly pushing down on your throat. He slowly pushed his way in to you, groaning at the tightness of your pussy. A sexy noise erupted from your mouth at the feel of him stretching you, filling you completely, bringing nothing but pleasure.

The slow intimate sex didn’t last very long as he picked up momentum and plowed in to you. Your hips connecting with every thrust, the sound of skin on skin filling the room mixed with the growls and groans coming from him. He definitely knew what he was doing as he reached down and started to rub your clit. The sensation of his fingers rubbing your sensitive nub and the feeling of his cock hitting you in all the right places threw you over the edge.

“Oh god J, I’m cumming,” you stuttered, unable to form complete sentences.

“Oh baby girl, did I say you could cum?” He looked at you with a mischievous grin on his face. Your eyes widened as you thought of what might come next. Your suspicions were confirmed when he filled you over, raising your hips. His big hand came down on your ass and you let out a small yelp. He caressed the spot where he had spanked you and then came down with another hit. “That’s what you get for being naughty princess,” he said as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. The pleasure he was giving you was out of this world. You had never felt this way before and you loved it.

“God I’m so close, please let me cum, pretty please,” you begged. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled hard using your hair as leverage to pound you harder.

“Alright cum baby, daddy’s so close. Cum for daddy,” he said, giving you permission to do what you needed most at this moment. The rush of your orgasm flowed through your body, your pussy clenching around his cock. This sent him flying over the edge, finally finding his own release.

He collapsed beside you and you laid down beside him.

“Oh my god J. That was amazing. That was the best you’ve ever fucked me,” you said as you turned to look at him. He grunted in agreement, still overwhelmed from his orgasm. He reached over and pulled you in to his side, your head resting on his chest. You quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the amazing sex you just had.

“Goodnight princess, daddy’s right here,” he said as he kissed the top of your head, soon drifting in to his own slumber.

just a little bit of your heart is all i want

Jake Peralta doesn’t like to snoop.

Okay, that’s a lie. He can’t help himself. Any sign of a secret threatening to be exposed, he needs to get to the bottom of it. According to him, it’s a natural human instinct. Everyone else thinks it’s just a Jake Peralta instinct. 

So when he glances down at the trash can next to the bathroom sink while brushing his teeth one night, a rectangular blue box takes over his eyesight. 

And - you guessed it - he can’t help himself.

He reaches down and picks it up, his eyes scanning the small print over and over. Then the panic sets in and the assumptions roll through his mind. He has two options right now - freak out and ask Amy if they need to start baby-proofing their apartment, or calmly ask her what the hell is going on.

He decides to go with the latter.

“Hey, babe?” he calls out, walking back into the bedroom with the box clutched in his hand.

“Yeah?” Amy’s sitting up against the headboard, a concentrated frown hiding behind her reading glasses, and today’s copy of the New York Times sprawled across her lap (she likes to do the Sudoku puzzles at night. Jake doesn’t question it anymore).

“Is there anything you need to tell me?” Jake asks, holding the box up in plain sight.

Amy glances up at him, then at the box. Then back at him, then back at the box, then back to her newspaper. “Nope,” she replies, a small grin appearing as she scribbles a bunch of numbers down on the page.

“You sure? Because this little guy right here is telling me something different.”

Amy rolls her eyes, taking off her glasses. “Jake-”

“Ames, if you were a murderer, you’d be terrible at it. I mean come on, you can’t even hide this evidence properly! You’re literally asking me to arrest you.”


“Wait, are you a murderer? Oh my god, have you been pretending to be a detective this entire time? Captain Holt would be so disappointed in you.”


“Actually you know what? That’s pretty good, faking being a police officer to cover up your crimes, maybe you can get extra points for sneaky behavior-“

“JAKE!” Amy yells. He stops rambling, finally, and stares at her.

“Did you actually look inside the box?” Amy asks. “Or did you just jump to conclusions as always?”

Jake frowns, looking down at the box again. He moves over to the bed, sitting on the edge, then shakes the box lightly. It rattles, indicating that there is indeed something inside that he probably should have investigated before. He reaches with his other hand to open the box, but stops and throws it to Amy.

“I don’t wanna touch it,” he explains with a shudder.

Amy lets out an exasperated sigh - bed time is never boring - before grabbing the box and pulling out the small white stick and holding it up. “It’s negative,” she says, pointing at the single pink line, “see?”

Jake squints at the object, feeling his body instantly relax when he sees one line instead of two. “Okay,” he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Negative. Okay. Cool cool cool.”

Amy gives him a tight-lipped smile, slipping the test back into the box. “Don’t worry, no tiny humans will be running around this place any time soon,” she reassures him, throwing the box into the small rubbish basket underneath the nightstand.

Jake smiles back but it doesn’t reach his eyes. He slips under the bed covers with a sigh, sliding into the warmth with an odd feeling gnawing at his heart. He still has a million questions about this insane little object that almost just had the ability to change his life. And Amy’s no moron. She can sense when something’s wrong with him.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” she asks, shifting closer to him.

“Why did you take the test in the first place?” Jake blurts out, surprising himself because he was pretty sure he’d said that in his head and not out loud.

Amy takes a deep breath and shrugs. “I…was late,” she admits, a light shade of crimson heating her cheeks.

“But you’re on birth control.”

“Yeah but it’s not always 100% effective, I wanted to be sure. And I didn’t think it was necessarily worth hiding because it wasn’t positive. No biggie, right?”

“Right,” Jake replies. A wave of relief washes over him and he relaxes. “Right, right, right. So, no kids yet?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“No, not yet,” Amy replies, linking her arm with his.

“But…one day?” he asks hopefully.

If there’s ever been a moment that’s melted Amy’s heart, it’s this one. She grabs his hand, linking her fingers with his gently. “One day for sure,” she promises, kissing him softly on the cheek and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“So just to be completely sure, you’re definitely not pregnant?”

“Well, I’m not late anymore, babe.”

“Oh, gross.”

Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Confessions

Word Count: 3K +

Warnings: Smut. Oral(male receiving) Mentions of violence and trauma. Mentions of Anxiety. Lotssss of cursing

Bucky wasn’t feeling so hot, the run in with the Hydra agents a few days ago was still taking it’s toll on his body. Being a super solider, genetically enhanced to be able to take a beating, was the only reason he was still alive. His three cracked ribs we’re all but mended and most of the superficial bruises and cuts we’re healed, leaving in their wake little scars and lumps. The gash that had been sliced into his head, the one that Bruce had said would have been his doing in, if not for the “super healing”, was all stitched up and still throbbed, but had begun to scab up and was reacting to the stiches well. He still had to wear the bandage that annoyed the shit out of him and itched something awful, but it was a small bargin to make.

The whole group that had gone on the mission; Tony, Steve, Bucky, Thor and Nat were all recuperating from the blood bath that had went down were all still hurting for the most part.

Bucky had been forced to bed rest, to let his body be idle so it could recover fully, and hadn’t left your room in over 48 hours. He liked your room a lot better then he liked his, even though it was identical to his lay out wise. Being the S.H.E.I.L.D appointed “Baby Sitter” to the Avengers meant you had moved into the tower, Tony giving you a “bunk”.

It was like being back in college, and at first you’d been annoyed. For you, who had lived on your own for years, the idea being forced to share your space with other people was daunting. But the so called “bunk” Tony gave you was one of the large, modern rooms. You’d made the best of it. Made it your own. Your large bed was adorned with soft bedding; littered with soft faux fur blankets and piled high with decorative, throw pillows.

Bucky liked to tease you about them because “who in their right mind needs this many pillows?” but in secret, he loved your bed. Loved how comfy and homey you we’re able to make the space. He felt the whole building was a little to clean, too hospital like with Tony’s mod decoration, but not your room.

It smelled warm and sweet from the littering of candles. Just like you.

He’d all but moved in to it with you since you two had started “going steady”.

He never knew how much he hated sleeping alone til’ he’d started sleeping with you, your plush body reassuring next to him. Your soft arms and doughy thighs wrapping around him, welcoming him to cling to you. The nightmares that had plagued him nightly now came in far lest frequent bursts, something about being lulled to sleep by the sound of your muted breathing, was like an all natural sleep aid…what he didn’t realize is that you, and your sleeping habits had become dependent on him too.

On the warmth he seemed to generate, on his small wheezing snores, on his arms protectively thrown over you.

You hated when he went on missions, dreaded them like you dreaded nothing else. Waited for him desperately, throwing yourself into whatever work you could find to keep your mind occupied, until he came home to you. It was a little pathetic really. You, a (Y/A) year old woman, not being able to sleep. Or eat. Or think right with out this man.

You always imagined the worst while he was gone, tied yourself into knots, had to take more of your anti-anxiety medication then normal. What if he was taken by Hydra again? What if they killed him this time? They only consolation you had in those panic laden moments was the absolute knowledge that Steve loved Bucky as much as you did. Maybe even more. And that he would NEVER let any of that shit happen.

The latest mission had brought your fears to life, you knew it was bad from the news reports. From the frantic coms back to base. They’d been ambushed by a group of Hydra agents who had some weird, deadly alien weapon; a bomb. Twelve civilians had been killed. The group almost been killed. Watching them hobble into the tower was like watching a scene from a war movie. Slow motion, all of them bloody. Like something out of a fucking nightmare. You’d almost hysterically sobbed at the sight of him, limping- his hair matted with grit and gore. Even though Bruce and the other medical’s had assured you both that he was fine you was still pretty shaken up.

You were more happy to have your beat up soldier in your bed, where you could see him. Where he was tangible and breathing. You weren’t very sure you ever wanted to let him out on another fucking mission again…

You walk into your room and see Bucky sitting propped up against the headboard and a white furry blanket pulled around him as he watches the TV. His eyebrows are knitted together, and it would almost look comical paired with the bandage on his head(major grumpy cat vibes) but the TV flashes with News images from the battle that had ensued in Japan. That had left him bruised and battered and bed ridden.

You shut the door behind you, loud enough so that it catches his attention and his blue eyes snap over to your entering frame and he gives you a half grin as you kick off the pair of leopard print heels, eager to get into bed with him.

“Hey kitten” He gruffs out his special name, just for you, as you climb cautiously onto your side of the bed. He’d told you that he wasn’t hurting much anymore, that you didn’t have to be so carful but you weren’t listening.

“Hi baby” You reach over kiss his scruffy cheek, nosing the indent below his cheekbone for a moment. Just breathing him in. You’d had, had to leave for a few hours, go do your job and work on cleaning up the aftermath.

Why had the hours felt like an eternity?

He looks you over, frowning a little bit as his metal hand comes up to stroke your cheek. You look tired, not even the concealer could hide the bags you were sporting.

“You look ’s bad as I feel” He mutters, not liking the state of his girl. You huff a laugh. A sweet little sound.

“That’s not very nice, asshole” Your words hold no venom, only teasing as you pull away so that you can get a better look at him. He doesn’t look so great himself. You finger the edges of the bandage on his forehead feather lightly.

“You know I think your a dime piece” Bucky reassures and you roll your eyes “You look exhausted though”

“That’s because I am. I didn’t really sleep that much last week. And now you’re a cripple and I’ve got to be your nurse, you’re never going to give me a break, are you? Being with you is my second full time job now” You tease and he pokes your shoulder in retaliation, but it’s made him chuckle. Which was your goal.

You could always make him laugh. You we’re such a little shit.

“Why didn’t you sleep last week?” He thinks he knows why, but he wants to make sure. Wants to hear you say it.

“You know I cant sleep with out you” You admit to him, gnawing on your bottom lip for just a moment “Which is fucked up because I used to love sleeping alone. Did you take your pain killers?” You quickly switch the subject, leaning up on your arm to look down at him with a crooked brow.

Bucky sighs. He knows that you’re not very comfortable talking about your feelings like this, not even with him. In the four months that you’d been together, he’d learned that for as affectionate you could be, you weren’t good at voicing what you felt.

And he loved your voice.

“Yeah, I took some almost an hour ago- you know I cant sleep without you either right?” He pulls on your arm, trying to make your rigid posture loosen.

You’re unyielding, your mouth quirking and nose scrunching. He knows that’s your thinking face, you’re I’m unsure of how to feel face. So he goes on with how he feels instead.

“I had nightmares almost every night…I don’t remember them being so damn vivid, you know? Since I haven’t been having them as much lately. Steve didn’t really know what to do. I could tell he was real worried though. I felt like crap, I tried to suck it up but all I wanted to do was be here with you. In your arms. That’s all I ever really want, if we’re being honest here”

Hearing his confession makes you drop your head to his chest and wrap your arm around him, tighter then you’d let yourself in days.

“I thought you we’re dead, Buck. When Tony commed in- it was so fucking fucked up. And then you we’re all covered in blood and I was- I was just…so scared. I cant sleep when your gone. I cant eat. All I can do is freak out and be a total spazzy mess until your back” Your own confession comes in a fast woosh. Your words tumbling over themselves.

He rubs your back in soothing circles through your shirt. I’m here, it says. I’m alive.

“I’ll always try my hardest to come back to you. I’ll find a way back” Bucky vows and you just shake your head.

“You cant promise that. The shit that goes on out there is out of your control” it’s mumbled into his chest. Your voice cracks and it breaks his fucking heart, seeing you all torn up the way you are. Over him.

“Hey, Y/N, look at me. Please, kitten” He nudges your head with his chin “Please?”

Your eyes rise to meet his. (y/e/c) meeting baby blue.

“I know I cant promise that, but what I can promise is that you’re all I’m thinking about when I’m out there. And it…makes me fight harder. Because I just want to come back and see your face, one more time” he squeezes your dimpled cheek in affection and your big teary eyes roll “plus, I’ve survived a hell of a lot. You repeat that to yourself when ever you get scared, kay? I do”

You nod, taking mental note.

Your man had survived an a hundred foot drop. The war. Hydra, multiple times. He’d survived being an experimental plaything, he’d survived being a prisoner. He’d survived Nat’s pancakes(which had almost killed you all).

“I love you” It’s not the first time you’ve said it to him, but the look in your eyes…the complete and utter devotion. Like you were admitting, to both yourself and him, that you were his. That you’re whole fucking world crumbled when he wasn’t around. That you needed him more then you’d ever needed anything.

It makes the pit of his stomach tighten and stir because no ones looked at him like that…ever. Not even before he was a murder, before he was tainted by all the shit he had been forced to do. To have you, giving yourself to him. You, who shown like sunshine. Who demanded attention and respect, who was the most quick witted woman he’d ever met- truly had the compacts to love a man like him.

It boggled his mind. It set him on fire.

He reaches so that he can press his lips to yours, kissing you with all the things he cant say. He doesn’t ever feel more like himself, James Barnes, then he does when he’s kissing you. Like if you could see something in him, then maybe it was really there.

“I love you. I love you. I love you” you chant it like a prayer between his kisses. All that pent up emotion coming out in pure, raw endearment. He goes to roll over on to you but hisses at the strain, at the pang in his ribs.

“Hey” You soothe, pushing him back lightly into his positon against the headboard “You’re still hurt, broken ribs don’t heal over night, not even for super soldiers”

You laugh but he groans.

“Come here then” He pulls at your waist a little, wanting the intimacy of your bodies being pushed together back and you’re more then happily to comply.

You drive him nuts, he’s so attracted to you it kills him sometimes, he’s in a constant state of love goggled want when it comes to you. And when you praise him, with your words and your lips the way you are now, he melts. He’d give you anything you asked for He’d do fucking anything for you.

“Kitten” Bucky sighs as you kiss the expanse of his bristley neck, nipping at his jaw, nosing his collar bone. He couldn’t really move right now, which you knew meant sex was off the table. But his groans and moans, his needy hands. The thought of him having nightmares without you. It all spurred you on.

You just wanted to take care of him. Wanted him to feel better. Wanted how much you loved him to surround him.

And you’d always been a very…physical lover. People who think big girls don’t care to have sex lives are wrong. You need that connection. Especially with him. And it had been missing for a week.

Bucky feels your hand slink lower on his chest, still careful for the remaining bruising. Running over every nook, every muscle that was taught with excitement. You let draw circles on the apex of his hips, just above where the ‘V’ of his hips meets his sweat pants and his lower stomach contracts, beautifully.

“Y/N” he hisses as you tug at the hem of the sweat pants, enough to allow his cock to release from it’s confines, stand tall, and slap against his stomach.

You don’t think you’ll ever get over that view.

“Going commando, are we?” You whisper in his ear as you stroke the underside of him with just your fingernails.

“Please don’t tease me” Bucky begs. He knows how you are. Has been edged for hours before “Not tonight”

You nod against his jaw and begin to move your hand “Okay, baby, okay”

There’s so much pre-cum already, you use the palm of your hand to rub at his tip and the strangled little moans you get in return are fucking heaven.

Then, your moving down him, not putting any of your weight his healing abdomen as you go eye level with his cock. It’s dangerously plump, red and swollen as you hold him by the base.

“Poor baby” you coo as you press a loving kiss to the tip, running it over your lips in an attempt to soothe the engorgement “I’m going to take care of you, Buck. Don’t worry”

Bucky’s head snaps back hard onto your many pillows as he lets out a long breath tough his nose as you proceed to leave open mouth kisses all over him, sucking the sides of his hard dick, giving him all of your attention. Wanting to get every inch of him before you take him into your mouth.

You’d never had that great of a gag reflux, but god damn it, your try for him. Take as much as him into your mouth, down your throat as you can. Your body rejects it, your tight little esophagus tightening in protest and the gags you let out loud as you fight to take more.

Bucky’s eyes roll because holy shit, you’ve never taken this much of him in your mouth before. He has to see, he lifts his head enough so that he can see down his body, to where his cock is burred in your mouth. Your (y/c/h) is tumbling around your head, falling onto his stomach so he runs his metal hand trough it in order to collect it, to get it out of your face, to help his good little baby doll.

You look up at him, your eyes teary, the makeup around them smudged and messy. His cock in stretching your mouth wide, your pretty lips bursting at the seams with him and he fucking loses it. His hips roll, even through the pain from his ribs, and he lets out a screeching moan neither of you had ever heard.

Maybe it’s because he hasn’t cum in a week. Maybe its seeing you, willing suffer to take him like you were, he doesn’t know.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming, Y/N” He warns but you don’t pull away. You continue to gag around him, sucking and bobbing.

He cums harder then he thinks he ever has. The long milky spurts fill your throat and you breathe through your nose as you attempt to take it all. Bucky cant even form a complete thought, his mind has gone white hot, his ears are ringing and his whole body keeps shaking uncontrollably. You reach up and grab his hand, in an attempt to wordlessly support him, to anchor him.

I’m here, Buck. I’m here.

It’s impossible to catch it all in your mouth and it seeps from the corners of your lips, dribbling down your chin, your neck, into your shirt and cleavage. You don’t give up though, taking it until the spurts stop and he’s ran himself dry.

“Y/N” Bucky whimpers as he pulls on you hair, he’s too sensitive. Your mouth on him feels searing and near painful and you slowly release him with a little ‘pop’ and then look up at him through your eyelashes, your eyes cartoon like. Bashful and soft and young looking. Your lips were swollen and raw and glistening, your chin still dripping with traces of his cum. Your hair messy and wild from his fingers.

You’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Haunting.

His fingers stroke across your forehead, pushing tendrils of hair away as his chest swells with fondness.

“Oh Christ, Y/N” His strong arms pull you up to him “Come here, baby”

“Your ribs!” Your protest but he doesn’t listen, he just holds you tight on top of him, cradling your face with his flesh hand, his metal one holing your soft waist.

“I’m sorry- I know you don’t like- you didn’t have to swallow” He whispers as he wipes at your damp chin. You’d never been a swallower, always begging him to tell you when he was close so that you could pull away.

You shake your head, hard.

“No, I wanted to” You insist, and he smiles at the fire in your voice.

He really was in trouble. Was in deep, when it came to you.

“I love you, Y/N” His tone…sounds something like worship “I love you so much. I cant- your-I need you more then I-” He still cant think completely straight, not after that orgasm and you press a small peck to his lips.

“I know, Bucky. I love you too”

Raise your hand if you’d suck Sebastian’s dick in a second *throws both my hands in the air* I got a lot of Bucky oral requests so here you all go! So I’m kind of thinking about doing a collection of these? With this certain reader who works PR an psychology for the Avengers? Maybe?😬

stenbrough oneshot ; first kiss

the school was fairly quiet, & most children had left by now. bill, himself, was stuck in a book, & failed to notice how late it truly had gotten. he glances at his watch, and then, sighing, he closed the book. he figured he should be home soon, the orange tint of the room being a dead giveaway the sun had begun to set.

he stands, slowly now, bending over to get his book bag. when he stands up, boney hands are latched around bill’s shoulders so quickly that brunette almost falls over, only steadying himself by gripping a nearby desk.

it was stan, & the only reason he knows it’s stan is because he knows those palms, those hands.

those damn hands.

the same ones that held his own as they raced through the barrens, laughing and carrying on as always. occasionally running down his back, soothing him when they sat down, his touch calming and soft, making the hairs on the back of bill’s neck stand at attention.

stan’s hands… stan in general, was almost like a safe place for bill. he came to the boy with everything, & soon felt they were best friends.

the best of friends, that was all they were.


bill shakes the thought from his mind, and turns now, a grin on his face when he sees stan’s eyes, which seem to shine in the awkward light that is thrown in the classroom through the half-closed blinds.

“h-hey,” bill stumbles, feeling his face flush a soft red, almost pink color. stan’s hands fall from the other boy’s shoulders, & bill does a double take as they do.

stan’s fingers were painted, a soft baby blue color covering the nail of his long fingers, & bill’s chest swells.

“you like them?” stan scratches the back of his neck softly, resting against yet another empty desk.

bill nods, already feeling the words struggle to leave his throat. “th-they’re, r-r-really nice.” he smiles, & stan’s expression lightens.

in that moment, in that small classroom, bill’s heart about to burst through his chest looking at stan’s hands, & back at his face… he realizes.

he realizes that he wants more than to just be stan’s friend.

“c-ca-can i walk y-you home?” bill offers, slinging his bag onto his shoulders. stan’s curly hair shimmers in the light, & he nods slowly, beginning to walk to the door.

the air outside is crisp, the fall leaves crunching under their feet as they walk. stan began to ramble on about something that had happened in his seventh period class, & bill listened to every word intently.

“i r-real-really like your n-n-nails, stan,” bill brings them up after a small lull in conversation, the two soon rounding the corner to stan’s house. “w-why’d y-ou-”

“i just liked it, i guess,” he smiles, the blue shining softly in the light, both boys fixated on the color.

the walk ends so much sooner than either boy would like, standing at the brown front door eventually, much to the distaste of both.

“you can stay… if you want.” stan offers, hand on the doorknob, twisting it open. bill brings his eyebrows together, a confused expression coming to his face. “…for dinner?” he laughs, walking into the house.

“o-oh,” bill smiles nervously, biting down on his bottom lip softly. “s-sure, sounds g-gr-great.”

stanley had always admired bill, the way he handled things with grace. the way he sometimes went long periods without talking, just listening to stanley ramble about whatever he would like.

the two slowly begin up the stairs, bill a single step behind his friend.

the curly-haired boy pushes open the door, walking quickly to his radio, & turning it on, the soft hum of music providing a sense of comfort to the two.

“i-i like this s-so-song.” he laughs softly, collapsing into the bed of which sat in the corner.

“ella fitzgerald,” he begins to hum along, sitting next to his friend. “she’s my favorite.”

there’s something different about that moment, then, & maybe it’s the way stan’s lips are slightly parted, or the way the light shadows across his face, maybe the song that is playing…

but bill does something that he had never seriously considered doing, his hands fumbling nervously in his lap.

he leans in slowly, his face beginning to feel hot, worried that he may have misread things. what if stan doesn’t feel the same, what if he’s disgusted by this, what if-

doubt shuts out of his mind the minute he feels those lips on his.

it’s quick, almost over as quickly as it begins, as the two pull away. stan’s own ears burn, looking at the other boy, the other boy in his room.

the curly haired boy is the first to smile, his painted finger nails moving to rest on bill’s face, before connecting their lips again.
this time, it feels better. it feels right, & bill slowly relaxes now.

“w-w-woah,” bill’s voice is timid, leaning into the other boy’s touch slightly. stanley can’t even speak, happiness coursing through his veins like a shot of alcohol did to a person, adreneline pumping.

“you should come over for dinner more often.” stan smiles, pecking bill’s cheek.

All American Asphyxiation (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Chap. 9

A/N: hey guys!! This is the final chappie of AAA and I’m shook af. I’m sorry it’s not as good as my computer is down at the moment. I’ll update this as soon as I get home from class! 😔 I hope you guys like it! Enjoy! - Delilah

Warnings: Smut. Threesomes. M/M/F. Swearing. Nswf.


Ever since your little game with Steve, you and Bucky had invited him back numerous times. Recently, there was a giant threat in Australia by the name of Loki. Thor required assistance, as the last time he was here, he nearly caused a giant catastrophe. So Steve, being the mighty Captain America he was, took it upon himself to help capture the demi god.

But when he came back, you couldn’t help but notice how stressed out he looked. His eyes had begun to grow dull and lifeless, his hair lost that shine it used to have, even his smiles were tight and rarely reached his eyes. Steve was suffering, but from what?

That very night, just as you and Bucky finished a very intense lovemaking session, you could tell something was off with him as well.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” You asked, peering up at him through your lashes. Bucky let out a sigh as he stared at the ceiling.

“Steve’s been a little off lately.” You nodded silently. You knew exactly what he meant. It was silently eating away at him that his best friend was having a hard time, yet he had no idea how to approach him about it.

“He hasn’t played with us in a long time.” You commented, tracing small imaginary patterns onto his metal arm.

Bucky nodded, staring intensely at the ceiling as if it had all the answers. He peered down at you after a while and gave you a small smile.

One that you’ve seen before many times.

“Doll.” He said.

“Bucky.” You replied.

“Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” He asked with a sly grin. You smiled back at him, nodding your head.

“Lets help out Stevie.”


The next day, you and Bucky made your way into the large gym.

You watched as Steve lifted the large weights, pulling them up with ease. His arms flexed, showing off his amazing biceps. This was an amazing idea.

As you both approached him, he gave you both a small, welcoming smile before setting the weight down.

“Hey Stevie,” Bucky chimed, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. You smiled innocently and began rocking back and forth, your hands behind your back.

“What’s up, guys?” He asked, eyeing the both of you.

“We miss you,” you informed him, stepping closer to him and placing your hand on his chest. He inhaled sharply, his baby blue eyes darkening as his eyes rested on the black sports bra that hugged your breasts tightly.

“You haven’t played with us in a while, punk,” Bucky chimed in. “What’s up with you lately?”

“I guess I’ve just been a bit tense lately.” He answered, his face breaking out in a blush. You peered over to Bucky briefly before looking back at the blond.

You gently took his hands in yours and began leading him out of the room, followed by Bucky, who wrapped his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“Well,” Bucky spoke as you all walked.

“Let’s go relieve some of that tension.”


You spread your legs wide, giving him an entire view of your dripping core. You were completely soaked now as you watched Steve’s eyes on your pussy, licking his lips.

He’d seen that part of the female body before, he wasn’t that innocent. But being up close and personal like this was entirely different, he could see every little detail on your body and this time he was allowed to touch it.

“Stevie,” Bucky spoke from behind you. You felt his hands roaming your front, his hands cupping your breasts and pinching your nipples.

Steve tore his eyes away from your body and looked over at his best friend. “Yeah?” He replied, licking his lips.

“Have you done this before?” He asked, his eyes darkening. Steve felt himself blush. He hadn’t done this before. His relationship with Sharon ended before it really could start.

“N-No,” he stuttered, shaking his head. “I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

You giggled at his coyness, leaning forward and pressing a small kiss onto his lips. Your hands grasped his and guided them onto your chest. Steven let out a small gasp as your tongue dominated his.

You reached between the two of you and gently tugged on his length, enjoying the hardness of it. He was almost as big as Bucky, almost. But he was still far bigger than average.

You scooted forward, so that your hips were nearly resting against his. Bucky uncapped the bottle of lube beside him and applied the substance onto his metal fingers.

You felt the two of you gently maneuver so that you were resting on Steve’s chest, with Bucky behind you.

You watched lustfully as Steve slid the condom onto his erect cock, letting out a small sigh once it was on completely.

You felt Bucky insert a digit into the small ring of muscle behind you, stretching you out. You let out a small groan as he began finger fucking you, while Steve aligned himself up with your folds.

With a deep breath, you nodded at Steven and spread your legs as far as they could go. He gently bucked his hips upwards, feeling your Pusey with his large, erect cock in one move.

You gently rocked against Bucky’s fingers, hissing once he pulled them out. You felt the head of his cock gently pressing against your hole, easing its way in.

They both began rocking their hips, hitting deeper and deeper inside your body. Soon, they were both fully inside you and thrusting forcefully.

You let out a cry as the two super soldiers had their way with you. The dual sensations of Bucky and Steve nearly made you see stars. Steve was so soft and careful, where Bucky knew your body so well and was not afraid to take charge.

Steve’s head fell onto your shoulder as his thrusts began to grow sloppy. He planted his hands on your hips and began pounding away, desperate for his release.

“Y/N,” he moaned, his eyes screwing shut. “I-I’m not gonna last long, I’m sorry.”

You reached your hand around his head and tugged his head back, your fingers tugging on his hair forcefully. You crashed your mouth onto his, letting him take charge this time.

You felt Bucky’s pace quicken as he watched the two of you below him. He snapped his hips forward sharply, causing you to gasp into the kiss and reach behind you and grab onto his arm for support.

Steven began breathing harder, his voice bringing rougher and rougher with each second, until, with a gasp, he spilled himself inside the condom.

“FUCK!” He groaned, his body trembling beneath yours as he rode out his orgasm. You let out a cry as Bucky fucked you, his nails digging into your hips.

You collapsed on top of the blond below you as Bucky pounded you into him. He gritted his teeth as you began clenching around him.

“That’s it, daddy!” You screamed, feeling your eyes pool with tears of pleasure. Your head fell onto Steven’s chest, your breaths coming out in erratic patterns.

Suddenly, you felt your legs being spread from beneath you. You looked down just in time to see Steve’s hand traveling between the two of you and begin rubbing harsh circles into your clit.

“Oh my god!” You cried, your eyes screwing shut form the intense pleasure.

“Am I doing this right?” He whispered into your ear. You nodded, digging your nails into his shoulder.

“Yes, baby!” You cried. “Just like that!”

“Oh, fuck!” Bucky gasped as he felt himself growing closer and closer to the edge. You met his thrusts with your own small ones, gently rocking your hips into his as he fucked you mercilessly.

You let out a bloodcurdling scream as your orgasm hit you like a freight train, making you see nothing but white behind your lids.

Bucky collapsed on top of you, having found his own release as soon as you did.


“So this is what sex is like?” Steven spoke, smiling up at the ceiling with a dorky, lopsided grin. His hair was the definition of post sex hair, standing up in several places.

You nodded, snuggling in between the two men. They were both like giant sexy teddy bears. “Mhmm,” you hummed, closing your eyes.

“Just wait until Buck buys you a collar. We’re gonna rock your world, Stevie.”

-Fin! ❤️

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, semi-suicidal thoughts, near death experience (If this is a trigger for you please be aware!!!)

Word count:  1542

A/N: Yup, I’m finally back with a new fic! I don’t know how I feel about this one but I hope you guys will like it. Lots of love xx

Feedback is highly appreciated as always!

Originally posted by godhelptheboy

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“She loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore, they always came back.”

It was early in the morning when you drove down to Lake Alvin just outside Sioux Falls. The sun was about to rise and the fresh summer air calmed you. It felt like this was the thousandth night you woke up from a nightmare. So you decided to come here like you always did when everything got too much to handle.

This place was you escape. There were hundrets of memories attached to it.

The first time you kissed someone was at this lake with Dean when you were ten.

The first time you made love with someone was at this lake with Dean when you were sixteen.

The first time he told you he loved you was at this very lake, under the stars on a warm summer night many many years ago.

But now he was no longer with you.

It was unbearable to sleep without Dean next to you. You were exhausted and sleep deprived but there was little you could do about it. Every night when you closed your eyes, his face would haunt you in your dreams. He would beg you to save him from the torture he was enduring and every night you would wake up, covered sweat with tears running down your face.

You got out of one of Bobby’s cars and walked towards the small pier. You took your shoes off on your way there, the old wood under your foot soles feeling rough and dry. Sitting down on the edge of the pier, you let your feet dangle over the water.

Keep reading