hey you wanted me to post art so here you go

So I need money really desperately for second semester in school.

Hey guys. 

So recently, my money was taken out of my account by a family member, so needless to say, I’m strapped for funds for second semester.

I’m not going to sit here and beg for money, rather I’m opening little chibi commissions. They’re cheap, and they don’t take me very long to do, nor are they very hard to do for me. 

That’s why I’m hoping you guys can commission me for a little chibi of your OCs or your favorite characters from whatever franchise. 

Each chibi I draw will be flat colored, and full body. Each chibi’s price can range anywhere from 20 USD to 45 USD depending on the complexity of the design. If you want props added, that will raise the price a bit!

If you’re interested, please privately message me or email nayuun_art@hotmail.com. If you can’t afford one right now, please help by reblogging this post?

Examples of the chibis I draw:


so if you go on my blog now, you should see in the top left corner a blue ko-fi button to ‘Buy me a coffee’.  This is a tip jar so-to-speak, so if you ever were to feel the need to support my work, or tip me for a commission or whatever, you could do so.  It’s linked to my paypal and there are no cuts made; your money would only be going where you intended it to: me because you’re cool and have found it in you to like to support me and my artwork.
In the case that you wanted to do this and help me out, i would be super grateful.  As a mentally ill and otherwise unemployed artist it really does mean a lot.  While none of you should feel obligated to contribute anything, like I said, it would be endlessly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and enjoying my art! Have a great day (or night; since it’s like 2 am here)

Hey there! How y’all doing? Been a looooooong while, huh? 

I want to apologize to all my followers for the extremely looooong hiatus on here and leaving you guys in the dark for so long. And I know y’all been messaging me seeing how I’m doing and I’m so sorry for not responding like I should ;A; I’ve kind of had lots of iffy things happen to me last year (then again, 2016 sucked for everybody, huh?) especially with some reeeeeaaaaally bad self esteem issues that pretty much made me extremely depressed and caused me to go into multiple hiatuses and huuuuuuge artblocks…like major. After that, I started questioning my own artwork and felt unworthy to posting anything here due to the fact that I felt like my art sucked more and more…but I’m finally overcoming it. I also want to give  big thanks for everybody who’s still following me, even if I was inactive for awhile. I love you all so much ;3;

So now that it’s 2017, a brand new freaking year (it’s crazy how fast time has passed), I’m going to try to start this year in a positive note AND BECOME A BETTER AND MORE POSITIVE PERSON!!!! Plus, I do have some artwork that I’ve been meaning to upload and I might spam y’all with it…sorry! It was going to happen eventually >w< 




hey lads i’m finally up and running to do some drawing with my new tablet and at my work it is currently SLOW SEASON!! meaning i’m struggling a lot. some people have asked so here’s all the info if you want a drawing done by yours truly!

if you wanna see more of my work here is my art tag on tumblr

base prices

  • sketch - $5
  • lineart - $15
  • flat color - $20
  • full color - $30
  • painting - $50

all prices go up depending on additions which vary by the commission type. i base these heavily off of hourly work load, and i’ve tried to make them as cheap as i can.

things i don’t do: anthros, most animals, basically i cannot draw animals

this time nsfw/+18/gore IS in fact an option, but prices do go up there. contact me for details on those.

if you want info or have interest in a mission, either DM me here on tumblr, or email me at johnnychasepowers@gmail.com. you’ll be given a commission form to fill out that will then determine your end price.

do not send me an ask on tumblr, i will likely not get it since the website glitches a lot

thanks so much!

hey y’all! Nea-Sa’Mon here, your fave lil genderfluid libra

so im gonna create a banner or something at some point because i really want to be able to catch people’s attention but…

i will be promoting my own psychic business! or rather, i will be exchanging my psychic expertise for money. specifically DREAM INTERPRETATIONS FOR $1!  

so if anyone is interested, please drop me a message! i will develop a more organized system as i go along but until then please bear witcha boy. once i get the money, i want to be able to provide psychic readings via tarot and crystal scrying. and –even if you aren’t interested– please spread this post! my PayPal is paypal.me/Nwra1th. thank you! love yall and blessed be!!! ~<3

****for anyone asking, yes im still accepting art commissions but considering it just takes up so much time, energy, and resources that i may or may not always be in possession of, i figured that this was a little cheap and energy efficient way to make money. hopefully i will get around to making promotion flyers and perhaps a side blog to showcase all the services i provide.


STAN: Hey guys.. it’s uh, been a few days but I figured I should let you know what’s up now.
STAN: Kyle got attacked by Trent and barely got away, so … he’s been in the hospital for a day and a half. They’re gonna let him go home today but he’s gonna need a lot of rest. 
STAN: Cartman’s, uh.. gone missing… all we found was his jacket on the floor. So the police are going to try and find him. 
STAN: I don’t know where this blog really goes from here but – … I don’t know. Just wanted to let you guys know what was up. Shoot me an ask if you guys feel like it.

Ask The Main Four A Question!

Porn blogs

Hey guys. Does anyone an idea how to get porn blogs from commenting on my posts? (Not meaning any followers with erotic blogs, just annoying blogs that leave links to the comments of my posts that you can click to go to their website or whatever) They use random urls that are a string of letters so I can block so many of them but they still keep commenting? I don’t know what to do and they could be commenting on my older art and I can’t possibly keep a track of all my hundreds of pieces of art. If you guys notice any porn comments could you please send me a message with info on what piece of art it is on? And if you have any idea on what to do, please comment on this?

Kuma’s art slavery!

hey guys! so here’s the story, im setting up an art slavery post.

basically art slavery is where you are paid a set rate and you draw whatever the customer wants.

heres why ive decided on this:

i recently got a new job, and i thought it was gonna be great, that i could finally afford to live off of commissions, but it turned out that the work was commission based sales jobs in marketing, which basically meant i worked from 8-6 pm in the freezing cold on my feet all day and earning no money at all and getting a bunch of verbal abuse. anyone who does work like this and excels at it? amazing, i commend you. but this job was not for me. i wasn’t making any sales in a few days, so they came to me and basically said they cant afford to pay me (which they didn’t in the first place) and let me go. 

being pretty beat up about losing my job after about 2 weeks, kinda threw me into a hermit phase, so i’ve started up art slavery to try and support my family.

the rate depends on how much you want me to draw a day.


NO NSFW: i can do cute stuff, but the nasty is a nono

NO GORE: candy gore is the best i can do.

I AM TRYING MY BEST: i do not appreciate any sort of abuse or misuse of my art. 

for your pleasure, have some art i draw for a couple ppl allready

hey all, it seems i make one of these posts every month or so but what can u say once a trashman always a a trashman; anyways i just wanted to say im sorry for not being super involved/interacting with anyone lately!!! i’ve been drained of energy/bored/unmotivated/busy/a few other things and haven’t been able to chat much (but i scroll through everything dont worry) anyways; to go sort of off-topic here, i was wanting to open some pay what you want commissions to fund a gift for my sister. it’s her birthday soon and i don’t really have the money to buy her something, especially not something she deserves. if anyone wants some art you can name a price and i’ll do anything! (including references/paintings/backgrounds)

Hey everyone! So since people have liked the idea of a shipping event, heres what’s going to happen.

I am going to make posts for a few different popular ships in the fandom, and you will have the chance to like and reblog the ship that you enjoy the most. At the end of the month (feb 28th), the ship with the most notes will be chosen and the next day will be dedicated to art, fic recs, music, and headcanons about that ship.
If you dont see the ship you want to win listed as an option, dont worry! You’re welcome to go to our inbox or submit page and let us know what you think the winning ship should be! Thatll be considered a point for it.
Please keep things kind through the course of this event, it was designed for fun and for me to feel close to you guys again.
Thanks for reading, and may the best ship win!

- mod dante
Coming back!

Hey guys!

I wanted to apologize for the lull I have had on my blog. I have been accumulating quite a bit of doodles! So I will finally have a queue going of art! Just wanted to let you guys know! 

I also wanted to let you know that I am on my last semester of college! So I will be really busy but I will keep trying and posting art here up on the blog! Going to try and keep things in the queue so you guys will always have some art!

Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me! More art is on the way~

Based on this pic:

Hey guys, been awhile, huh? Sorry for the mini hiatus, had a lot of things going on in my life that got me really in an effy slump and gave me such a huge art block. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to and it got me a bit depressed. I’m so sorry to neglect you guys, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long ;w; I’m going to try getting back on track with posting some more art on here. Plus it’s been sooooo long, thank you guys for being patient with me. I know some of you have been waiting to see me upload more art on here, even though it’s been a long while. Bless you all ;u; 

Anywho, decided to sketch out my oc’s!!!! Silly group selfie of everyone! ;D

Emergency Commissions!!! Please help

Hey guys; first year college student and first year adult here who made some silly mistakes. Silly mistakes that cost a LOT and now I really really need help. I’ll put the full story under a readmore at the bottom of this post but the tl;dr is that I missed renewal dates on my scholarships, they require continued enrollment if I want to grab them again, and I need 2000 dollars in 10 days [as of august 3rd]. So god please help me. As a fresh adult I just don’t have the credit for a loan but I’m hoping if I have at least some of that money they’ll give it to me.No, my family will not help me. At all. End of story.

Okay rest of the story at the bottom. I am only going to adertise my $5 sketches and $10 flats, if you want something better great! Please ask me about it!! And if you want to donate but you don’t want art I will have a button on my blog soon, thank you. If it doesn’t work please transfer to thecandydujour@gmail.com 
As well, you can contact me through ask or shikidixi@gmail.com if you want a commission!! Please don’t tumblr message me, I am not on desktop like ever. 

Here is what you can expect for $5:

And I don’t have any actual flats I’m sorry… but just imagine no shading and this is what you can expect for $10:

Yes I can do digital work!! I am just more into traditional paints. 

this is the most recent digital thing I have [warning its fnaf]

And that’s that!! Please help me, even if you can only signal boost!!! I really really need help. Rest of my situation under the cut.

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Hey guys!

Okay, so since I am starting to go to university soon ( which will mean additional expenses such as books etc.) and also because I’ve been getting some messages in the past asking me to do so I am opening commissions for the first time! I don’t know how long I’ll have them open, I’ll see how many I will get/how many I am comfortable doing!

Things I wont draw:

  • animals, anthros etc.
  • nsfw/nudity

Other than that, I am pretty much open to draw anything, and if I don’t think I am a suitable artist for whatever you’d like to commission I will let you know early enough :D 

  • Prices are as you see them above, though additional characters will cost an extra 20% per character
  • Payment via Paypal only

Feel free to contact me here on Tumblr if you still happen to have any questions 

If you are interested in commissioning me, email me at commissionnamewithsense@gmail.com ! Thank you!

(And even if you don’t want to commission me, reblogging and sharing this post would help me out a bunch ♥)

Few months ago I made list of my favorite older and newer Olicity fics(and I’m so sorry for all the typos in it and for the inevitable ones in this yikes) but since then I’ve discovered so many new great works that should be read by everyone in this fandom so I decided to make Fanfic Rec Part 2, which mostly consists of quite new and unfinished works. (There are couple older ones that I forgot to add to Part 1 though)

Many of these are WIP’s and they are off to great start so you should definitely begin reading them. There are also more one shots this time. You can find Fic Rec Part 1 here. Once again, this list is to appreciate the talent of these incredible writers, and the hard work and effort. Note that if you haven’t watched s3 or s4 premiere, many of these can be spoilery!

  • Of Monsters and Mai Tais by JSevick (Jurassic World AU, established post s3 Oliver and Felicity visiting the park with Diggle. Amazing writing, both with angst & fluff!)
  • Once and Forever Queen by jbuffyangel (s4 AU, Oliver and Felicity deal with proposals, kidnappings, H.I.V.E and hell of a lot other things. There are so many moments and lines in this fic I would sell my soul to see in the show)
  • Pembroke by freyjaschariot (Boarding school AU, Felicity gets an scholarship to Pembroke Academy, where she meets and befriends Oliver. So great with the slowburn and all the mysteries!)
  • The Bodyguard Series by Kayleegee (Mckenna Hall is back in Starling and she’s hired to be Ceo!Felicity’s bodyguard. This yet to be finished series of one shots are such a great take on how other people see Oliver and Felicity’s relationship)
  • Layers by somethingelseornothingatall (Bratva AU that’s everything you could ever dream of. Felicity is smart, sassy, strong, vulnerable & fierce and everything!! Oliver’s characterization is definitely also one of the best ones I’ve ever seen in Bratva fics. Slowburn & sexual tension. I seriously can’t praise this work enough.)
  • Fool Me Twice by darlinginmyway (Felicity’s first love football player Oliver suddenly comes back to her life after 15 years of separation when she’s hired to be his doctor. Miscommunications, pent up anger and holy crap so much sexual tension! Incredibly great.)
  • loose lips sink ships by mallory (College student-TA relationship AU, in which Felicity is Oliver’s student and he has a hard time remembering that. Soo much sexual tension)
  • The Smoaking Gun by Veli (Felicity is hired to be the assistant of Oliver Queen, a former Navy Seal. Both of them have plenty of secrets in their past and working together will get interesting. Really curious where this one will go!)
  • On the Outside Looking In by MachaSWicket (Collection of incredibly adorable and beautiful one shots I forgot to add in my Part1. Set during the summer after s3. Tells how the people O&F encounter on their getaway see them. I can’t choose my favorite out of these, I adore every single one so much!)
  • Four Walls (Of Law Firms and Honey) by Bre (AU where Felicity is a tech expert on the law firm of Oliver’s family and they both seem to hate and want each other with burning passion. A collection of smutty ficlets with time jumps showing the development of their feelings for each other. Love this slightly darker, enemies to lovers fic so much!)
  • Sex High by gnimaerd (Set during the summer of love, slightly introperspective. Felicity contemplates their sex life and the wanting that never seems to cease.)
  • Better Than Anything by gnimaerd (Slightly similar to previous one, only this time it’s Oliver’s view. This is undoubtedly one of the most realistic and well written smut in this fandom. Oliver’s mindset is incredibly sweet and imo 100% in character.)
  • You Make It Real by Carly_101 (Witness Protection and Undercover Marriage AU. Felicity and John are A.R.G.U.S agents hired to protect Oliver Queen, who is in danger after witnessing a murder. They have to pose as a married couple, which might get difficult considering that both F&O are in danger of developing feelings for each other. Such a great start, can’t wait for more!)
  • Across The Highs, The Lows, And The In-Betweens by bri617 (Pining after your friend AU. After Felicity meets Oliver Queen on a plane, he convinces her to come work in his company instead of somewhere else. A year later, they are best friends & in love with each other. Love the pining, living together platonically-trope and all the confusing feelings!!)
  • So Neighborly by quiveringbunny (When Felicity and Oliver move to a new neighborhood together, she starts to notice some interesting things about their female neighbors. Set after s3. Such a cute one shot, would love to see a following role reversal version too!)
  • One Small Hitch by sprstarinfrance (Fake engaged AU. When Oliver decides to introduce his best friend’s little sister to his family as his fake fiancée, he has no idea what he’s in for. I love fake relationship AU’S so much, and this is so great!)
  • In this last of meeting places by anddirtyrain (S4 speculative fic. Felicity makes an hard decision that breaks both her and Oliver’s heart. Amazingly angsty, so basically everything I want and need)
  • The Alias Complex series by JSevick (Collection of stories based on Alias episodes, post s3. Undercover missions as prostitutes and married couple, roleplaying smut, angst and fluff! I can’t choose which fic in this collection is my favorite, they’re all so gooood.)
  • We’ve Come to Burn Your Kingdom Down by miss_alli (Bratva AU. Both Felicity and Diggle are on the run from bad people, and they decide to reach out John’s old friend, Bratva captain Oliver Queen for help. Another amazing AU I forgot to add in my previous rec. Go start reading it now!)
  • Til The Winter Can’t Hold On by effie214 and sweetoctopodes (“They say all is fair in love and war, and this may just be the latter. When a ghost from Oliver’s past suddenly shows up, there are more questions than answers. Who is this woman, and why is she in Starling? What is her vendetta, and will she let anything – including Team Arrow – stand in her way?” I’m just gonna leave the official description, bc I am unable to explain the greatness myself. This fic has both intriguing original characters and dynamics, I’m so in love already!)
  • To rage (against the dying of the light…) by yellowflicker (Oh man. This one is for those who are not afraid of some serious level angst. Deals with losing the person you love the most, gaining that person back but not really? Written in a incredibly beautiful way, and is completely soul shattering. Both Oliver and Felicity destroyed me. Need more!!!)
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? by oyhumbug (Pre Gambit!AU. Oliver, who is one seriously screwed up poor bastard, meets Felicity and is instantly intrigued. They strike up a friendship that is unconventional in so many ways. This is such an fascinating AU, both Oliver and Felicity are written amazingly)

((Hey there gang! Guess who’s not dead? (SPOILER: It is me.) Has your dash been smelling fresh… too fresh? I know. My blog and I missed you, too. A real gumbo of art block and other stuff made me drop off the face of the earth with no explanation, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and start getting to all the fanart/features people have drawn in the interim, as I felt bad reblogging it while I wasn’t posting anything myself. So I have seen a lot of it, but feel free to message if you did something and want to be sure it got on my radar!

It has also come to my attention that I missed an important event so here you go:


Anyway, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who’s messaged, followed, fanarted, and stuck by this blog through my long-ass hiatus. It means a lot to me, so thanks, Tumblrpon, sincerely. You’re the most!))

Hey cuties !!! In celebration of hitting 4.5k followers, I’m going to make a faves page (yayyyyy) !! This is my first faves page ever, so it’s very exciting :-)


☀ must be following me (skyfluff) (I WILL CHECK !! )

☀ must reblog THIS post (likes don’t count)

For a higher chance:

☁ talk to me !! I love making new friends :)

☁ reblog my selfies, art, or other photos (links for all can be found here)

☁ follow my instagram and like some of my posts 

☁ have a similar blog style

Pros of being on my faves page:

☂ you’ll have a new pal (me !!!) + I will follow you if I’m not already

☂ you’ll be on a page on my blog for a verryyyy long time

☂ you could ask me for banners or doodles whenever you want ^.^

☂ I will give you promos whenever you want


✮ I’ll be choosing 15-20 blogs, maybe even more if there are lots of awesome ones

✮ I will choose once this gets a decent amount of notes

✮ banner by me C:

HEY EVERYONE. As you may or may not have heard I’m opening commissions for the first time in my life to help raise money for my cat’s vet bills as he was recently hit by a car. I’d like to start off by saying he’s going to be OK. He luckily dodged any of the more immediate life threatening injuries that can happen to cats when hit by a car. Despite this the bill is still going to be extensive and we’ve already put down a $2000 deposit to cover the immediate care he received and that cost is going to rise with the surgery for his jaw. Money is already tight after Christmas and next month my mother and I are moving so this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

So with that out of the way here are my prices

I’m also offering to draw refence sheets in the style of the one below

Contact me here by shooting an ask or by emailing me at isabella.baker95@gmail.com to discuss what you want done and how payment is going to work.

For reference here is a short tutorial on how to purchase art digitally

Even if you can’t afford a commission please signal boost this post and help me help my cat get better!


Hey guys!!! My art has been going around lately and that makes me SO happy, and I’m afraid I need to use it to be able to make rent for July. I’m on a waiting list for employment right now, and no one else is calling me back, and I can’t afford to stay in my apartment if I wait around to finally make it off the wait list. I have about 250$ right now and rent is 560$, so I just need about 200$ to be able to stay!! 

I know it’s not the most organized post but the prices are cheap, and I really really need the money. I should have a job no later than the end of July so hopefully this will be the only time I need to do this. The palette post can be found here if you want one of those, or you can send me any palette you want and I’ll do it!! 

Please guys, I really need your help here. Please consider getting one, and if you can’t I would really appreciate a reblog to get it out there

thank you!! 

EDIT: I MADE MY GOAL!!! :D the prices above have changed, but commissions are still open if you want one! They just aren’t emergency anymore c: email is the same, feel free to message me if you would like one!