hey you get get art either way so

It's about time I do this

•Okay so, I’ve been trying to stay out of this whole art theft thing in the fandom right now, because I’m a small account,, still relatively new,,,but I have had it officially.

•I am active on multiple different social media platforms like twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (obviously) so going through I can see a lot of posts,,, AND where they originate from.
And I’m going to make a call out right now because I’m PISSED,, (and hi if you’re this account and you’re reading this please read it all because there’s some important info)
So on Instagram there is an account at the handle @// _marichat_sins_
They have over 12K followers and they are literally a repost account
(here’s where I would include screenshots of their account but I’m on mobile)
This account has reposted literally almost 300 pieces of art that they have not made..
They’ve reposted from accounts that I actively follow and enjoy and RESPECT
Literally I saw a post on here today and it’s on their account almost directly after the original was posted.
There’s so many other accounts doing this as well and I just,,,
It’s just really disappointing as a writer and artist because I almost don’t want to put any of my work out there with this threat, and I have nothing but absolute respect for the artists who STILL put out content and try to persevere.

•Now,,, while I’ve got you here
Some might argue “well they say ‘Credit to ____’ so you can’t be mad”,,, “well THEY put their work online, it’s their fault if it gets taken and reposted”,,, “it’s exposure” BLAH BLAH
No?? Firstly, Credit to artist or credit to @// so and so doesn’t do SHIT?? Because no one will take the time to look them up??
And it isn’t exposure that the artist wants or deserves??
And the stupid “they put it online” shit omfg
Like I get that these accounts are probably young kids and are making mistakes but when an artist says DO NOT REPOST don’t f**king do it??? And when you get called out don’t get mad?? The simplest way to put it is literally like your parent telling you “no you can’t go out tonight” so you sneak out and you get caught and then you tell your parent “Well it’s not like you locked the window or anything, so I had the right to sneak out” like no you dolt???

•I don’t even know if this post makes sense anymore I am so beyond angry with the reposting,,, it’s ridiculous
I understand kids not knowing any better but when you get called out MULTIPLE TIMES or the post specifically says DO NOT REPOST then there is your clue to Stop™

•I’m not even going to go into the thing about people cutting out watermarks and signatures omFG

•I will say however, that I have seen a post from an artist about how they LOST A JOB OPPORTUNITY because they provided artwork, and when the job looked it up they found two different accounts with the same post, and they couldn’t accept the artist because there was no way to prove that they were the original content creator. This shit is real and can and WILL affect these artists. Hell it already has!! (Refer to literally the previous story)

•and what’s so funny to me is that we have a literal episode about art theft in the show??
In Monsieur/Mr Pigeon Chloé and Sabrina literally steal Marinette’s design??? And it’s very obviously frowned upon.
Marinette is smart and signs her designs but could you imagine if she didn’t??
Gabriel wouldn’t have been able to accept either, so both Marinette and Chloé would have lost the contest, all because Chloé ignored Marinette’s hard work and stole her design.
Maybe the way to get through to the reposters is to say “hey look you’re even worse than Chloé, you stole HUNDREDS of pieces of art”

•I know this post probably won’t change a single damn thing but maybe, just maybe, it’ll get through someone’s thick skull and make them see that reposting is theft
And one more time for those in the back

•and I want to say once more to the content creators who still provide their artwork,, I love and support you and I will fight for and with you against all this shit

and once more because I damn well feel like it needs to be said again


Hey guys, I’m starting to get a bit low on smiling Jotaro pics (although still enough to last for a few weeks), so SEND ME TRIBUTE OF YOUR FINEST SMILING PUNCH BOYS

You can send them through the submit box, or through a message; I would advise against @ ing me in posts, since this blog gets a lot of notifications and it’ll probably get buried.

You can submit fanart, but it has to be either just a Tumblr post you’re sending my way, or if you’re actually submitting-submitting it, your own art. This blog does not repost art, so please don’t send me things you find on other websites (with the exception of Kohei Ashiya’s Twitter). Thank you!


I’ll be taking art requests for the next 24 hours! I have some rules that apply to the requests, so keep that in mind, okay?

1: Nothing 18+ because there is no way on EARTH I’d draw that
2: First come, first serve, so if someone requests something before you they’ll get their stuff first.
3: Please be patient!!! I still have school and work and such so weaving art into my schedule is a bit complicated! I promise I’ll get it done eventually!
4: I reserve the right to turn down requests. If I either am unfamiliar what you requested  or it breaks one of the rules here, I will turn it down.
5: I am just fine with LGBTQ+ stuff I can tag it so people who don’t like it and have it filtered don’t see it

Alright, here’s fandoms I’d be willing to draw some fanart for if you request it:
- Kingdom Hearts
- Minecraft: Story Mode
- Trollhunters
- How To Train Your Dragon
- Pokemon
- Sword Art Online
- Fairy Tail
- Naruto
- Digimon
- Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland (just a note: I am not very good at drawing dragons, I’d probably take longer with these ones and go to an irl friend for help)
- Dust: An Elysian Tail

Other than that, I will gladly draw OCs or really just any scene with random characters, specify the OC and give me a reference if you’re going to do that though, ha! If you don’t have a reference then just describe them.

Alright that’s it, LET THE REQUESTS RAIN IN if people see this

six9mafia  asked:

Sup lesean. I've been looking into getting into cartoon animation but yesterday I got declined into the only art (or regular for that matter) college that was willing to accept me. I'm not so worried about not making it as I know there's other ways around it but what steps should I take to be able to make it into the animation field without a college degree (and being a poc)?

Hey, Six9Mafia

Seems like your challenge is that you’re “looking into getting into” something. To me that means you’re researching about considering starting to get into something you haven’t done yet, lol. That just sounds silly to me. Sounds harsh, but you either are or you aren’t.

I really can’t help you there, man. I am most valuable to those who’ve already made that decision and are in the trenches with a serious body of work under their belts and require alternative POVs to a path they’ve already decided to take.

You sound like you’ve got nothing but time on your hands and no real work to show for it. You sound like someone who just “would like things” or “want things” that require insane self discipline and effort. How about starting and failing first? Get some actual personal years of experience under your belt so you can ask better questions?

Wanting things is easy, because it requires no effort. But to BE that thing, that means facing inadequacies, failure and struggle. You have to earn it. :-)

Besides all that, your skin color doesn’t REALLY matter when it comes to aptitude, drive, hunger and a willing to just try and fail for years. Your work speaks first. Step your game up, put in work, get people to be blown away by what you do. All that other skin-color stuff won’t matter if they dig your stuff.