hey you derp

@aymeric-the-blue I know exactly that feeling! Sometimes those just pop in there like perfectly! And sometimes you just draw and delete them hundreds of times while not being happy at all what you saw and eventually just decide to cut them out of your picture. I have now studied hand muscles once again so much that my bf hide my tablet pen yesterday and tell me to take a break cause I was so frustrated with drawing :’D It’s pretty much just practise after practise - start with simple shapes, learn how joints works one by one, use refs as much as you can and never just throw away your failured pics! Those are the best material you can use when you teach yourself to be better artist.

And pssst, sometimes it’s just nice to copy yourself a picture and draw on it, especially when you try to learn something new! If real-life pictures are not your thing just use someone else’s art that matches your interests at basis. You can use pretty much everything as practise material, but NEVER claim someone elses art to be yours. If you ask me it’s always okay to use any material you can get and learn through them and make progress. Eventually you find your own style to show things. And even then you find yourself struggling sometimes! It’s not a shame! Stick with one or few things first and then try to expand your knowledge forward.

It sometimes make miracles for even more experienced artist to go back to basics! :3

Itd be cool if there were a character who had a prosthesis of some sort that doubled as their weapon