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Hey there! Can you help me please? I am writing a novel about a witchy town in Louisiana, where supernatural creatures, witches across the world and human converge. I was wondering if you could help me with interesting dialogues. Thank you!

Hi, I’d be happy to help!


“Don’t practice magic around me! I died of magic!”
“Yeah, well, that’s not my problem. Now move, I was trying to practice my spellwork.”


“All these creatures around here make me nervous.”
A werewolf with circles under his eyes and messy hair stalked by, muttering, “Hey, watch who you call a creature.”


“That witches’ convention makes too much noise! Why can’t they meet later? Like around midnight?”
“Harvey, you’re only saying that because you’re a vampire. Just because you sleep during the day doesn’t mean everybody does.”


“Aren’t there any good places for a human to be normal around here?”
The demon grinned at him, showcasing long, sharp teeth. “Sure – in your dreams.”


Hope this helps! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! - @authors-haven

Beneath Streetlamps - jetpackcoolguy - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Beneath Streetlamps

Pairing: Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei
Words: 1.7k

[A story of realisation and shared shy glances between the two of you]

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“Hi. It’s 1:40 am. Couldn’t sleep, huh?”

“Yeah, no.”

“Me neither.”

For a while, Hanamaki hears nothing but the soft static crackling on the phone line. There’s a quiet hiccupping noise and he wonders if on the other end Matsukawa is crying. Asking would be futile, so he doesn’t bother.

“Um. Issei -”

“Hmm? Yeah?” Matsukawa hums at Hanamaki’s use of his given name.

“Do you wanna come over? Let’s get out of here.”

There’s a pause laced with hesitation and unspoken promises before Matsukawa replies with his usual ease, “Sure, I’d like that.”

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New song in the works………


Your heart was made of glass I filled it with some concrete
Spilled a little on me
Let it sit and dry up on my body
Took the whole experience and navigated calmly
Ooo yeah
We did the summer spending our nights at the reservoir
EAP our relationship is nevermore
Writing our story but but bitch I am the editor
Took a deep breath and the feeling was irregular
I’m impressed by all the animosity
Asking hey blue will you say that your proud of me?
Hmm, for what?
Having no autonomy?
Being unable to stick with monogamy?
Nope, forget it. I won’t do it
I Took all that we had and I went and said screw it.
I hope you understand that you had your chance and blew it
If I ask you for help then how about you fucking do it

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Art and excerpts by none other than the queen herself: http://taylordraws.tumblr.com/

You should really check out her story Heartstrings if you haven’t already but here’s also a playlist I created because i love the characters, and I love Taylor’s writings and art, and yeah

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Can I buy your book? I need a book of these stories I can flip open at the drop of a hat. They give me life.

look it is slow going but i swear you guys i am WORKIN ON IT I PROMISE