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You ever really think about how Amethyst knew nothing about herself prior to Rose dying? Because I do.

Amethyst has learned more since Rose died and Steven was born than she did in the thousands of years prior she’s been with them. More than that- she’s respected more now than she was before Rose died. They don’t carry her like a ragdoll or chuck sticks to make her leave them be. She’s not just Amethyst the troublemaker anymore. She’s Amethyst the Crystal Gem. 

It took them thousands of years to get to this point. Thousands.

But it’s always been that way for the newbie, hasn’t it? Steven is just as out of the loop. Steven has been ignored and refused information as a staple of his entire life. It’s a battle to get the simplest tidbit out of Pearl and Garnet, and they hold all the answers.

I repeat: Pearl and Garnet know everything (in a metaphorical sense). Steven and Amethyst know next to nothing.

It’s Amethyst who first gives Steven a glimpse into the reality of Gems. It’s Amethyst who shows Steven the Kindergarten, explains to him how Gems (or, at the very least, Quartzes) are made. Amethyst gives him the keys because she’s always been forced to hotwire the car, and she doesn’t want him to have to feel that rejection like she has.

Because, outside of this, what does she know about her own history? She doesn’t. She’s been denied access. 

Would knowing she was defective hurt? Of course it would. It hurts her now. But knowing isn’t a bad thing. It’s given her understanding. Amethyst finally understands why she’s felt off from Pearl and Garnet and Rose her whole life- it’s not all in her head, it’s also in her gemetics

So many bits and pieces of her life must make sense now. Why she couldn’t beat Pearl when Rose probably could. Why she’s flung more easily by corruptions and gets hurt and poofs more easily (not more often- that’s her recklessness)- her body isn’t quite normal. It doesn’t operate under normal Gem rules.

Would knowing more about Rose’s history hurt? Of course. But it’s also key to his character. Steven’s grown up idolizing Rose. Steven honestly thinks the Gems want him to be like Rose. And, one time, maybe he even wanted to be a little like Rose.

They didn’t have to tell him about Pink Diamond. They didn’t have to tell him she started a war. All they really needed to do was talk openly about her, about her flaws as a person, but, again, he’s been refused access. Pearl and Garnet don’t want Steven to know Rose the Gem, even now. Pearl and Garnet want Steven to know Rose the Idea. And, honestly, we’re past that point now. We can’t go back to that now. But they won’t go forward, either.

That’s one of the major differences between Steven and Amethyst- Amethyst has given up trying. Amethyst takes what she knows, the little bits and bobs, sticks them together with theory glue and hotwires the car. Steven has gotten the keys handed to him, once, and still has part of them now- he has Amethyst, who doesn’t lie about Gem things anymore, she just Doesn’t Know- and he doesn’t want to hotwire the car. He wants the full set of keys. 

More than that; he’s willing to fight for the full set of keys. 

He argues when Pearl and Garnet try to shut him out. He turns away from Garnet when she asks him to stay Just Because (he still would’ve gone if she had told him about BD, of course, but he doesn’t know that then). Amethyst?

Amethyst backs off and watches the drama. She doesn’t believe for a second that it’ll get him anywhere. She’s given up. In her mind, it’s only a matter of time before Steven does too.


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HC for how Usnavi and Dre get along? Also I love your account!

Np! Though I’m not taking headcanons (for the time being, for anyone else who sees this) I’m working on writing prompt/drabbles :) 

Usnavi w/ Dre: 

  • Usnavi introduces himself as a business man, again keeping it vague 
  • “Another minority reppin’ it? How it do~” 
  • Dre asks to invest in Usnavi’s business every other day; pitching “Black-icana Coffee” “Dre, isn’t that a little…bueno, racist?” “Nah its cool because I’m black and your Dominican” 
  • Dre shit talks about his kids, Usnavi shit talks about Pete and Sonny
  • They both give Johan the “wtf” look when he comes in with something random
  • Usnavi cooks and Dre is literally in love
  • Dre hooks Usnavi up with some kicks, and Usnavi is diggin it
      • Johan: “You are aware those ‘kicks’ are just mass media’s way of wrapping people in with overly expensive, sports branded items” 
      • Dre: “Says the man who paid 80$ for a typewriter” Usnavi: “Aye dios and don’t even get me started when he goes to those hipster stores, 300$ for a ripped, recycled shirt.” 
      • Johan is not happy
  • Dre warning Usnavi that he can do so much better, like, everyday
  • Usnavi communicating with Dre’s kids better. Dre says something they don’t listen, Usnavi rewords it and they listen
  • “Don’t LEAVE you’re the only guy in this house who gets me!” Dre clinging to Usnavi’s leg when its time to go
  • Bonus!Jealous Johan, “…we’re not coming back for at least 3 years” 

@shrimpeater69 I like to think that when Dorian rants about something that is bothering him late at night, Cullen is always there to lend him his shoulder…and lips to smooch to make him feel better ;) Hope you like it!


It’s so amazing to be able to take the time to step back and really put a lot of work and effort into my songwriting – I just want my next album not to be rushed or anything and really be able to put a lot of love and meaning into it. It’s going to be great, I’m so proud of it so far. I know people are getting impatient, but it’ll be worth the wait..hopefully, I hope so.