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because of this??? i guess??? i just really wanted to write cadmus!alex and root meeting

“Are you okay,” a voice asks.

Root ignores it. It had taken her a while to find an overlooked corner in this base, and now she that has, she just wants to sit alone while she gets her bearings back.

“It’s just,” the voice continues, “you kind of look like crap, and I’m trying to get better at this whole-” It trails off. “Or I could send one of your friends over?”

No. Root doesn’t need Shaw to be dragged over here for nothing, or for Reese to try and pretend he can connect to her, or for Finch to look at her in quiet pity.

She looks up. It’s one of the women from before, the one whose excited tumbling questions Root had tuned out when she realised that her connection to The Machine didn’t extend through universes. Root’s already forgotten her name.

She’s leaning against the opposite wall, eyes wide and fixed on Root’s face, and no, she doesn’t need this.

“I’m fine,” Root says and the woman’s face lights up.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d speak to me,” she says, “sometimes people don’t,” and her smile is awkward, like she’s trying to make it softer but isn’t sure how.

“I wonder why,” Root says, and it’s sharp enough to hurt, or at least it should be, but the woman just shrugs.

“Lots of reasons,” she says, almost gleefully, “but like I said, I’m trying to get better at this whole-” She makes a vague gesture, and Root realises that she must have done that the first time too.

Root’s not entirely sure why, but she finds herself asking, “What?”

The woman blinks at her, and Root repeats the gesture she’d made.

“Oh, you know, hero stuff. Helping people for entirely unselfish reasons,” she says the last part stiffly, as if she’s learned it by rote, and Root allows herself to grin, ever so slightly.

“You get lectures on morality too, huh?” she says

“Oh my god, all the time.”

“Try having someone do them in your head,” Root says and the woman rolls her eyes.

“I do,” she says. “Telepaths.” She tilts her head to the side, a considering look on her face. “What’s your opinion on laws?”

“There’s too many of them,” Root says immediately, and the woman snorts.

Thank you,” the woman says, and this time her grin looks much more natural on her face. “I’m Alex, by the way. Wasn’t sure if you’d remembered.”

“I had,” Root says, automatically, before she realises it could be a test, but the woman’s, Alex’s, face lights up again at the thought that Root had remembered her name, and god, there’s no way this woman could ever do anything that underhanded. Root isn’t even sure this woman could lie without it being broadcast across her face.

“So,” Alex says, “why Root? Biology or programming?” She frowns, “or something else? I’m not sure what else it could be though.”

“Programming,” Root says, and Alex groans. “You’re a biologist,” she guesses, amused.

“Well I never actually finished high school,” Alex says, “But yeah, I like biology.”

She says the last part almost casually, like she’s trying to hide the sheer amount of feeling she really wants to put in those words.

Root wonders if she sounds the same when she talks about programming.

“I didn’t finish either,” she offers. “Dropped out to become a hacker and killer for hire.”

“Kidnapped by a xenophobic cult.”

Well then. “You win.”

“It’s not a competition.” That one sounded like it was learned by rote as well.

Everything’s a competition.”

“I know,” Alex says, laughing. “My sister- You met her earlier actually. She’s the one who always tells me it’s not a competition, and she’s the most competitive person I know.”

How many people could you know, Root thinks, and it would be the perfect thing to dissolve this conversation, but Alex’s laugh is awkward too, like she’s surprised she’s able to do it, and for some reason Root doesn’t want to stop it.

“Which one was your sister,” she says instead.

“Oh,” Alex says, pleased. “The one with blonde hair. And the super-suit. I can’t tell you her name, even though you’re from a different universe. Secret identity,” she says seriously. “I have another sister too,” she adds. “Sort of.”

“How can you sort of have a sister?”

“When her mom kidnaps you and keeps you hostage for a decade. Well,” she pulls a face, “adoptive mom,” as if that’s the part that needs to be clarified. “And she doesn’t really get that we’re sisters yet, but she will.”

“I’m sure she will,” Root says, and she’s pretty sure Alex wouldn’t even be able to tell if she was being sarcastic, but Root says it sincerely anyway.

“She will,” Alex says, quietly fierce. “It’s just-”

She sighs, slides down the wall until she’s sitting opposite Root, feet crossed.

“Feelings are hard,” Alex mumbles, and oh.

Oh, because Root’s maybe sort of dating a sociopath and worshipping (workingforhelpingelevating) an AI, and they should be the best people to understand, but Shaw says that feelings are stupid and The Machine says that feelings are beautiful, but in Root’s opinion? Feelings are hard.

If The Machine was here, she’d say that Root’s found a human connection, and she needs to nurture it, but The Machine’s not here and Root doesn’t want this, doesn’t want to find a connection in this stupid backward universe where people fly around in gaudy costumes and aliens roam the streets and nobody had thought to create The Machine.

“Feelings are easy,” she says instead, because Alex is awkward and distractible, and, in all likelihood, easy to lie to.

Instead, Alex grins.

“You’re an asshole,” Alex says, because it’s true. “I like you,” she adds, because that’s true too. “I’m not meant to do illegal things,” she says, thoughtfully, “but you still seem upset and I get the feeling you’re the kind of person whose idea of fun is illegal. So, if I do something illegal with you, then I’m doing it for an entirely unselfish reason. To help you.”

Well, what do you know, Root thinks, grinning back, maybe Alex can be underhanded after all.

the foxes try to bond with Kevin by spouting random history facts at him

- Aaron watches lots of documentaries for the sole purpose of distracting Kevin with them because he swears to God if he has to go over exy stats one more time he’s going to snap someone’s racquet (he’s gonna snap Kevin’s racquet)
- Nicky learns just enough to throw general stories Kevin’s way but he makes sure to mess with some of the details because he thinks it’s funny when Kevin goes off on his rants,
- “no, NO, Nicky, no, it’s like this-”
- “sure, Kev, I mean /I/ believe you, but the internet says-”
- Dan and Matt are pretty genuine for the most part, they’ll ask him stuff like “so is there any truth to the King Arthur tales?” but after 3 hours it gets to be a bit much and they’re going to be late for their dinner plans and “yeah ok, wow that’s so interesting, Kevin, oh cool, yeah hey we’re gonna be late. Oh, yeah? Wow I didn’t know that and now I do,, okay bye,,,,,”
- Neil and Allison will tell him a thing and then shut him down before he can comment on it
- “no Kevin, I don’t want to hear about the entire history of France now, i don’t actually care, I just thought that one thing was cool”
- Renee,, the sweetheart she is,,, will actually sit there and listen for hours on end,, she’ll ask him questions to keep him going,, bless her soul,, people ask her why she does it and she just tells them “you can see the way his eyes light up when he’s talking, it’s nice”
- and oh, Andrew. Andrew pulls stories out of his ass that sound just real enough that Kevin is like “no that’s… fake” but there’s the Doubt™. Kevin is seen awake at 3am later that night with an entire pot of coffee and his laptop open to 12 different tabs.


“I need to know, but I haven’t had any fruit in my efforts plus some people have been messing with me. I don’t have that kind of patience right now.”

The captain sighs. He could only ponder–

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woah why is this in my draft?

anyway.. now that i remembered that i forgot to finish it, let’s fucking torture myself by drawing a heavily detailed sketch. and for those who are wondering that is the “scraped arctic fox character” from zootopia known as skye or sky, crossed over(?) with Skye from Vainglory (a Mobile-MOBA), she is in fact a mechanic-ish (she made the exo-suit herself) and she had the same name, so I thought “this could be good” but then I saw her mech and just “welp shit”

estimated time : 2 day from now

lmao ok I’m joking maybe this afternoon or idk.. where do you live? not only i suck at drawing i also suck at English. so, sorry if i made a mistake here and there




first of all i don’t think we’ve ever really properly talked but,, uh you are super cool wow what a great human w o w

oh yeah, fun fact, it’s not entirely uncommon for me to scream when certain people follow me, you were of those people, just so you know

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Title: Take Cover, Baby
Author: beyourgoodnight
Rating: NR
Fandom: One Direction
Ship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 2227
Summary: A hand on his shoulder startles him out of his thoughts, which were dangerously close to spiraling toward full on anxiety. The man connected to the hand snorts at Harry’s reaction and Harry shoots him a look.

“Never met someone so nervous to be returning from war,” Thomas intones sarcastically.

Or, Harry Styles returns from the war and he thinks he might be more nervous to step on the train platform in his hometown than he was to step on the battlefield.

Read it here.

Going through your crush’s instagram like:

Sorry I have’t posted fic recently. The Girl’s Night fic is suddenly multi-chaptered and already like 6,000 words. I don’t even know. I can’t do brevity. 

Have a little bit of something else I’m playing with in the mean time (not completed, because ahahahaha):

Rob Lewis wrinkled his nose at the thick, rank odor of the city. “I hate this place.”

“How do you hate New York?” Reggie Young, his friend and business partner, shook his head and followed him out of the Javits Center. “It’s the greatest city in the world.”

“I hate L.A., too, so don’t take it personally.” Rob smirked at him and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He’d missed a call from his dad. That was the fifth time he’d called since Rob mentioned he and Reggie were coming to New York for a general contractor’s convention. His dad kept trying to get him to call Darcy. And he would call her, he absolutely planned to call her. Just later. Later when he had an escape from the city first.

Darcy was his oldest brother’s daughter, and somebody who might be considered an odd duck. Not necessarily in a bad way, but more of a free-spirit than the buttoned-up, nose-to-the-grindstone Lewises were used to. She strolled through life with a particular sort of laissez-faire that baffled him and could, from time to time, grate on his nerves. How the hell could somebody be an intern for almost five years? How did she support herself? Where did she live?

Reggie pulled out his own phone and started tapping away. “We’re here for another day, so suck it up. I’ll find a hotel.”  

And that’s why he still hesitated on calling his niece. He didn’t want to do the awkward thing where she insisted on offering him a place to stay and he had to try to politely talk her out of it. To hear his sister-in-law Helen tell it, Darcy probably lived in a roach-infested studio apartment hell-hole. Except he was pretty sure Paul mentioned she was living with her other dad and his girlfriend. That would be even more awkward, honestly.

But he couldn’t avoid calling her. He shouldn’t. She was his niece, and as bewildering as she could be, he did love her. It probably didn’t say much good about him that she’d lived within a few hours of him for three years and he hadn’t visited her once. Hell, she’d come to see him twice. But he was here now, and he’d be here another day, so maybe he could just tell her he already had a hotel room and that they should just go to dinner. Yeah, that would work. He could be an awesome uncle and take her out somewhere nice.

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