hey would you say i became a hero

Impulsive Bakery

Summary: You had just been throwing out the trash when you met your newest inspiration. 

Pairing: Bart Allen X Reader

Notes: @bartallenisbae Thank you for this request! I hope it was what you wanted! I do have a small weakness for civilian’s meeting heroes. Also, I have had this idea for a long time just never had a reason to write it. 

There will be a small part two for you :D (Her finding out basically) 

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You were a baker, ok so not a professional baker. But you liked to say you were one because someday you would be. So you know, just put good thoughts out into the universe. Fake it till you make it. And all those other phrases. 

After all, you had loved creating amazing food creations for as long as your mother had let you into the kitchen. (Maybe longer) All you had ever wanted to be was someone who would create amazing pies, loaves of bread, cakes and much more for the masses. 

Plus you were lucky enough to play with your creations in your cousin’s small cafe. so while the masses weren’t eating your almond butter cookies just yet a small group of Central City locals were. 

Your cousin let you would go in early to fire up the oven while going over a few recipes you wanted to play with. In return for the use of unlimited ingredients, you did chores around the store before it opened. Like, take out last night’s trash to the dumpsters across the parking lot.

Which is where you ran into the fastest boy alive. 

Well more like walked into him as he lay in the pile of trash bags next to the large bin. His amber eyes flickered up at you through a ripped mask as he gave you a half smile.

“I’m just relaxing… don’t mind me,” he said through bruised lips.

“Well that doesn’t look very comfortable, want to chill in my cafe while I get set up for the day?”

“Ok” he pushed himself up only to fall back down. Letting out a small laugh you bent over taking his hand helping him up.

“I… we don’t have a shower but you can try and trash up a little in the sink if you want.” you added wrinkling your nose as his smell hit you.

“That bad?” he chuckled as you helped him back to the cafe.

“I mean, you were relaxing in the trash.”

He laughed again this time long and hard, already seemed much better.

And after giving him a few of last night’s muffins you were working on even better.

You ended up talking to him about your new ideas and flavor mixing. He gave his own ideas while scarfing down anything you would throw at him. His energy was infectious helping make the monotonous morning chores go by quicker.

By the time the rest of the crew were coming in to open the cafe the speedster was good as new.

“Well got-ta run, I’ll see you around?”

“I mean if you want those strawberry lemonade muffins”

“Ohhh man defiantly coming back for that.”

“Y/N?” Your cousin’s voice called out as she walked into the kitchen. “Is someone here?”

“Yeah…” you turned to see Impulse was gone, make sense, he was the fastest kid alive or something like that. You couldn’t help but smile. “Never mind.” No one was going to believe you.

The next morning he was there, leaning against the wall “Hey I’m here, feed me”

You laughed as you unlocked the door, “I figured you would come during opening hours. I’m not really supposed to let anyone in here.”

“I’ll do all your chores”

“Well I can’t say no to that”

It became a routine, most mornings he would show up, all smiles with tons of ideas for new treats for you to make. Bacon bread, Pumpkin spice coffee cupcakes, Lime passion fruit pancakes, and a million more.

Then he didn’t show up.

For a month.

You understood that he was busy, being a hero and all.

But as the days stretched out into weeks you started to worry. Clutching to your stomach like the sticky batter for those dark chocolate cookies you were stirring. Trying to keep yourself busy, no need to stress, just focus on the new recipes. 

Focus on something, anything to keep your mind off him. 

After all, you needed some good ones ready for when/if he came back. No not if, when. WHEN he came back.  

“No sad thoughts,” you told yourself as you poured some batter into a pan the sound of a very busy cafe behind you. The business had been picking up so at least you had that to keep your mind off things. 

“Hey Y/N!” your cousin suddenly called breaking into your thoughts, “There is some guy asking for you.”

Our heart leaped as you almost spilled the batter all over the floor, play it cool girl! If it had been Impulse he wouldn’t have come in the front… would he?

Shaking you slowly walked into the dining room wiping your hands on your apron. Eyes scanning the room before your cousin pointed to a scruffy boy sitting in a corner booth. Red shaggy hair poking out from under a baseball cap as he tapped the table deep in thought. You could feel your heart drop as you slowly walked toward him. However, when he saw you he lights up.

“HEY!” he said waving excitedly as if he knew you.

“Hi… uhhh do I… can I help you?” you stammered unsure how to approach him without seeming rude. his face fell slightly awkward as he scratched the back of his head.

“Oh… right… I… I’m Bart and I heard you make amazing stuff.”

“Thanks, I just finished a batch of cranberry muffins with almonds, did you want to try one?”