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Please. Please bless us with your headcanons for the au. It's so pretty I need context

So I’ll not get into the more emotional headcanons because I don’t know how to explain those well, but here’s a not quite but still general summary.

Under the cut because it’s kinda long and like I said before, don’t take it too seriously just have fun!

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Cool dad - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Cool Dad

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (I guess? Not romantic tho)

Word Count: —

Warnings: Orphan Reader

Prompt: The cuteness was awesome and I have to agree Dean would make a great dad. On that note could you do an imagine were the reader is an orphan and runs away and Dean finds them walking in the pouring rain when driving and takes her in and gets attached to her, and just a bunch of cute father daughter moments. Thank you!!!

Huge thanks to RLS for proofreading this for me!

The rain that was pouring down no longer felt like cold water soaking you to the bone. It actually felt like needles piercing your skin, some to the point they reached your bones. You actually checked yourself for that, fearing that it had somehow managed to pierce your skin but there was no blood so it was just your imagination. Not that it lessened the pain anyway. You were wet from top to bottom, your clothes doing absolutely nothing in shielding you from the downpour and no matter how tightly you held your jacket to yourself you knew it would do nothing because it was certainly not made to withstand such a weather.

Your lower lip was trembling just like your entire body was shaking as you walked down the dark road. You didn’t even care about a car passing by because the road was pretty much empty at this time of the night, considering you had walked it down many times. In your age it would have sparked doubts and worries but you had realized long ago that nobody cared about you, especially at the orphanage. You had no friends there, and the ladies that were supposed to take care of you didn’t show the interest they should. You doubted they even knew about your existence in the first place, how would they notice you would leave in the middle of the night, every night, to go stargazing?

You felt your eyes closing several times, and you stumbled just as many. You caught yourself fast enough but the cold surrounding you and the lack of food in your stomach made it all so tempting to just let go and lay down and sleep. For a few hours or forever it didn’t matter to you, you didn’t have anyone to care about you or miss you anyway. Just as you thought about it your eyelids felt even more heavy and before you could realize the darkness that surrounded you became deeper and more black.

The only thing you registered was the sound of a car’s tires screeching and a light before you were completely out.

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just some bts prompts


  • Taehyung goes to a club meeting for the food. Then he meets Jimin, and has another excuse to start attending.
  • Who knew two strangers could bond so easily at 3am from across each other’s balconies? Or: in which Taehyung and Jimin find themselves talking to each other when they can’t sleep at night.
  • It’s not that Jimin still isn’t in love. It’s not like Jimin is cheating. But distance is always a hard thing to conquer, and Jimin could not say he wasn’t falling all over again and have somebody prove it as the truth. Or: in which Namjoon is too far away and Jimin might be losing love, losing sleep, but gaining fondness for another man named Tae.
  • Taehyung complains about having to fill in for Seokjin’s tutoring lesson because Seokjin’s sick (and wants those funds). But then Taehyung finds out that he’s going to be tutoring Jimin, and sees how nice of a guy he is… Taehyung may or may not end up begging Seokjin to get sick more often.


  • It was all a joke. The flirting, the lovey dovey eye contact, the touching. So why did Hoseok’s heart start to flutter in the midst of it all? Or: in which Yoongi and Hoseok bet against jikook that they could totally be a cuter couple than them, and accidently fall for each other anyways.
  • Hoseok befriends a fairy named Suga during his childhood. Then, one day he disappears, and Hoseok forgets all about him. Once high school starts, however, he suddenly gets deja vu meeting this upperclassman named Yoongi. Will he be able to connect the pieces together? (Honestly, I imagine this as a shoujo manga.)
  • Tangled AU. Hoseok as Rapunzel, Yoongi as Eugene.
  • Hoseok’s getting married. Yoongi, his best friend, gets dragged into playing the piano/organ for the wedding. It’s supposed to be a happy day, the happiest day of Hoseok’s life, but Yoongi has been too in love with him to really enjoy the ceremony.
  • Yoongi works as a CEO at a pretty non-environmental company. Hoseok is a journalist that doesn’t like seeing nature get destroyed. When things collide… 
  • Yoongi doesn’t really know how he fell in love with a stranger so quickly. No, he wasn’t in love, he supposed. He was just fascinated with his delicate movements, the look in the dancer’s eyes when he was front and center in the formation, and the smile that illuminated his face as he skipped to the side with ease. No, Yoongi wasn’t in love. Yoongi was enlightened. Or: in which Yoongi stumbles upon Hoseok’s street dancing, and finds himself coming back to the same place every night.
  • Time was always a difficult thing to handle in the business of love. You were either too early, or too late to the chase. But sometimes, if you were lucky, the universe would align and that one moment would happen perfectly, in the right place, at the right time. Sometimes. Or: in which Yoongi’s had trouble dealing with love and Hoseok might be the one that ends the struggle after all.


  • Taehyung and Namjoon had been friends since they were young, even if they were an age apart. But lately, they’ve been drifting apart. Maybe they just belonged in the past. Maybe the past should just stay where it was, and stay there in his memories. Or: in which two best friends fall apart, but eventually find their way back to each other.
  • In which Namjoon’s fallen in too deep for Seokjin, and Seokjin is a dense bastard. Taehyung laughs in the background. 
  • Yoongi and Seokjin argue about a wedding’s decorations prices at said wedding. 
  • Seokjin gets caught looking at his reflection in a van’s windows. The van belongs to Yoongi.
  • Nasa: Hey can we have some more funding?
  • Trump: Okay why?
  • Nasa: Well we want to look into climate change more and-
  • Trump: *glares*
  • Nasa: *sighs* we want more space rocks
  • Trump: What else?
  • Nasa: *sighing even louder* and we want to build a space wall
  • Trump: Now that's what I'm talking about! How much do you guys need?

but you know i would give pretty much anything if once the whites are gone we wouldn’t immediately get robert back with aaron and liv and actually let him live as an indiviual character for a while

Play Along

The (overheard, unintentional) prompt: “You know those pianos they put in airports? So I was waiting for my flight, and this one guy was playing a really sad tune. And suddenly, this other guy walks up with a violin, all smiles and good cheer, and starts accompanying him?  He seemed so into it, but the piano guy just glared at him and stormed off. I thought the violinist would keep playing, but he seemed so sad, and he went after the pianist instead. I dunno if they knew each other.” Thank you, random citizen.

A focus on Mikasa and Izzy bonding over having silly sort-of-brothers and overall being the cool sisters they are, musician Ereris, airports are awesome.

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When scanning this negative I recognized some scratches and thought about deleting it. But then I thought “Hey, why not add some more and make it look like a digital film edit?”
For me it is the vice-versa edit all those digital editors do… 

Oh, and yes! It is a sunflower….

Nikon FG
Micro-Nikkor AIS 1:2.8 55mm
ADOX Silvermax 100

Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld © 2017

My analog side project “A frame per day

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Calling All Writers!!!

So a few of us got to talking about the lovely @radiance-anthology and, as we approach the end of the Kickstarter, what else we can do the spread the word. The Gif-makers and manip-makers and other artsy creators have been hard at work for #FuelForRadiance, so I thought “Hey, why not some of us who are more writerly-inclined help out too?” Radiance was kind enough to put up with my rambling request and they announced an expansion/extension of #FuelForRadiance here.

SO!!! Here is my call to action for people who wanna support Radiance by word as well as art! Whenever Radiance hits a milestone, let’s post drabbles or ficlets or fics (if you feel so inclined) to further spread the word.

This will be informal, so define milestone however you want to. For some of us, we’ve set that goal to be 40k and 44k to post our drabbles, but you can do it whenever we hit a stretch goal, whenever we go up by a certain number of backers, or whenever we go up by a certain number of money - just tag your creations #FuelForRadiance.

Either way, let’s spread the Radiance and hopefully *fingers crossed* we’ll get that gorgeous red edging, that lovely lanyard, and that amazing exclusive poster!

P.S. Tagging @fragile-teacup for supporting me in my madness :D

And a little bit More ~ a Phanfiction

Sequel to “You make me feel Nothing” - will not make sense if you haven’t read that first.

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All he wants is to hold Phil’s hand and have him stroke his hair, like he sometimes does when he can’t sleep. He wants to leave this godforsaken house where no one ever even tried and go somewhere with Phil, somewhere that isn’t here. But he has to do this, he has to, or he’ll explode.

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純愛-パラフィリア- (Junai -Paraphilia-)

Entremets (the producers of the Nikaido Kinen Byouin series) has finally announced a new release in December! After having November close with a week full of releases by Nakazawa Masatomo, it is of note that the only seiyuu for this release, comprised of three CDs, will be, of course, Nakazawa Masatomo. • v • (No surprise there…)

Short Synopsis (Paraphrased):

3 unique characters and their dispositions* portrayed by Nakazawa Masatomo.

A person can have a multitude of “faces”—

A single performer plays the parts of three different types of men.

Who will you indulge yourself with…?

Three volumes will be released concurrently:

純愛-パラフィリア- 生徒会長 有原玲央 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Seitokaichou Arihara Leo)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教育実習生 宮舘拓紀 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyouiku Jisshuusei Miyadate Hiroki)

*The word in the description「性癖」can colloquially mean sexual disposition, or fetish. Thus, the “paraphilia” part of the title.

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: December 18th, 2015.

Because of girls
Because of hormones
Because I’m a guy
Because you’re a girl

Because floral Yoongi is the best Yoongi ♥


Whoa I haven’t drawn those two in like while…

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vax/grog o'captain

You got me man!! You found the best one the ultimate pairing. I wrote a list of head canons for this ship here (x) and a character analysis ficlet thing here (x) but here’s some more!

1. Grog’s like “hey Vax why don’t you come over here” and Vax is super wary because he thinks its a prank but he goes and its just Kisses? and Affection? (Also Grog put a sign saying ‘kik me’ on his back but he doesn’t know that yet)

2. Just like?? Vax being so surprised that Grog doesn’t actually hate him? Learning that Grog has always just shown affection in a different way? And Grog slowly learning that sometimes Vax needs to be treated gently and how to reassure him?

3. tol and smol

4. Grog offering to fight anyone who even remotely insults Vax “That merchant was looking at you funny should I decapitate him or something?”

5. Imagine Syldor’s face that asshole

6. Vax gently guiding Grog through situations that require intelligence/subtlety but in a way that isn’t patronizing or impatient

7. They Thrive on annoying uptight rich people by rubbing their relationship in their faces. They immediately get more handsy when they’re in wealthy districts.