hey why don't you guys follow me

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Okay don't ask me why cuz I have no idea but I remember this one time in your snapstory you were like(it's not gonna be verbatim cuz I don't remember exactly what was said lol) "hey guys not that don't appreciate it but girls who keep snapping me asking if I'm single I'm straight lol. Thanks though I'm flattered" and now look at you. Gay AF™. Tru Glow Up

it’s like all the wlw’s that we’re following me picked up on a vibe or something how weird

Also I obviously talked about it because I was enjoying the attention wonder whyyyyyy

A lame joke
  • *Sam, Dean, and Castiel walk into a bar*
  • Bartender: *looking at the trio* I'm sorry, but we don't allow animals in here.
  • Dean: *looking to Cas* Excuse me? My friend here is a freaking angel. He's done more for this world than you ever could, and if anyone has the right to be called a "person," it's him. So why don't you say that to his face!
  • Bartender: What? An angel? No! I was talking about the gigantic moose that followed you guys in!
  • Dean: Hey! That's my brother you're-
  • Moose: *makes moose noise*
  • Dean: ...
  • Dean: *realizes that they've been walking around with a literal moose all day, mistaking it for Sam*
  • Dean: Son of a Bitch, that's the third time this week

“So Emily why are you considering the hearing aid brand you’re considering??”

 well they are literally the only company with a functioning chat feature on their website

for, you know, the people who have difficulty hearing

Hey guys! Long time, no post (T▽T)

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll try really hard to answer some asks over the weekend! I don’t think I’m busy.. I hope I’m not.. I feel bad for neglecting my blog and the kind asks I’ve gotten, even though I said I’m on semi-hiatus.. I’m practically on hiatus at this point OTL


Reason why I haven’t really been posting anything is cause I’ve been working on my pieces for the Zen zine I’m participating in! Previews will happen near the middle of July once the pre-order date is close so I really hope you guys look forward to it :D

I’m sorry to the people who have commissioned me and I’ve put on hold for a while now.. I’ll get back to those as soon as the zine is done, promise!

Akashi's case.
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, Aomine-kun skipped practice again.
  • Akashi: Even I couldn't stop that dark man.
  • Aomine: Oi! I'm right here, you know!
  • Kise: Dark man-ssu!! Hahaha!
  • Aomine: Oi, Kisee, don't laugh like that!
  • Midorima: How about you shows up in the practice starting tomorrow-nodayo?
  • Aomine: Don't care, don't wanna-nanodayo.
  • Midorima: Stop copying me!
  • Murasakibara: Hey, hey, guys~ I was thinking about Aka-chin last night.
  • Aomine: So? Everyone does. We all couldn't stop thinking about that devil man.
  • Midorima: Even I think about Akashi. Wondering what kind of punishment he would do us the following day-nanodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Kise: Murasakibaracchi, why were you thinking about Akashicchi?
  • Murasakibara: When Mido-chin and Kuro-chin changed their honorifics... I was imagining Aka-chin doing the same thing.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kise: Uwaa, I wanna hear Akashicchi calling me Ryouta-kun!!
  • Aomine: Me too! Me too!! It's been a while since someone called me Daiki-kun or Dai-chan!
  • Midorima: I..it's not that I want Akashi to call me like that too. I feel like joining-nodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Murasakibara: Shall we~
  • ----
  • Kise: Ready, Kurokocchi? Remember, don't tell him your purpose.
  • Aomine: You know that Tetsu cannot lie.
  • Midorima: He doesn't have a choice, does he?
  • Murasakibara: Just go on with it.
  • Kuroko: Alright.... Akashi-kun!
  • Akashi: Hm? Tetsuya, what's wrong?
  • Kuroko: I... I was... uh... you know... um...
  • Aomine: See?! See?! Tetsu couldn't lie!
  • Midorima: He's way too honest-nodayo!
  • Kise: I guess we don't have a choice... Akashicchi! Akashicchi!
  • Aomine: What is that stupid doing?!
  • Midorima: Leave him be. He will be the only one who'll be punished by Akashi.
  • Aomine: I guess you are right.
  • Kise: Akashicchi, I dare you to call us with honorifics-ssu!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Kise: Please don't kill me!!
  • Kuroko: ... don't kill me either.
  • Akashi: Honorifics, huh? Even those three as well?
  • Aomine, Midorima & Murasakibara: !!!
  • Kise: Yes-ssu!
  • Aomine: Oi!!
  • Midorima: D-don't involve us!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Everyone: ....
  • Akashi: Alright, Daiki-kun, Ryouta-kun, Tetsuya-chan, Atsushi-kun, and Shintarou-kun, your training methods had increased 5 times. Thanks Ryouta-kun for this.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kuroko: T-Tetsuya....-chan?
  • Midorima: W-what the hell-nanodayo...
  • Aomine: That devil can be adorable...
  • Kise: I'm dying-ssu!!
  • Aomine: Then die!
  • Murasakibara: My heart throbs even though he increased our methods...
  • Everyone: ... yeah.
  • Aomine: It was worth it though.

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like a lot of people who can probably relate, I have some forms of mental illness that leave me feeling Not Great, but your FUCKING BLOg IS LIKE A LITERARY DOsE OF VITAMIN D and EVERY TIME you are online or I see another post I feel so much better. So thanks for being you. Thanks so much. You help, just by doing that.

oh man. listen. LISTEN. you matter to me. all of you matter to me, okay?? whenever things feel really hard, whenever they feel Not Great, please know that you matter to me. i’m not a perfect person, and you are not perfect people, but together we’re all just trying our best.

i believe in all of you. i want you to be happy, but i still believe in and care about you when you’re not. okay? okay? and i’ll do my best to make you laugh even when it’s really, really hard. 

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Can you explain why nearly every woman is bitter on OKCupid when they're constantly getting attention and praise? Almost every girl posts some weird shit like "zomg don't msg me 'hi' or 'hey sexy' or I wont even respond." --yes, that's really going to eliminate creeps and attract the kind of super suave man you're after. Girls lose their fucking minds on dating websites. "I want a man who wants to have sex with me but I don't want him to tell me about it ...!" What.

There is a very distinct difference between a man complimenting a woman on her looks and suggesting that he finds her attractive and “hey babe wanna fuck?”  or “damn u fine. i’d like to take u home” (aside from egregious grammatical errors.) It’s the same difference between a guy in public making a polite comment on a woman’s attire and “Hey sexy, why don’t you gimme a smile?” which is almost always followed by a “Whatever, bitch,” if the woman doesn’t comply. One implies that the man genuinely finds the woman attractive and the other implies that a woman is there to be a source of entertainment and pleasure for men. I have no problems with the first kind, even though it can get old when you feel like you can’t walk down the street looking good without being approached. However, women, especially those who have been sexually assaulted in the past (1 out of 4), can be made to feel very uncomfortable even by non-threatening advances. This holds true on online dating sites as well.

Also, girls on OKC and other dating sites get about 50 “hi” or “hey” messages a day and it’s a hell of a lot of effort to go to every one of those profiles and write thoughtful response when the guy clearly didn’t even bother to make an attempt to seem like he put any effort into his approach. 

- Moscow

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