hey when did he get hot

Hatefuck C.H.

This imagine is based on this song

You can read part 2 here

Trigger Warning: it contains smut and swearing 

Word count: 2,5k+

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a second part to this. Should i? Anyway, hope you like it.  


That was the only thing I could feel in that moment. Life was slipping through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything about it. All I could seem to do was sitting on the floor, trying to stop the tears from falling.

Numbness came right after. The tears had already dried; my swollen eyes could hardly see anything. I heard the noise that came from the TV, my chest hurt. Everything was a blur, and not only because I couldn’t see anything because of the tears, but because my mind wasn’t even thinking straight. Trying to steady my breathing, I looked around my apartment. There were smashed dishes lying around the floor, a few picture frames also accompanied them.

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Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

  • him always sending you a ‘good morning beautiful’ text
  • being equally sarcastic
  • having star wars marathons
  • joining stiles in trying to get scott to watch star wars
  • cuddling
  • more cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • him telling you how cute you are every moment that he gets
  • “stiles, that’s like the tenth time you’ve told me that today”
  • “shut up y/n, you’re cute”
  • fighting over who gets to be batman and who gets to be robin
  • dates in unique places because stiles has a unique mind
  • bitching about jackson and then theo together
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey at games
  • “you look really hot right now”
  • studying which always ends in the two of you making out
  • nerdy references that only you two understand
  • sex
  • sex sex sex
  • jeep sex
  • basically a lot of sex
  • him being really protective over you
  • especially when other guys try to flirt with you
  • “oh hey girlfriend, did you meet my girlfriend? yeah she’s my girlfriend”
  • fighting over which superhero is the best
  • being on different teams in civil war
  • “team iron man; i’m telling you, okay? tony stark knows what’s up”
  • “it’s a captain america movie! why would you be on any team but team cap?! honestly, you stress me out”
  • sending each other ugly faces on snapchat even when you’re in the same room
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • passionate kisses
  • angry kisses
  • lust filled kisses
  • kisses in general 
  • both of you fucking loving it when the other plays with their hair
  • going to mcdonalds in the middle of the night
  • sending each other pictures and gifs of cats throughout the day because cats are great
  • “fat cats are the best, i think we should get our own fat cat”
  • “i agree, stiles”
  • wearing only his shirt and panties when it’s just the two of you in the house
  • hearing him curse under his breath every few minutes because of it
  • sexual frustration 
  • defending each other in arguments against others
  • high-fiving each other during said arguments because no one can compete with your joint sarcasm 
  • helping stiles through his panic attacks
  • being there or each other through everything
  • long hugs
  • hugs from behind
  • hickeys
  • “shit, stiles; my parents are going to kill me, and then kill you”
  • doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be the little spoon every night
  • knowing his real name and calling him it when you’re play fighting
  • him setting his text tone to the loudest one so when you text him during the night, it’ll wake him up when you need him
  • the two of you having an unbreakable bond
  • “y/n, y/n, y/n”
  • “what, stiles?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too, you egg”
Personal Assistant (Jason Todd x Reader)

So this one is has a few warnings, Sexual harassment and a few swears. Nothing too bad.

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant had its perks. Working in a great building with a brilliant mind. Getting a handsome paycheck which was paying off your student debts. Having a job that finally got you parents off your backs for ‘throwing your life away.’

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant also had its downsides. Knowing that Bruce is the Batman, but not being able to tell Bruce you know. You are in a constant need for caffeine the people at the coffee shop across the street know your name, you figured the caped crusader deserved your help after all the help he did for this city. The fact that your parents are now bugging you about getting a nice boyfriend who treats you right.

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This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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Hwang Minhyun Mafia AU

warning: violence, drugs, guns, drinking, sexual harassment

  • you were a college student, working part-time at a restaurant downtown to earn some extra money
  • the pay was good, but there weren’t many waitresses so you would often get called in to cover extra shifts
  • the other waitress once explained to you that not many people wanted to work at that restaurant because the owner was involved in some “shady business”
  • you weren’t sure about shady business, but every once in a while, maybe once a month, the boss would clear out the restaurant except for a couple guests with large, heavy briefcases and crisp black suits
  • your boss would instruct you to serve the guests no food, just glasses of extremely expensive bourbon with ice
  • it was suspicious, but you were a college student and you needed money
  • one night, your boss pulled the team together to inform you of such events happening again
  • but for some reason, he warned you that if guns got pulled out, you were to head outside to the alley and escape
  • you traded worried glances with the rest of the serving team, heading to the back where you normally stayed during visits like these
  • “(y/n), you’re hostess for the night.” he called sharply, signalling for you to stay
  • normally you just got the guests their whiskey and left; being hostess meant checking on them and asking them how they were
  • “what? why?”
  • “i’ll pay you double”
  • “fine.”
  • the men arrive, clearly in two different groups
  • one of them is heavily tattooed, obviously carrying weapons on their bulky frames
  • the other group is much more crisp, neat, clean, with no visible tattoos or weapons
  • you ask them what they’d like to drink and a slender man smiles charmingly at you
  • “we’ll take whiskey, my dear”
  • you nod, hurrying back to the kitchen to get the drinks from the bartender, who tries to calm your shaky nerves
  • you bring the whiskeys back out, setting them down on the table in front of each man
  • you’re bending down to set the glass in front of the last tattooed man when the slender one who ordered snapped his fingers
  • “her eyes are up here, not on her ass” he said coolly, leaning back in his chair with an air of nonchalance
  • you did your best to keep your cool and not glare at the guy who had been apparently staring at your ass
  • you checked on them periodically, trying to smile through your teeth
  • every time, the charming man sent you a gentle smile, obviously aware of how nervous you were
  • just as you began to collect the glasses from the table, you heard a gun cock behind you
  • you felt like fainting right there and then when you saw, out of the corner of your eye, one of the burly tattooed men holding up a pistol
  • everything is still, even the air feels still
  • you hear someone shout for you to get down, and you collapse to the floor as gunshots begin and glass shatters loudly
  • you crawl towards the back kitchen as fast as you can, not taking care for the broken glass, all you can think about is the gunshots echoing in your ears
  • one of the burly men fell next to you with a thump, clearly passed out at least, if not dead
  • you screamed in surprise, trying to scramble away from him
  • in the chaos, you spotted another one of the tattooed men striding towards you
  • panicking, you grabbed the gun that the man who had passed out next to you had in his hand, lifting it up
  • the man coming towards you cursed, reaching into his belt, presumably to pull out his own gun
  • hoping to dear god that the magazine had bullets and that the movies were right, you pointed to the ground and squeezed the trigger
  • the backfire of the gun felt like a punch to the chest, knocking the wind out of you, but you managed to hit the guy in the foot?toe? and he collapsed to the ground with a shout
  • “very good” you heard someone chuckle into your ear
  • the charming guy was standing next to you, calmly shooting at the remaining men
  • once all the tattooed guys were down, either passed out or tied up with zipties produced by the manager, you looked down at your hands
  • they were shaking, your hand still tightly gripping the gun you’d taken
  • “hey, love, you’re okay now” the charming man said gently, reaching out to you and gently sliding the gun from your grasp
  • “let’s go sit down”
  • you let him lead you to one of the barstools, the shock of the whole situation hitting you
  • there’s a lot of commotion around you, the other men trying to clean up the broken glass, round up the tattooed men, but you can only focus on the man’s hands, holding your own
  • a small tattoo crept around his wrist from under his sleeve
  • “was that your first time firing a gun?” he asked gently, letting you wear his suit jacket
  • you nodded wordlessly, sipping a glass of water
  • he turned to the owner of the restaurant angrily
  • “i thought you said all your employees were aware?”
  • you didn’t even realize it, but hot tears started falling down your face, making you sniffle and blow your nose into the closest thing, which ended up being the guy’s jacket sleeve
  • whoops
  • “hey love, no need to cry” he said gently, patting you on the shoulder
  • “what just happened?” you whispered, eyes darting all over his sympathetic face “what happened? why am i involved?”
  • “we’re the 101, love,” he said slowly, “i’m minhyun, and you just witnessed what happens when another gang tries to get smart with the 101″
  • because you witnessed what you did, you’re required to at least have affiliation with the 101
  • you quit your job at the restaurant in favor of keeping minhyun’s office tidy and clean
  • he knew how shaken up you were about it, and he’s pretty much the only person in the 101 that you trust
  • he doesn’t really need someone to keep his office clean, but he feels bad that you got dragged into the 101, so he just makes up the job
  • you realize that you’ve started falling for his nice mannerisms and politeness, despite his rough exterior
  • sometimes when you’re cleaning while he’s in his office still, you’ll feel him staring at you intensely
  • you brush it off though
  • one night you were organizing some of his files when he stumbled into his office
  • he’d been gone on a raid outside of the city, and wasn’t supposed to be back until that morning
  • he was super beaten up and bloody, limping slightly
  • you gasp at the sight of him, rushing towards him 
  • “you need to get to a hospital, minhyun!”
  • he grabbed you by the hips, holding you close
  • “(y/n), i almost died tonight” he whispered, breath fanning across your lips
  • you felt your heart almost escape from your chest
  • “it made me realize how much i love you”
  • “m-minhyun, love is a strong word”
  • “i know” he stared at you deeply, eyes flickering from your lips back up to your eyes
  • you leaned in the rest of the way, kissing him deeply
  • your kiss was like the first time you met– violent, rough, passionate, and yet somehow sweet and charming
  • when you parted, lips swollen, he leaned against you, clutching his side
  • “minhyun, really, let’s get you to a hospital”
  • the whole way there, minhyun wouldn’t let go of your hand
  • when he got a quick operation, you had to pry his hand out of yours
  • let me tell you, you’re not escaping the 101 now
  • your relationship would be lazy mornings, random acts of love from minhyun, giving him massages after a particularly difficult night, him buying you a special, expensive pistol so that you can protect yourself, him going crazy when you press kisses into his tattoos, deep, lazy makeout sessions

narrating action scenes is hard for me since i tend to imagine things as though it were a movie with cinematographic shots and stuff, so describing what i see in my minds eye can be challenging and frustrating; i hope it all made sense nevertheless! 

Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

Originally posted by buckybass

It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 536 Review

Yeah… Lets give this hot mess a once over

Cover is of the oracion seis arc. Y’know, A lot of people like the Oracio Seis as characters and that’s fine but I’ve heard many say the Oracion Seis is the arc where the quality of FT had a dip for the first time. If that is accurate than this is the most fitting cover in a while…

We open on Natsu and Zeref clashing. This will be the last scene that makes a lick of sense.

Natsu’s burning magic… I don’t know how the fuck that’s possible given the fact he hasn’t eaten Atlas’s hell flames

oh but we need to get to the next layer of bull shit and that’s back with BP and Jellal

Let’s break down the stupid of this page, first why is it going to blow up? Seriously this damage is nearly the same as the damage taken in the OS arc, but the christina didn’t explode. Actually I can tell you why it’s going to explode, “we need to add a level of urgency to make the scene more engaging” But you know, your facing the king of dragons so really there’s already enough tension.

Second, Your right, HOW IS IT FLYING!? Last time it lost a wing it took 3 mages with very specific powers to make it fly!

Third, Your mission, Anna? Hahaha Your damn mission was to make sure those dragon slayers made it across the gate, the mission to beat acnologia was theirs. Fuck off…

Oh fuck off. How does the fact it doesn’t have enough magic to fly suddenly become negated when Ichiya’s at the helm?

Oh, now isn’t this sweet. I’m suppose to care about the comic relief character in a guild that has been the butt monkey of this series for years and it’s the same comic relief character who appeared in this arc being completely useless? Gag me…

First of all, are you kidding me? Seriously? OK I thought Jellal doing this WAS protecting Erza. Because when plot convenience isn’t involved, ERZA DOES FINE PROTECTING HERSELF! Also, Jellal’s going to do a bang up job protecting her with all his bones broken.

But hey there’s a reason this needed to happen, Ichiya has constantly thought as Erza being his love interest but this is here to obviously show that Ichiya cares about her happiness and gives his blessing to jellal… OH WHAT FRESH HELL! Okay, Jellal doesn’t even know Ichiya has the hots for erza nor did he exhibit any of his running joke about hitting on erza, so now your scene loses weight to it.

This is something I will get into on the post chapter follow up but now we have the prioritizing of Jerza ruining the over all narrative.

So they ram the ship into Acnologia

oh god no


Oh if this crap wasn’t bad enough I have something intercut between this moment and it’s something I know everyone’s dying to see: Nakama power defeating the final villain…

I love how not even Zeref is sure of this bull crap at first as if he knows this’ll never get a good explanation. Also this power to beat White Zeref comes from Natsu’s “Wild emotions”, call me crazy but I’m pretty damn sure last chapter this power was the the strength of the guild. Guess I should now expect not even continuity from a chapter ago not to be consistent.

Y’know for the mighty clash of flames between the Dragon king and white wizard thee guild is still in good shape

Wait why should I care about semantics when I have this to cut to…

Yep, Acnologia, king of dragons, Black Dragon of the apocalypse, was just defeated by a plot convenience hole, a comic relief character who isn’t even a member of Fairy Tail, and a character who was introduced not even 10 chapters ago…

No Jenny… No one won. Well at least none of the fans of Fairy tail did…


*huff* *huff* OKAY believe it or not there’s still some chapter left to go

Yeah I’m surprised that recovery magic didn’t activate a little sooner.

Wow, even Natsu has gotten tired of this crap. Oh Zeref has become black again meaning he no longer hast Fairy Heart.

Post chapter follow up: OH WHERE DO I EVEN START! Well lets start at the end, there are those who will say “Acnologia will be back, there’s still 10 chapters left”. I don’t think so. There’s no indication of that being possible and the characters who were sacrificed were two non FT characters meaning there’s no urgency for their happy ending. Hiro wrote Acnologia so strong that there was no way he could write a decent way to beat Acnologia without having a deus ex machina involved. I don’t have the faith Acnologia comes back, I don’t know what comes next week or the week after but if Acnologia does come back great but right now… I have no words.

Zeref’s defeat, if this had happened on it’s own and it was the whole point of the chapter, then honestly I wouldn’t have hated it so much. I know this is something we try not to let spoil the story and it’s that we know Natsu will win. No matter how high the deck is stacked we know he would have won. But all of this feels so undeserved. The power of all the guilds feelings in the form of a pseudo fire dragon king mode able to overcome infinite power is just horse crap. But even so I actually might have accepted it if portrayed in a wa\y that makes great white wizard look like a moron. While I give props you manged to show the arm being burned, knowing wendy is in the guild those burns will last an hour at most.

Now the sacrifice of Anna, I’ve called that since she showed up so honestly I’m not surprised. But Jellal cheats death. I can’t help but wonder the idea of sacrificing Jellal to protect the woman he loves would’ve made an excellent parallel to simon. SHowing Jellal has come full circle, that even in death not only did he ensure the woman he loved was safe for the time being but her and those close to her would be safe for years to come. But no we had to gut this to have two characters that most people don’t care about give up their lives instead of the long time supporting cast member, who’s death would’ve carried more weight, all for the sake he gets a happy ending with his shp.

This once again follows the trend in this arc of ships taking priority over the narrative. The idea of Jellal and Erza getting together for their happy ending matters more than the conclusion for the villian hyped since tenrou. I know there are many who want Jellal and Erza to be happy together and there’s nothing wrong if you do but when it comes down to it, if you have to choose between a happy end for ship or a good conclusion for your story, it shouldn’t be a question what’s the priority.

Now some people don’t care. As they predicted Jellal wasn’t going to die given Hiro’s track record. People said “lol we know jellal wasn’t going to die” well that doesn’t excuse bad writing. Just because something is consistent, doesn’t stop it from being bad.

All I can say for this chapter as whole is this chapter was disrespectful. Not just to readers but to characters. This was disrespectful to the DS, BP, Jellal, Erza, FT, Zeref, Acnologia, even Anna. This chapter feels like it spit all over the series.

Ugh before I give this a rating I want to say I was talking to a friend of mine, they said while they may disagree with me on my opinions (and sometimes sugar coating of the series) they were amazed that I had hope that the series could still end well. And I carried that hope for the longest time but now, it feels like that hope’s gone for the first time. Every time there was something ad in the series we often tired to put hope into what we believed Hiro would give the proper time and effort, and that was something to look forward to. But now there’s almost nothing left (excluding ships). I know there is still 10 chapters left and hope isn’t “dead” but now we’re so past the breaking point, I don’t even know if what happens in those next chapters can atone for this.

Hiro… I know you have a new series you want to do and I think that’s great. I think you need a clean slate, but you have to remember you’re not writing your new series now, you’re still writing fairy tail. All I ask is you try Hiro Mashima, We’ve seen what it’s like when you do and all I ask is you do it again.

Final Verdict: 0/10

  • Just Awful
  • Disrespectful
  • Disappointment of epic proportions
Peppered Kisses

Characters: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff (so much fluff I’m drowning in it)
Word count: 1598 words
Requested by anon

A/N: Finally, Admin Caramel’s first scenario on this blog! I took a break in-between revision and just wanted to write this request (cuz I’m a sucker for fluff)

We will get to the other requests eventually, but it won’t be soon as we’re busy with school and life (Admin Dumpling and I are about to do our exams) - Admin Caramel

It was late at night and you were seated on the couch with a book in your hand, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table. You heard the door opening, but paid no attention to it, too engrossed in the plot to allow any distractions. It is only when you felt a heavy weight land on the couch did you finally look up.

You see Jimin sprawled across the entirety of the couch, with his head on your lap, looking up at you with tired eyes.

“Hey,” he tiredly greeted you. You noticed his hair was slightly damp with sweat, his shirt soaked from the intense dance practice they just had.

“Ew, get off of me Jimin,” you shrieked, not wanting to dirty the blankets or yourself.

“You stink,” you continued, attempting to push him off your lap and the couch. But to your dismay, his dead weight refused to budge no matter how hard you tried to push him. Seeing that your efforts were futile, he simply whined and latched onto you, burrowing himself in to your stomach.

You giggled at the ticklish feeling, and once again tried to push him off. He only latched tighter onto you, unwilling to let you go.

“Come on, let me go and I’ll draw you a bath,” you suggested with a smile on your face at his antics. It was only then was he willing to let you go,  but not without making you promise to cuddle with him after his bath.

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Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - One

Spencer Reid x Reader

Spencer was exhausted, but he couldn’t sleep. He’d been lying in bed for an hour trying to convince his body to give in to the darkness but he just couldn’t shut off.

Sighing, he pulled out his cell. It was a long shot, it was 2am after all. But he wondered whether she’d be online still. The mysterious woman he’d started talking to five weeks ago on chatzone. Reid had made a profile on the site after overhearing Penelope telling JJ that she’d met her latest beau on there. Garcia was Pink-oracle, Reid had accidentally come across her online one night, and had quickly exited that chat room. He hadn’t uploaded any photos but he wasn’t taking any chances on Penny working out who Drblackjack21 was.

One evening he’d taken the plunge and private messaged a woman he’d been speaking with casually in a literary lovers chat room. Trancedancequeen was her screen name and she’d made a few casual remarks about one of his favourite authors and they’d struck up a banter. She was 28 and lived in the D.C area, which was intriguing for Spencer to know. Not that he’d ever end up meeting anyone from the internet…. Although, it had worked for Garcia, so who knew.

Trancedancequeen and Dr blackjack21 had fallen into easy conversation with each other, and most nights when Spencer logged in, she was there. A few times he’d beat her to it, and there were occasions that they missed each other, just leaving the odd offline message for each other which they’d respond to when they logged in. It was…. nice. Spencer found himself being bolder and feeling more confident speaking to this woman from behind a computer or cell phone screen, depending on what he was using. They shared similar interests in TV, films and literature and this woman didn’t seem bothered when he told her that he worked away a lot. She was apparently out of town a lot too, on business trips, although neither of them had shared what they did with each other.

The past few chats he’d had found himself engaging in what one could construe as risqué conversation. Not anything too bad, but Trancedancequeen had made a comment about finding a certain celebrity attractive, and then the conversation had turned from there into what their types were physically. TDQ had told Spencer she had long brown hair and green eyes, she was slim but curvy at the same time according to her description, and she liked tall guys with nice hair and nice lips. Not that her physicality mattered to Spencer too much, but she DID sound attractive. When Reid had described himself to her, she’d responded with, “You sound like just my type,” and then had proceeded to throw some flirty comments his way. At first he wasn’t sure how to respond to them but he just decided to throw caution to the wind, and go with it. He’d been talking to her earlier but had logged off to try and get some sleep, he didn’t have to go to work tomorrow but he’d felt exhausted after the week he’d had. But his brain was unable to rest. Logging back into the app, he was surprised to see the little light by her icon, a cartoon of a grinning kitten, flashing; signalling she was still online. He clicked the private message option.

Drblackjack21: Hi. Can’t sleep. Guess you couldn’t either.

TranceDancequeen: Nope… Can’t get my brain to stop thinking about work. Long week. Won’t bore you.

Dr: I don’t think you could ever bore me.

TDQ: Oh hush now. Smooth lines like that combined with the bottle of wine I’ve drank, and I’ll think you’re flirting with me.

Spencer grinned to himself and shifted on the bed.

Dr: What if I am?

TDQ: Then by all means, flirt some more. Wuu2?

Reid had initially had to Google the shorthand text speak that she’d used sometimes, not being used to it.

Dr: I’m lying in bed. I’m not really that good at flirting though.

TDQ: I’m in bed too. And I’m sure you are, you perhaps just don’t realise it.

Dr: Really, I’m not. Trust me.

TDQ: We’ll see. If you think you’re bad at flirting, how are you at sexting?

Spencer’s jaw dropped a little and he paused, not quite knowing how to respond.

TDQ; Shit, I’m sorry. I blame the wine. Unless… Of course, you want to?

Dr: Erm, I’ve never actually done it before…. But, I’m willing to try?

Spencer couldn’t believe he’d wrote that, he’d be terrible at this and she’d probably never end up speaking to him again. But….

TDQ: Alright…. So I’m lying in bed in my pink panties and a camisole. If you were lying with me, what would you do.

TDQ: PS - it’s that simple, but if you don’t want to then we can talk about something else.

Okay. Reid could do this.

Dr: If I was lying next to you (in nothing but my blue boxers), I’d start running my hand up and down your arm before moving your hair to one side and kissing your neck softly.

TDQ: I’d shiver at your touch and move my body closer to yours, my nipples hardening through my top at the feeling of your lips on me.

Fuck. She wasn’t wasting any time here. Spencer typed out a reply, thinking quickly. If he was with her, what would he actually do, that was all he had to write.

Dr: My hand drifts drift over to your chest, my fingers gently catching on your nipples, my lips moving lower.

The conversation went on in a similar vein for a while, Spencer feeling his dick growing hard and swapping his cell so the he could type with one hand, lightly palming himself with the other.

TDQ: I stroke up and down your length slowly, gripping you as your hands explore between my legs, feeling how wet I am.

Another message flashed up: click to view attachment.

Spender clicked it.

Jesus fucking christ.

The camera was at such an angle so that it showed the neck down only. She was holding her arm out and the photo showed her lying on her bed, the covers thrown off. The camisole she’d described was pulled down, exposing a pair of full, pale breasts with hardened pink peaks to the camera. The hand that wasn’t taking the photo, was between her legs, inside her underwear. Spencer groaned, licking his lips at the image. That was sexy as hell.

TDQ: You like?

Dr: Fuck…. I love.

TDQ: What about this one?

Another attachment appear and Spencer clicked it. It was a close up photo of her underwear, her legs spread. Spencer could see the discoloration of the fabric and his dick twitched when he realised why.

TDQ: See what you’re doing to me, doctor?

Dr: Oh fuck, I see. God, if I was there with you, I’d have to taste that.

TDQ: The question is…. What am I doing to you…

Could he? Fuck it. Spencer pushed his boxers down and took his cock into his hands, switching to camera mode and snapping a photo of his erection.

It didn’t look too bad…not that he really knew how a dick pic should look. Was there a certain etiquette to it?

Here’s to nothing. Spencer sent it.

TDQ: Oh my! Well…. I think I’d quite like to get my lips around that. Imagine them gliding up and down your shaft.

Spencer moaned as he imagined a brunette head of hair bobbing up and down on his dick as he slid his hand up and down it, feeling pre cum gathering at the tip. Typing was becoming a problem now, but he managed it anyway.

Dr: It would feel so good. I’d want to feel those wet lips on mine so I could make you feel the same way.

TDQ: Fuck, that sounds amazing. Grinding on your face as I suck you off. I’m so nearly there.

So was Reid. He was pumping faster now, going back to looking at the images she’d sent him.

Dr: I’d suck your clit in between my lips, rolling it with my tongue, feeling how wet you are for me.

There was a pause in her reply this time, but Reid could see that she was still online. He used that pause to his advantage, stroking himself harder, his hips bucking off the bed slightly as he felt the pressure begin to build up. Making sure his cover was clear of himself, he let the pressure release, feeling hot liquid spilling out onto his tummy just as another message flashed up.

TDQ: Fuck me….I just came so hard thinking of your head between my legs.

Reaching into his bedside drawer, Reid pulled out some baby wipes and quickly cleaned himself up, before typing back.

Dr: God, me too. That was… Wow.

TDQ: Yep… I suddenly feel ready to sleep. I don’t… Erm. I don’t normally do that by the way. Not on here. Thank you. It certainly released some tension. I’m logging off now. Speak tomorrow?

Dr: I’m glad I could help. And same. I’ve never done anything like that. Definitely speak tomorrow.

TDQ: Night night doctor.

He saw her light flash off to signal she’d logged off, and he did the same, settling down now feeling somewhat relaxed.

When Spencer awoke the next morning he logged straight back into chatzone. She normally wasn’t online so early at the weekends but he thought he’d give it ago.

She wasn’t online, but he could see she’d left him a message an hour ago.

TDQ: Hey. I’m probably overstepping a line here but, we both live in the same area and…. Well, I think that maybe we’d get on in real life. Would you maybe… Want to meet? I’m not a serial killer, I promise :)

Spencer hesitated before replying. He did get on with her, and last night was hella hot. And… Well it had worked out for Penelope. But it was completely out of the ordinary for him. But then again, so was last night. Maybe he did need to start taking some chances.

Dr: Okay. We can do that. I’m free this weekend, just name a time and place.

Spencer set his phone down, checking or every half an hour or so as he went about his morning errands. Finally at around 11am, he logged on to see she’d replied.

TDQ: Excellent. There’s a book cafe on second? Mutal ground. I can be there for 2pm. I’m feeling a daytime meet, just to make sure. :)

Spencer knew the place, and could see that she was still logged in. The message had only been sent three minutes ago.

Dr: Sounds like a plan. How will I known its you?

TDQ: I’ll try to get the booth in the corner and I’ll wear a dark purple sweater with silver stars on it. If we get on as well as I think we will, I’ll tell you my real name and give you my number.

Dr: Alright, I’ll be wearing a green duffel coat with a purple scarf. I’ll see you soon.

Spencer was nervous, so extremely nervous. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He pushed open the door of the cafe, inhaling the mixture of caffeine and books, and looked around.

She’d said she’d try for the corner booth so he made his way to the back, scanning the room for someone with brown hair and a purple sweater.

He could see a young woman sitting in the booth, chocolate brown hair loose over her shoulders and as he approached, he could see silver stars glittering on a purple jumper. She looked up from her phone which she’d been studying, tapping away, and then locked eyes with Spencer just as he reached the table.

It was only then he realised that he knew this girl.

Extremely well in fact. They’d worked together for the past eighteen months.

Her eyes raked over him, taking in his green duffel coat and purple scarf and Spencer saw her mouth form into an ‘o’ as she came to the same realisation just as he did, blushes forming on both of their cheeks.

“Shit!” were the first words Y/N said to him.

Spider Bites || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Omg how about peter x reader are in a new relationship together and things seem to go well before the reader admits they’re afraid of spiders/don’t like them and peter feels it’s his mission to change that 😂😘]]

”pfft, double updates ain’t gonna bring me down.” I say as I down a whole bottle of green apple wine coolers.

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: open}}

warnings: heated kissing (kinda, peter just nibbles on reader’s lips) {{and I’m a sucker for teasing lip bites it’s one of my weaknesses wowowowow I love you so much peter parker}} OH! and getting up close and personal with spiders 

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

word count: 700+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story! Reblogs are fine!



You could tell that Peter was judging you when he leans back against his chair to look back at you, “Babe, are you kidding me? You’re literally dating the guy who moonlights as a superhero named Spider-Man. How can you possibly still be scared of spiders?”

”Yeah, but you’re actually hot and I don’t mind kissing your cute face. Spiders, on the other hand, are nothing but eight-legged creepy crawlers that are out to get me!” You keep your eyes honed in on the little devil as it crawled across Peter’s bedpost.

Peter sighs, slamming his calculus textbook shut. He honestly thought that you were overreacting when he stands beside his bed, seeing the spider chilling against the metal post. “Hey there, friend. Did you want to get close to [Name] because of how adorable she is?”

”PETER DON’T YOU DARE…!!!” A smile of pure delight appears on his face when he keeps the spider safely tucked into the left palm of his hand. Peter climbs on to his bed, and just when you were about to get off of it, your boyfriend reaches out to grab you.

You try to get away from him, but Peter’s grip on you was so strong that it was nearly impossible for you to escape. He whispers sweet words within your ears, trying to calm you when he settles himself against the wall with you between his legs. “There’s no need to be afraid of this little guy, he’s not gonna hurt you.”

You pout and sit with your arms crossed, your back roughly hitting his chest, “What if it’s poisonous?”

You hear your boyfriend snort, “It’s not poisonous, [Name].”

You wait with bated breath when Peter holds out his left hand to you, seeing that the spider remained still on the palm of his hand, “You see? This dude is a cool little dude, and he would never hurt me or you.”

Peter’s voice continued to coo softly at the spider, and you were honestly entranced by how the little creature seemed to understand each and every word the boy had said. The young webslinger told his little spider buddy to stay on his hand and not come closer to you before he slowly brings his left hand toward you, “See, look at the little guy, he doesn’t want to hurt you. He loves you.”

”That devil does not love anything!” You stiffen, grabbing on to the front of Peter’s shirt when you saw the spider move around against the palm of his hand. “What if it bites me?”

Peter openly laughs at your question, leaning down to whisper against your ear, “As if I would let him bite you. I’m the only spider that’s allowed to bite you.” You begin to tremble against him, feeling the anticipation coursing through your veins when he settles you down against his mattress. Peter tells his spider friend to hang out somewhere else, allowing the critter to crawl up the wall before returning his attention back to you.

You automatically wrap your arms around his neck when Peter kisses you, allowing him to deepen the kiss. He smiles against your lips and gently nibbles at the bottom of them. The tickling sensation against your lips makes you giggle, causing Peter to pull away and cheekily grin down at you, “You were afraid of that spider biting you, but you don’t seem to mind it when I bite you. What’s up with that?”

You groan and tug at the collar of his sweater, wanting him to kiss you again when you admit, “That’s because I love you, spiderboy, now shut up and kiss me again.”


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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off

HI THANK U FOR THIS PROMPT I HAD FUN bc jake is a puppy and of course he’s got no clu what’s happenin:

On an early December evening, the warmth of Shaw’s is immediately comforting- as he enters, Jake can feel everything from the freezing cold tip of his nose, to his red cheeks, to the stiffness of his icy fingers, encompassed by the cosy heat of the room.

Reluctantly- despite this warmth- he pulls off his coat and his scarf as he approaches the bar, slipping onto a stool and trying to catch Carl’s eye so he can signal for a beer. This is to no avail; it’s busier than usual in here, even for a Friday, and he’s completely occupied, hands full with dirty glasses while someone gives him an order. For now, Jake relaxes against the bar, pulling his phone from his pocket to check the time.

For what may very well be the first time in his life, he’s early.

He’s due to meet her here in half an hour, to celebrate the end of what’s been a completely tortuous week. Both are working stupidly, painfully long cases, and have barely seen each other, even at work. He feels it in his chest, a tightness, one he’s known long before these couple months of their romantic relationship- a tightness that can only be fixed by Amy.

A hollow grumble in his stomach brings a sharp pang of hunger into his head, which is when he realises he hasn’t actually had anything to eat since breakfast. Mindlessly, he picks at a bowl of peanuts on the bar, only glancing up a couple of times- to order a beer, and to check for Amy.

“Hey, are you okay? You look lonely!”

A saccharine, perky voice makes him do a double take; at first, he’s not even sure it’s addressing him, until he turns round and sees a smiling blonde woman next to him.

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Jealous!Connor Murphy x Reader Headcanons

Requested by Anon



- Okay first he definitely doesn’t think he deserves you. So he treats you better than anyone he knows, he still looses his temper, but always apologizes after.

- He thinks that you just haven’t realized how much you deserve and the day you do you’ll leave him.

- He’s vvvv possessive of you

- But he isn’t controlling, if you say you’re helping (insert male) study for a test he will believe you.

- He’s only jealous when he knows a guy is flirting with you.

- He trusts you completely but he doesn’t trust anyone else.

- Definitely says shit like
- “I don’t like the way he was looking at you”
- “He’s a dick. I know it”
- “Why was he standing so close to you. There’s an entire hallway?!”

- He’s not a super touchy feely person in public, he doesn’t like letting people know his vulnerabilities.

- But the second another guy starts checking you out he’ll wrap his arm around your waist and kiss your face.

- He also stands up taller and makes himself look stronger and angrier to scare off anyone.

- Even though he gets so protective he still gets insecure.
- “What about that guy? Wouldn’t you prefer someone more muscular?”
- “Am I too dark for you?”
- “You deserve more than me”

- This leads to a lot of “I Love You” sex.

- You two were walking in the mall and some fuckboi passed you two and was like:
- “Hey baby why you hanging out with Captain Hot Topic when you could be with me, I bet I can show you a better and Bigger ;) time!”

- And Connor fucking growled at him. Like imagine a dog growling at someone. He growled at this guy till he walked away.
- (Did he key his BMW? Maybe. The police say no, but who knows)

- You were at a party and walking through a tight hallway. A guy copped a feel while walking passed.

- Connor beat the shit out of him, and you had a thrilling time hiding from the police in his mom’s 2005 minivan.

- He just cares about you so much and will do anything to prove that even though he doesn’t deserve you he will die (live) for you

- Also he really enjoys making sure everyone knows that he’s yours and you his.

- but in the least controlling way.

Bribe It Better

A/N: You know what, I’m bored. So why not post something for you to read. :-)

This little piece was written for Manda’s Birthday Challenge ( @pinknerdpanda ) and my prompt was “I don’t want to be friends with someone who jogs, go and have a burger!” It turned out fluffier (and Dean’ier) than I originally planned, but the goal was to make you laugh and/or smile, so I hope you like it Manda - and Happy early Birthday!

Pairing: friend!Sam x reader, Dean x reader

Word count: ~1200

Warnings: friends arguing, swearing, fluff, implied smut

“Oh c'mon Y/N!”

You stormed through the bunker’s halls, ignoring Sam as he strode after you. He was staying a few feet back - a wise decision on his part - and tried not to let his amusement show, which just pissed you off even more.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

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Protect my Honor- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by jamiebenntrash

Ok anon I wanted to do Auston, but he just doesn’t seem like the type… so you got Tom instead! Hope you guys like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: Fight, cusses

Anon Request: hi i love your stories💓 if requests are still open could you do a tyler seguin one where like another hockey player starts hitting on you and he gets jealous and during the game they get into a scuffle? maybe the other guy could be auston matthews? tom wilson? (:


              You were leaning against the wall, waiting for your boyfriend to come meet you before the game. It was part of his game day routine and one you were happy to partake in.

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Imagine Barry Allen, your older brother, realizing you are into Julian Albert

Request by Anonymous: Hi I totally loved your latest imagine with Barry and Julian and was wondering if you reverse it the reader being Barry’s younger sister who is a brilliant, ambitious, sassy legal aid lawyer who ends up at the CCPD all the time getting information from cases so she runs into Julian all the time and Julian developed a crush without knowing she is Barry’s sister!? I understand if you don’t want to. Keep up the great work either way!

Words: 562

Note: Hi Anon, I’m not sure if I put all the things you requested into this imagine. If I didn’t, please feel free to hit my ask box again. Hope you enjoy this one! :D The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner. *The Flash 3x05 Spoiler-alert*

“Hey.” Barry spotted you from the corner of his eyes. He pulled away from the microscope and turned around to face you.

“Is Juli –” You weren’t able to finish your question as Barry snatched the Big Belly Burger paper bag from your hand in a blink of an eye.

“You bring Big Belly Burger. Great. I’m starving.” Barry rubbed his hands, taking the fries out from the bag.

“Hey!” You protested, attempting to get the food back while Barry was using one of his arms to hinder your movement.

“This is not for you!” You exclaimed once you saw Barry began to stuff the burger into his mouth.

It’s too late, Barry had already taken a big bite of it.

“What –” Barry started coughing when the burning sensation overtook his tongue, “It’s hot!”

He immediately poured the coke straight into his throat while his face and ears were turning red.

“Why did you buy that?” Barry panted, fanning his tongue with his hand, “Neither of us can take the spicy food.”

“That’s why I said that’s not for you.”

“I thought you’re going to have lunch with me.” Barry furrowed his brow, “So what brings you here?”

“Well, as a legal aid lawyer, I have to get some information about the recent attack.”

“Yeah, but that’s Julian’s case…” Speaking of Julian, something came up to Barry’s mind. He remembered Julian loves spicy food.

He looked back and forth between you and the table full of fast food. A crazy idea suddenly struck him.

“Oh no…” He muttered, shaking his head and covering his mouth with his palm.

“What?” You asked insecurely, secretly hoping Barry didn’t notice anything.

“You’re coming here to see Julian, aren’t you?” Barry pointed out, narrowing his eyes, “The whole getting-information-from-case thing is just an excuse. You want to have a lunch date with him, that’s why you brought Big Belly Burger here.”

“Um… Actually… I…” You hummed and hawed, wanting to say something to deny but your brain having problem searching for words after Barry found out your little crush secret.

Your reaction just confirmed what Barry guessed was true. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Julian Albert? For real?”

“Allen.” A British voice sounded at the entrance of the lab.

“Yes?” You and Barry both answered and turned to the door frame at the same time.

Julian frowned at the two of you. Did you just react to the surname ‘Allen’?

Julian was a man of intellect, it didn’t take long for him to figure out the relationship between you and Barry.

“Y/N, you’re Barry’s sister?” Julian asked, taking a glimpse at Barry.

“Yeah.” You nodded.

Julian was shocked for a moment, but soon he gathered his thoughts and cleared his throat, “Barry…” He drew a breath as if what he’s going to say needed a certain of courage, “About you giving up the lab… Forget it, you can stay.”

“What…?” Barry’s mouth dropped open.

Julian ignored Barry’s unbelievable stare and asked you with a pleasant smile rested on his lips, “Lunch?”

“Sure.” Your cheeks couldn’t help but flush a little.

Barry’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Did Julian just ask you out underneath him?

Barry’s protective-brother mode was totally being activated, he shouted behind Julian, “You giving me back my lab doesn’t mean you can date my sister…!”

My whole life

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Pairing: Bucky x reader 

Warnings: Maybe language? body issues and human evilness in general

Request: @melconnor2007 .  “ Hi I was wondering if you could do a one shot requests on Bucky, something along the lines the reader and Bucky have been dating for ages, but she’s struggling with being happy about the way she looks, when she over hears some other agents or people talking about how good looking Bucky is and how muscles he is, then they start saying how the reader isn’t pretty enough to be dating Bucky, and she gets upset locking herself in her room, and Bucky breaks in and is reassuring telling her how pretty she is and how much he loves her and it’s really fluffy if that makes any sense please”

Every inch of your body hurts. And you feel wonderful.

Oh yeah, you love putting your music out loud and just exercicing to the rhythm of it. It has become a routine since the day you and Bucky make things official, every time your beloved boyfriend goes out on a mission you let out all the stress that his ausence causes in you by making some exercice.

Grabbing the towel you head to the showers humming your favourite song. From all of the femenine showers you always choose the one more hided, not for anything special but you prefer to be covered when showering. Putting your sore body under the hot pouring water you start to massage your arms and legs. 

- I can’t even - you hear the voice of a young woman entering the showers 

- Me neither - another one laughs walking besides her. They haven’t seen you yet.

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10. Pink // Klance

« {Part 10 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: get ready for lots of bad pick up lines from both lance and keith. oh boy.

Keith was sick of how easy it was for Lance to get him to blush.

Lance’s pick up lines were objectively terrible. There was no way that anyone in the galaxy could possibly be wooed by lines that bad—or so Keith thought. Hearing Lance say those lines to random alien women was one thing, but hearing those lines directed at him, specifically, was another thing altogether. The lines were still terrible, and Lance probably only said them to tease him, but Keith couldn’t help blushing.

The blush was probably mostly just embarrassment, Keith reasoned. He knew deep down that this wasn’t really true, of course, but it was a nice thought.

“Hey, Keith!” Lance said one morning, catching up to him on his way to the kitchen and slinging an arm over Keith’s shoulder. “I just wanted to say…. If a star fell every time I thought of you, the sky would be dark at night.”

“The sky is already dark. We’re in outer space,” Keith said, but goddammit, his face was already feeling hot. Fuck. Why did this always happen?

“Well then, maybe we should get in inner space, if you know what I mean,” said Lance, waggling his eyebrows.

“That makes no sense, Lance.”

“You know what else makes no sense? A world where you and me aren’t together.”

“Well then, welcome to reality.”

“Man, you are no fun,” said Lance, pouting.

“I’m plenty fun, your pick up lines just suck.”

“Hey. I have great pick up lines,” Lance said. He squeezed Keith’s shoulder and leaned in closer. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

And that was just about as much as Keith could handle. “No,” he said, shrugging off Lance’s arm. “What about you?”

Fuck. That sounded weirder than he’d meant it to. He kept walking.

Lance, on the other hand, stopped, freezing in place and falling behind. When Keith turned around to look, Lance was staring at him with wide-eyes, his face two shades redder than it had been only a moment before. “U-uhm,” he stuttered. “What did you say?”

Hm. Interesting.

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BigBang Reaction #13 - Their s/o gets confused when somebody compliments them

anon asked: Can you write Big Bang’s reaction when their s/o always gets confused/shy when somebody tells them that they are cute or pretty? (I spent last week in Seoul and so many people have told me that I’m pretty or beautiful but where I come from people don’t usually say stuff like that so openly, so I didn’t even know how to react 😶)

Jiyong: He literally gets so squishy when this happens. You’re so cute when you’re shy!! He will open his door whenever you come to his house and immediately say “Hey beautiful, you look hot today.”

and then when you get all shy/confused he gets so blushy and squishy and embarrassed himself but he can’t help doing it every time he sees you because he loves your reaction so much

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rest of the members below the cut~

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Characters: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Suggestive

Word Count:1,519

As quickly as you two had become pressed together, you were pulled apart. Jaebum scooted away from your body just like he had last night and looked at his phone, his face lighting up at whatever he saw. 

The night sky loomed overhead as you walked, holding Jaebum’s hand. Only a few stars could be seen, but that was okay. The real star was standing right next to you. Your walk had been quieter than usual, but you found comfort in the silence. His thumb occasionally brushed the outside of your palm, soothing you.

Keeping a slow pace, you stole glances at your boyfriend and couldn’t help but smile to yourself. You were sure to be the luckiest girl in the world to have him to yourself. 

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