hey what's coming out of your speedo

You Accidentally Call Ashton Daddy While Flirting With Each Other (SMUT)

You and Ashton have been best friends for as long as you can remember. From pushing each other around, to making fun of each other, to flirting with each other. The flirting wasn’t that you loved each other. But just for laughs.
Or so you thought….

Part 1:

It’s 10:28 at night when you heard Ashton call you from the living room. “Hey (Y/N)! Come here will you?” You were in the kitchen eating some food because well, you were hungry. “Sure. Hold on.” You wash your hands, drying them, before going out to see what he wants. “What’s up buttercup?” You ask with a little smile. “I found your new boyfriend!” He said, obviously trying to stiff back a laugh. You go over to him, sitting down on the couch, looking at his phone, seeing a very old man in a speedo. “OH MY GOD ASHTON!!!! THAT’S SO GROSS!!” You yelled, jumping off the couch and running back to the kitchen. “Dammit.” You groaned. “What’s wrong babe?” Ashton asks with a slight smirk on his lips. “Did you eat all the ice cream again?” “Maybe.” “Well I’m going to the store to pick some more up. You want anything?” You ask while grabbing your keys and putting on your jacket. “Just you.” The smirk on his face is even bigger now. “Very funny Irwin.” “What’s so funny about it?” Him pretending to be hurt by what you said. “I guess you want this then?” Pointing to you bum. “Yes. I do.” His smirk forming back onto his face. “And these?” Pointing to your breasts. “Very much so.” “Well to bad. Because they’re mine.” You say with a devilish smirk. “Well your hot.” “Your sexy” “You want me.” “No. You want me.” You say, your smirk growing. “How would you know?” “Your little friend is happy.” You say, pointing down to Ashton’s bulge, which is still growing. He quickly puts his hand over it, trying to hide it. While blushing. “You want me to take care of that for you?” Your smirk still on your face. He just looks up at you still blushing. “That doesn’t look very comfortable.” “It’s not.” “How about you let me help with that little problem you’ve got there, Daddy.” Your eyes go wide at the word that just popped out of your mouth. Ashton’s eyes grow even more wide then before, but that doesn’t last long, his eyes now darker than before. “What did you just call me?” “D-Daddy?” His eyes are now filled with so much lust, it’s ridiculous. Before you could even think about what to do next, your back is slammed into the front door, while he kisses you roughly yet passionately. His hands roaming around your body, leaving no spot untouched, except the place you wanted him most. He glides his tongue across you bottom lip ask for entrance, which you gladly grant. Your mouths moving in sync, and your tongues battling for dominance. He then starts to kiss under your earlobe, where your jaw and ear meet. “A-Asht-” “Don’t call me Ashton.” He practically growls in your ear. “S-Sorry Daddy.” “Good girl.” He purrs while smirking. He starts kissing your jawline, moving down your neck, to your collarbone. He starts sucking on the skin, surely leaving a mark. “D-Daddy?” “Mmm?” He hums. “Please k-keep moving.” “Someone’s a little eager.” Ashton says while pulling away. You whine at the lost of contact. He then pulls you close again, telling you to jump. You jump up, wrapping your legs around his waist, as you start kissing again. He brings you up stairs to his bedroom, without braking the kiss, laying you down on the bed. He then climbs on top of you, and grinds his hips into yours, making you moan. “God. See what you do to me?” He asks referring to his now extreme hard on. “Will you take care of it for me?” “Yes Daddy.” He then flips over, so his back is to the bed. You then climb off the bed, turning over to him, and start to unbuckle his belt. You pull the leather off, throwing it somewhere in the room. You bring your face up to his, and start palming him through his jeans. He lets out a low moan, signaling to keep going. But being you, you decided to tease him a bit, and stopped palming him. You then start to kiss him jawline, working your way down to his collarbone. “Oh this shirt is no good on. Mind taking it off for me?” He just simply sits up, pulling the shirt over his head, throwing it to the side. He lays back down, while you start kissing down his chest. When you get to his pants, you undo the button, pulling down the zipper, and pulling the tight material down his legs. You then kiss his hard on through his boxers, just to tease him. He lets out a throaty moan. “Stop teasing me will you” you just laugh and take the rim of his boxers in your hand, pulling them down.