hey what if i had an art tag


Some stuff I posted on twitter :D 

i’m sure vampires can experience the discomfort of having something stuck in your teeth too 👀


Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank all of you for liking/reblogging my Dark Souls comic. And an especially big thank you to those of you who left comments/tags, I loved reading every single one of them!  There were times when I really wasn’t sure if I’d manage to finish it at all, but seeing your reactions has made it all so sooo worthwhile. So thank you! I’m really glad I could share this comic with all of you. :)

(Btw: I’ve hidden exactly one tiny Bloodborne easter egg in one of the panels. I wonder if anyone found it? :3c)

As for me, I think I’m going to make this a farewell to Soulsborne fanart, at least for now. Would really like to focus more on original art in the near future. Not sure what exactly that will be just yet, I only have some vague ideas, but I’m hoping it might be of interest to the average Soulsborne fan as well. Would love if if you’d stick around, anyhow. :)

Well then. See ya!

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would you ever post the rest of your steven universe gemsona notes? i noticed in the tags that you had more but didn't want to bore us but i think they'd be very interesting to read and study. :)

Hey sure thing!
This project was about mimicking the style of an existing animated show- So the notes I made were mostly about the style of the Steven Universe and not just my gemsona. 

((Please note I didn’t have long for this project and these notes were really hap-hazard and rushed! There’s a lot more to Steven Universe than what I wrote ^^;; ))

The Final animation:

so i had asked stuff over anon since this is a side blog ah… aahaha uwu 

But hey i diddly dang sketched it all up and stuff and like haven’t done homework but what ever hope you like it?? ;; @kaxpha

i love the AU so much it like gives me all the angst i need tbh uwu 

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Hey I just wanted to say that when you swear in the tag now Tumblr put your art as NSFW ! I guess the word 'asshole' is what made it nsfw, the new tumblr sucks ! :')

true but aLSO NOT TRUE, Tungle has been flaggin a lot of gay girl posts from my good pal n wife @torifalls who had NO swear words in her tags.

So, while I might reigret saying Assholes in the tag, Tomble is just a rly shitty webside. 

So first, sorry for freaking you all out. I saw that I was at 399 followers earlier this evening and was wondering when I would cross the threshold.

Secondly, I really want to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

If you told me three months ago, when I was sitting at about 15 followers and had posted like two pieces of art, that I would have 400 followers I wouldn’t have believed you. 

Everyone who leaves tags or sends asks or comments or even just likes a whole bunch of stuff, you make my day. I am glad that you like the stuff I make enough to come and say hey I want to see that on my dash. 

So as I go freak out in my corner I just want to say thank you one last time. 

I’ll be doing something special for this soon. I just gotta figure out exactly what!

So, just, thank you!

chained-rabbit  asked:

Hey dear, I have a few questions for you as an artist... why did you choose tumblr to upload your art? How safe is it? Thoughts on instagram?

Hey hey! :D
No sweat ^w^
I chose tumblr because my friends were all on it XD
It happened to be a pretty good place for art, since reblogging and stuff gets you more visibility than if you were just on DA or something?
As for safe, I’m not sure what you mean :O
I personally haven’t had any issues with it (UNTIL THE RECENT DUMB NSFW TAGGING UPDATE ANYHOW)
I think that it’s about as safe as most other large media sharing sites?
You should def still watermark your work and stuff of course ^^;

I personally don’t like instagram that much for art
the fact that my image has to be a perfect square is annoying and restrictive beyond belief.
I still think it’s a good place to use, and having both a tumblr and instagram is a good idea :D

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hey! I've been a fan of yours for a while and I've just started tryijng to sell my art to the world and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on how to get A Little Famous?

my process has gone as follows:

1. big fandom
2. mambostuck
3. ?????
4. profit

okay but seriously though, er.  fandom work is accessible and if you tag all your stuff people can find you through shared interests!  so that’s always good, and then if they’re following you hopefully they can develop a connection to your original work (if you’ve got it).  just draw what you want to draw b/c you don’t wanna get popular for drawing stuff you don’t care about.

Hey y’all. In order to cut down on some scrappy sketches, plus enable me to have a… less professional space to geek out in, I made a fan art specific tumblr finally. ‘Tis over here:


Obviously it’s all Critical Role right now, but it IS intended to be for anything I don’t really want to post to this account. I still do a lot of fan art I super like, and I’ll OF COURSE still be posting and using this account often (alienfirst IS my main online name, after all), so I’m not leaving here by any means! Nothing already posted to this account will be deleted, though I may reblog some things to that new account at sporadic times.

(That new account is still going to be up to a soft R rating. The NSFW account I have is still the same multipurpose trash fire.)

(And speaking of my NSFW account, I know I have a number of people to respond to and let you know that account name. My apologies, life continues to be a swift sock to the face on a daily basis, so a lot of simple things are more difficult than they should be. I’ll work on clearing messages out soon.)

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Hi! I love your art and use Procreate to draw as well! I'm not to good at using it tho lol. There's so much stuff to use! I was wondering what brush you use to do he shading for skin, and if you had any other tips for someone struggling with this app? Thanks so much!


Hey! I’m not sure I can explain everything, but you can find the brushes I use and some other tips in my ask tag! (just search up ask in my blog) 

Here’s a list of things I learned about this app, hope it helps! (I USE THE OLDER VERSION SO IF YOURE USING THE NEW ONE SOME STUFF MIGHT BE DIFFERENT)

1. Get a stylus. It makes thing easier at the beginning. A cheap one from dollarama should be fine. If you have the newer iPad then get the Apple Pencil and save. Your. Life.

2. The blend tool is really helpful for making nice paint like affects (just don’t blend your lineart. embarrassingly enough that was a mistake I made consistently before)

3. Flip your canvas during different stages of your drawing! You’ll see all your mistakes and can fix them (BEFORE ITS TOO LATE)

4. Alpha locking the layers! (That’s when you slide a layer from the drop down layer menu to the right and the corners get lined with white ) this helps when you’ve drawn/ coloured a certain area cleanly and don’t want to “colour outside the lines”

5. Procreate doesn’t give you shapes or straight lines. To do that, fill a layer with the color of the shape you want, then transform it (the lil arrow tool) to make it into a straight line or a rectangle.

6. Expirement with the layer modes! They have some very helpful and neat effects.

Good luck!

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Hey, after skimming your top surgery tag, I didn't see anything to this effect, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for things I should ask at my top surgery consult that I may not have thought of, especially things that may help me decide between the two surgeons I'm consulting with. Thanks!

That’s a fantastic question! The guys over at The Art of Transliness have written a few incredibly detailed posts about this so I’ll point you in that direction instead of copying what they’ve already said. Here are a few posts/articles you should take a look at:

Questions to ask your Top Surgeon: The Anything and Everything Post
Questions to ask your Top Surgeon During Your Consultation
Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

It’s been pointed out that these resources don’t mention questions about nipple placement so I’d also recommend asking how your surgeon determines the appropriate position of the nipples.