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SKAMS04E10 Clip 2 - Penetrator Chris


EVA: Hey. Did you sleep well?


EVA: Mhm.

CHRIS: I just dreamt something fucked up.

EVA: Yeah, what?

CHRIS: I dreamt that I was at my old elementary school. And we were eating lunch outside, me and Caroline, who was my girlfriend in fourth grade and then you were walking past and I was like “Wow, damn”! And then I walked up to you and I was like “Hey, do you wanna date me?” in front of Caroline.

EVA: What did I say?

CHRIS: You said yes, of course.

EVA: Yes? Of course? Okay?

CHRIS: And that’s supposed to mean…?

EVA: That we’re never going to be together.

CHRIS: Why not?

EVA: Why? Because..

CHRIS: Because?

EVA: Because you.. are..

CHRIS: I am? What am I?

EVA: A cheating fuckboy.

CHRIS: Ouch..

EVA: Hi, Vilde.

VILDE: Hi, what are you doing?

EVA: Nothing in particular…

VILDE: Listen, I wanted to do something nice for Sana at that Eid-celebration, to show her how much we love her.

EVA: Yes! We can do that!

VILDE: So I’ve read a bit about Eid and it’s common to give gifts, but it’s often just to kids and money and stuff, and it’d be a bit weird to give her money. I wanna give her something really special, so do you have any ideas?

EVA: Uhm… No, I don’t know, but we should probably ask someone for some advice, maybe someone who knows more than us,

VILDE: Yeah, I agree. We’ll ask a Muslim.

EVA: Hey, but listen, maybe I’ll call you up a bit later or something?

VILDE: Okayyy!

EVA: Okayyy, bye! Where were we?

CHRIS: We were talking about if we’re going to get together.

EVA: I don’t think so..

CHRIS: You don’t? Because I think you may want to.

EVA: Nooo..

CHRIS: You sure?

EVA: Yes, I’m sure.

CHRIS: Totally sure?

EVA: Yes, very.

MOM: Eva?

EVA: Hide!


MOM: Hi!

EVA: Hi..

MOM: Oh, I’m sorry! Uhm..

EVA: Uhm.. I have company.

MOM: Yes.

EVA: Uhm.. This is..

CHRIS: Hey! Chris.

MOM: Hi. Chris.

CHRIS: Is your name also Chris?

MOM: Yeah, no, my name is Anne Marit.

CHRIS: Oh, okay. That makes sense.

MOM: Yes.

EVA: Yes.

MOM: I’m sorry for just.. I didn’t know Eva had a boyfriend.

EVA: We’re not together.


MOM: Yes, but that’s.. You’ll figure that out.. Okay.

EVA: Oh my God.

CHRIS: Oh, well.

EVA: Why did you stand up?

CHRIS: I had to introduce myself. I was raised well. You have to say hi to people.

EVA: You could’ve introduce yourself another time!

“You slept with Superman ?” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just an idea that popped in my head right at that instant, and that I needed to write before it got away. Written in less than 10 minutes, just a short thing, but I hope you’ll still like it. Boom : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


It took you approximately three and a half seconds to realize something was wrong with Bruce. You had no idea why, but he was clearly not happy. 

Not the “I’m Batman, I’m broody and dark” kind of “unhappiness”. The “I’m being a child about something but I won’t tell you what” kind. He was visibly pouting, and when you went to him to kiss his lips softly, he didn’t respond. 

He just kept staring at the bat computer and ignoring you. You could have been worried…did he stop loving you ? Was he slowly drifting away from you ? You could have…But you knew better. 

It wasn’t the first time he acted that way. It wasn’t the first time at all.

 And as you pulled away after he didn’t respond to your kiss, and he avoided your gaze, you just knew. 

Yup. Something was definitely bothering him, and he was being a brat about it. He was acting like a kid whose parents refused to buy him an ice cream, and now, he wasn’t talking to them anymore…At least for a few minutes. Because just like a kid to his parents, Bruce couldn’t resist talking to you for very long. 

You tried to remember what you could have done to make him be pouty like that…But nothing comes to your mind. You didn’t use your sass, sarcasm and wits on him lately, you didn’t make him jealous on purpose, you didn’t ate Alfred’s last cookie…What was it ?

You stay in the cave with him for a while, deciding to leave him calm down (for whatever reason he needed to calm down), and thank God your sons were getting down the stairs. 

You went to talk to them, and you could see Bruce looking at you guys sideways, acting as if your laughter didn’t annoy and intrigue him. 

Dick looks at his father, and, shaking his head turns to you : 

-Oh mom, what have you done for him to pout like a damn child ? 

-That’s the thing Dickie, I can’t remember doing anything. And I usually do remember…So…yeah, I’m clueless too. 

And you guys tried to figure out what you could have possible done…but just couldn’t find anything.

When your children left for their nightly patrol, and Bruce stayed behind (it was suppose to be his night off, but it seemed he had no intention on going back up with you and just enjoy some time together…this wouldn’t do), you decide to finally break the silence.

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thedeathoftrust replied to your post “Me, writing a post, any post, it’s not a specific post anymore, just…”

Honestly I think you should make an announcement that you’ll start name dropping because I think these people are doing it bc they know you’re nice and you won’t do anything, they see it as you just take it, ya know? I don’t think it reflects poorly on you to just, share their message because this is the internet and they released those words into the ether, the universe can decide their consequences

Oh I never said I was nice. I said I try to be good. There’s a profound difference between those two things. 

Those who have been with me long enough, know that I take a hard line stance on not naming and shaming people in my inbox for several reasons, one being that I have been doxxed before, and have had people attempt to doxx me recently, either because of something I have said that they do not agree with or because they just plain don’t like me. And it’s a terrifying experience I do not wish to ever inflict on anyone, intentionally or otherwise. 

And I think some seem to mistakenly think that because I don’t publicly broadcast the person’s name, that I am simply rolling over and taking it, when the truth is, I’m just not comfortable with having other people do my dirty work for me.

Sometimes people need someone to talk to, they just don’t realize it till someone tries. There’s a few of my current followers who started out sending me hate mail only to end up still here four years later and still talking to me every now and then to let me know how they are getting on. It’s worth it for that alone.

Others are just trolling and get blocked.

A rare few are just trying to provoke me into posting their details publicly cause they want to prove there’s no such thing as good people and I’m lying when I say I care about others. I like to call these ones The Edgelords, and they are another reason for why I strive so very hard not to crack because fuck playing into that kind of bleak cynicism. I do not grant them that power over me. 

Persistent individuals who have made multiple accounts and used VPNs to get around me blocking them, have on occasion found themselves at the frayed ends of my patience. And it’s amazing, how quickly the facade collapses when you address someone by name. More often than not you’re left talking to a very scared and very lonely individual who just doesn’t know how to fix their life. Rarely do they persist after this gentle reminder that hey, I am a human, you are a human, we should be humane to one another.

For those who still don’t relent, well, they’ve found themselves subject to the real world coming back to bite them on the ass, either through work, their school or their parents. I’ve emailed colleges to ask if {Insert Name Here’s} behavior is a reflection of their core beliefs and values. I’ve talked to parents who just couldn’t believe what their child was doing online and were mortified.

I had one kid who I was certain was going to shoot up his school after I found his reddit account and I called the local police.

So what some people might see as me protecting people who are undeserving of my radio silence…I like to think of it as one last choice.

And sometimes they choose to say sorry.

Bts reaction to when they have a crush on you and they get jealous when another get close or flirts with you.

Yayay so I opened tumblr up today and found my first request by anon
I hope you enjoy this.
And thanks again

Credits to gif owners

Request:Could you do a reaction where they have a crush you and jealous when another member gets close to, flirts with your, or feel like you notice things the others do more than them?

Rapmon was most of the times a pretty chill person for an idol, so you never thought of him having a crush on you.
Jimin kept insisting that he had feelings and that they should act a bit more lovey dovey to prove his point.
So you didn’t expect rapmon to drag you out of the room when jimin started flirting with you
“I don’t like it”
“You don’t Like what?”
“I don’t like others flirting with you, I should be the only one”

Originally posted by daeguboy

Jin was amazingly handsome and any girl/women would fall for him, but it seemed to him that you wouldn’t, everything he tried you seem to just ignore or simply miss.
So when you simply complimented jungkooks new hair colour, he became extremely jealous, he wouldn’t be scared to voice it infront of everyone.
“I’ve changed my hair colour too, I’ve got a whole new style going on here, and you only notice jungkook…”
“Oh you look amazing as always”
He would blush and keep it at that for now, but maybe I’m the future he’ll confess his sweet feelings.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga seems like the type to not care but if he was crushing on you really hard, then every little detail of you and hoseok working on your new duet would, well piss him off.
Every move, even if the two of you were on the other side of the room, he would take note, he would sit there not saying anything for a good 20 minuets and then when he heard you laughing with hoseok on the floor, he would snap, no one should make you laugh like that and it seemed like hoseok was flirting.
“Hey, Y/N can we talk privately”
“Yeah sure, what’s up?”
“I like you, and i don’t Like how your so close with hoseok.”
Hopefully after this, you’ll accept his feelings.
(Let’s be honest here if any of bts confessed I would say yes)

Originally posted by meanyoongis

J-hope has always had a crush on you, since the day you walked through those doors with Jin, Jin was your best friend and he knew that, but every interaction that you had with him, made him extremely, extremely jealous.
“Has our jinni learnt a new dish today, it’s so nice, maybe you should cook more often.”
Interactions Like these made him loose this mind, he’d grab you and pull you into his room, not too roughly cause he’s a gently pumpkin.
“You know I can cook too, I don’t like how it’s only jin hyung that gets compliments.”

Originally posted by jaayhope

Jimin never knew how big his crush on you was until today, out of all days today you decided to come over, you couldn’t have waited until all the members were gone and it was just the two of you, so when you hugged and giggled into V’s arms it made him well…. mad.
He would look at the two of you with a stone face until v had to go and work and all the others decided to sleep and it was just you and jimin.
For some reason jimin always made your heart skip, and you made his heart skip a beat so when he closed the gap and decided to sit right next to you, it made you die inside.
“Finally, It’s just the two of us, you know I can make you laugh and smile like that too”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

V has always got a smile on his face so when he looked at you and jimin with and ice cold expression it did surprise you, but you didn’t question it because maybe he wanted some space, it seemed like everytime you would giggle or smile at jimin his expression got worse, he was dying in the inside because of how jealous he was, already making up conclusions in his head, and thinking that you and jimin were dating.
He wouldn’t be scared to ask you, so when you went to the kitchen to get some water, he would follow you.
“Y/N do you like jimin?”
“No he’s just my friend why do you ask?”
“Because I do, and if you liked him I wouldn’t have said anything”
(Whatever happens after this, you can use your imagination )

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jungkook might be mistaken to be scared of women, but really he isn’t, especially not with you, he would drop lots of hints of his little crush on you, he would get you Valentine’s Day gifts and really anything to show his heart, and for the past 2 years it was only him who got you a Valentine’s Day gift, so when suga decided to get you something mainly because he forgot your birthday gift and felt horrible as a best friend, suga got you a single rose with a ring around it.
This got jungkook thinking that you were dating suga, which wasn’t true because to be honest you liked your little relationship with jungkook, this year you decided to confess your feelings for jungkook, as a gift to him.
But when you were crashed into a wall by a very tall, very handsome and very upset jungkook it startled you.
“Omg jungkook? You scared me”
“I’m sorry, but it’s not fair”
“What’s not fair?”
“How suga hyung gets you one rose and your already with him”
“Umm jungkook , me and suga are best friends nothing else”
“Speaking of roses, do you wanna see my gift”
He would raise an eyebrow with confusion
You would lightly kiss him on the lips and smile.

Originally posted by jkguks

Hopefully you enjoy that, anon and you didn’t say whether you wanted a gif reaction or not do I decided to make it into a gif reaction, cause it seems like people enjoy that more
Please keep requesting, I love doing these and a reminder that I do all types of requests from fake texts to reactions a and scenarios.
Request away~
Anyways bye

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katakulio  asked:

Hey. Firstly, I think your blog is amazing. You should be very pleased. Secondly, I hope you can answer some questions. Our dog has an infected paw and has to wear a "cone of shame" while it's healing. (We're treating the paw as the vet instructed.) As long as he's had the cone on he's been unusually quiet and shy. We talk to him, pet him, etc. but he just sits there looking dispirited. Is it common for cones to make dogs depressed? Is there anything more we can do to comfort him? Many thanks.

Cones of shame can depress normal behavior and often do - they’re large, unwieldy, and screw up things like peripheral vision. I don’t know if there’s a lot you can do to help your pupper while it’s healing, because you can’t take it off him and acclimate her to it slowly and it’s already got negative associations. It sucks, but it’s one of those situations where you have to temporarily put your dog in an a less than ideal situation for better overall welfare long term. (This is why, personally, I think all dogs should be trained to wear a cone of shame and a muzzle as part of regular husbandry work - so that if you do find yourself in a situation where your dog needs one, you’ve already got the foundation for it being more positive).  

anonymous asked:

Could i ask how the nordics and the face family would confess that they had feelings for their s/o? Thank you for your great work on this lovely blog btw! keep it up!

Hope this is as cute as you wanted it to be!! Enjoy!~ Admin Sarah and Jay

France: ‘Mon ami?…May we talk?”

Francis would take this a bit more serious than he takes other subjects; for instance, he would ask his soon to be s/o to follow him, but talk very little on the way there. Francis would likely take them to a little café, possibly the one where he first met them. After they sat down, he’d talk to them as usual but after a moment or so, Francis would ask them if they could talk. At first he would be a bit nervous, but soon find his confidence as he takes their hand into his and looks into their eyes with soft smile. Soon bringing their hand to his lips and gives a gentle kiss as the question leaves his lips. “What will it be, mon cher?”

America:  “sooooooo you know what’s pretty cool about us? We’re a team…a great team…Sooooooo maybe we should do this more often?”

Alfred would be a little flustered and nervous to confess his real feelings, but once he started talking he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He would start going on and naming every little thing he loves about his s/o, and how they make him so happy. Eventually, his s/o would have to shut him up…preferably with a kiss. From that moment on, he is theirs in every way possible, exactly like a personal little hero. 

 Canada: “H-Hey…That’s a cute outfit today…Well!…They’re all cute..! So are you…”

Matthew would be very nervous to express his feelings to his s/o for the first time. He would expect them to laugh at him, turn him down, or not even hear him. After at least three days of thinking over and rehearsing the sentence, he would find a time to sit down with his s/o and look down before whispering his feelings for them, looking up with bright red cheeks, Matthew would actually be shocked when they said they loved him back. His heart wouldn’t stop fluttering for a week.

England: “I’ve come to…really enjoy your company…and I…I would want…bloody hell, will you go out with me?”

Arthur would be a nervous wreck to confess his feelings. He would be terrified it would backfire on him and he would be alone. Though ever the gentleman, Arthur would take his s/o out to a nice place and give them a small gift…then attempt to make the words flow together to ask them out. For once in his life he would be tongue tied and stumbling, the more he stumbles he would turn bright red and bite his lip. Once he hits a certain level of flustered, he would just blurt out how he feels before gasping and biting his lip asked he looks down quickly. But if they agree and say yes, they would constantly have compliments coming their way and small but thoughtful gifts. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you do a 'you should wear that more often' with sonny?? Thank you so much!

I’d be happy to! (Don’t mind me; I have wedding fever.) Enjoy! 

Masterlist | Prompts 

34. “You should wear that more often.” | Sonny Carisi 

Warnings: Model reader

He was drifting off in his own little world when he heard the door close. Sonny’s head shot up, smiling as you walked into the apartment.

“Hey, doll. How’d the meeting with your agent go?”

You smile was a thousand watts, and his smile grew at the sight. 

You threw off your shoes and began to make your way over to the couch, and Sonny instinctively moved over to make room for you. “It was great! We talked about a couple of upcoming shoots, and….” You sat beside him, weaving underneath his arm as you pulled the photos out of the folder. “I got the pictures back from the Elie Saab wedding shoot.”

His eyes went wide at the sight. You looked stunning, body tucked into gorgeous white gown after gown. Mermaids, ballgowns, strapless, beaded, plain–you name it. Sonny’s heart nearly skipped a beat.

“You’re incredible, you know that?”

You blushed, pressing you cheek into his shoulder. “Stop that.”

“It’s true!” He defended. “And you know something else? Wedding dresses look perfect on you. You should wear them more often.”

Your heart nearly stopped. You and Sonny had been together nearly three years now, and you had both discussed marriage a couple of times. You knew it was probably on the horizon, but he had never been so blunt about it. You couldn’t ask for anything more than marrying your best friend; the grin on your face was gigantic.

“You have to give me a reason first, Carisi,” you teased. 

A smirk came on his face as he placed the pictures down on the coffee table, looking at you, amused. “Oh, I can give you a reason, sweets,” he smiled smugly, before moving in for a deep kiss.

Death Note headcanon

-Matt and Mello like to drive around in Matt’s car to get away from everything.

-they’ll more often than not end up driving through the outskirts of town singing passionately along to some song in Matt’s (tbh) rather strange music collection

-sometimes they’ll park, sit in the backseat and just talk; their conversation topics ranging from “do you remember that one Christmas at wammy’s when…” to “hey Mello we should get a cat, we’d be awesome cat parents”.

WIP Wednesday - Boueibu

Hey, you, magical boys fan. Do you create fan content for our lovely little fandom? If so, do you wish you had a way to be more productive? If not, do you wish you could find some motivation to start and finish a project? 

Look no further than WIP Wednesday, an exchange for Boueibu fan artists and authors! 

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So! What is this anyway?

#boueibuwipwednesday is a weekly (or bi-weekly) exchange of fanworks for critique, feedback and idea sharing. The idea came from a discussion on the Boueibu Discord chat about how talking about fic or art ideas is often more fun than actually writing or drawing them, which winds up being not very productive. Inspired by writing workshops (wherein deadlines and promise of discussion help with motivation), I decided hey, we should organize something so our teeny fandom can keep increasing in size and diversity of fanworks! So, here we are!

So! How does this work?

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Seventeen’s Reaction to Being on A Long Flight With Their Crush!

“How would SEVENTEEN react to having to go on a 12h fly with their crush ? How would they act on the plane ? Thanks ! I love your work ✈” - anon

A/N; wow I haven’t posted a reaction in a while I’ve been so busy please forgive me;;  I got so carried away with these lmao hope you all enjoy!!

S.Coups - Ahhh Seungcheol would be smooth. He’d be a bit nervous but it definitely wouldn’t show. He’d realize there’s not much else to do but talk so he’d just make general conversation and then a bit later he’d start asking deeper questions, and by the end of the flight u 2 would know everything abt each other. do you kno the exact time he was born? yup. do you know what brand of cereal he loves? yes u do. when you guys landed he’d be like “wow, that went by so fast” and then he’d nonchalantly ask u for ur number and do you give it to him? of course you do. he knows everything abt u now.

Jeonghan - He wouldn’t really know how to start a conversation but he’d really want to so he’d just keep stealing glances at you and at one point you’d catch him and be like ??? and he’d just say “oh I’m just looking out the window!” and he’d make some comment about how pretty the sky looked or smthn like that and would keep the convo going!! if u guys hit it off, at the end of the flight when u guys were saying bye he’d be like “oh btw, I wasn’t looking out the window. I was looking at you. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you ;)” and would walk away probably leaving u very flustered haH

Joshua - HED BE SO NERVOUS but he definitely wouldn’t be shy??? like he’d definitely want to talk to you but because he’s nervous he’s gonna end up saying some really stupid things and making dad jokes and just being a meme & if you laughed at any of his jokes he’d get so flustered ahhh. eventually he’d realize he’s freaking out for no reason cuz ur actually super easy to get along with and would totally calm down. josh would probably ask u about why you were going wherever u guys were flying to and would try really hard to think of topics that would be interesting to you and he’d probably end up accidentally complimenting you and he’d be like “OH I didn’t mean that!! I mean….I did….but I didn’t mean to say it out loud..” he’d BLUSH SO BAD but you’d be like “dude its ok I think ur cute too” or whatever and he’d be sO giddy the rest of the flight and would make u promise to call him after u guys landed ;^)))

Jun - I bet ur all expecting him to be greasy. you’re right. once the flight takes off, he’ll look at you and the first thing he’ll say is “this is a really long flight, and I know sleeping can be kinda uncomfortable in a plane, so you can rest your head on my shoulder any time ;)))” I don’t think he’d talk to u a whole bunch?? he’d make general conversation and would keep it going, but wouldn’t want to go overboard or annoy u or anything. at one point u would actually end up falling asleep on his shoulder and he’d BE SO SMUG but he’d also be a blushing mess & would probs rest his head on top of yours I’m :’)))))))

Hoshi - this lil’ muffin is gonna be so excited omg, he’d be so fun to be on a long plane ride!!! he’d come up with a lot of different games to play to pass the time like truth or dare. he’d come up with an extremely embarrassing punishment for when either of you guys would refuse to do a dare or answer a truth like “loser has to ask 10 different people on the flight to makeout with them” or something awful like that. once he noticed u felt comfortable around him and maybe showed interest in him he’d be like “this is my chance” and he’d ask u truth or dare and you’d pick dare and he’d “I dare you to go on a date with me” AND U’D BE LIKE ‘HOSHI WHAT’ and he’d say “it’s a date with me or you’re making out with that old man that’s been coughing and sneezing for the past 6 hours!!!!” and ofc you’d accept and yeah!!!

Wonwoo - I think he’d be rly shy. like rly shy he wouldn’t want to embarrass himself in front of u so he’d keep quiet in the beginning. eventually he’d notice what song u were listening to or what book u were reading and he’d just go for it and strike up a conversation abt it. once that convo died down he wouldn’t know what else to talk about so he’d let you go back to whatever it was u were doing. he’d notice you were looking cold and would offer to share his blanket with you, and you’d both be so cozy and end up dozing off and you’d REST YOUR HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER AND HE’D JOLT AWAKE SUDDENLY LIKE!!!! THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! he’d end up staying awake the whole time and when you’d wake up he’d be like “did you enjoy your rest?” with a cute lil smile on his face AAAAAHHHHH

Woozi - he’d like….just assume you wouldn’t want to talk to him or would want to be left alone for whatever reason so he’d just smile at you once then put his headphones on and listen to music and just mind his own business until he feels a tap on his shoulder and ur like “i have to go to the bathroom” but he doesn’t hear you cause his music is too loud and he says a little too loudly “hold on” + pauses his music and then he apologizes and u repeat urself and he’s like OH OK and gets out of his seat to let you out and he sits back down and doesn’t put his headphones back on so he can hear u when u come back & when you do he gets up and smiles at u, sits back down and still doesn’t put his headphones on….he notices you’re not doing anything either cause u lowkey want to talk to him too so he’s just like alrighty and finally strikes up a convo w/ you!! ur gonna hit it off really well and ur both gonna leave w/ each others numbers ;))

DK - sunshine boy is gonna make sure this flight goes GR8 for the both of you. he’ll bring some snacks on the plane and will offer to share them with you. will offer to share his blanket even if you have ur own. he’s gonna make a bunch of jokes and u bet ur stomach is gonna hurt from laughing by the time you land!! at one point he’ll offer u one of his earbuds and hands u his phone and’s like “pick a song, any song!” and ur scrolling through and you see one you love and you’re like “WOAH you like this song too??” and hes like “Uh, YEAH! One of my faves!” and then u just go back and forth playing songs you both like and getting excited when the other really likes it too and tbh ur both gonna be really sad when the flight’s over cause!! you’re having such a good time!! he’d be like “hey…I know we don’t talk that often back home but like…we should hangout sometime!” and YOU WILL AND!!!! GOOD!!!

Mingyu - I can see him being really dorky tbh. he’s gonna keep cracking lame jokes trying to get u to laugh, and every time you do laugh, that’s just gonna build his confidence even more. at one point you’d actually laugh rly hard at something he said and he’d just be like “…do you actually think i’m funny or are u just laughing cause u feel bad for me?” and you’d be like wtf ofc I think you’re funny!! why would I feel bad for you? and he’d be like “idk cause i’m just saying all of this stupid stuff and saying dumb jokes cause idk how else to talk to you” and he’d instantly think “why did I just say that omg” but you’d be like “mingyu…..you can talk to me about anything, I don’t care.” and you’d smile and he’d be like !!!!! wow ok and he’d “so, how about the weather?” and you’d both look at each other and just laugh again :)))

The8 - this lil guy would be so nervous!! he’d be like “oh great, how am I going to embarrass myself??” he’d be in the middle of thinking abt it when you’d ask him a question and he’d turn to you with wide eyes and be like “what??” and you’d repeat yourself and he’d answer whatever question it was and then he’d think to himself “wtf was I so worried for? they’re so friendly!!!” and he’d ask you a question too and you guys would just go back and forth getting to know each other better and he’d notice u looked kinda tired so he’d feel bad and be like “omg I’m sorry if I’m being annoying, you can go to sleep if you want” and you’d say “no its okay, I enjoy having someone to talk to on such a long flight….but I am pretty tired.” and you’d just smile at each other and u’d doze off eventually and he’d take the blanket he had and cover u up with it and just look at u so lovingly like..”they look like such an angel when they’re asleep” and he’d sigh happily cause hes so happy that he got to sit next to u and get to know u <333

Seungkwan - he’s gonna start off calm..he’ll be thinking to himself like “ok seungkwan..there’s nothing to be afraid of….it’s just the person you like….no big deal…you got this” BUT then as soon as you say something to him he’ll lose that cool composure and kinda tense up but still manage to make awkward conversation with you but you’d notice him fiddling with the sleeve of his shirt and avoiding eye contact with u and u’d be like “hey..are you alright?” and he’d be like “oh yeah! I’m just nervous” and he’d mean he was nervous cause he was sitting next to u but u would think he meant he was nervous to be on the plane. and I think a few more hours into the flight he would definitely loosen up and be like “the flight isn’t even half over I need to stop acting like this” and OUT COMES NORMAL BOO. he’s gonna make some jokes and just be a lil cutie pie but then he’ll accidentally insult u and he’d be realize what he just said and would FREAK OUT AND be like ‘oh my god no I didn’t meant that at all I’m so sorry I mean that you’re really pretty/handsome and I totally think we should hangout!!!” and then after he said that he’d be like oh my god why do I keep embarrassing myself but you’d be like “no its ok I know you were kidding. but yeah we should, I think that’d be fun :)” and he’d be such a happy lil guy ;;

Vernon - GOD THIS KID IS GONNA BE AWKWARD AF??? like you’ll be sitting next to each other and he’ll go to rest his arm on the armrest and his arm will brush against yours and he’ll just SNAP his arm away so quick with wide eyes and utter a “sorry” and you’d be like ??? it’s fine Vernon? but then like hours into the flight you guys still won’t have talked much and ur both watching whatever movie the airline is playing and you’d turn to him and be like “dude. what’s happening i’m so lost” and he’ll explain it super in depth and give u a whole bunch of crazy theories abt what could be really going on and you’d be like where the heck is all of this talking coming from but then by the time he’d explained all of his theories the movie would be way over and u two would just laugh and he’d be like “wow i’m sorry. I just get really into movies like that I hope you don’t think i’m crazy…” but you would be like “no that is actually super interesting!!” and then u two would continue talking about other movie theories and just get into weird random super deep conversations and it would be really enjoyable tbh!!

Dino - omg he’d walk up see you sitting down and would be like “oh hey y/n!!” like I honestly see him being pretty normal??? he may be a little shy but like oh well. why be shy when ur gonna have to be on this flight together for the next twelve hours?? he’d also be really cute tho like he’d want to make sure u were totally comfortable and be like “hey I’m gonna ask for a pillow, do u want one too?” or “do you want a bottle of water or anything to eat? i’m gonna ask the attendant for some water so I can ask for something for you too!!” he’d have just normal convos with u but would also probably suggest that you play truth or dare or I spy or smthn to pass the time!! But he’d be the one to fall asleep on your shoulder. like you’d be minding ur own business and suddenly you feel a weight on your shoulder and you’re like ?? and u see chan with his eyes closed resting his head on ur shoulder and it would be the most wholesome sight ever. <3



As promised, here is a catboy!jongin scenario, inspired by this piece of fanart. (DancingBilly always creates such incredible fanart; you should really check it out!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Here’s his collar - he doesn’t like it that much, so he probably won’t wear it - and I put everything you need for this week in the bag,” Jiyung informed.

“Alright, thanks! Where is he?” you inquired.

“He’s in the car; I’ll go get him.”

He walked back towards his car as you hauled the supplies deeper into your living room. Your good friend was departing on a business trip for a week, and graciously asked you to catsit for his sister’s hybrid. You agreed, not really minding; he said he was of calm temperament so you didn’t see a problem with it.

“This is Kai,” your friend announced. You turned around to see a tall catboy clad in all black. He smiled sweetly at you and retired his shoes at the door, taking a seat on your rug. “I gotta go but thanks a lot; I owe you one.” You exchanged goodbyes and turned back to the hybrid.

“Hi Kai! I’m _______. If you need anything this week, make sure to tell me, okay?”

He simpered, nodding. He’s a quiet one… but his cuteness makes up for it, you thought. You let him explore the house as you prepared lunch, chopping vegetables in the kitchen, when it suddenly occurred to you to ask him if he wanted to eat anything special.

“Kai!” you called out. No response. “Kai, you there?” Silence. Confused, you placed down your knife, wiped your hands clean, and set off to find the mysterious catboy. You peeked into a few rooms before surprisingly discovering him in your studio. It was a small, makeshift dance studio that you had set up in your house, complete with wood flooring and full-length mirrors running along the walls. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but the fact that you had made it with your own hands meant that it held a special place in your heart. “Do you like it?” you asked, noticing how he was fondly admiring a ballerina trinket you had received as a gift years ago. He was startled by your entrance, smiling sheepishly, his tail curling around his leg. “You know, if you turn the little key on the back…” you started, approaching the toy and winding up the turn key, “… it spins around.” You watched as his eyes lit up, completely mesmerized as the ballerina spun around to soft, twinkling music. You giggled at how cute the sight was.

“So you dance?” he asked, grinning.

“I do,” you responded, glad he was finally speaking.

“Can you show me? I love ballet.”

“Oh, can you dance too?”

He shook his head no. “Not really. I just watch. I want to learn, but Sojin never had the time to teach me,” he said, referring to Jiyung’s sister, who was his true owner but had left for college months ago and was unable to bring him along.

“Well, I can teach you if you want!” you offered. His eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Will you really?”

“Yeah! Here, I’ll show you.” You took his hand, leading him to the barre. He was already one step ahead of you, automatically positioning himself into a plié, making you chuckle at his enthusiasm. “You may already know more than me,” you joked.

The rest of the week passed by rather quickly. There was one thing you knew for sure: he was absolutely adorable. Sometimes you would catch him looking at you, and all he would do is smile and look away, making your heart melt. You learned all of his little quirks: how he preferred going by the name ‘Jongin’, how he liked his pants to be cut several inches above his ankle, how he hated the feeling of wearing socks, and how he had this strange affinity towards chicken.

Your days usually passed as follows: you’d wake up at around seven in the morning, fix Jongin breakfast, and get ready yourself before heading to work. It was a part-time job, so you were always back by noon. Jongin liked to mess around in the kitchen so you’d sometimes come home to find a simple lunch kindly prepared for you. After eating, you’d rest for a few hours; he liked to read and would often share his favorite books with you. Then, it was off to the studio. He was an incredibly hard worker, and having cat reflexes meant that he never took a hard fall. You were extremely proud of how quick he learned the moves you showed him; he strung a few together and danced with such passion that even as a beginner, you couldn’t help but be in awe of how much he let the music carry him away. Sometimes you’d wake in the middle of the night to worryingly find him still in there, practicing something that he’d always avoid talking about in the morning.

“Jongin, it’s late, you should go to bed,” you’d advise mid-yawn, peering into the room.

“I will in a little bit,” he’d always assure, sending you back to bed with a gentle smile.

* * *

The doorbell rang, signaling Jiyung’s arrival. You promptly opened the door, greeting him cheerfully.

“Hey!” you chimed.

“Hey! How was it? He didn’t give you too much trouble, did he?” he teased, stepping inside.

“Definitely not. We actually had a lot of fun this week. You should bring him around more often!” you suggested lightly. You truly were reluctant to tell the catboy goodbye; you’d definitely miss not having his affectionate presence by.

“Really? I just might.”

Just then, Jongin skittered down the hallway, halting when he saw the two of you.

“Hey Kai! It’s time to go home.”

“Already?” his ears mimicked his eyebrows, twitching upwards in surprise.

“Yep! Do you have your stuff?”

“Wait, I need to show _______ something first,” he stated, eyebrows knitting together.

You let out a quiet 'Hm?’, waiting for him to go on, but he only took your hand and led you back to your studio. You were amply curious to see what he was planning but didn’t ask any questions, allowing him to show you. He guided you to a seat he had placed near the back wall, eyes full of mischief. After pressing a button on your stereo, tunes began to roll out of your speakers and you thought you saw the glint in his eyes change, as if a new character had just taken over.

His body flowed with the music, following every ascension, every decrescendo, every soft thump of the rhythm with his own unique movement. His expressions mirrored the tone of the music, eyes shut, transforming himself into a personage lost in the composition. This wasn’t what you had taught him. No, this was his own routine. There were bits and pieces of steps that you had showed him sprinkled throughout it, but the bulk of his dance - his performance, for it was more than just mechanical movements - was entirely his own creation. He played with his petit allegro, throwing in an entrechat quatre and his favorite, the pirouette. By no means was his technique perfect, but he had this innate quality about him that allowed you to not only see his performance, but feel it. Anyone watching would’ve felt his heart completely enveloped in the mellow pulses of the speakers. Your own heart swelled as you were captured by his every gesture, even realizing that you had been holding your breath after awhile. His eyes fluttered open, gracefully sauntering over to you and holding out his hand. You reciprocated his gesture, reaching out to receive it when he caught you off guard and pulled you forward, spinning you around before you landed in his arms. Stunned, he simply grinned before readjusting your body and began a pas de deux, one hand delicately at your waist and the other supporting your outstretched arm. You were filled with delight at the sudden invitation, naturally taking the lead as you both glided around the room, beginning seriously in adage, but soon reverting to exaggerated waltz steps just for the fun of it. You tittered at his improvisation; normally, dancing with beginners always held a tinge of awkwardness, but this just felt so natural. He swooped you down into a low dip as the music faded out, the only sound left being the faint pants emanating from your frames. You beamed at him from below, holding onto his neck as he expertly raised you back up, eyes glowing with happiness.

“Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Is that why you were in here so late all the time?”

He nodded, running his hand through his hair. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, that was really sweet of you,” you commented, giving him a few scratches behind his ear. He leaned into your touch, pleasantly purring.

“Ah, that was really cute!” Jiyung exclaimed, clapping from underneath the door frame. You blushed, embarrassed that you had forgotten he was even there. “Kai, are you ready to go? I already got your stuff.”

Jongin’s tail fell along with his smile. He shifted uneasily, muttering a quiet 'yeah’ before trudging to the studio door. When you were out of earshot, he whispered to Jiyung.

“Do I- Do I really have to go?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, do you not want to?”

“Can I stay here?”

“With ________? No, I can’t ask her to do that. She’s already done me a huge favor this week.”

Although upset, Jongin understood the logic in his statement and dejectedly nodded. When he reached your front door, he slowly turned back to you, forcing a smile on his face.

“Thank you for this week,” he thanked with a strained voice, and you could sense the disappointment in both his tone and his eyes.

“Yeah, of course! You know, you’re always welcome to visit okay?” you assured, pulling him in for a hug to soothe him. He wrapped his arms tightly around your smaller physique, as if he was afraid to let go. He was a bit taller than you so your head rest comfortably against his chest, able to hear his calming heartbeat as you rubbed his back. You bade him and your friend farewell, shutting the door behind them. And suddenly, the house felt a little colder than it used to be.

* * *

You paced in anticipation, rearranging some of the stuff Jiyung had given you. After Jongin left, Jiyung had been too busy with work to drop him off at your house for subsequent visits, so you hadn’t seen him for maybe three weeks when you received another call.

“________-ah, c-can Kai stay with you? For now? I’ve been really busy lately, and he’s always complaining about how he wants to see you. And I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate the fact that I can’t take care of him as much as I’d like. I promise it won’t be long.” He lowered his voice, whispering a quick “Oh and, don’t tell him I told you this but, he thinks you’re really pretty.”

You happily obliged, convincing him that you didn’t mind. In fact, you proposed that Jongin stay with you, maybe even permanently, if that was okay of course; you knew Jiyung was constantly in and out of his house due to business trips, leaving the poor catboy alone most of the time. He agreed to it, thanking you a millionfold. The sound of the doorbell made you jump as you excitedly opened it, stumbling back when Jongin almost pounced on you at first sight.

“_______! I missed you… a lot,” he said, embracing you in a deep bear hug. You chuckled at his perpetual eagerness.

“I missed you too, Jongin.” You remained there for a few moments before adding, “Welcome home.”

He purred loudly, tail contently swishing back and forth.

“Home. I like the sound of that.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: I really admire Kai for his passion and his ability to completely surrender himself to any role in a performance. (If you want to imagine how he danced at the start the routine in the scenario, it was something like the moves he did in the beginning of the Call Me Baby teaser!) Hope you all enjoyed it! Give a like, reblog, follow, whatever you like if you did, and I’ll keep writing for you all. The next scenario may be for my wolf!exo series, but we’ll see. I hope everyone is enjoying EXO’s new comeback, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

asheyf  asked:

Could you please write something with Sherlock with 84 and 97? Thank you!

No probs boo! I’m just afraid it’s turned out to be rather short…

Prompts here x

84:  Quick, it’s an emergency! Kiss me!

97:   No shit Sherlock

You relaxedly sipped your tea while watching Sherlock as he did his work.

Like an excited child on Christmas Eve he ran around the statue, trying to find any evidence that could help him solving his newest case.

You didn’t care to tell him that  you’d already found what he was looking for.

Let him run around for while, get a bit tired- he’d be less annoying that way.

Suddenly you spotted someone amongst the crowd of pedestrians, a person you certainly did not  want to meet or talk to today.


You hissed.

He stopped and looked at you.

“Quick, it’s an emergency! Kiss me!”

The detective frowned but still made his way over to you.

Your heart felt like it could explode any moment as he actually kissed you with his beautiful soft lips.

This was one of many perks of Sherlock Holmes trusting one blindly:

He asked no questions, at least not during the problem itself.

It was kind of a win-win situation the two of you lived in.

You let him have his escapades and had an eye on him, he helped you whenever he could (or was in the mood for it).

“That was your Ex.”

Sherlock said after he broke away, leaving you a bit breathless.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

You sassed back in order to hide your arousal.

Besides some playful banter and sexual tension nothing romantic had ever happened between the both of you before.

Until now.

Well, at least you’d shown your Ex that you were indeed very capable of living life without him.

Without saying a word Sherlock went back to work, searching for something that could help him do his work.

It took you some time to find your speech again.

He’d just kissed you, just because you had asked him to do so.

Without the blink of an eye your flatmate had come over to you and helped you in the best way possible showing your asshole of an Ex that you didn’t need him anymore.

You shook your head.

This had meant nothing.

And you also weren’t in love with Sherlock Holmes.

He had just helped you, as good friends do.

You took a deep breath and let go of the image of you and the Detective making out in Baker Street 221b’s living room in your head.

“Hey, Superbrain!”

You yelled eventually, gaining his attention.

“You didn’t read the inscription.”

Stepping closer, you read the Latin quote out loud.

“Either there’s a spelling mistake, which would be incredibly humiliating, or someone deliberately changed audio into audeo. Instead of ‘I hear, I see, I learn’ now it’s ‘I dare, I see I learn’… Remember our suspect talking about how people should dare more? This monument was renovated only a few months ago. I think I know exactly where we find our man.”

Sherlock’s eyes lit up.

“Oh (Y/N), we definitely should do this more often.”

You never found out if he meant the kiss or the solving cases together. 

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When You're Depressed and Have Nothing Worth Living For
  • Depressed Guy: Life doesn't have any meaning to me anymore. Everything is so empty now.
  • Psychiatrist: I see.
  • Depressed Guy: The worst part of it is, there's no one to talk to. I don't have any friends, and the thought of meeting new people scares me. I know it's dumb, but I just think they'll end up hating me.
  • Psychiatrist: Ah, I have just the thing! *passes depressed guy a book named "1,800,999,999 TOLL FREE!! Numbers to Call If You're Lonely."
  • Depressed Guy: What's this?
  • Psychiatrist: It's the book I give to all of my patients. It works miracles. 100% success rate! Take a look at inside of it later today and you'll be set! *winks*
  • *later*
  • Depressed Guy: *sighs and opens up book*
  • Book: Depressed? Lonely? Well, don't be! If you're sad, there are millions of people out there willing to talk to your FOR FREE! Just try calling one of these numbers: 1-800-000-001, 1-800-000-002, 1-800-000-003, 1-800-000-004, 1-800-000-005...
  • Depressed Guy: What the hell is this? *flips pages*
  • Book: 1-800-567-289, 1-800-567-290, 1-800-567-291, 1-800-567-292, 1-800-567-293...
  • Depressed Guy: This is just a bunch of phone numbers. It doesn't even tell you what they're for. How is this supposed to help me? *sighs* Whatever.
  • Depressed Guy: *dials a random number*
  • Rep: Hello, thank you for calling Darkheart Pharmaceuticals' customer care line. I'm your representative for tonight. How can I help you?
  • Depressed Guy: Hello, I'm depressed. Your number was in a book for depressed people, so I decided to call it.
  • Rep: I'm depressed too. Morbidly so.
  • Depressed Guy: Oh, so you're depressed. Interesting. Why?
  • Rep: I'm supposed to act like Mike, but instead I act like Eric everyday and it reflects poorly on me in the workplace.
  • Depressed Guy: Hey, my name is Mike.
  • Rep: Really?
  • Depressed Guy: Yeah. Uh, are you doing anything later this week.
  • Rep: Just work.
  • Depressed Guy: We should meet up. Maybe talk about our depression.
  • Rep: That'd be nice.
  • *rep and depressed guy trade contact details*
  • Rep: Thank you. You have a nice day too. *smiles as she hangs up*
  • New Guy: *rolls chair over* Wow, you're smiling?
  • Rep: *immediately stops smiling*
  • New Guy: I've never seen you smile before. You should smile more often!
  • Rep: I can't talk to you. I have to be prepared for calls or I risk being like an Eric. Please leave me alone.
  • New Guy: You know you don't have to be prepared. It's not like there's any supervisors around watching you.
  • Rep: *gasps* I can't believe you! You're Eric to a T! Stop speaking to me! *pushes new guy's chair away*
  • New Guy: *internally* Why is everyone around here so fucking boring?
  • *new guy's chair hit something and falls over*
  • New Guy: Oh fuck! What did I run into?
  • New Guy: *watches as cartoonishly long and gray, corpse-like arm retracts from the floor and into a air vent*
  • *glowing yellow eyes peak from the air vent*
  • Someone: Todd is it?
  • New Guy: What the fuck are you!?
  • Someone: Language please. You're in the workplace.
  • New Guy: S-Sorry. What are you!?
  • Someone: I'm Mr. Darkheart. Your boss. Stop goofing off and get back to work. *opens third eye* Or I'll fire you!
  • New Guy: *wakes up at desk* AAAAAAH!
  • Rep: Please don't yell. It's an Eric-like behavior and some of us are actually trying to do their jobs.
  • New Guy: I'm at my desk? But I was just...
  • Rep: You were sleeping. You're not paid to sleep. Please do your job.
  • New Guy: I fucking hate this place.
  • Rep: Don't swear!
  • *air vent blows feathers in new guy's face*
Just Friends? - Calum 5sos (Slight Smut)

Your relationship with Calum was simple, he was your best friend, your rock. Meeting as babies your mums became close resulting in you both growing up together and becoming inseparable. Although you were close and spent almost every day texting, Calum had to move to another high school which made it tough, you found it hard to live without him joint to you everyday. It did make it easier as you never had to witness past girlfriends all over him, crushing your heart. The thing was you secretly loved Calum, more than a best friend should and it tore you apart having to keep it to yourself, having to make do with what him being your friend offered.

It was Friday night and just like always Calum and you had plans but this time he wanted to take you out which lead to right here right now. Fixing your hair in the mirror after various outfit changes and cursing yourself for trying to look good for a boy who had you stuck in the “friend zone”.

The sound of a knock on your door snapped you out your thoughts and you ran for the door since your mum wasn’t in to answer it. Tripping over the last two steps of the stairs you almost sent yourself flying through the front door. Steading your feet you braced yourself to answer your boys knock.

You were instantly crushed into a hug, smiling into Calum’s chest feeling warm and happy inside with his arms around you.
“Ready to go babe” Calum’s use of “babe” caused your heart to flutter as he grinned at you with his cheeky smile.

“Hey Cal, sure” closing the door behind you, you both made your way down the steps to the street in front of your house. Putting his arm around you like always to keep you warms, it just made things harder.

“You gonna tell me where we are going??” You smiled at him slightly nervous due to how close he was next to you. You never got nervous around him but tonight was different and you knew you would have to pull yourself together before he noticed.

“Ermmm nope, you just have to wait and see, but you will love it i promise” looking down at you looking up at him he replied chirpily.

After walking a while the silence began to make Calum curious.
“Are you alright?…. Y/N???” Stopping in front of you Calum pulled a concerned expression followed by his hands on both sides of your face.

“Huh, yeah im fine sorry Cal” you lied, to be honest you were far from fine, your feelings for Calum were taking over and it began to break your heart knowing you would never have him.

“Hmmm, your too quiet, you can tell me?” Starring at you it felt like he was searching you soul.

“Im just tired of walking” lying even more it took you by surprise when he turned round and signalled for you to jump on his back, holding your arms round the top of his torso, and wrapping your legs round his waist you mentally high five’d yourself for your lie had bought you a chance to be closer to him.

“Your lucky i love you” he chuckled causing chills to run through your body at the statement. “I don’t give just anybody piggy backs you know” laughing more you started to relax and rested your head on his shoulder after kissing his cheek in response.

“Okay here we go, you better hold on tight so i don’t drop you madam” you laughed at his cheekiness before he set off for your destination.

Before long you reached a house which was about 30 minutes from your own. It was pretty normal with a garage and front garden, flowers and all. Putting you down Calum took your hand guiding you down the path to the front door.

“Where are we?!” You started to panic praying it wasn’t some frat party or a new girlfriend to introduce you to.
“Relax babe, theres a few people I want you to meet” he smiled down warmly at you, relaxing you slightly.

Knocking on the door you waited with Calum before you heard murmurs on the other side. The door swung open and a tall blonde boy with piercing blue eyes and what looked like a rather painful lip piercing stood before you. “Call” he chirped smiling before glancing at you and grinning wider “hey Y/N” he spoke cheerfully at me, but i couldn’t speak nothing came out. “Y/N?! Shes here, she came?!” You head somebody else shout from inside the house and before long another voice replying “Good work Cal!”

“Hey..?!” Calum shook me out of my thoughts once again as we were invited in. “Calum what? Who? Im so confused?” And you were before it clicked “Omg Cal are these the boys from your band?”

“Actually its not his band but yeah we are and you must be Y/N, Cal’s told us all about you and finally he let us meet you” you looked up to see a pale boy with pink spiky hair smiling at you. Before you could process your thoughts you were pulled into a bear hug from the third boy who looked slightly older and had a slightly curled mop on his head with a bandana round it, he pulled back and smiled “its lovely to meet you, I’m Ashton, thats Mikey” he stated pointing to the pink hair’d boy. “And I’m Luke” the blonde boy added coming back into the room with a bowl of popcorn and various bags of sweets. “And I’m Calum” you all chuckled as Calum responded pulling you close again.


“Guys! Nooo” Luke shouted as the food fight you were all having turned nasty with a cup of pepsi thrown over him. None of you could help but laugh at his “deer trapped in the headlights” expression before he reached for the half eaten bowl of popcorn and chucked it over you all.

Falling on the sofa you pulled Calum down with you as you both laughed together at the situation. “Hey, Cal you need to bring Y/N more often” Ashton shouted “Totally, she helped you guys make a mess of my house” Luke joked. You seriously had an amazing time with all the guys. They were easy to get on with and just as weird as you and Calum. It meant a lot to you that he had brought you here to meet them, he had only ever talked of them before. It made you feel pretty special to actually spend time with them.

“We should really go, its like 11:30 cant have your mum shouting at me for keeping you out late Y/N” Calum laughed “Heyyy don’t blame me for you being tired Cal” you joked nudging him in the side. The others laughed but agreed.

Leaving the boys tool longer than expected with all of them needing to hug both you and Calum, goofing around and making you tell them you loved them all in a silly voice. “Promise you will come back Y/N” Michael said in a weird voice refusing to let go of you till you promised.

“I p..promise! Ha stop tickling me Luke” you laughed as he had joined in with Michael being weird. “C’mon guys let her go” Calum chuckled as he pulled me out their grip and we made our way to the door. “Seriously it was great meeting you guys, thanks for having me” they all laughed at your statement “Cal where did you get her shes so polite” Ashton chucked along with the other boys. “No problem, make sure to come back soon though” Luke smiled and you and Calum left.

Walking home in the icy night, Calum’s arm found its way around your shoulder again, pulling you close to him. “Thank you Cal, tonight was so much fun” you snuggled into him causing him to hug you tight. “No problem babe, i really wanted you to meet the boys, I’m so glad you all get on so well.” He spoke softly into your hair. Pulling back he was looking down at you and there you were, the feelings you had hidden rising to the surface again, causing butterflies to stir in your stomach. His eyes were glistening in the streetlight and his hair slightly messy after the food fight and various hugs from the boys. He still managed to take your breath away you weren’t sure if it was the way he smelt or the way he looked at you but you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold back your feelings for him.

He was still looking at you and you starred back he intimidated by the feelings he gave you but his embrace relaxed you all the same. You reached up to fix his hair running hour hands through it slightly and he held his hands round you resting them on the bottom of your back. You smiled and he let out a soft laugh. You were so close at this point, anybody walking by would think you were together but unknown to them you were only two best friends gazing at one another. His lips looked so soft and warm and you found yourself glancing at them imaging what it would feel like to have them on yours during this cold night. His gaze met yours and you were aware of your faces becoming closer, his breath hitting you nose, his eyelashes brushing your face gently as the best bit approached. His lips hit yours melting into one another, like soft marshmallows, but warm and slightly wet. Goose bumps rose all over your body as you tilted your heads to deepen the kiss. You felt so loved and wanted as he held you in his arms and you put your hands on either side of his face. The butterflies in your stomach now came from excitement as all your nerves were gone, it was just you and Calum.

You both pulled back for air, steeling soft pecks and one last deep kiss before you rested your foreheads together. “Y/N that felt so good… It felt right, you know?” He whispered into you “I know, i really liked it…more than liked it, i loved it…. The thing is i think i love you.” You looked down at the floor after your confession, your shoes becoming more interesting as you awaited his reaction. You felt his finger touch underneath your chin and gently he tilted your head up to look at his beautiful face, he was smiling widely with sparkling eyes. “Hmmm, well heres the thing, I love you too” he replied starring in your eyes “i have for a very long time Y/N” his words were sweet and you couldn’t believe that the boy you grew up with, knew inside out and had fallen deeply in love with loved you too!

You leaned up and kissed him again, he caught your face in his hands and your tongues danced in the dark.

Hood Brothers (Calum & Twin) - Requested


Calum and Thomas were the perfect twins. In everyone’s eyes, anyway. Their looks were identical to the point, with the same features and hair. They were pretty much a mirror of each other.  

Although they looked the same, there were things that made them different. For example, Calum was in the world wide known band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Thomas was an artist, creating beautiful masterpieces. Calum had the tattoos, whereas Thomas was still a clean canvas of skin. With different taste in music, clothes and even films, you’d think they’d have different taste in everything. 

You were lounging around on the tour bus, waiting for the boys to come back from their interview. You had decided to hang back there, instead of getting caught up in all the fans. You had been sat there for almost 2 hours, when you finally heard the door click, and open. 

Assuming it was Calum, you jumped off the couch to be greeted by Thomas. 

“Oh.” You sighed, falling back down to the couch.

“Well, hey to you too.” He laughed. 

“Sorry, I just thought you was Calum..” 

“Yeah, I’ve heard we look pretty similar.” He smirked, winking at you. 

He fell back on the couch beside you, kicking his legs out. Sighing heavily in the process. You shifted your eyes to him, furrowing your brows as you edged a bit further away to create more space between you. 

“What are you doing in here?” He said, stretching his arms above his head. 

“Waiting for Calum.” 

“I know that. But don’t you normally go in there with them?” 

“Mhm. But I decided to wait here for a change.” You said, keeping your eyes on your phone.

You sighed once more, placing your phone down beside you. “What are you doing in here, anyway?” You furrowed your brows, staring back at Thomas. 

“Got bored. Came in here. And now here we are.” 

The door clicked and opened once more, followed by a lot of chatter and laughter. 

You jumped back off the couch, Thomas doing the same seconds after. “Hey baby.” Calum smiled, walking towards you. “Hey.” You grinned, falling into his arms as he wrapped them around you. 

Thomas stood back, talking to the rest of the boys. His eyes every so often wandering to your direction, looking you and Calum up and down. 

“How was the interview?” You sat down on Calum’s lap, placing one arm around his shoulders. 

“Funny actually. You should of came in, you would of loved it. Thomas clearly got bored though.” He shifted his eyes to Thomas, raising his brows. 

Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and continued to talk to the boys. “Oh well. Did you miss me?” Calum smirked, pulling you closer into him as he tickled your sides, causing you to fall into a fit of laughter. 

Thomas’ eyes shifted back into your direction, frowning as he watched the pair of you laughing with each other. 

“Get a room, you two.” Michael laughed. 

“Get out then.” Calum winked back. 

You lifted yourself off of Calum, and sat back down beside him. Squeezing his hand, as you rested your head on his shoulder. You could feel Thomas glaring at you, but you made sure to avoid his stare and instead kept your focus on Calum. 

“I always miss you when you’re gone.” You whispered. 

“Does that mean you’re coming to the concert tonight?” 

“Um. Yes! Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You grinned. 

The next few hours were sitting around, watching the boys rehearse. Every so often, Calum would sing your name mid song, bringing a smile to your face. You sat in the front row, cheering and screaming his name, causing him to giggle and mess up the lyrics. 

“You’re gonna be great, tonight.” You smiled, wrapping your arm around his back.

It was show time, the boys were backstage rushing around, getting ready. You managed to sneak in before they went on, to wish them luck and give Calum his “good luck kisses”. 

“See you out there.” 

You took your place, with Calum’s family and your friends, you could hear the excited squeals of fans as they all waited patiently. 


You felt a hand graze your shoulder, as a familiar voice gently whispered behind you.

You met the gaze of Thomas, his hand still gracing your shoulder. “Hi.” You murmured, glaring at his hand. 

Seeing your glare, he quickly removed his hand, flashing a smile before apologising. You turned your attention back to the stage, when you heard the screams getting louder, and the music blasting from the speakers. 

A smile now blessed your face as you watched Calum run out onto the stage, causing the fans to become a screaming mess. His eyes met your gaze, locking them with yours for a few minutes before winking and running off to the opposite side of the stage. 

“He’s not bad.” Thomas whispered in your ear. 

“He’s amazing.” You beamed, keeping your eyes focused on the stage. 

Shrugging, he rolled his eyes. “If you say so.” 

You ignored the remarks from Thomas, and sang along, cheering for the boys. “I’m so proud of them” You heard Calum’s mum, a smile plastered on her face. 

Calum started heading back towards your direction, as soon as Thomas spotted him, he slipped his arm around your shoulders. Calum got closer, catching a glimpse. His smile turning into frowning as he spotted you both. 

“What are you doing?” You scoffed, throwing his arm off of you. 

“You looked cold.” He smirked. 

“Right, okay.” You laughed, pushing his arm. 

Calum glared down at the pair of you, shaking his head before heading back off in the other direction. You raised your hand to wave, but was rejected as he turned his back to you. 


You glared back at Thomas, causing him to raise his hands in defense. “Whatever.” You scoffed. 

Throughout the rest of the show, you kept your distance from Thomas. But everytime you caught his eye, he would wink or smirk at you. 

You headed off towards the bathroom, avoiding Thomas as you walked past. “Where are you going?” He called after you, but you ignored him and walked on. 

You finished off, washing your hands, checking your hair in the mirror before heading back to the stage. You turned a corner and bumped into Thomas, falling into his arms as you stumbled. “Oh, sorry.” You giggled, looking up to meet his gaze. “Have you actually followed me?” You frowned, pushing off of him. “I asked where you were going, you ignored me, so I looked for you.”

“I’m very capable of going to the bathroom myself, thanks.” 

Pushing past him, you headed back into the concert. Thomas followed behind, trying to tug on your arms for you to turn around. 

“Just listen.” He yelled.

You slowly turned on your heel, with your eyes avoiding his. “I just thought you should know that I like you.” 

“I love Calum. I’m sorry, Thomas.” You pursed your lips, walking back to your place. 

Looking up to the stage, you saw Calum, he was glaring at Thomas before turning his attention to you, half smiling. He carried on with his solo, keeping his eyes on you the entire time. His voice sent shivers down your spine, as you kept your eyes locked on his, smiling up at him whenever he sang. 

The boys performed their last song, before thanking everyone for coming and took their bow. You headed backstage to see Calum, and the rest of the boys. 

“Babe! That was amazing!” You squealed, running into the room. Calum lay flat out on the sofa, his forehead dripping with sweat. “Ahem, What about us?” Michael smirked. “Of course, you did great too.” You laughed. 

“Where’s Thomas?” 

“I don’t know, I think he’s with your mum.. Why?” You asked, puzzled. 

Calum sat up, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “Just wondering. Thought he would be with you.” He stood up, walking past you. “Why would you think that?” Calum turned his eyes to you, furrowing his brows. “Seemed to be close with him during the show.” The tension started to build up in the room, and the boys could sense it. They all slowly turned away, leaving you to stand there confused and a little rejected. 

“Calum?” You murmured, stepping closer to him. 

“I saw him put his arm around you, Y/N. What’s with that?” 

“He put his arm around me, I pushed him away.” 

“Still looked cosy to me.” He shook his head.

“Babe. I love you.” You pouted, wrapping your arms around his neck as he leaned against the wall. 

“I know. I know. I love you. I know Thomas has a thing for you. It pisses me off.” 

You had never witnessed Calum getting jealous before, you couldn’t deny that you didn’t like it. He was a lot more protective over you and just wanted you to himself.

“Here’s another thing you and Thomas don’t have in common… You have me.” You smiled, rubbing one hand on the side of his face. 

“All mine?” 

“All yours.”

Awwwww, I do love a bit of jealous Calum. 

I hope i did this justice for the beautiful anon that requested this. 

I wasn’t sure how to end it, but I’m gonna leave it how it is. I hope you all like it too! 

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