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someone: blah blah rose gives dave relationship advice bc she knows so much from being in a relationship w kanaya-

me: wait a second what? who? are you SURE?


Heya! So…this one turned out longer than expected, terribly sorry for the wait ^^;. But hey! The third chapter’s finally done…heh…woot. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t tag the last two chapters in this post because haha, I’m doing this whole thing on a crappy ass tablet. But I did reblog them both recently, the first chapter being ‘Friend’ and the second being 'Rest’. They shouldn’t be hard to find on my blog.

This fanfic has been inspired by the wonderful 2D Bendy AU created by the equally wonderful @shinyzango, go check her blog out!


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Send “Long time no see.” + a Number to encounter my Muse after years away!
  1. “Well, you haven’t aged a day.”
  2. “I thought i killed you?!”
  3. “How dare you end up back here after that whole act..”
  4. “I-I thought you were dead..”
  5. “..Where.. Did you go?..”
  6. “Finally we’re back together!”
  7. “When you said you were going to the store, i didn’t think you were heading to the store four countries from ours!!”
  8. “What happened to you?!”
  9. “Hey, you look familiar…”
  10. “Have i seen you before?”
  11. “Hey, wait! I think i know you!”
  12. “..You remind me of someone..”
  13. “I thought you said you were never coming back..”
  14. “I’m so happy to see you!..”
  15. “Hey.. It’s a ghost..”

maevna  asked:

Oh hey wait you do shadow work? Do you have any links or helpful sources you recommend? Or paid/free services you offer? I'm really interested in learning about shadow work to help myself heal so honestly anything would be greatly appreciated :) thanks!

Oh god do I EVER do shadow work lol. I’ve actually been taking a lightworker course recently to balance it out because too much shadow work gets pretty rough.

It’s like second nature for me personally now, and I’m usually quite good at working with people in person, but I don’t really do any online services for it - I find shadow work to be so … intimate and intricate that I can’t really guide online in that way except in general ways? Like personal work for me relies on seeing the micro-expressions of the person I’m working with, because people will unconciously try to protect their shadow to the point of throwing up walls even when they intellectually want to get past them.

There’s a lot of very different and effective paths to doing Shadow Work, so the resources I’ve found may not be terribly useful for you? I’d start with watching some of Teal Swan’s videos on YouTube (literally just put “Teal Swan Shadow Work” into the search bar, she’s got a handful) and then from there figure out if you’re more inclined to talking it out with people, writing, expressing it through art or any other way!

how do you think lance feels knowing that when shiro was hurt everyone waited for him to get out of the healing pod but when he was hurt they all got distracted looking at timers


katya talking about what it was like after trixie’s elimination [x]


““I don’t understand why you’re so afraid of the ocean.” Lance said.

“It can kill me.”

“So can I.”

“You wouldn’t, though. The ocean doesn’t care. We’re just bits of flotsam. It’d bash me against the rocks just as much as it keeps me floating here.”

“It’d do the same to me, though. We’re all just bits of flotsam to it, just like the earth would be a bit of flotsam in the sun, and the sun is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the galaxy- which is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the universe. I’m just as much to the ocean as you are.””

The art for my fic blue lightning and the red bandit, chapter eleven Go read it!



love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung

hey wait but
merle said he left his family/the enclave because “they weren’t doing enough to contribute to the good of mankind.” he said they were too exclusive and only in it for themselves (”i’m going to heaven, tough luck for you!”)
the very next episode, what does merle do?
he teaches the people of fungston about pan and gives them faith and hope so that, even if they do get devoured by the hunger in a year, they “have some hope for the time they’re here.” and then he stays with them when the hunger arrives so they don’t feel alone or abandoned. anyway i love merle


a canadian hockey team finally realized this song was written for a playoff montage