hey tumblr save my tags thanks

Hey uHHHhhh

I’ve been thinking about making an Instagram art account?? I know I barely talk to anyone and I’m sorry for that (@ my discord peeps), I’ve been in a bad place, and I still am but I’m trying to fix that… but I was wondering if any of you would be interested in that? I just really want to better myself and find a reason to push myself into working harder for my art :/

So yea.. if someone could at least reply to this id greatly appreciate it. ♥️

Thanks for reading

anonymous asked:

hello lovely! i love your blog and i love you, you are so beautiful! i'm really confused about one thing on tumblr though and you seem like you know your way around. so i've tried to tag someone in my post the normal way like type in @ and once you start typing their url will come up in the options. however when i do that and save it, it still doesn't tag them so is there another way you can tag people?? don't worry if you don't know, it might just be my phone acting up!❤️

Hey! First off thank you so much?? I love you. 💛💛

So maybe if it won’t tag them you can make the post then go to the comments and try and tag them there? Or make the post and send it to them? I don’t think I’ve had the problem with not being able to tag someone in a post but I’ve seen others that have and I think that’s just what they did. So maybe that helps?? I hope it does!! And if it doesn’t feel free to send me another message and I’ll try to help some more!! 💛


Hello,  I’m Amanda and I have been saving these selfies for a while (because I think they look uncharacteristically cute) I’m a simple 22 year old phan trash who writes phanfics occcasionally and gets way too opinionated on a daily basis. Come say hi? ❤️️