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Hey everyone! Guess who is still saving up for post graduate stuff (hint:me)??? Commissioning me would really help me to save up for classes and equipment and I would be very thankful!

And hey! It’s 10% off if your OC is from a video game! (your Commander Shepard, Dragonborn, Inquisitor, Sole Survivor, Lone Wanderer, Hero of Ferelden, etc.)

As always, to read more about my commissions, see the full range I offer, and see if this post is still up to date, just visit my commissions page! Hyperlinking isn’t working on my computer right now so here’s the url: http://ixiarcana.tumblr.com/commissions

Shoot me a message if you’re interested and we’ll work things out.  Thanks!


Hello,  I’m Amanda and I have been saving these selfies for a while (because I think they look uncharacteristically cute) I’m a simple 22 year old phan trash who writes phanfics occcasionally and gets way too opinionated on a daily basis. Come say hi? ❤️️