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Hey I don't wanna come off as judgmental but I was wondering why you choose to make your half-born drawing "clothed" or more so why you choose to put a shirt on him, I just found this to be a very unique character design choice that changed him completely.

Hm, I guess because by the moment it got mentioned in the book that he was shirtless (or at least the moment I took note of) and his chest was in rune tattoos the sketch was already made! I added tattooes, but somehow I didn’t consider his shirtless-ness as important? /=V=\ 

I kind of assumed he didn’t go in his shirtless mode all the time? Also I tend to google drawings of the character I draw so I know how people see the character generally, and a lot Halfborns wore shirts.

I got my main focus on hide clothing instead of no clothing. I didn’t even think about him not being shirtless would cause such a reaction before it got posted, so! idk..


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Pairing: Reader x Yuta

Word Count: 3.7k+

Warnings: nothing for now!

Summary: Brother’s best friend au! with Taeyong as the reader’s brother and Yuta as the brother’s best friend! Most likely going to be a three-shot but maybe more!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: It’s finally here guys! I’ve been working on this all week and I know it’s a bit short, but I really wanted to use this part to set the mood and give you guys a sense of the personalities! Don’t worry though, there’s definitely romance in this part too! Feedback is much appreciated and I really hope you all enjoy!

A shiver runs down your spine, your jacket doing nothing to keep the icy droplets from burning your skin. You had called your older brother about 30 times, none of which were answered, to come pick you up from your friends house. You dial his number once more, and yet again are met with his voicemail. You knew you should have taken the car, but you decided to be a nice sister and leave it with your brother since he asked you to. You would’ve never left it with him if you knew it was going to rain and he wouldn’t answer your phone calls. The streets are eery and dark because of the small storm. Not a bit of sun is shining through the clouds, and you’re legitimately the only person on the street. You speed up your pace, hoping to reach the comfort of your house as soon as possible. A sliver of the view of your house comes into sight as you turn the next corner, and before you know it you’re almost jogging to your house. Carefully walking up the wet driveway, you make your way to the front door. You notice another car in your normally one car driveway, but pay no attention to it just wanting to warm up inside. Creaking open the door, you look in to see no one in the living room.

“TAEYONG, I’M HOME!” You yell, slipping off your soaked jacket and almost ruined shoes. You cringe in disgust as you ring your hair out, the stench of rain all over it and the rest of your body. Footsteps echo throughout the hall, as your older brother makes his way from the kitchen to your voice.

“Hey sis- What the hell happened to you?” He says, stopping once he see’s your drenched form in the doorway.

“It’s pouring outside! I tried to call you, but you wouldn’t pick up your phone, so I had to walk home!” You reply.

“I’m sorry y/n, I-” Taeyong starts, before he is interrupted by the man of your dreams himself.

“Y/n! What a nice surprise!” He says, painting a playfully.

The beat of your heart starts speeding up as your gaze falls upon the dark haired male. Yuta is not only your brother’s best friend, but he is downright the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and you’re not even exaggerating. The guy makes you so nervous, you can barely get out two words when you’re around him. It doesn’t help that he’s the biggest flirt there is. Nakamoto Yuta will flirt with anyone, including you. He knows how to use his looks to his advantage. How he became best friends with your idiot of an older brother, you have no idea. 

“So, what happened to you? Decided to run through a sprinkler or something?” He asks, cheekily. A blush paints over your cheeks as you take notice of what a mess you must look like right now. Your wet clothes are sticking to your body, your makeup is all smeared and your hair is dripping. Not to mention, Yuta’s clearly staring at your exposed body, making you even more anxious.

“She had to walk home from her friend’s house in the rain since I have the car and I wasn’t picking up my phone.” Taeyong says, deciding to stick up for you since he feels guilty.

“Sorry y/n it’s my fault. Taeyong and I were playing a video game so his phone was muted… but hey, it’s not too bad right?” Yuta replies with a smirk, eyes raking up and down your drenched body. Yuta’s flirtatious advantages are nothing new to you, but you can’t help but feel self conscious with your clothes being so see through.

“Not too bad? She’s completely drenched!” Taeyong says, giving his friend a “wtf man” look. 

“Yeah, but I personally don’t mind the view.” Yuta says, shooting you a wink, causing Taeyong to elbow him in the stomach.

“Hey man, be careful what you say, that’s my sister.” Taeyong says sternly. However, Yuta just rolls his eyes and keeps looking at you. Not wanting to stay there any longer because of the awkward atmosphere created by Yuta’s daring comment, you decide to bolt.

“Uh, I’m gonna go change!” You say, turning around without waiting for a decent response. You quickly head up to your room and shut the door, letting out a deep breath. Everything is silent until Yuta’s laugh is heard echoing throughout the house and you finally manage to calm down. The stench of rain is still heavy on your clothes as you look through your drawers for something comfy to change in to. Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you always borrow is the first thing you see that you deem suitable enough your comfort. You’re about to change when you finally see your own reflection in the mirror. Black streaks are all over your face from your makeup and your hair is absolutely destroyed. To put it curtly, you look like you’ve been hit by a bus. Deciding the best option here is to shower first, you lay the clothes you were going to put on on your bed and head into the shower. 

The hot water runs down your body making all of the tense muscles in your body start to relax. Yuta always flirts with you, whether the two of you are in front of Taeyong or not, but you can never tell if he’s being genuine or not. Taeyong tells you about Yuta’s pursuits with girls all of the time and they make you sort of iffy. Whether Yuta seriously feels something for you or not, it’s too late for you. Your feelings for Yuta are in full swing and every time he flirts with you or looks at you a certain way, they just get stronger. Finishing up in the shower, you wrap your towel around your body and open the door to the bathroom. A small scream escapes your mouth when you’re met with Yuta’s smirking face.

“Oh y/n, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were in the shower.” He says not so discreetly looking you up and down yet again.

Even more uncomfortable than last time, you adjust your towel slightly, as if that’d do anything, and reply, “Yeah, well I felt all dirty from the rain so, I just decided to hop in really fast… don’t worry, the bathroom’s all yours now!”

“Great, thanks!” He replies, walking past you to go into the bathroom. His shoulder brushes against yours since he didn’t wait for you to move. Completely flustered, you go to walk away, but then Yuta grabs your wrist, pulling you into him so closely that you can feel his breath on your face.

“By the way y/n,” he starts, “You should really be more cautious of who you decide to walk around in a towel in front of” he smirks, shutting the door before you can respond. The door is shut before you even think of anything to respond, and you literally just stand there in awe for a few seconds. Not wanting to be there when he comes out, you race back to your bedroom and shut the door with a little too much force, making you flinch. Your face is bright red as you take deep breaths and try to comprehend what just happened to you. Mentally scolding yourself for not bringing your clothes with you into the bathroom, you sigh and take a seat upon your bed. Your personal heavy breathing is the only thing that you can hear until the creaking of the bathroom door opening breaks the silence. You quickly hold your breath, praying that Yuta won’t approach you again. Luckily, you hear his footsteps walk right past your room and head straight down the stairs. Deciding sitting in a towel staring into space is not the most intelligent or effective way to cope with your feelings, you stand up and prepare to get dressed. However, before you get the chance, your door is pushed open, making you let out a scream identical to the one from before.

“Taeyong! Why didn’t you knock, I could’ve been changing!” You shriek without even glancing to see if it was actually him at the door and just assuming. 

“Well that would’ve been a lovely sight to see.” You freeze once you hear the velvety voice that responds and wonder what you possibly could’ve done to be this unlucky. Nerves start creeping up your spine as you try to muster up something, ANYTHING, to say in response to Yuta. Sensing that you’re flustered, Yuta decides to take things a bit further.

“I didn’t know you liked sitting around in a towel after you shower y/n! If I had known that, I would’ve invited you to come hang downstairs with us.” He says with a wink, leaving you even more breathless than you were before. 

You try to say something to explain yourself, but all that comes out is, “I don’t uh… this isn’t… I don’t normally-”

“Hey hey, it’s ok! Maybe you just like to feel free sometimes? I don’t judge. In fact I’m the same way! If it wasn’t for your brother’s rules I’d probably be walking around nude right now.” Yuta says, causing yet again, another blush on your face. You wonder how Yuta is able to have absolutely no shame. He’s always confident and smug whenever he flirts with you, making sure to always make eye contact and do the correct body gestures; but, for some reason you can’t seem to do the same. It’s as if he hypnotizes you every time his eyes meet yours. After not receiving an answer, Yuta steps further into your room. Every step closer he gets, the more quickly your heart starts beating. Time feels as if it’s in slow motion, though in reality it’s only a few seconds as he walks over and casually takes a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“So anyways, Tae asked me to come up and tell you that the two of us are going out tonight so we won’t be home until late.” He says. Your heart drops. It’s no shocker that Taeyong and Yuta are going out tonight, they’re two attractive teenage guys. But you can’t help but feel a little let down that Yuta was just harmlessly flirting with you. Determined not to let him win this little game you just made up, you try to keep your guard up and calmly ask, “Where are you two going?”

Yuta just laughs softly and looks into your eyes. “Just to our friends house. He’s having a party tonight and the two of us decided to go.” Yuta places his hands on your bed and leans forward so that he’s closer to you. “I asked if you could join, but your brother insisted it’s best if you stay home. It’s too bad really, I feel like the two of us could’ve had a lot of fun together.” He says, with a mischievous glint in his eye. Looking into his eyes just amplifies what he was making you feel already. 

“Yeah that’s really too bad… but I’m not ready for a party anyway… it’s not like I could show up in this towel right?”

When Yuta doesn’t respond, you look up at his face to see him staring at something. Turning around, you follow his gaze to Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you had laid on your bed.

“Whose sweatshirt is that?” Yuta asks, his voice void of emotion.

“Why?” You ask, your brow lifting up in confusion. 

“Just curious…” He says quietly. You didn’t catch on at first, but a little smirk slowly makes it’s way onto your face as you read the situation. It’s entirely possible that Yuta is jealous right now.

“Oh it’s just Taeyongs. I like guys sweatshirts better than girls, so I steal his all of the time.” You reply. An apparent wave of relief washes over his face.

“Cute.” He says with a small smile. “I guess I better get going.” 

“The two of you have fun. Tell Tae to keep me updated so I know he isn’t lost and shit faced on the sidewalk ok?” You reply with a new sense of confidence after learning about Yuta’s jealousy.

Yuta simply smiles as he gets up. “Will do y/n.” 

He starts walking towards the door, but turns around again before the exit. His eyes bore into yours with a matching sense of confidence. “By the way, you’re welcome to wear one of my sweatshirts anytime.” And with that, he shuts the door and leaves you to delve in your own thoughts.


After Taeyong and Yuta had left, you didn’t really know what to do with yourself. In an attempt to wait up for them, you get yourself comfortable on the couch in the living room and begin to binge watch one of your favorite dramas, hoping it’ll distract the images of Yuta from your mind. However, your plan fails when the drama actually has you thinking more about Yuta, like what’d it’d be like if he treated you like guys in dramas treat their girlfriends. You wonder if the two of you could ever be like that; cuddled up on the couch, looking at each other as if you two are the only things that matter in the world, saying cheesy declarations to one another, sharing soft kisses. You shake your head lightly, telling yourself not to get your hopes up. First of all, it’s a drama that you’re comparing this type of relationship to, AND it’s with Yuta of all people. You scoot around on the couch, adjusted the pillow you are laying on so that you could feel more comfortable. The voices of the actors eventually begin to fade out as you slowly fall asleep to the noise of the drama.

The sound of the front door pulls you out of your sleeping state. Blurriness clouds your vision as your eyes begin to adjust to the light. You grab your phone and take a quick glance at the time, seeing that it’s 3am. You stretch your arms above your head and look around to see where the noise came from, your stiff back aching as you slowly stand up from the couch. Walking out of the living room all disheveled, you’re met with the sight of your extremely drunk brother being held up a by an only slightly drunk Yuta. 

“Oh hey y/n!!!!” Your brother slurs, “What’s up sisssss?” 

You sigh and go to take Taeyong from Yuta’s hold, your body falling forward from the effect of holding up your brother’s weight. “Come on Tae, it’s 3am and you’re super drunk. Let’s get you to bed.” 

“No, I wanna stay here!” Taeyong says pouting like a 5 year old, pushing you away from him and plopping himself down on the couch. Having been in this situation before and knowing it’s best not to fight him when he’s drunk, you decide to just take a seat next to him, too tired to fight him anyway. You failed to realize that Yuta’s been watching you the entire time, and for the first time, he almost doesn’t know what to do with himself. He just showed up to your house with your drunk older brother. Does he flirt with you like he normally does? Does he leave? Does he stay over like he was supposed to? Lucky for him, you decide to initiate conversation this time.

“Are you staying over tonight?” You question quietly, having no idea where you got the confidence to ask him that.

“Well yeah I was supposed to… but I could go home if it makes you uncomfortable?” He says politely, almost shocking you.

“No it’s ok, you don’t make me uncomfortable. And you’ve been drinking, it’s probably best that you don’t drive and just stay here.” You say. A curt nod is the only response you get from the dark haired male. He then walks over and takes a gentle seat next to you on the couch. Taeyong is passed out by now and the atmosphere between you and Yuta is just awkward. Neither of you can find anything to say to one another. You wonder what could’ve happened at the party to rid him of his flirtatious persona, but you decide it’s best not to ask. You look over to your right and see Yuta carelessly scrolling through Instagram. Without realizing, you unintentionally end up staring at his side profile for a long time. His perfect nose, his long eyelashes, his smooth lips; every feature present on his face is able to appeal to you. Feeling your stare, Yuta looks up and meets your gaze. Too embarrassed that you were caught, you immediately look down towards your lap and reach behind you to take out your phone. However, Yuta eye’s don’t leave your face. He’s studying you just as you were him and you know it, but you can’t find the courage to look up.

“Y/n can I ask you something?” He asks, finally breaking the silence.

“Go for it.” You reply anxiously.

“What do you really think of me?”

Your eyes widen in response, not expecting such a question, you reply, “What do you mean?”

“How do you view me? Like when you hear my name, what comes to mind?” He asks, his eyes not leaving your face for a second. When you don’t answer, he decides to go further.

“Look, I like you Y/n. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous but the more I’ve come to hang with Taeyong and the more I’ve gotten to know you…” He stops, almost as if he’s trying to find the right words to say.

Having a feeling where he’s going with this, you interrupt, “Yuta, you’re my brothers best friend…” as you’re fighting an internal battle with yourself on what you should say, since he did almost basically just confess to you. 

“What? Is that ALL you see me as?” He asks, scooting closer to you. “I know what you think of me y/n.” He pauses, sighing. “I know that you think I’m insanely attractive, and I know that you like me. But, I also know that you think I’m a flirty fuckboy who only flirts with you for my own enjoyment.” He stops, making sure he’s looking in your eyes before he says, “Well I want you to know that none of that is true.”

“If you already know, then why did you ask?” You reply.

Yuta nods slowly and meets your gaze again. “I’m really not like that you know.” He says. “I don’t flirt just to flirt, I flirt because of you.” When you don’t respond, he decides to continue. “You aren’t just some girl y/n, i’ve known you for as long as I’ve known Taeyong. And everytime he invites me over, I get the pleasure of seeing you. I can’t even tell you how much I secretly love it when Tae tells you to chill with us and you say yes. I love watching the heat rush to your cheeks whenever I talk to you, and I love how nervous you get whenever I’m around.” Yuta finishes, leaning even closer towards your body.

“Yuta… you’re drunk.” You tell him, unable to come up with any other valid response. He definitely drank, but the both of you knew that he was no where near Taeyong’s level, and he knew that you knew. 

“I’m not drunk y/n, I’m just barely tipsy. You and I both know that. And even if I were drunk, they say alcohol is what causes the truth to come out.” He says, leaning in even more, which you didn’t even realize was possible, to a point where there’s barely any space left in between the two of you.

“B-but Taeyong?” You say, your breathing getting heavier, anticipating what’s about to happen.

“Just forget about Taeyong for a second.” He says, reaching his large hand up to cup the side of your face, the warm of his hand acting as a sense of comfort. “Let me just try something.” He says softly. His hand gently guides your head, pulling you closer to him. His breath is light on your face as the space between your lips slowly begins to disappear. Yuta’s lips softly graze your own for not even a second, before you’re suddenly hit in the back of the head by the Taeyong’s arm, signaling that he’s waking up from his little drunken nap. A grunt escapes Taeyong’s throat and you and Yuta quickly pull away from each other. Silently cursing Taeyong in your head, you turn around to check on him. 

“Hey guys! What happened to the partyyyyy?!” He asks, slur still clearly present in his voice. Yuta has yet to look away from you, it just not feeling right to remove his gaze after such an intense moment. He had been waiting for that for a very long time, it was about to happen, and Taeyong had managed to rip it from his fingers in a matter of seconds. But being the good best friend he is, Yuta puts his needs aside and goes to help Taeyong.

“Come on man, let’s get you to sleep.” Yuta says sighing.

“But it’s party time!!!!!” Taeyong slurs again, falling into Yuta as he tries to stand up from the couch.

“We really should monitor how much he drinks next time.” You joke, laughing slightly in hopes of lightening the atmosphere after such an intense moment.

Yuta gives you a genuine smile in return and says, “Well I guess I’ll get him into bed so that you could go to sleep.” 

Yuta leaves Taeyong on the couch for a second as he goes to approach you. He walks up to you, cradles your head in his large hands, and brings your forehead to his lips to place a gentle kiss upon it, causing your heart to flutter at the sweet act. “Goodnight y/n”. He says, shooting you a small smile and leading your brother up the stairs. And with that, the two of you are left to wander in your own thoughts. 


A/N: Well that’s the end of part one guys! Again feedback is really appreciated! It’d be awesome if you guys let me know what you liked about it and what you want to see in part 2! Thank you so much again for reading!


    • every second of her existence caused me delighted pain and suffering in this episode.
    • so much backstory, every part of it more upsettingly endearing than the last!
      • she had a cancer research start-up at 18 with her handsome friend who probably adored her from the start.
        • for the math challenged:
          • jack and lena had their company for five years and were together for 2.
          • they were together when she left both him and the company approximately 6 months ago.
          • lena’s 24, as per episode 212. 24 minus 5.5 = 18.5.
        • their start up was in a garage! with explosions!
      • she wasn’t even there when lex was dragged away to jail and her mother was pretending nothing was happening at all.
      • she had a darling boyfriend whom she loved very much and left him behind in metropolis to go clean up her brother’s mess.
      • she’s learned to punch the everloving shit out of someone attacking her in the space of a couple of months since her mother tried to have her killed injured.
        • that high heel to the stomach!
      • but alas also basically a dead puppet for evil.
        • i do love that the evil motive this week was just corporate greed.
      • i’m choosing to believe that the mainframe held his consciousness and he wasn’t just a mindless automaton BECAUSE I WANT TO DAMMIT and also the entirely inconsistent moment of breakthrough to tell lena to do it at the end lets me get away with it. he was a robot recreation of the real jack okay AND HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER SO DAMN MUCH.
      • that first scene in lena’s office was so dreamy. it’s a hard sell to get people on board with an off-screen previous romance, but holy crap i swooned.
        • their banter was so nerdy.
        • he was so charming.
        • “do you have fun here?” “i feel good about the work we do.” “you had fun with me.”
        • “it’s not like i wanted to go.” NOT ENTIRELY JACK RELATED BUT, OH MY HEART. 
        • “just dinner?” “it’s entirely your prerogative.”
        • swooooooon.
        • and they were both so sad, and it made me very sad.
      • that dinner was. i can’t actually, it was horrifying. much horrifying. but…
        • “is that the only reason you came?” “no.”
        • he called her a queen, and she nerded out in her heartspace.
            • kara wanted to vomit, this was hilarious.
      • “it’s pretty decent.” “it’s pretty dece.” “oh no, you did not just say that.” DAMMIT, I LOVE HIM.
      • ‘hey kara can you please go i need to have a small breakdown in private have work to do.’ someone please hug her.
      • “you were just doing your job, it’s all any of us can do.”
        • she’s going to blame herself for this, for abandoning their work.
    • also
      • lena has a new assistant named hector. i hope he’s less minion-y.
      • the way she smiled when she thought VP of Murder whose name i don’t know was going to kill her was the saddest thing ever. someone please hug herrrrrrr.  
    • so happy to be out flying around!
      • “i am here to kick some ass, take some names, and do it all with an endearing smile on my face.” how Very Meta.
    • what a plot twist, this week i was endlessly proud of kara as a professional and totally facepalming otherwise.
      • perhaps a first?
      • i love awkward as fuck stutterface kara. i just do. and i love that they very specifically only bring it out as a device when she’s trying to be grown up professional kara danvers. it feels real, in a way that sits interestingly with the performative nature of the kara danvers construct.
      • and it was a good resolution. what she did at the time wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t actually the best solution in terms of getting her information out there. no one cares about kara danvers dot com. a great many people care about the apparently now a hard hitting investigative news source, catco magazine. but way, way more importantly, what she did wrong as far as her job was concerned was break the rules. and she has apparently learned that though from what i do not know, even in the dialogue that was totally tacked on. oh well.
    • i’m gonna be sad i’ve been denied news blogger kara in her pjs on the couch, though. or food truck entrepreneur kara!
      • i actually have a lot of issues with the points they say they’re wanting to make about the press and what they’re actually doing, but that’s not for this list.
    • also kara’s knowledge of FDA regulations and FOIA requests was hot.
      • “you’ve gotta get out of here.” “no, i’ve got a better idea.”
      • the most important thing this episode did for me shift them professional to personal. yes they were having gay hipster dates last ep, but this was friendly.
    • first of all, what kind of nerd-ass date is taking a girl to a science tech press conference? a very good one, if you ask me.
    • “i always have your back.” “you’re my favourite.”
      • lena basically asked kara to protect her from her feelings of thirstiness, and kara totally abandoned her! twice! yes, lena told her to go away, BUT THAT’S BECAUSE OF THE THIRST. 
      • in conclusion, don’t ever ask kara to protect you from getting laid, because she will not.
      • at least she complimented lena on how good she looked on their thirst adventures, which: she looked damn good.
        • i had to slither over the back of my couch from second-hand embarrassment.
    • it’s okay though because lena thinks she’s one of the best reporters in national city, and kara has absolutely no idea how to respond to that besides laughing like a lunatic, bless her.
    • let’s just pretend that dinner scene didn’t happen.
    • kara showing up to tell lena about jack, and describing said dinner that didn’t happen as “weird” is. okay. 
    • does lena know? DOES LENA NOT KNOW?
      • WHO KNOWS.
      • but man that last scene is funny if she does.
      • “i will always protect you.” girl, lena saved you this week, and you abandoned her to her thirst.
      • i just.
      • I JUST.
      • (i actually feel a little weird including this in the shipping section because lena was basically on Planet Sad and definitely not fully present.)
      • gosh, kara has a lot of feelings.
      • a lot of feelings for her good friend lena luthor.
      • a. lot.
    • the actual plot this week was cool and scary as fuck. nanobot swarms are going to give me nightmares now, thanks show.
    • i hope alex learned some cool knife tricks.
    • i hope kara didn’t leave any DNA in that active crime scene she flew away from.
    • mon-el was actually delightful as heck in all of his existence, including interacting with kara.
      • he was reading harry potter!
      • he took a message on what i can only assume was kara’s landline!
      • “this just feels like stalking.” “no, it’s journalism.” “very creepy journalism.”
      • “i feel a connection to you. like a mannection.”
      • “i stole jack’s security badge. for journalism.”
      • “that romantic bastard.” the more the merrier on daxam ;)
    • the previouslies included IT’S BLOBBED. every previouslies should include IT’S BLOBBED.

SummaryYou’re friends with all the 5sos boys but are unintentionally a little more touchy-feely and close to one of the boys and all the others notice and joke about it.

~ requested ~ || Requests are open

“Touchy Feely”

You were in a Vegas Penthouse suite with Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Luke. 5 Seconds of Summer had a day off from meetings, tour preparations, and song writing. It was beautiful day, the sun high in the sky and shining brightly. It was just a matter of how to spend the day.

Michael was sat on the floor with his back against the center table and a Nintendo switch in his hands. Calum was on the single seat couch with his legs over the armrest and his back against the other as he scrolled through the endless notifications on his phone. You were laid on the long couch with your head rested on Luke’s lap and he ran his left fingers through your hair while intertwining the right with yours.

“What are we doing today?” Ashton asked when he returned from the kitchen with a bag of crisps.

“We could hit the pool,” Luke suggested.

“I think I’ll stay here,” Michael replied, focused on his game, and frankly, not a fan of the outside.

Calum sat up straight on his seat and placed his phone down on the table. “I’m down,” he said.

“Me, too,” Ashton agreed. “[Y/N], what about you?”

You sat up and nodded, “Alright, let’s go.”

The four of you dispersed from the living room to change into swimwear.

“Luke?” you called from your room as you struggled to tie a decent knot with the straps behind your back. Luke’s head popped out of the doorway. “Yeah?” he asked. You turned around to show him the untied straps of your bikini top. “Help,” you said. Luke walked inside and tied the straps for you.

“Hey,” Calum said from the doorway, “are you guys ready?”

“Yeah,” Luke answered as soon as he finished tying the straps. You followed Luke out of the room. “I could’ve tied it for you,” Calum whispered from behind you.

You whipped your head around and glared at Calum. “Shut up,” you told him. Calum chuckled at your defensiveness. 

“Have fun!” Michael yelled from the living room as the four of you left.

The pool area was gorgeous and spacious. The pool was in the shape of an infinity sign and the outside of the area was lined with palm trees. The place was filled with people who were looking for a great time and cocktails and margaritas in their hands. There were rows after rows pool lounge chairs and cabanas. Music was blasted by the DJ and there was a bar set up with waiters and waitresses to serve guests.

“Need help?” Luke asked when he saw you were applying sunscreen.

“Yes please,” you handed him the bottle and turned your back towards him.

He squirted sunscreen onto his hands and rubbed it onto your back. You caught Ashton and Calum watching with smirks on their faces. “What?” you asked the two. “Nothin’,” Calum replied smugly.

“Me next,” Ashton teased Luke. Luke rolled his eyes and aimed the sunscreen bottle at Ashton. Ashton flinched as the bottle hit him right in the arm. “Ouch,” he joked, rubbing his arm.

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Blanket Forts and Movies - Stan Uris Imagine

“Hi ! omg I love ur writing and I was wondering if u could write a stan uris x reader where they’re dating and they have a cute slumber party at his house and its just really cute and fluffy omG”

A Stan Uris Imagine in which you are invited to a sleepover and you guys decide to make a blanket fort. Fluffiness ensues.

“Ben, are you really taking a New Kids on the Block quiz?” Richie makes a jokingly grossed out face towards Ben, who was currently filling out a teen magazine quiz with Beverly. “That’s kinda weird dude,”

“You’d know a lot about weird, Trashmouth,” Ben says without missing a beat. He had gotten used to Richie’s constant teasing. Everyone in the Losers’ Club had. 

“He has a point, Rich,” You stop your search for spare blankets momentarily to smirk at Richie.

“Shut up, (Y/N). Keep looking for those blankets.” Richie shoots back.

“Hey, don’t yell at her,” Stan gives Richie a serious look. He was always looking out for you in those sort of ways, like giving you his jacket if you were cold, and yelling at Richie when he teased or yelled at you.

“Okay, damn, don’t kill me for joking around with your girlfriend,” Richie put his hands up defensively before turning his attention to whatever board game Bill, Eddie, and Mike were playing. His statement made your face turn red and you quickly turned back to Stan’s closet to find blankets.

“Hey Richie, cuh- cut it out. You’re m-making (Y/N) uncomfortable,” Bill pelted Richie with a spare players’ piece to further his point.

“Hey, (Y/N), how many blankets have you found by now?” Bev decided to change the subject.

“Um, about 3. I don’t think there’s anymore in here, though, and we need at least 6 if we want to make a decent blanket fort,” You turned away from the closet and looked at Stan, who was reading a book lazily on his bed. He looked so relaxed and you just wanted to curl up with him and let him read to you until you fell asleep. The thought made you blush and you quickly pushed it away. 

“Do you have any extra blankets anywhere, Stan?” You asked. He looked at you for a moment before putting his book down and getting up.

“Yeah, they’re in the linen closet downstairs. Come on, I’ll let you pick out some good ones.” Stan grabbed your hand to lead you to the closet. You knew it was more of a leading gesture rather than a romantic one, but it still made your heart race. Once he found the closet, he dropped your hand and opened the door.

“Okay, here’s the closet. Pick out which ever ones you want. I’m gonna go get some snacks from the kitchen for everyone. Shout if you need help and I’ll be here ASAP.”

“Okay, thanks Stan,” You smiled at him.

“Anything for you, (Y/N).” He smiled back at you before turning and going in the direction of his kitchen. You directed your attention back to the closet in search of the fluffiest and softest blankets. To your surprise, Stan had a lot of good blankets and you ended up picking out more than you needed and had a stack of blankets that went over your head. You didn’t want to distract Stan from getting snacks, so instead, you just started back towards the stairs with very limited vision.

“Woah, do you need help?” The voice of Beverly startled you and caused you to drop some of the blankets you were carrying. She was at the top of the stairs holding back a laugh. “Didn’t mean to startle you, scaredy cat,”

“I am not a scaredy cat. And, yes, I could use some help.” Beverly quickly descended and picked up the fallen blankets and the two of you started back towards Stan’s room.

“So, do you like Stan?” Beverly looked at you with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“What?” The question made you stop on the spot and eye the red haired girl with surprise. “Why?”

Beverly shrugs. “Just wondering, is all.” She walks into Stan’s room and plops the blankets down in the chair with the rest of the fort materials before joining the rest of the Losers’ in their conversation about school. You make your way towards said chair and begin pulling out the blankets.

“Oh, are we making the fort now?” Mike asks.

“I figured we could go ahead and start, so that way we won’t be too tired to do it later,” You shrug. Everyone stands up and begins helping you spread and pin the blankets in various area’s of Stan’s room, eventually meeting in the middle. You had made sure to include Stan’s TV inside the fort, which was especially exciting since Stan was one of the only Losers to actually have a TV in his room. The fort is finished pretty quickly and looks really cool. It stretches all the way from Stan’s bedroom door to his TV on the other side of the room.

“This is awesome (Y/N)! I’m glad you came up with this idea,” Eddie said as he ran his hand lightly across the new blanket ceiling.

“Woah,” Stan had returned from the kitchen with arms full of snacks.

“Do you like it?” You ask.

“Like it? I might just have to keep my room like this forever. This is magical almost.” Stan places the snacks down and the both of you go to find some movies to put in the VCR.

“What kind of movie do you wanna watch, (Y/N)?” Stan asks as you run your fingers along the spines of the movie cases.

‘It doesn’t matter to me, as long as we get to watch it together,” You smile at him. Your comment makes Stan choke and cough.

“O-okay,” His voice cracks a bit and you can’t help but giggle. “What kind of movie do you guys want to watch?” Stan asks the rest of the group.

“How ah-about a com-comedy?” Bill suggests as he opens up a can of soda.

“Nah, dude, let’s watch something scary!” Richie grins wickedly.

“You know I hate scary movies, Richie,” Eddie complains.

“That’s why I suggested it,” 

“Or, instead of fighting, we can just watch multiple movies of different genres,” Ben points out with an annoyed tone.

“Good idea. Everybody gets to pick one movie and we’ll watch them all,” Stan lays out all of the movies he has and everybody picks one. He puts the rest back on the shelf and pops one of the chosen ones in the VCR.

“Everybody get comfortable, because I don’t want to constantly have to change spots,” Beverly grabs a pillow and plops down next to Bill and Ben. Once everyone is comfortable, Stan starts the movie.

You knew that not everyone would make it through all the movies you guys picked, but you didn’t think they would all fall asleep so soon. You guys were on the third movie and everyone was asleep except for you and Stan, and you were close to being asleep yourself. You were fighting it though, because you knew if you fell asleep now, you would wake up in the morning with a sore back from the floor. But your eyelids were heavy and you kept closing them.

“Hey (Y/N),” Stan whispered. You lazily opened your eyes and looked up at him, you had ended up leaning against him during the second movie and he didn’t bother to move you. “Are you getting sleepy?” 

“Mhm,” You nodded and rubbed one of your eyes. You were acting like such a child right now and it was hard for Stan to not find you cute.

“Do you wanna go to sleep?” he asked. 

“I’m trying not to. I don’t wanna sleep on the floor,” You mumbled. Stan chuckled and picked you up. You were too tired to be embarrassed or to protest. He laid you in his bed and curled up behind you, wrapping his arms around you.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” You heard Stan’s voice sound from behind you. Even in your sleepy state, you found it sweet that Stan was constantly worried about your comfort and well-being.

“Nuh-uh.” You shook your head lazily. the two of you laid there for a second before you spoke again. “Hey Stan,”

“Yeah, (Y/N)?” 

“I really like you a lot.” You mumbled. You were half asleep at this point and nuzzled yourself further into Stan.

“Y- You do?” Stan’s voice cracked again.

“Yeah, you’re really nice and cute. How could I not like you?” Your words were very slurred and muffled now from sleepiness.

“Well I like you a lot too.” Stan mumbled back. He wrapped his arms around you a bit tighter. “Good night, (Y/N).” Stan whispered.

“Good night, Stan,” You whispered back. You fell asleep as soon as the words left your mouth. You and Stan slept really well that night.

Finally finished!!! I’m sorry this took so long. I went to my local fair on Monday and stayed with a friend until today. This is probably my favorite imagine I’ve written for IT so far just because Stan is a little cutie. It’s longer than all the other one too. Let me know what you guys think about it. I’m hella proud.

Nightclubs and Vampires

Dean x Reader

Prompt: “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!” requested by Anon.

A/N: Another drabble turned into a one-shot because I was having too much fun writing Jealous!Dean. Want to request a Dean x Reader drabble? You can pick one Here or Here. Just make sure to include in your ask which list you’re picking it from, or just write the prompt itself if that comes easier. 

Word Count: 1150+

Forever Tag List: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 [Want to be added or removed? Just let me know :)]

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Feelings -Cal

Anonymous said to simplysdmnPlease do an imagine where you have a FWB relationship with Cal(Freezy) but he also hooks up other girls with so you think that there will never be a relationship between you but when he sees you with another guy he realises he wants to be more than just fwb? Thanks

A/N: Hey babe! I hope you like this!


Another day in the tower was another day seeing Callum bring back another girl back to the apartment. I was always sat on their couch and turned my head to the door and some girl that I didn’t recognise was always on his arm.

I tried to drill into my head that I shouldn’t and couldn’t have feelings for him. I knew what I was falling into, that there was a possibility that I could fall for him. I couldn’t deny the feelings. I couldn’t deny that I had it for him. Every time I saw him my heart rate picked up, the butterflies in my stomach were evident. I knew he didn’t see me the same way though, it was quiet obvious. A new girl everyday, if I was lucky maybe every week.

All his friends knew that I wanted us to be more the friends with benefits but I always told them that it wouldn’t ever happen, that us wouldn’t ever happen. So when I looked at him I saw nothing but someone I used for sex. I felt bad for myself at times. I always fell into his traps, one day he would be all over me, the next he had another girl coming over. It was a constant loop that I couldn’t fall out of.

I woke up beside him, his back turned away from me. The lights from his phone were shining off his face. I shook my head and turned away. I got up and picked up the items of clothing that were scattered around his room. I walked into his bathroom and brushed my teeth. I made myself somewhat decent with the clothes I had. I had forgotten to bring my own change of clothes and I didn’t want to be taking Cal’s clothes anymore. 

“Hey, where are you going?” His groggy voice called out. I looked back him and gave him a small smile.

“Home.” He gave me a weird look, sitting up just as I was about to walk out.

“Usually you stay for breakfast. Is there something going on that I’m not aware of?” I sighed, I didn’t want to fall for his games again.

“No, I think I’m going to hang out with my brother for the rest of the day.” He gave me a pout that instantly melted my heart but I stood tall and shook my head.

“I’ve already promised him I’d be home early, I can’t stay any longer. My cab should be here any minute now.” I put on my jacket and walked out of his apartment.

I arrived home with an ill stomach partly because I felt bad that I had just left him but I knew he was probably texting the next girl so they could meet up the second I left. It was toxic for the both of us but as I said earlier it was a never ending loop that I couldn’t get out of.

I spent the whole day with my family. It took my mind off a lot of things, I didn’t want to spend the whole day thinking about how much I missed Cal. How much I wanted to be in his arms, how much I wished he wanted to be with me. 

“Y/N are you alright? You seem a little off?” My mom questioned me as we cleaned the dishes from dinner. I nodded, snapping out of my daze giving her a small smile.

“Yeah why?”

“Ever since you’ve come home from his house, you’ve been quiet and you look uneasy.” She dried her hand and led me towards the dinner table. Sitting me down. She knew all about him, she knew the situation between us. My mom told me I needed to tell him how I felt but I always told her that it would ruin everything between us.

“I feel so alone when I’m not with him but when I’m with him I feel empty, like I there’s something missing .” I sighed.

“I think you should take a little break from him and just find someone new you can talk to.” We had a long talk before we said our goodnights and we went to bed.

I stayed awake for the whole night just thinking about her advice. Maybe she was right. Maybe I did need to move forward and find someone new. I talked to my friends about it and they recommended trying dating apps. I had managed to get a few matches, none of them compared to him but I did go ahead with this.

We were sat in this semi formal restaurant. So far our talk was filled with laughs and giggles. I had never felt this happy before. Any thought of Callum had left my mind. I just wanted to enjoy this moment with him and have fun. Our drinks arrived and we had cheered.

“So, how have you been since we last seen each other.” He asked drinking his wine.

“I’ve been great actually. Finally done with uni so I’ve got lots of free time.” I smiled.

“That means I’ll be seeing you more often then?” 

“I wouldn’t necessarily say no.” We talked for ages, all through out our meal. It wasn’t up until we were almost finished our main course that a group of load boys came walking through. It was all the boys from the Tower, I smiled and at the thought of how much I missed my friends. I saw Cal walk in with a smile on his face. He was texting someone and I already knew it must of been some girl he was going to have sex with by the end of the night. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, earning a looking of confusion by my date.

“Do you know them?”

“Yeah, they’re my friends! It just I haven’t seen them in a while and it’ll be quiet awkward.” I smiled nervously. He nodded and looked over the boys.

“Why don’t you go over and say hi!” I shook my head.

“No I wouldn’t want to ruin the date, besides they’re bound to notice me at some stage.” We switched topics and continued to eat, I could sense the tension between us, as if he knew something about me.

“I can’t help but notice that you keep looking over at a specific boy. Is there something I should know?” I widened my eyes and shook my head.

“No, we’re just friends nothing more.” He gave me a weird look. We stayed silent and ate our dessert.

“Oh my God! It’s Y/N!” I looked over at the table and saw Joel waving at me. I excused myself and walked over to the table. He stood up to give me a hug, while the rest waited for me to give them a hug.

Cal’s POV

I looked over at the guy she was with. She was smiling and laughing and looked happy. I saw something in her that I could never bring out. I don’t remember the last time I saw her smile when she was with me. I started thinking how much she had distanced her from me. I was thinking about how many times she saw me with someone else even though we promised we’d have no strings attached.

I couldn’t help but say that I had gained feelings for her and try to get them to go away I tried sleeping with the next girl. The further she distanced herself, the more I realised how much i could’ve been hurting her. I looked over at her, she was laughing at whatever Harry had said to her. 

“We’ve missed you a lot. You should come visit us.” Joel said.

“I don’t know, I’ll see what I can do.” She smiled, looking over at me and waved. I waved back and stood up going over to hug her.

“Hello.” She spoke softly when we pulled away.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good and yourself?”

“Not bad. Is that your boyfriend?” I nodded over at the guy.

“No, we’re just talking.” We all talked a bit more before she went back to her date. She waved back at us before walking out with him.

The minute we got home, I jumped into bed. My thoughts were muddled and were in a ball. I didn’t know what I wanted with her. Maybe I just wanted her body, maybe I wanted something more than just a sexual relationship. I began thinking about what it would be like if we were together. I began thinking about how much I needed someone as supportive as her in my life. 

Before we decided to be friends with benefits, she was probably my best friend. She was always supportive and always by my side. I think it was that idea that ruined our relationship. We were distanced from each other. The only time we saw each other was when we were in a bedroom. I missed her a lot.

My finger lingered over her contact. I was on the verge of spilling my feelings to her. I really wanted to but I was also thinking about the negatives that could my way because of this. I put my phone down on my beside table and walked out into the kitchen and saw standing in the hallway talking to Cal and Harry. Harry looked over at me and walked away, leaving it to just her and Cal. I walked to the kitchen to get my drink before going back to my room.

“Wait Cal. Can we talk?” She called out for me just before I was about to step into my room. I nodded and opened the bedroom door to let her in. She sat on the edge of my bed quietly. It looked she was trying to gather her thoughts.

“I’m sorry.” I said. She gave me a confused look.

“For everything I put you through I guess. I know we said their would be no strings attached but I gained feelings for you and I tried to dismiss them by going out with any girl I could find. I know that I put you through a lot of my shit but I really want start over.” She was looking out the window, Looking for something to say.

“Cal, I have feelings for you to but how do I know you’re not going to do the exact same thing again.” She sighed, playing her bracelet.

“I won’t ever do it again because I know that I’m going to be working towards something new. We’ll make this work i promise.” I sat down next to her and took her hands in mine.

“I guess we can start brand new. You never know until you try.” She smiled, giving me a tight hug.

Friends With Benefits (Part 5) - Taehyung x Reader

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung

Genre : smut, cheating, affair, jealousy, FWB

Word Count : 4K

Description : having a friends with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right? 

A/N : I’m outta hiatus, bishes! Gotta use the vacation break to write, write, write! I changed my name (I used to be “rudekpop”) to txhyvn because it looks cooler. But I also lost half of my work because of changing name, so yay!

previous : part IV | next : part VI

MASTERLIST (there are a few links to be fixed!)

Originally posted by dhjung

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Making Up Time (Calum Hood)

REQUEST: Hi!! I was really hoping you guys could write a v v smutty calum one shot with a lot of dirty talking while he is eating you out and then Y/N and him do the dirty haha thanks so much and your blog is perfection omfg

Word Count: 1069

Rating: Smuttittysmutsmut

A/N: I’m soso sorry this didn’t get finished faster but I went to Warped Tour last week and anyone who’s ever gone knows the amount of stress that goes into that shit, before and after sooo that’s my excuse? Anyways, here it is, I hope you guys like it! - L

You rushed home from work as fast as you could. Your boss kept you there longer than you expected and you just wanted to get home to your boyfriend, Calum. Days together were numbered and when Calum had time off at home, you knew you had to take as much advantage of your time together as you could. You pulled up to your place, rushing in to see Calum sprawled out on the couch, channel surfing.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna change out of my work clothes and then we can do something.” You announced, rushing over to your room.

You tore your blouse off your head and pushed your skirt off, throwing them across the room. You pulled your hair out of the tight bun it had been in all day, messing your fingers through it a bit so it looked semi-decent. When you turned around to get some more comfortable clothes, you were surprised to walk face first into your boyfriend’s toned, tanned, shirtless chest. You looked up while his hands slowly trailed down your sides until they were on your waist.

“You think you can just come in late and not even give me a proper hello?” He asked, teasingly.

“Hello.” You answered, smiling. “Sorry, I’ve just had the longest day and wanted to change quickly so we could spend time together and-” He cut you off with his lips on yours. You melted into the kiss, kissing him back softly and slowly.

“Tonight’s about you babe,” He stated, pulling away. “Come on, on the bed.” He instructed.

You turned towards the bed, climbing on from the edge and crawling towards the pillows, earning a slap on the ass from Calum on the way there. You lied down, Calum pushing his sweatpants off before joining you. He climbed over you, connecting your lips once again, going at the same pace as before. His hands went to your chest, massaging your boobs over your bra. A quiet moan slipped from your throat, causing Calum to lightly bite your lip as he smirked at your reaction.

“You like that babe?” He asked, his tone cocky. You nodded, not breaking away, your hands reaching and grabbing his hair. His lips moved over, kissing and sucking on the places he knew drove you wild. “What do you want baby? You want me to touch you? Put my lips all over your body? Fill you up with my cock? Use your words baby.” He urged, grinding his lower half against yours.

“I need your mouth Cal.” You breathed out, your patience getting lower. He started kissing his way down your body teasingly, causing you to squirm around. You feel his hot breath on your already wet lower half, blowing on you.

He finally lowered his mouth onto you as your hands impatiently grabbed his hair, pulling him closer. He licked a stripe up your slit, your wetness growing. His nose nudged at your clit as he peppered kisses up and down. He dipped his tongue into you, the tip barely going in before removing it. He left another wet kiss on your lower half before moving his lips towards your clit, sucking and nipping at it.

“Who does this pussy belong to? Scream it out baby.” He instructed. Your breathing was beginning to become uneven as his mouth moved lower again, his tongue entering you. You let out a breath, whining as Calum removed his tongue from you. “Who Y/N?” He asked, his voice coming out as a growl.

“Y-You.” You stuttered out, trying to even out your breath but longing for Calum’s touch once again. He lifted his head, raising his eyebrow to let you know that’s not good enough for him to want to continue. His finger lightly danced along your clit, causing you to moan out louder than you expected. “You, Calum.” You moaned out as he teased you more.

You caught him smirking as he lowered his face again, giving you no warning when his tongue entered you again. He wiggled it around, flicking it in and out while he rolled your clit in between his fingers. The feeling from before began building up again as he switched his tongue and fingers, and vice versa. Your hands moved from his head to grabbing the sheets of your bed, squirming in pleasure. As you felt your high coming closer, you grunted in frustration when Calum pulled away, again. Before you had the chance to question him, his boxers were being thrown to the other side of the room and you were trapped between his body and the bed.

“As much as I love tasting you, I want to feel you cum around me.” He growled into your ear before leaving a trail of wet kisses down from your ear to your collarbones. He found the spot he knew you loved the most, sucking and nipping until he was sure there would be a mark there the next day.

As the feeling of pleasure went away, Calum grabbed his cock, pumping himself a few times. His knees rested on either side of you as he positioned himself at your entrance. You let of a bit of a squeak at the feeling as Calum pushed himself into you and stayed for a few seconds so you stretched to his size.

“You’re so tight.” He breathed out before starting up his pace.

His thrusts were fast and he seemed to go deeper each time he re-entered you. You let out a shaky breath as you bounced under him while he built up your orgasm again. Your hands clawed at his back, surely leaving marks. You felt yourself clench around him as his thrusts got sloppier. He hit your g-spot, making you scream his name out in pleasure, edging your orgasm closer. Calum’s hand traveled down to your clit, rubbing it as you got closer and closer to your high.

With a few more thrusts, you clenched around his one last time, managing to send yourself off the edge. You screamed out, riding out your high as Calum reached his quickly after. Your uneven panting filled the quiet in the room as Calum dropped beside you, trying to catch his breath as well. His hand grabbed your cheek, turning your face to face his. He smirked at you, pecking your lips before resting his sweaty forehead on yours.

“So what was that about spending time together?” Calum asked, teasingly before you rolled onto him, kissing him and going for round two.

Eyes On You (Part VIII)


Monster AU

word count: 3616 !!!

visual ref: x x

previous parts

a/n: Y’all ready for the longest update yet? I think you all deserve it for how long I’ve been taking to get it up, which I apologize for greatly. So please enjoy, because the end is near!

Don’t be afraid, love is the way

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"Imagine having to take Dean out with you to bra shop because he won't let you go out alone" One Shot

Author: Anonymous

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: none


“I need to go out shopping. That last hunt completely ruined the last of my clothes.” You walk into the library of the bunker, wearing only pajamas.

“Just give me a few minutes to finish my food, okay? I’ll come with you.”

“Dean.” He looks up at you, staring deep into your gorgeous eyes. “I need to go bra shopping.”

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titles are for those who have the patience to title things

[You know how I have a million prompts to answer? I didn’t answer any of them. Instead I wrote some random happy family au thing about ptsd and spaghetti. Why? The world may never know.]

The kitchen’s filling with steam when she gets home from her afternoon walk (not a run, she’d promised York before she’d left), and for a brief moment Carolina freezes in the doorway, thinking of fire, of siren-pierced disaster. Then she sees the pot on the stove, the unopened box of spaghetti beside furiously bubbling water.

And York, sitting on the tile floor with a coffee mug cradled in both hands, held tight to his chest.

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Flirting and Feelings

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None, Flirting

Word Count: 2,436 (oops)

Summary: imagine with Peter where you are Stark’s daughter and you are little older than Peter (2 years like so) and when you meet him he gets a heart shaped eyes. But you just teasing him and flirt with him for fun. Even Tony tells you to stop ‘cause you just hurting him. Then you realize that you actually like little Pete.  (Sorry this took so long, sweet anon).

Part 2

The common area of Avengers HQ was not a place you usually hung out. You liked the comfort of your own room, where you could shut the door and not have to worry about anyone looking at your computer over your shoulder, they didn’t need to know what you looked at on tumblr. But here you were, half laying-half sitting on one of the couches, the Olympics playing in the background as you played games on your phone, waiting for something exciting to happen.

Summer break had not been much for you this year. A rising junior in college, you had originally hoped to spend your summer doing something fun with friends, or taking some extra classes, maybe even get a job to pad your resume. Tony Stark had other plans. Your father didn’t want you to get a summer job because “it’s not like you’re hurting for money,” and he had asked that you not take summer classes because “I would like to spend a little quality time with you that isn’t a holiday.” Which is all well and good, if you actually follow through with it. However, he and Bruce had hit some big breakthrough and were constantly in the lab, leaving you wondering why you had come home for the summer in the first place.

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It Suits You Well (Crisscolfer - Pornstar AU)

Title: It Suits You Well [UYS-verse]
Authors: savvymavvy, alittledizzy
Rating: NC-17 / Mature
Pairing: Chris/Darren, Chris/Darren + Joey (non-romantic)
Word Count: 35K
Summary: An opportunity presents itself to Darren, a small fight happens and it all ends in a surprise and happiness. 
Warnings: Daddy!kink, D/s, barebacking, non-romantic threesome, consensual slut shaming, double penetration. 
Additional Warnings for this chapter: Brief threesome in this one! Joey/Chris/Darren - sexual only. The only romantic relationship is Chris/Darren. Only ever will be. 

Notes: Read previous stories in this series here on AO3.

Thanks: Thanks to bbcott for beta reading, and to every person who reads. We hope you enjoy this next step in their relationship.

Read it here on AO3!

It’s mid-January and Chris is back in the full swing of work - long hours, exhausting days, and endless dance rehearsals so by the time he comes home all he really wants to do is drop. He loves that his character is becoming more popular, but he really could do with a little less screen time.

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