hey this scene was funny okay

Jinyoung: You’re gonna grow some facial hair on Law of the Jungle, right? I’m sure the fan’s will love it.

Mark: Probably…Hey, why don’t you show your facial hair once in a while? Like you said the fans’ll love it.

[Jinyoung looks into distance, a single tear rolling down his cheek]

Jinyoung: I *chokes back sob* can’t- no, I shouldn’t.

Mark: ??

Jinyoung, with a straight face and tears gone: and scene!

Mark: were you?…this isn’t?….*sighs deeply* okay.

You’re Mine - Cole  Fluff

Request: Can u PLEASE do one with cole where he’s been spending too much time working or with lili and you get jealous so u start hanging out with Kj more and cole gets supper possessive and jealous and overprotective and like claims u as his or something fucking cute like that. 

Warnings: Mild language, using the lord’s name in vain (idk if that’s a warning or not?)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess   @kindfloweroflove


“Where’s your boyfriend?”. Ross asks, coming up behind me. I point over to where Cole and Lili were laughing and joking around with each other. “Oh”, was all he managed to say. 

“Yep”, I say awkwardly, going over to the food stand and pouring myself a cup of coffee. 


It’s been about 2 weeks after I arrived to the set to spend time with Cole, and I feel miserable and all I wanna do is go home, because he’s spent more time with Lili and he hasn’t been acknowledging me - his fucking girlfriend. I roll my eyes as I pass them on my way to K.J’s trailer.

“You should make him jealous”, I heard K.J suddenly say as he came up behind me, scaring the living daylight out of me. 

“Jesus, K.J. You scared me”, I gasped as I clenched my chest in fright. 

“Aw I’m sorry”, he laughed and put his arm around me. K.J and I have become really good friends and we talk about everything - even about Cole. We walk into his trailer and I sit down on the couch, whist K.J goes to the tiny kitchen and makes us coffee. 

“I don’t know what to do about Cole”, I sighed. 

“Like I said before; making him jealous”

“How though? And what good would it do anyway?”

“Spend more time with me and don’t acknowledge him.. You never know, he might actually pay attention to you once he figures out that you’re not talking to him”, he says, passing me a cup of coffee. 

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve done this before?”

“Because I have”, he laughs. 


Cole had finished a scene and was walking over to K.J and I. We were laughing and talking about a funny youtube video we watched previously.

“Hey, baby”, Cole says, kissing my cheek. 

“Hey”, I reply bluntly back, reverting my attention back to K.J. 

“Can we talk?”, Cole interrupts again.

“Yeah after I’ve finished this conversation with my friend who’s been very supportive and with me for the entire 2 weeks that I’ve been here - unlike you”. K.J smirks and raises an eyebrow at my saltiness, trying so hard not to laugh. 

“It’s okay, we’ll continue this later”, he smiles and hugs me before walking away, leaving Cole and I alone. He grabs my hand and roughly leads me to his trailer.

“I don’t appreciate how salty you’ve been to me these couple days”, Cole growls. 

“And I don’t appreciate how we’ve barely held a conversation without you mentioning or spending time with Lili”, I shot back. He rolls his eyes and backs me against the wall, placing his hands on either side of my head. 

“You’re mine. Only mine. Not K.J’s. Mine. Do you understand?”

“You know, I just love how you just completely ignore my statement”, I sarcastically say. 

“I’m sorry, Y/n”, he says quietly, looking down. “She plays my love interest in the show, and we have a kiss scene coming up, so we’re just trying to feel more comfortable around each other so it’s not awkward”, Cole explains. I sigh, taking in what he just said. 

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“You’re mine, okay?”

“I’m yours”

Every Nancy Drew Game ever
  • Character: Hey Nancy I need you to do this thing for me now!
  • Nancy: Okay, but I don't know how to do the thing...
  • Character: There's instructions you'll figure it out. Now go!
  • Nancy: * messes up or breaks the thing*

I shouldn’t be too upset, because Hollywood does this too. Remember Office Christmas Party? I guarantee you that started out just like any Tumblr post: “what if we made a movie about a crazy office Christmas party (hey, that can be the title!) and cast a lot of funny people like Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, et al?” 

“Okay, let’s find someone to write a script…”

“No, no, no, we just need to come up with a bunch of ideas of wacky stuff that could happen. Like… people photocopying their butt. That’s a scene right there. Then we give it to Jason Bateman, his mortgage is due, he’ll make it funny.”

And you wind up with a completely mediocre movie because it’s just a bunch of cliches strung together and funny people trying to breathe life into them. Figuratively throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. “Oh, T.J. Miller said something funny in this take, that’ll go in the movie, done.” But then that scene ends up being pointless because it didn’t advance the plot, didn’t escalate the crisis, didn’t further anyone’s character… because it wasn’t written to. The director just said “T.J. Miller, you’re photocopying your butt, Jason Bateman, you come in and say ‘don’t photocopy your butt!’ But, like, in a funny way.”

You can also apply this to most blockbusters by substituting “action setpieces” for “wacky stuff that could happen.” And on the surface, it seems like the same content as you’d get in a movie that’s actually written. It’s only as you go from scene to scene to scene that you realize this is just an episode of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? with a comparatively huge budget (actually, that sounds great, scratch that).

My Thoughts About Sherlock’s The Final Problem

I was never one to be thrown off by spoilers. Maybe that’s the very reason why I kept lurking on Tumblr the day the BFI screening and the supposed leak happened. And it was, needless to say, as expected of the Sherlock fandom to blow things up more than they should because, in a way, this entire time, we were shaped by this series to smarter, more vigilant, and to be just like Sherlock: logical, until emotionally compromised.

To summarise:

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(I am mostly talking about myself, but hey, feel free to sympathise).

This is why it was puzzling to me why the response was split in half. I saw people who find it amazing and there are some who were deeply disappointed. And it wasn’t until I watched the episode that I understood why.

Some of us expected bigger things ahead because we have been amused by this series in the past, making us theorists. But I realised that they said this series was darker because it dealt with matters of the heart. One that is often more devilish than what the mind can conjure. We were expecting a complete mind game and yet what we got was a harrowing experience through and through.

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And yes, I liked it. Loved this episode, in fact. Although I did find the explosion and the 3 men hanging by the window a bit too much to the point of hilarity (it was quite cringey if I’m being honest) but it didn’t make me lose my attachment to the plot because it was a culmination of everything. It has it’s highs and lows, in which I will get into detail.

So as I am drowning (no pun intended) in my own feelings today, I will discuss my assessment of the episode because why the heck not.

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  • Gray: Hey Erza, do you wanna play to make a scene of 50 Shades of Grey?
  • Erza: Okay, I choose wich.
  • Gray: Go ahead *excited*
  • Erza: I want the scene where Christian gives an Audi to Anastasia.
  • Gray: I meant...–
  • Erza: The Audi, I said.

Okay so mom just got Kingsmen on DVD and invited me over to watch. Some key comments:

‘This Lancelot guy’s bad ass- OHMIGOD she just cut him in half! In half! She’s got knife legs!’

'He’s gotta lisp. Is he gay?’

'His real name better not be Eggsy.’

'Oh so Eggsy’s gonna be Eggs-caliber?’

'If the old guy and Eggsy end up fucking I’m skipping the scene just so you know.’

'Hey do you think toddlers are running around shanking people’s shins? And why isn’t anyone drowning the other they’re at the beach!’

'Fucking Charlie.’


Request: So, here’s a request! Can you write one where the reader is Dean’s girlfriend and she changed her hair color to a unnatural color (blue, pink, rainbow hair, idk.) and Sam and Dean teases her all the time and she gets really mad and screams at them and starts crying and then Dean realized what an Idiot he is and in the end it’s all fluffy? THANKS!

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry this took me so long to put up, a lot of stuff has been going on, but I finally got this done and uploaded! High five! I included Cas in this one just because haha I hope you don’t mind. I’m currently reading Moby-Dick so I kinda threw that in there too. I feel like this is so bad and I am so so sorry for this being so late, but a lot of stuff just came up out of nowhere. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, but I was in a rush. Things should be running smoothly in the next few days though! I’m still taking requests and I can promise you nothing will come out this late again!

Word count: 1406
Warnings: swearing
Summary: The reader dyes her hair blue and Dean laughs and calls her a Smurf so she acts upset and storms out. They get even and end up cuddling in bed and reading until they fall asleep.

“What if I dye my hair blue?” You thought aloud.
You were laying with your head in Deans lap on the couch while he watched Looney Tunes on the TV.
“You serious?” He chuckled.
“Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Why? You don’t think I should?”
“Go ahead and do whatever you want.” He continued to laugh. “Not my hair.”
You turned your attention back to the television, still deciding if you’d go through with it or not. You’d already bought the dye so why not, it’s your hair.
“Dean, we gotta get going!” You heard Sam call from by the door.
“Bye, princess. Be back in a few hours.” Dean leaned down and kissed you gently.
“Drive safe and be careful please.”
“Always am.” He winked muttering a “Love you” before leaving.
They were just going to a bar, but Dean drove like a maniac and it worried you.
“A few hours is all I need.” You smirked to yourself. “CAS!” You yelled when you were sure they had left, hoping he’d respond and he did.
“What! What is it? Why were you yelling?” He questioned you frantically, looking around for any sign of danger with an angel blade in hand. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you actually in danger or are you yelling because you know it will get me here faster?”
“Well I’m not in danger.” You continue to laugh as he puts his blade away, fixed his coat and gave you a grumpy look. “I’m sorry.” You giggled at him and gave him a hug. “I was wondering if you would help me dye my hair. I want to dye it blue.”
“Have you talked that over with Dean? I’m not sure how he-” you cut him off.
“Yes, Cas, I talked to him.” Technically you did, it’s not your fault he didn’t take you seriously.
“Alright. Would you like to get started?” The angel grinned at you.

For the next four hours you walked Cas through how to apply the bleach and dye, dancing around and singing loudly while you waited for them to set. It took you a while, but you managed to get the angel to do the sprinkler and dance with you.
“The guys will probably be home soon,” you panted, out of breath. “how long has the dye been in?” You asked the angel as you plopped down next to him on the couch.
“You’ve got about twenty minutes left. Why are you worried about when Sam and Dean will be home? You said you told them.” Cas gave you a stern look.
“I ran it by Dean earlier and he kinda thought I was joking.” You nervously laughed.
“I can’t imagine Dean being very happy with this.” Cas noted as you stood up.
“Who cares? It’s my hair.” You called over your shoulder as you headed to the bathroom.
You rinsed and blow dried your hair before the guys got home so to pass the time you and Cas watched some old horror movies while you waited for Sam and Deans arrival.
“We’re ho- whoa.” Sam said as he entered the room.
“Whoa” what?“ Dean rounded the corner, eyes landing on your now bright blue hair. “What the hell? I didn’t think you were actually serious, Y/N.” He crossed the room to play with a few pieces of your hair. “You look like a smurf!” He began laughing hysterically, almost doubled over. It wasn’t really that funny at all, but he sure seemed to think so.
“Yeah, haha you’re hilarious, Dean. Smurf, never would have thought of that.” You mocked him, but he was still laughing as hard as ever.
“I’m gonna go take a shower.” He laughed his way out of the room.
“How much did he drink?” You turned to Sam.
“Not much, I think he’s just doing it to piss you off, honestly.” He shrugged sitting in the chair across from you. “Don’t pay too much attention to it.”
You nodded standing up from your spot next to Cas, you’d almost forgot he was there he was so quiet.
“Well, I’m gonna go read. Thanks for your help Cas, I appreciate it.” You smiled at the angel before leaving the room.
You made your way to the room you shared with Dean to find him laying on the bed.
“Hey, Smurfette.” He chuckled, rolling over.
“Pretty sure she’s blonde.” You grabbed your copy of Moby-Dick from the desk and sat next to him on the bed. “Want to read?” You asked, you’d forced him to star reading with you because you guys had finished your show and needed something else to do, but when you looked over at him he was turning red trying not to laugh. “Dean, seriously it’s not that funny. How old are you? 12?”
He burst out laughing loudly, not being able to contain it anymore. In that moment you had an idea: ‘I should act pissed off and storm out, see how long it takes him to feel bad and come after me, maybe throw the book at him for good measure.’ That’s exactly what you did.
“I’ve had enough! It’s not funny, Dean! All you do is shrug off and laugh at everything I do and I’m sick of it!” You threw the book at him and stormed out, slamming the door. ‘That should do it.’ You thought. You continued your stomping until you were out the front door, just in case Sam saw you, and made your way to I little clearing in the woods you had found last week. The only other person who knew about it was Dean so you thought that’d be as good a place as any. It was a ten minute walk, but it was worth it for the beautiful little place. It looked like something out of a movie, there were wild flowers, lavender, fireflies and crickets everywhere and a few logs you’d placed there to sit on. You could sit here for hours, and that’s what you intended to do.
About an hour had passed, the sun had started to go down and fireflies were popping up everywhere. The sky was a light purple and you could only see a few stars, there was even a slight breeze, and to add to the movie scene unfolding before you, you heard footsteps approaching.
“Aaaand action.” You whispered.
“Y/N? Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I like your hair, I really do, I promise.” He pleaded, almost sounding sad.
‘Don’t look at him.’ You willed yourself as you bit your lip to keep from laughing.
“Please don’t be mad. I know I was being an ass, and I know it wasn’t that funny. I’m sorry.” You heard him get closer. “Will you come back inside? We can go read if you want.”
You couldn’t take it anymore. You fell backwards into the grass laughing so hard you had to clutch your sides and when you saw his face you laughed even harder.
“I wasn’t even mad! I just wanted to see how long it would take you to get out here.”
“Are you serious?” He just looked at you on the floor. “You little shit.”
“You were being an ass so I thought I’d just act mad and storm out, see how long it took you to feel bad.” You explained, “Now we’re even.” You got up and pecked his lips.
“I’m not reading with you anymore.” He stated, trying to sound offended, turning back toward the bunker and taking your hand in his.
Back inside you’d both showered and were cuddled up in bed. Dean was sat up against the headboard with you sitting in his lap, his arms around your shoulders with the book held up front of you both.
“Chapter 36 The Quarter-Deck.” Dean read aloud to you. You guys took turns reading and and about an hour later had laid down in almost the same position you’d been sitting in, Dean on his back and you on your stomach on top of him. He was playing with your hair and telling you how much he actually loved it while you fell asleep.
“I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry for being an ass earlier.” He murmured into your hair.
“I love you too, Dean, and I’m sorry for being an ass too.” You kissed his chest and moments later you were both asleep.

When he felt the taste of blood in his mouth and the excruciating pain at every punch, Percy mentally scolded himself by his damn hero complex.

He should just keep going in his way to home after school like everyday, but when he saw the boy being bullied by four big assholes… Well, of course he had to do something, but once the fight started the boy was gone and now it was just him in that dirty alley.

“Not so heroic right now, uh?” One of them said, while had him pressed against the wall. “Come on, Jackson. Where’s your protector of the weak pose now?”

Shit, why he always do this? Why he always end up like that?

It’s not like he was sorry. No way. He did what he had to do. Maybe it was his hero complex, he always felt like he had to do something. It began with protecting his mother from his shit-stepfather and then defending his best friend Grover of bullies in the middle school. He never stopped to analyze the situation or think about himself. When he saw scenes like that he just couldn’t stand still.

So he was not sorry, he was just tired, maybe even scared. His body ached and the taste of blood into his mouth was horrible. He wanted to be that boy who ran away. Maybe he also could use a hero to save him right now.

“You are an idiot you know that, right?” the familiar voice made him smile and the guy who grabbed him let him go to pay attention to newly arrived. “Let me guess, some girl in danger?”

“No, boy being bullied by these assholes”

“Typical” Percy looked at those dark eyes, and even trying to be sarcastic, he could clearly see how much Nico was worried. He gave a shit eating grin and wiped the blood from his mouth while he tried to get up.

“What you just called me?” Looks like the assholes didn’t seem satisfied with their new nickname. They began to surround Nico, hands in fists. “And who the fuck are you? What? Jackson needs a girlfriend to protect him?”

“Is boyfriend, actually.” They turned when they heard Percy and the expressions on their faces made him laughing hysterically.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t believe. Jackson you are a fucking fag-” He couldn’t finish after Nico’s punch knocked him down.

“You two are dead” The other guy said and then they came. Percy would love to say they won but the truth was he and Nico sitting on the floor of that alley with a lot of new bruises, dirty jeans and a torn shirt.

Percy shouldn’t do that, not in the situation where they were, but he couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot when he looked at his boyfriend.

“Fuck, this was my favorite shirt” He looked at Percy and raised an eyebrow “Why are you so happy?”

“You are here.”

Nico gave a little smile to Percy and knelt in front of him. He touched his face with a hand that was not with asshole-blood. “Idiot.” He whispered and took off his shirt to wipe the blood from his boyfriend’s face.

“Why you do these thing? Look at you, look at us. You did this for someone who ran at the first opportunity. You know what they could do to you? No, you don’t even think about this, right? Fuck. Stop acting like a goddamn hero. Stop smiling. You are a fucking idiot. You stu-”

“Thanks, babe. I love you too.”

Nico rolled his eyes, he knew use arguments with Percy was destined to fail miserably. So he just pulled him into a kiss and even with the pain of the cut on his lips and the taste of blood Percy put his arms around him and kissed him back.

“Come, let’s go home.”

They helped each other to get up, it was a really funny scene considering all the pain in their bodies. Percy held Nico’s hand and don’t let go, even though they were in public, which made Nico a little uncomfortable because of course people are looking at the two boys shirtless that appeared to have been run over by a herd of buffalo, which had some truth.

“Hey, don’t be like that, I did something good, okay? Your boyfriend is like a hero.”

“You are not a hero, you are an idiot. If you was a hero you would be the most stupid hero of the world and would do something stupid like starting the apocalypse.”  Percy didn’t deny he just laughed. He knew that Nico was right in being angry, he should think a little better before entering into such a fight.

“But you know what, Nico? I think even a hero needs a guardian angel.”

Percy felt Nico holding tighter his hand. He smile at the thought of Nico being his angel guardian, like he was always there when Percy needs. No matter how much he did stupid things, he knew Nico was always there to take care of him. Always by he side, always protecting him. “My angel.” He said his thoughts a bit too loudly. Nico laughed amused and Percy could see that he was blushing.


“So you liked it.”

“No, fuck off.”

“You did.”

“Fuck you, stupid hero.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

  • Rebecca Sugar: Hey look at this goofy scene, with the silly faces and the light-hearted atmosphere.
  • Me: Heh, that is silly.
  • Me: Wait
  • Me: Rebecca, why are you showing me this?
  • Rebecca Sugar: . . .
  • Me: Rebecca!
  • Rebecca Sugar: Okay now look at this monstrous abomination that will scare you shitless and leave you with feels.
  • Me: God dammit, Rebecca! *cries and screams*
  • Rebecca Sugar: I think crying is funny (actual quote)
Tame Your Flame [Based off of Heir of Fire]
Tame Your Flame [Based off of Heir of Fire]

So here you go! My first surprise for hitting 2000 followers! BLANK SPACE PARODY

Horrible vocals I know, but the writing process was so fun to be in Rowan’s head xD

Thankyou so much guys!<3

Tame Your Flame 

Nice to meet you, Aelin,
 Wendlyn has some terrible things
Magic, fire, Maeve will win
 Flying there and I thought
Oh my Gods, look at that waste
You look like my next mistake
What a shame, you’re not okay. 

 New magic, ice and fire
I can’t bear you ain’t my scene
Ain’t it funny, I can fly
 And I know you heard about me
So hey, you’re not my friend
I can’t wait for this to end
 Grab your ego and I’ll mend
I can make the bad Fae shift before the weeks end 

 So I’m gonna live forever
But you could go up in flames
You can show me when you’re sober
 If this fight was worth the pain
Got a long list of your questions  
Well Maeve must be insane
 Say goodbye to good old Rifthold
 And shut up and train  

 'Cause you're young and too reckless
 You won’t make it too far
The Valg will leave you breathless
I've seen your nasty scars
 Got a long list of your questions
 Well Maeve must be insane
 But you’re the heir of fire
 And I can tame your flame 

 Stubborn soul, Ashryver eyes
You think you know everything
 Stolen powers, bleeding skies
We’ll kill the King, yes, We’re a team
Find out what you want
Wyrdkeys come at a cost
Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no 

 Screaming, crying, burning out
We can make all the wyverns turn
I say love will bring you down
And now I’m thinking just like
“Oh my Gods, who is he?”
I’ll kill him for treachery
 Please be safe next time you leave
‘Cause, Aelin, I’m a Fae prince subject to slavery 

 So I’m gonna live forever
But you could go up in flames
You can show me when you’re sober
If this fight was worth the pain
Got a long list of your questions  
Well maeve must be insane
 Say goodbye to good old Rifthold
 And shut up and train  

 'Cause you're young and too reckless
You won’t make it too far
The Valg will leave you breathless
I've seen your nasty scars
 Got a long list of your questions
 Well Maeve must be insane
 But you’re the heir of fire
 And I can tame your flame 

 Oh Maeve will have you think a blood oath’s torture
Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t claim ya
Oh i will slice up those who want to hurt ya
Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t claim ya 

So I’m gonna live forever
But you could go up in flames
You can show me when you’re sober
If this fight was worth the pain
Got a long list of your questions  
Well maeve must be insane
 Say goodbye to good old Rifthold
 And shut up and train  

 'Cause you're young and too reckless
You won’t make it too far
 The Valg will leave you breathless
 Ive seen your nasty scars
 Got a long list of your questions
 Well Maeve must be insane
 But you’re the heir of fire
 And I can tame your flame

Prima Nocte

refers to the alleged right of a king to deflower a girl on her wedding night. So what Tony is saying here is, that he will make it a law, that he can rape all young women. That’s it. That’s the joke. None of the characters around him give any reaction to it. (And that’s the point, why I have a problem with it.)

Scientists aren’t sure this right ever existed, because even for the middle ages it might be too vile. It is more like a mention from historics, when they refer to dark, cruel and injust societies.
The writer and director (aka Joss Whedon) thought this is a funny line to say. And they thought hard about adding it. The line was written, they filmed it, they edited it. When they first released that scene it wasn’t in it. So somewhere in the editing process they re-added it. A whole bunch of people at Marvel and Disney saw this and thought it is okay to have this line in the movie. Not only okay but funny. They knew what they were doing there and still did it. Because hey, what’s not funny about a middle-aged guy talking about raping girls?

Waking Up W/ BTS - No.2

Kim Namjoon 



*super deep and raspy* “Hmm- Good morning beautiful-” 


Did you sleep well?” 

“Oh no, baby- why didn’t you wake me up-

I- don’t- I don’t snore that badly-” 

“Hey- hey- don’t- get back here-” 

I’m sorry about your nightmare- next time dump a bucket of cold water on me if you have too- alright?” 

I’m not kidding- hey- don’t- don’t struggle-

“Nope- no way- I’m not letting you go-” 

“Pee later- come one- when was the last time we got to do this?” 

“Yeah I know I’m right-” 

Ow! Hey- what was that for?” 

Yeah you bet your’re sorry- Hey! Get back here!” 

“groans* “Hmm- actually- stay there baby-” 


“Oh- the one who only wears a t-shirt to bed is calling me a perv?” 

“Alright- alright- but hurry up and come back to bed- okay?

*twiddles thumbs* 




“Baby girl-” 

“I’m counting to five- and then I’m coming in there-”

“1- 2- ”

*hears shower running* 


Aish- this women-” 

“You know- you’re going to kill me one of these days-

*jiggles door handle*

Ha- very funny Jagi-” 



I swear- I’ll break this door down-” 

“Oh- hi there gorgeous-” 








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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 08 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Bedroom-

Yui: (――Some time has passed since we went to the village and Yuma-kun already seems to have calmed down)

Hey, Yuma-kun. What will we do now?

Yuma: About that. Shouldn’t we try to get outta here and go back to the demon world?

Yui: Yeah. I’m worried about Kou-kun and Azusa-kun… …

What happened after the waterway collapsed? Maybe, Shin-kun… …

Yuma: You don’t gotta worry about them.

Shin’s after you. It’d be pointless to do anything to them.

But, I’m worried about that guy.

Yui: That guy… …?

Yuma: Merz. Something’s off about him… …

Yui: (Yuma-kun said the same thing this morning. I don’t think it’s right to suspect a person who’s doing us a favor… …)

*Merz Knocks on the Door*

Merz: Pardon. May I enter?

Yui: Merz-san!

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Steroline Appreciation Week ↠ Day 5: Favorite Happy/Funny Scene

↳ 2x03 “Hey, listen. Let’s hunt, okay? And then after that we’ll go to the swimming hole.”