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would you ever post the rest of your steven universe gemsona notes? i noticed in the tags that you had more but didn't want to bore us but i think they'd be very interesting to read and study. :)

Hey sure thing!
This project was about mimicking the style of an existing animated show- So the notes I made were mostly about the style of the Steven Universe and not just my gemsona. 

((Please note I didn’t have long for this project and these notes were really hap-hazard and rushed! There’s a lot more to Steven Universe than what I wrote ^^;; ))

The Final animation:

Good Vibrations - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader

Words: 1564
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader
Featuring: Tony, Steve, Clint, Nick Fury, Wanda
Warnings: swearing i think, FLUFF
Requested by anon
Hey I just found this blog and I really like it so I was wondering if you could write a Pietro Maximoff one shot that’s super fluffy. I don’t care what its about I just love anything fluffy. If you can’t then it all cool and I still love your blog! ❤
Authors Note: So originally the whole imagine was going to be based off of this post by @just-some-marvel-imagines16 but then I had a lot of fun with it and there is a really long backstory and basically the end of the imagine is based off of that post, so, yeah. This was so much fun thought vbsalbvduoqre


“Have I got something for you,” Nick Fury walked into the Avengers base.

“How the hell did you even get in here?” Tony pointed to the man wearing the eye patch, “FRIDAY-”

“Calm down,” Fury stopped him, catching the attention of who was in the common room, Tony, Steve, and Clint. “I have some intel you probably really want to hear.”

“Then talk, Fury,” Steve nodded, still not sure how he felt about this guy.

Nick Fury walked over to the computer that projected over the kitchen island. He pulled up a video from his personal file to show the Avengers. The video was cut short, and it rarely showed a girl throwing someone across a park at night, making them float. “Have fun with that problem,” She murmured and raised her hands up, a ball of fire forming, “Watch out.”

Police sirens started to blare, and they were getting louder, meaning the police was getting closer. The girl in the video looked around quickly, fear on her face, and put her hand down- the fire leaving. The man she threw up in the air fell after she shot her arms back down, and she disappeared.

“Where did she go?” Clint gaped at the screen, quickly understanding why there is a problem.

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Too Hot To Handle Pt. 1

***Author Note***

Obvious pun title is obvious. Why are titles always so hard to think of??

It’s been freezing for the last week where I live so I decided to warm up with one of my OTP’s. Sansby!

In this fic, sans has been crushing on Grillby pretty hard but has never had the courage to act on it until one night. Grillby notices his odd behavior and is worried he’s ill. sans finally blurts out that he would like to go on a date with Grillby, and to his surprised delight the flamesman agrees.

(Since I work a lot this week I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish all of it so I decided to post what I have)

***End Note***

sans peered into the kitchen, finding Papyrus wildly karate chopping tomatoes, “hey bro, i’m heading to grillby’s.”

He paused mid swing, tomato juice dripping from his glove, “WHAT? BUT I SWEAR YOU JUST GOT BACK FROM GRILLBY’S AN HOUR AGO!”

“hour you sure? i haven’t been there since yesterday.” He snickered when Papyrus groaned. “i think you’re supposed to take your gloves off first, bro.” He walked closer with his hands in his pockets, keeping out of the splatter zone.

“OH I HAVEN’T TRIED THAT!” Papyrus said with a laugh, taking off his gloves and resuming his attack on the vegetables. “YOU’RE RIGHT THIS IS BETTER!”

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hey guys!! it’s rachel! haha so i decided to post a proper studyblr introduction since i deleted the previous one:) i’ve wanted to post this for so long but didn’t had the time to do so, im very sorry:( to other studyblrs : im sorry if you see me tagged you twice cause i did another studyblr intro!! i started this studyblr because i needed to be motivated to study and seeing all your works, notes and masterposts really inspired me a lot so that is why i created a studyblr!

so here are some facts about me :

- my name is rachel, im 15 years old this year and i study in Singapore.

- my cca (co-curriculum activity) is band :) not that i like band it’s just because my friend wanted to join so i joined that cca with her HAHA lame right?

- i love watching shows like the flash, teen wolf, stranger things and 13 reasons why. if there are any shows that are very interesting to watch be it american, korean or chinese, lemme know okay!

- the subjects i take are physics, chemistry, social studies, english, chinese, math, geography and literature :)

- i listen to edm songs and really love the song “tired” by alan walker omg

its probably been a month since i started this studyblr so i know some studyblrs that are nice and awesome:) : @highlighteurs @emmastudies @nerdybun @studypetals @charlenestudies @hannhstudies @wendystudies @stillstudies @stvdybuddies  @notesworthtea @architstudy @studyquill @tbhstudying @littlestudyblrblog @hobifulstudies + many more!!

hope to talk to more people here so message me if you want!

Mod Post concerning theft of content.

Hey guys, so I’ve noticed a lot of you like our stuff a good bit. Enough to even take some of our stuff. Especially the incorrect quotes that I’ve seen you guys like to take and put over anime shots. I’m glad you guys appreciate my incorrect quotes enough to want to put them over the anime shots but please ask first and credit me correctly.

The anime shots with my quotes will get over 100 notes while my original posts will only get maybe around 30. If I’m being honest I’ve had times where I have cried over how little notes I’ve gotten on my writings because I feel like I failed you guys in giving a quality post only to find out that it’s been stolen with little to no credit.

Once again I have no issue with you using my material but, only if you ask me first so that I can tell you how I would like to be credited. I’m sorry if this sounds like me complaining and not being appreciative of others liking my work but, I work hard on some of these quotes and would like the correct amount of credit.

Also please let me know if you see a post using my quotes, it would be really appreciated. Even if you think they might have asked please tell me just in case.

Sorry for this long post and if you read this whole thing thank you and I love you!!!

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hey! i've recently started a sims lets play channel on youtube and i was wondering if you had any advice for bringing more people to my blog and my channel?

Well, not sure how good my advice will be lol. But here’s what I think:

1. Be active. People like blogs that update frequently.

2. Be social. Leave notes and comments on Simblrs you follow. Send Asks ( or messages if the Simblr is message friendly) including the chain Asks, because even if you see them a lot, it’s still nice to receive them. Reblog posts that you like.

3. Introduce yourself. It’s okay to tell the community that you’re new and seeking blogs to follow. 

4. Use the correct tags. This is very important. If you’re a Maxis match blog, tag it so others blogs will find you easier.

5. Share a creation. I gained a lot of followers in the beginning because I shared my Ts3 to Ts4 conversions. You don’t have to be highly skilled to create.

6.  Do a giveaway. If you have the funds, giveaways may attract followers to  your YouTube and blog. Be sure to read the Tumblr TOU about giveaways, I believe they have to be worded a certain way to not be in violation.

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Hey, so how many followers have you gained from the giveaway?

honestly you would think a lot since the post has like 40k notes i think but i have literally only gained about 3k, i already had 20k before it started and i’m at 23k rn so, most of the people reblog it without following me, and most of them unfollow me after it’s over but like that’s ok i’m doing it for my followers not to gain more so it’s okay if ppl unfollow me after it’s over if they don’t enjoy my blog or my personality or smth :)

🎭EXO: “The Mask Concept” Part 3🎭

*****Okay so I’m making a new post about this because it is now relevant!*****

In late 2014, when I was taking a break from school and had a lot of time on my hands I compiled a lot of comeback rumors and created two posts, one on @kmexoplanet and one on here about a Phantom of the Opera concept that I thought EXO was going to use for their upcoming comeback. This was when the members were filming their pathcode teasers which is why rumors were flying around so much. part 1 | part 2

Here’s a much more condensed version of both of those posts (this will still be long lol):

Xiumin teased EXO’s “new” choreography in EXO’s first box (2013), something involving throwing a mask on the ground, yet it has never been shown in the comebacks following “Growl.”

Many fans have seen Kai practicing this mask dance (these are from Gayo Daejun 2013 and TLP Beijing)

Sehun was practicing this choreo on 141015 so we thought it was for the new comeback, but it ended up being for the Kolon CF, which looked slightly more like it went along with the mask concept, in my opinion

And I still believe that this choreo could be the 2016 comeback.

Now, as far as the new things go, I realize that this was just one post taken from twitter but

I didn’t think the mask dance would come back! Also the Baekhyun high note wasn’t that much of a surprise but whatever and Sehun’s recent insta/weibo post goes along with the blood stained shirt thing. 

And btw I have no idea what thtones is lmao I won’t even comment on it. I am clinging to the Ventage Frost Demo in the hopes that it will finally be the new song.

A lot of people are talking about the devil (lol) and 666, Michael vs. Lucifer, even One Piece! (theory here) and stuff which wasn’t I had originally thought but hey, it could go anywhere at this point. My imagination was going towards more Phantom of the Opera/Masquerade, especially combined with that demo song, it would be so nice. Also the “Light vs. Dark” concept is an old rumor too, and I thought that since the Kolon cf choero was like a battle that it went along with those rumors as well. Let me know what you guys think! I tried to not make this too long but it is. Lol oh well~

Credits: @fy-sehunoh, @d-hoes-baekon, @c92, @dailyexo, @xingbarachen There are links to many videos/fancams on the old posts even though a couple have been deleted. Most of the gifs are mine.

Translated Mogeko Q&A (Repost)

Hey guys. As a bunch of you know, there used to be a website run by  seichiinara which had lots of Mogeko related translations on it. Unfortunately, the website is no longer online.

However, before the site went offline, I saved a page which included a bunch of questions Mogeko answered regarding characters and their relationships. About half of it was already posted here.

Since I often get questions asking about translations and Mogeko info/facts, especially old stuff and things related to characters, I uploaded the entire thing here on Google Docs.

Please note that this is not my translation and is just a repost from seichiinara in hopes that this won’t be lost forever and to help people who are looking for this kind of thing.

sheythereyall  asked:

Hi Tom!! I'm a digital animation student and I was wondering if you have any tips for getting a job at Disney. That's kind of one of my lifetime goals. I would absolutely love to hear back from you! --Shey

Hey Shey.  Sorry for this late reply, I just saw I had messages.  I get this question a lot.  "Do you have a TIP on how I get into Disney as an animator/character designer/concept artist- its my dream".  

I’m answering you, but posting this for all to see.  

(NOTE: Shey, ignore any snarky-ness in my tone, you don’t deserve it and seem like a very nice person.  This is a global answer since I’m posting it and not necessarily directed toward you.   I just get this question A LOT and, hopefully unlike yourself, by people that just want to dream it; not work for it.)  

First of all, when you ask someone that question, you really should have your portfolio in your hand and have JUST SHOWN that person it.  Without that, I truly am just giving you the most general of answers.  That said, you just want a “tip” on how to do it?  The easy answer is to Google search it and most likely you’ll end up at Disney animation’s website where I assume (I’ve never looked) they probably have some instructions on how to submit your portfolio online and (hopefully) an idea of what they want you to have in it.  That’s a tip.  

But here’s the honest answer and its a bit more than a tip.  The real question you should be asking is, “What do i need to do to make it as a professional artist at one of the biggest/oldest/ most respected/ competitive animation studios in the world?”  I’ll be even more direct: by not even knowing what you are REALLY asking, it tells me you’re not ready.  The person asking how to become what took me 25 years and looking for a “tip” for an answer has a long way to go to understand the competitive effort and strong work ethic needed to make it at a major animation studio, much less get that first entry level job as an artist.  First, take an honest look at your work and compare it to PROs.  Not your peers.  Not your Deviant Art followers, your parents, siblings, or high school friends- but compare it to the people’s work who’s JOB you want to take away.  Sounds tough, right?  At many studios, that’s what it comes down to: Someone has to leave for a job to be open, so there’s some truth to it.  But that mentality of  looking at your ARTISTIC HEROES as your competition will give you a good sense to what you are up against.  The best of the best.  Yes, there are entry-level positions at most of the studios, but you don’t want that.  You want to jump past that and be an animator, character designer, concept artist.  Not a storyboard revisionist.  Not an intern.  Maybe you’ll take those positions to get your foot in the door?  Good, because that’s all you’re gonna get offered to you.  Even if you draw like the teen version of Glen Keane (if you don’t know who he is then you’re also showing how “not ready” you are) you still don’t have that precious commodity that producers put equal weight on: Experience.   So, buckle down remember you’re young still (unlike me) and do the work needed and expect an entry level position for all that hard work.  It’s fact.  How long you stay in that entry level position is where you’re ability will pay off though.  Some climb high and fast.  Others, their whole career is a struggle.  Hard work can make a difference, but I believe there is a mysterious “A” gene that is a bit bigger in some people’s DNA than most.  And that “A” stands for “Ability”.  

I can shorten it to a TIP though: DRAW EVERY DAY.  

I know I sound like a crodgity-old man (and part of me is) but know that I am answering this question not for you, but for ALL the people that have asked it.  BUT- even more importantly- know that I’m ALSO not answering this just for me but for all the other artist pros that have been asked it.  Listen to these words:  Wake up.  Quite dreaming and start WORKING.

You’ll have my job in no time. :) 

Hey I love your prompts so I thought I send you a prompt of my own… In Casino Royale we can see that James quite a lot of freckles on his shoulders and I think it’s really cute so… 00Q fluff? 😊 Q would love those freckles for sure! – tentitoo

Short, but catatonically sweet! Jen.

(Please note that continuation requests need to be submitted in the ConsultingWriters inbox, rather than post replies. Thank you! Jen)

“… it’s a bit creepy to watch people when they sleep.”

Q was amusingly unapologetic; with Bond officially awake, he had the green light to start documenting every inch of his skin with fingers, with kisses. “You have a lot of freckles.”

Bond tried to turn over, stopped by Q’s hands. “… what freckles?”


Bond laughed lightly, body beautiful in the dim light casting through the curtain. “What do you mean?”

Q continued, fingertip dotting every single freckle, every single mark. The dapple of Bond’s skin, a part of him that was wholly Q’s: Bond never saw it, nobody would see it. A part of him that part-time lovers might notice but not care about, the flicking beauty that Q saw differently every morning, every night.

“I love you,” Q murmured, instead of an answer. “I don’t really say it enough.”

Bond was a little stiller. He always was, in the moments Q was demonstrative: it wasn’t their way. Words were unimportant, words were easily exchanged and more easily lost. Bond never quite trusted words.

Q did. Just once in a while. Words could have weight, if he tried hard enough.

Bond didn’t reply. Q pressed another kiss to the back of his neck, Bond’s skin prickling now with goosebumps, an odd shivering. “I love you too.”

Q’s grin was hidden.

Abruptly, Bond twisted, and dragged Q over; he let out a startled yelp, smothered by Bond’s lips pressing against his.

“Good morning”

Q kissed him again, deeper, twining his limbs around Bond and keeping him there.

When You Leave (M)

Summary: It’s been two years since you abruptly walked out of Dan’s life. What you don’t realize is you completely changed him. What happens when you finally decide to re-enter his life?

Pairings: Past!Reader x Dan

Warnings: Adult situations, language and smut.

Notes: After a month after posting the original, here’s the smut version! The reason why the smut portion took so long to write was because I had to literally do extensive research on the internet, take a look at fanfics, make notes and just… ugh. I did a lot to try to get the smut scene right as a first timer. So… please give me a break if some stuff sounds… awkward. I didn’t want the smut to be a, “Oh hey, let’s fuck already.” type of deal, considering the backstory. So… I tried to romanticize/make it classy as I could. >.<

Inspired By: This song and this scene from a game.

Request By: Anon (I am so sorry I took so long with this.)

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Hey Dylan (SkellyDun)

You seem to have a lot of experiences 

But, why is it that I’ve yet to see this?


We’re waiting.

hey uh. this post was made by two 16 y/o mentally ill women of color who were making an inside joke abt specific bad (racist) people they had met and now it’s been taken out of context and accumulated tons of notes calling them ableist for supposedly making fun of mentally ill people when that was never their intent, and they’ve been receiving lots of shit for a post that was literally an inside joke about specific situations they’ve been in.

can we. not continue reblogging it attacking young mentally ill woc for making a joke between each other about racist bigots they’d encountered? that was what they were joking about (since the people in question all did those things & used them as a way to be manipulative and guilt trippy) and it wasn’t meant to be a general post or something that more than just them and their friends would understand the full meaning of.

like i understand there are aspects of it that without context could sound ableist (traumatizedofficial even addressed that) but it was an inside joke about a specific situation that was never intended to become a popular post.

*** Please dont delete the text or self promote; you will not be considered for these awesome awards ***

Hello darlings! Alexnadra & I wanted to host our own awards to showcase some of tumblr’s best blogs. So without further ado, I introduce you to our Safari Awards: 



  • Monkeys - Best Theme
  • Elephants - Best Posts
  • Leopards - Best Color Scheme
  • Giraffes - Nicest Blogger
  • Flamingos- Best under 3k (must submit proof) 
  • Rhinos - New Discovery
  • Lions - Best Over All 
  • Zebras - Alexandra’s Favorite
  • Cheetah - Valerie’s Favorite

We will choose 1-2 per category depending on the notes. 


  • Follow from both of us!
  • Will be featured on the awards page (under construction)
  • Promos of your choice twice a week


  • Reblog this more than once
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Please don’t let this flop! 

Lots of love, Alexandra & Valerie 

Hey cuties just wanted to let you know that the Ostriches category has been replaced with Giraffes.

Why? Simple, Ostriches aren’t very nice.


Hey cuties! Just want to let you know that Alexandra & I will start going through the notes on April 22. So keep reblogging all you can until then! Good luck darlings! xx

Hey cuties! Alexandra & I have been so busy with school that we haven’t had the chance to choose. So we’re going to leave the post up for reblogs until the end of May when we’ll be finished with school and we’ll have time to choose. 

Sorry for the incovinience! & Good luck :) 


This is probably a long shot, but I don’t really know how else to like…“talk” to Mark other than drawing things and posting them in the tag, hoping he sees them. Heh. So I’m tryin anyway! 

Hey markiplier! Show us your sketchbook! If you still draw. And only if you want to, of course. Like I said I just think it would be so cool to see some stuff you’ve drawn..^^;

If you don’t even see this…I had fun doing lots of drawings of myself I guess hahah.