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Sole Survivor’s Reactions/Dialogue as a Companion: Debbie

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- original idea by @madddraws (x)


Nick Valentine:

“Hey there, Nick, nice to see you. How’s my fave detective doing?”


“Really? Well, you know what you’re doing.”

Piper Wright:

“Hey Pips! Don’t worry, I’ll look after Nat for you while you go around saving people.”


“Hey D, keep both eyes on this one will you?”


“You know, you could be better than that. Keep it in mind.”

Preston Garvey:

“Hello Preston. Off to save the Commonwealth again, huh?”

Robert J. MacCready:

“MacCready…we still haven’t settled our little difference. Or maybe you’re scared I’ll beat you?”

Paladin Danse:

“Paladin Danse. Has the Brotherhood allowed you to think by yourself yet, or is that still forbidden?”


“Strong! Well…good…smashing…?”


“Hey Cods. Watch out for each other, okay?”

Curie (pre-synth body):

“Curie, are you sure you’re up for this? Be careful, alright?”

Curie (after synth body):

“I always worry when you head out…stay focused, alright?”


“Hey dog! Make sure nothing hurts them, okay? Good boy!”


“If it isn’t the best mayor in the Commonwealth. Watch over them for me, cool guy.”


Old Longfellow:

“What are you gonna do with him, win a drinking contest?”


“Ada, nice to see you. Don’t overdo it, okay?”

Porter Gage:

“You know I…whatever. I hope you know what you’re doing. And don’t catch me seeing you around here on your own, dickhead.”

labyrinthofleah  asked:

“Do you think that this was a bad idea?” Josie and... *throws dart* Meh Meh

@josiesparklelove this is @labyrinthofleah ’s fault not mine

Their radios had failed; the labyrinthine structure of concrete and steel that had become the gang’s hideout was too much for them. They had put out one desperate call for backup, hoping that the outgoing signal was better than incoming, but that was an hour ago and they were alone.

Tennoji clutched his bleeding side with one hand and his pistol with the other. The last time they had attempted to retreat, he had taken a bullet and fell, forcing Josie to drag him into cover despite his insistence that she retreat. “Hey,” he panted, letting his cocky grin fall away as he looked into his partner’s blue eyes. “D'ya think this was a bad idea?”

She stared right back at him, her resolve unflinching. “Kei’s at Aiko’s house for the night. We covered our bases knowing this wouldn’t be easy. Let’s make a run for the entrance again, at least try to get back to an area where our radio works.” She propped up his injured side, then counted down to their run.

Gunshots echoed off the concrete.

Jude held Connor’s hand as he walked down the hallway. According to the nurse, he needs to be walking twice a day to help his foot heal properly. It felt surreal that they were holding hands in public but hey-no one would question them since it just looked like a friend helping another one out yet they both knew it was more than that. Jude had spent the last couple nights with Connor in the hospital room. Almost like clockwork, Connor would wake up throughout the night to find Jude asleep on the reclining chair. He didn’t mind the lack of sleep for looking at Jude sleep was like dreaming. No, it was better than dreaming-this was real.

At times like these, Connor couldn’t quite figure out how he was feeling. Words failed him; even if he tried he couldn’t articulate.  Jude slept gently next to him and every little detail was somehow essential as if the picture wasn’t whole without any of them. Connor laid back on his pillow and noticed Jude’s messy hair and would smile at the occasional twitch from Jude’s body. If there was anything that Connor could make from all his feelings was that he wanted to hold Jude. Lay next to him like when they went camping, or slept over, or when they decided to be boyfriends.

Connor’s mind trailed off to the tent. To the night that would eventually lead to where they are today. He remembered how everything that happened that night had brought them closer together yet kept everything the same. He had tried to ignore his feelings after that night and to make sure those feelings wouldn’t resurface he began to date Daria. It didn’t help. Jude was always there in the back of his mind even when he wasn’t present.

“I finally beat that game,” Jude said.

“What game?” asked Connor.

“You know,” he answered. “The one in the PSP”

Connor blushed. He had forgotten all about that.

“It was pretty cool,” added Jude.

“I’m glad you liked it,” replied Connor smiling.

“Do you want it back?” Jude asked. “I mean, I finally got adopted so we can take turns having it.”

“No,” said Connor laughing. “I gave it to you as a present, you know?”

Jude stayed quiet for a minute before asking: “Did you think you wouldn’t see me again?”

The question took Connor by surprise. He had given the PSP to Jude as a present because he liked Jude. He didn’t complain a lot, he was always happy and always wanted to see the best in everyone, and never talked bad about anyone. Somehow the thought of not seeing Jude made him sad. He couldn’t quite figure out why. They were good friends-no, best friends-but he had had best friends come and go before.

“Well…did you?” Jude asked again.

“No,” answered Connor coming back from his thoughts.

Jude began to play with his fingers.

“I just thought you’d like it,” said Connor smiling. “More stuff to have.”

Jude stared at him quietly. He was trying to leave behind everything that had happened to him before meeting his moms.

Connor felt an uncomfortable silence plague the tent. “What was it like?” he blurred out immediately hating himself.

“What was what like?” asked a genuinely confused Jude.

“Forget it,” said Connor embarrassed.

“No, tell me,” replied Jude.

Connor stared into Jude’s eyes. He wished he hadn’t said anything. Now he couldn’t take it back.

“Come on,” Jude egged him on.

“I mean…the foster system,” Connor said.

Connor couldn’t read Jude’s facial expression. If he was sad, he was doing a good job at hiding it. If he was mad, he wasn’t showing it either. Oh, man thought Connor.

“It sucked,” Jude finally began.

Connor remained quiet.

“At times we were forced to do stuff we didn’t want to and then we would get punished if we didn’t do it.” Jude said almost in a trance. “Chores and stuff, you know?”

Connor nodded without realizing that Jude’s stare went well past Connor’s face, past the tent.

Jude explained how he sometimes had to share meals with other kids and how he hated to do bathroom chores since he felt he was chocking from the Clorox. He eventually taught himself to like them since it meant that families wouldn’t send him away right away. He hated not being able to see Callie for so long and he missed her every time she came across his mind. He wondered what she would be doing that exact moment he’d think of her and wanted to think that she’d be thinking of him, too. Jude’s voice trailed off. He lowered his head and fought back the tears.

“One time,” he began. “I found this dress in this house I was staying at.”

Connor could hear a change in Jude’s voice. Jude went on.

“I just really liked the pattern. It was cool,” he said with a chuckle. “So I put it on. I didn’t think much of it until my foster dad at the time came into the room and found me.”

“What happened?” asked Connor without realizing that he was totally lost in Jude’s story.

“He started hitting me. He punched me so hard over and over again.”

Connor was speechless.

“He just yelling how boys shouldn’t wear dresses, that no boy should be gay and that he wouldn’t foster a faggot,” Jude said as tears began to fall freely.

Connor’s heart sank deeper than he ever knew it could. Here in front of him was the true Jude. The one that had to endure all and every injustice yet somehow chose to keep a happy face. He wondered how he did it. He wondered how he could be so strong.

“I just remember thinking: what a crappy reason to hit a kid,” Jude said wiping off the tears.

Connor took Jude by surprise as he leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips. He felt a constant and fierce beat in his chest. Everything he was ever taught made him think this was wrong but to him, it felt so right.

“Hey,” said a half asleep and smiling Jude bringing Connor back to the hospital.

“Hey,” said Connor smiling back.