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Cheater? (Reggie x Reader)

Request: could you maybe do a reggie and reader imagine where they have been dating for years but he cheats on her and they break up he tries to win her back but she keeps shooting him down but she has a bad fight with her mom and she doesn’t know where else to go to so she goes to reggie’s and he comforts her and they talk and get back together

 You couldn’t get the image out of your head. The thought of Reggie kissing someone that wasn’t you made you sick to your stomach. It was a painful reminder why you didn’t go to party in the first place. Nothing good ever happens when teens have alcohol.  It what ended your relationship with him, you couldn’t trust him anymore.

“Babe I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing”  Reggie begged you and tears were forming in his eyes. He didn’t want all of the years that you guys been together to end over some stupid drunken mistake that he had made.

“Please stop Reggie, it’s too late we’re over” You said as tears were falling down your cheeks, you loved him but you couldn’t have him anymore. You felt like all of your air was getting pulled out of you as you try to breath through the tears.

“We can fix it Y/N, don’t give up on us, not yet” Reggie pleaded he was losing you, something that he never thought was possible and it was his own fault.

“You already did Reggie” You let out while your voice was cracking “You broke us”

You sat down at you lunch table, facing away from the football team so you didn’t have to look at Reggie. Betty looked at you as you sat down on side of her, you never sat there. But it came to her mind when she heard the football team laughing from behind her. Reggie, was why you were sitting there.

“You okay?” Betty asked as you finally settle down in your place. You phoned her the night you guys broke up so she knew what had happened.

“Peachy” You said as you took a bite of your sandwich, listening to Veronica and Kevin conversion.

“So Y/N” Veronica started to say as she turned her head to face you “What’s with Reggie and you?” You looked at her figuring Betty already told her but you guessed not.

“Nothing” Veronica leaned over the table and teased

“Come on now Y/N, you don’t just break up with someone like Reggie for no reason. So what is it? Did you start a new high school affair? You lost your breath at Veronica’s last few words. It was hitting to close to home for you. Pushing your tray forward, you quickly got up grabbing your things. Not wanting to let anyone see your tears fell, you ran away to go hide somewhere in the school.

“I told you not to say anything Veronica” Betty shouted just enough so them at the table could heard it.

“I didn’t think much of it, what happened.”

“Reggie cheated on her V” Betty told her as she rolled her eyes, leaving to go find you in the school. When you ran out you didn’t see Reggie watching you. He knew you were gone to cry about what he assumed to be him. He knew you better than anyone, one little look at you he could tell that you were broken. He was the one that caused it and now he wanted to be the one to fix it.

“Hey can we talk?” You heard a voice said as you put your books away. You looked up and came face to face with the last person you wanted to see, Reggie.

“There’s nothing to talk about” You told him as you shut your locker. You looked down the hallway looking for Betty, so you could leave. You didn’t think you could look at Reggie yet, it hasn’t been that long. Plus you were sacred that if you did, you would fall into his arms since you miss him so much.

“Us. That’s what we need to do, not just ignore each other” Reggie said as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was frustrated with himself mostly, knowing that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for himself.

“There isn’t an us anymore Reggie, get over it because I have” You left Reggie standing there as you saw Betty so you could go home. You knew he knew you were lying after all no one knew you better than Reggie did.

“THEY NEED TO BE BETTER” Your mother shouted as you guys and your father stood in the living room.

“Mom their fine, one B isn’t going to hurt” You said. Your parent or more like your mom have been yelling at you over the past hour for the B that you got biology. It wasn’t hard to bring it back up and you knew that but your mother wouldn’t listen.

“DON’T TALK BACK TO ME YOUNG LADY” Your mother said as she made her way closer to you. “You live under my house and as long as you do there will be no talking back. B’s aren’t for this family, if you want to be something in life honey you have to get A’s. Your pretty face can only take you so far in life. Men aren’t going to stick around once it disappears for a women who get’s B’s.”

“Honey I thin-” Your dad try to cut in but your mother kept talking not wanting to hear his opinions. It was normal thing for your family, your dad was just to sacred too stand up to your mother.

“You heard me, you will be nothing in life if you keep acting like this. Leave, go on I can’t bare to look at you anymore. You’re a sorry excuse for a daughter.” When you heard your mother’s words you ran out of the house. Tears were flowing but it was nothing new to you lately that’s all you ever seem to be at. You needed somewhere to stay for the night but most importantly you needed someone to talk to you. You never really told your friends about how strict your mother was, only Reggie knew. At this point you didn’t care what had happened to just wanted to see him

Standing on his front porch you knocked, hoping that he was going to be the one to open it. You didn’t want his parents to see you looking like a mess. They would wonder what happened and would start asking questions.

“Y/N” Reggie said as he opened the door taking in your appearance. Your hair was out a place and you had been crying. He could tell from your bloodshot eyes and your wet cheeks. Not saying anything he opened his arms letting you fall into him. You cried into his chest as he carried you up to his room. He knew it was something with your mom, you wouldn’t just come to fix what he broke. He held you for what felt like hours, comforting you making sure you were alright. Not asking questions since he knew you would talk when ready. It take didn’t much longer for your tears to stop falling. You finally lifted your head up from Reggie chest and looks into his brown eyes.

“It’s my mom” Reggie nodded he knew it was but he let you keep talking “I was having trouble with biology and ended up getting a B. Mom wasn’t happy when she saw the mark and started to yell at me. Saying things like I’m just a pretty face and will never make it in life.” You rolled you eyes at your mom stupidly. “It’s one mark that she can’t see pass, she told me to leave so I did so we could both cool off.” Knowing that was the best option, you and your mother were too much alike to be together when mad.

“Not that I mine having you here or anything but why me? I thought you hated me” Reggie let out nervously, not knowing if he wanted your true answer. You smiled

“I could never hate you Reggie, I love you but it’s just so hard” You said leaning on his side. “Love is hard and I didn’t really know how to react. You kiss her and I..I know you didn’t mean it I was there, you were so drunk. I think when it happened I was lost, I felt so many emotions. I hated you for a moment but I couldn’t stay mad when I saw the regret and guilt in you eyes even as drunk as you were. I love you Reggie that’s not going to change, I just needed time to think and get through it all”

“I love you too, I’m sorry again for the pain I caused. It really broke my heart knowing I was the one who did that.”

“I know so ummm would you try again with me?” Reggie looked at you shocked not expecting that from you.

“Yeah I would love too I promise nothing is going to happen again”

“The only thing is we’re going to start from beginning I got to gain your trust back.”

“Yes anything babe” Reggie had a grin across his face, he’s never felt happier to have a second chance before in his life. You smiled once again at him before you leaned back onto his bed.

“Lay with me for awhile?”

“Of course love” So there you two stayed cuddle into each other’s arms. Both of you guys were happy to be back with one another. You both drifted off from the comfortable silence in the room. It was the first full night sleep you guys had since the break up. You guys were finally back where you belonged. And you couldn’t wait to stay there forever.

Queen Trashmouth / Henry Bowers x Reader / Chapter One

(A/N: hey guys! so I wrote this in second person cuz it felt right, but you’re a particular character, Stacie Tozier of Derry, sister of Richie lol. so that’s kinda weird, but I hope u guys enjoy it anyway!! ❤️)


You were given the nickname “Trashmouth” first. Your brother simply inherited it.

You were older, anyway. You learned all the bad words, their meanings, and how to use them before he did. Teaching them to Richie was part of the fun. After you’d entered high school, you parents blamed you for riddling Richie’s vocabulary with swear words, and though they were right, you knew the transformation was inevitable. The attitude you both sported made cussing impossible to avoid, and even if you weren’t there to teach him, one way or another, he still would’ve picked up the habit.

Of course, the attitude would get you two into trouble on occasion.

You were walking past the gymnasium just after school got out on a Thursday, the new cold chill of autumn finally giving summer its cue to leave. You shuddered as you walked, thanking the you from this morning for putting on a sweater. Suddenly, in the midst of your stroll, you heard a familiar voice cry out.
“Get the fuck away from me, you assholes!”

Hoping that the voice didn’t belong to who you suspected, you switched directions and turned down the hall, walked out the opened doors, and found your brother up against a brick wall, a flock of boys surrounding him.

As predicted, the notorious Henry Bowers led the attack, holding the youngest Tozier by his white t-shirt collar, one fist free and ready to punch.

You made a beeline to the scene. This hadn’t been the first occasion of Bowers fucking with your brother and his friends; Richie complained about him every week after school. You’d always promised him that if you were ever there, you’d intervene and save him. Now was your chance.

“Hey! What the fuck?” You said, loudly enough for each member of the Bowers gang to turn around and look at you.

Richie turned with a bloody nose, and upon seeing you, he smiled. “Oh, hey, sis.”

As your gaze fell upon the leader of the gang, it seemed as if you were initiated into a sort of staring contest. His piercing blue eyes locked with your golden brown ones, and you couldn’t look away.

Henry was a lot better looking than you remembered him to be. The last time the two of you had ever noticed one another was during middle school, and you’d done your best to fly under the radar since.

You could tell by the gleam in his eyes, somewhere inside his head, he remembered you.

Slowly, the mullet-wearing teen stood up straight, tossing Richie to the ground and onto Patrick Hockstetter’s feet. Richie quickly crawled behind you before Patrick could grab him.

“This little shit is your brother?” Henry asked, a smirk on his face. His eyes danced over your body, up and down again. “I don’t believe it.”

You didn’t hesitate. “What, did the fuckin’ circle jerk get interrupted, Bowers? You and your goons had to fuck up some kid to get off?” You stepped up in front of him, getting close enough to challenge him, but not close enough to get hit.

The boys were like vultures swarming you. Henry simply smiled and cocked an eyebrow, looking at your mouth.

“I get off in better ways than that, princess. Usually involves a slut like you.” Henry stared at you with dangerous suggestion in his eyes, and your breath instantly hitched in your throat. What were you supposed to say to that?

“Usually involves your right hand-” Richie butted in, and you turned your head around to look at him so fast that he jumped, backing a few steps away from you with his hands up.

“You talk real dirty with that pretty little mouth of yours, Tozier.” Bowers continued, moving ever closer. “What else can you do with it?” He asked, and Belch and Patrick chuckled loudly to themselves.

You narrowed your eyes at him, and replied without skipping a beat. “I can use it to talk to your dad. He’s pretty good friends with my dad, actually. I think if I told him that you tried to fuck up my brother’s face, he’d have some choice fucking words for you, too.”

Henry’s smile faded fast, and the boys’ side laughter had silenced. You didn’t know Henry that well, but it was common knowledge that he wasn’t scared of anything but his dad.

He took two big steps forward, and you didn’t move a muscle, nor look away from his stare. His face was only inches apart from yours.

You couldn’t tell if your heart was beating faster out of fear, or because he was so fucking close to you. Maybe both.

“I won’t fuck with your little brother anymore.” Henry said, quietly. He took another look down at your lips, quickly glancing back at your eyes, almost as if hoping it would go unnoticed. It was almost intimate, the way he stared at you.

You were about to pinch yourself in disbelief at the resignation, about to question why it seemed like he wanted to kiss you, why you nearly wanted to kiss him, an asshole delinquent who just gave your brother a bloody nose - but he began to back up, his typical smirk slowly growing on his face once more.

“I won’t have to. I’ve got a new target.” Henry added, and he walked away, the other boys following after him with equally devilish grins.

Flustered, you felt the rush of adrenaline reminding you to stand your ground. You couldn’t believe he was just walking away.

“Yeah? Hit me with your best shot, you fuck! I’ll be ready for you, whenever you wanna fucking try me!” You called after him, and the boys turned around for only a moment. You were frozen, wondering if you were about to eat your words.

The leader gave you one last chilling glare.

“Watch your back.” Henry warned, and the group stalked off and out of view.

You and your brother stood alone, and you drew in a long, deep breath.

“Wow… You just booked a one way ticket to hell on the Mullet express.” Richie quietly mused.

You turned to him, sighing shakily. “Well, I don’t care, I did it for you.” Tenderly, you wiped a small trail of blood from under his right nostril with your thumb. “Dammit, Bowers.” You hissed under your breath.

Richie looked concerned. “I wouldn’t test him too much, Stacie. He’s not afraid to hurt girls. He’s a real ass.”

“I can tell.” You quietly replied.

Walking back home with your arm around your brother, you felt a wave of uneasiness. Were you really destined to be Bowers next victim?


Part Two

Friends Part 10 ( Final Part)

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1750

Thank you @amrita31199 you are the best this series couldn’t have been done without you.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You don’t know how much time you two spent kissing, the only thing you know is that you can feel the butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your skin. His metal hand is keeping you closer by your neck, making you shiver at the contact.

You don’t want this moment to ever end.

You rest your hands on his chest making sure that you aren’t touching any of the bruises on  his ribs, eventually you break the kiss needing to breathe “I love you, but it is late …you really should get upstairs eat something and get a good night of sleep.” He says worriedly caressing your face and kissing your forehead. You can feel that he doesn’t want to let you go at least not just yet and you feel the same way.

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royalvorpal  asked:

Hey here's a stupid fmab thing to fixate on: Envy picks up Kimblee while driving a car. Envy, 200 year old homunculus is actually competent at driving. Do they even have their license or did they steal someon else's and just shapeshift to look like them whenever a cop stops them? Envy holds a conversation and drives one-handed and they're just decent at it all around. It's the one thing Envy is better at than Roy. driving

Upon reading the very first line of this ask my thought was “Oh god, Envy is a better driver than Roy.” and then the last line confirmed everything I ever thought about this.

Listen if the final showdown between Roy and Envy happened in some sorta high speed car race you know Envy woulda kicked his ass. Envy woulda been pulling sick drift moves cackling as they sped away while Roy ended upside-down smoking with a lone squeaky tire spinning.

Envy shoulda thought of this ahead of time.

He Didn’t Say Pie

Summary: All Y/N wanted to do was lay back, relax, maybe even watch some Netflix; however, when a shifter accidentally gets into the bunker, she finds out she may need a bit of help from her brothers.
She just hopes she can tell the real Winchester from the fake.
Word Count: 1936
Warnings: mild gore, some swearing (flashbacks are in italics)
A/N: ehhh not my proudest work but it was one of my ideas so I figured why the hell not??
ALSO my dudes requests are open so feel free to hmu and I’ll try to spit out some stuff and see what happens;)

Gun drawn, Y/N stalked silently through the bunker halls. The boys were out hunting, so it wasn’t like she had backup. She was on her own. Y/N took in a deep breath as she leant outside the kitchen entrance, listening to the sounds of someone moving around. Hopefully, when her brothers came back, she’d be alive.

As long as they didn’t shoot her first.


Y/N plopped onto Sam’s bed as she logged into her Netflix account. She chose to stay back from the hunt this time- needing some “lady time,” as Dean had put it- due to still being sore from the last one. Ghouls were stronger than she’d initially thought.

Sam and Dean had left two days ago, helping out another hunter with a demon problem the next town over. Nothing too big, so Y/N had figured that she could let them take it over. They’d be fine.

She was about to click the next episode of How to Get Away with Murder when the sound of the door slamming shut resounded throughout the bunker. Frowning, she checked her phone. The boys were doing a case close by, she knew that, but this was too early for them to be back. They were good, but not that good.

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Me Too: Gerard Way imagine

Y/N: I decided to combine two requests because they were kind of the same thing. This is also based off a true story I read online about one of Gerard’s old photographers. Also a huge happy 2017! You guys are amazing and deserve a spectacular year!

Anonymous said:
Hai!! Could you write an imagine with “Desolation Row” Gerard, where he is like a super bad boy, but has a soft spot for the reader and it’s really fluffy..??
Anonymous said:
Hey! If you have the time could you write a punk!gerard imagine? Supper fluffy but he’s like super mean to everyone but y/n

Leather jacket, ripped jeans, pale skin, jet black hair, cigarette between his lips, hazel eyes, feet propped up on a chair, smoke tumbling from his mouth, there he was. You watched carefully as a small boy named Frank pushed past you and stood beside him, hands on his hips. “What the fuck do you want?” the boy in the leather jacket snapped. People had talked about him everywhere. He was world famous anyways, lead singer of a rock band, super bad ass, the kind to back talk to a cop or kill a guy. You had heard his name a million times, Gerard Way. You just had never actually met him in person.

“Our manager’s telling us we have to go soon,” Frank snapped.

“Tell him he can suck my dick,” Gerard muttered. “I honestly don’t give a shit.”

“We have to go soon,” Frank persisted. “You can’t just sit there and smoke a cigarette. He’s going to come in here and kick your ass.”

“I’d like to see him try,” Gerard scoffed.

Honestly, you were nervous as hell. You had heard that he fired the last photographer and you weren’t ready to be the next. You cleared your throat, took a deep breath, and mustered up all the confidence within you before speaking. “Mr. Way,” you called his name. He whipped his head around, lowering his feet, groaning, tossing his cigarette to the ground, about ready to unleash all hell on you, but he stopped as soon as his eyes met yours.

All of a sudden, his defiant, angry, belligerent mood fades away and his pout turns into a smile. He drinks in the entirety of your presence and smirks. “Well what do I owe the pleasure?” he raised his eyebrows. He crushes the cigarette butt on the floor with the heel of his boot and sticks out a hand, covered in a fingerless glove, spiked wrists, matching every other punk accessory that adorned him. You shook his hand and gave a grin.

“I’m y/n,” you explained. “The new photographer.”

“Oh thank heavens,” Gerard sighed. “The last one was such a bitch. I have a good feeling you’ll be much nicer.”

“I hope I live up to your expectations,” you winked.

“You’ll be fun to have around,” he nodded. “When did you get here?”

“Just now,” you informed. “Heard you being awfully rude to your manager though.”

“He’s an asshole, he deserves it. Frank too,” he rolled his eyes. “Everyone’s been getting on my nerves lately, pushing my buttons, really pissing me off.”

“So I take it I better keep a safe distance?” you joked.

“Nah, you can get as close as you want, sweetheart,” Gerard gave a sly smile. “I promise you I won’t bite.”

“Gerard! Get your fucking ass out here!” Frank shouted. “I’m not calling you again!”

“Can you shut your damn mouth for one second?” Gerard yelled back. “Geez, I’m sorry. Being stuck on this tour bus really gets to me. I think I might need to get out once in a while, clear my head. I think I could use some company, too. You have any plans tonight?”

“Not at all,” you replied.

“Sweet,” he remarked. “It was lovely meeting you, but I’m afraid there’s a bunch of lunatics calling my name. We have some stupid ass sound check we need to be at.”

“It’s cool,” you reassured. “I’ll talk to you after the show?”

“Definitely,” Gerard nodded. “I’ll be sure to put on a fancy smile just for you, lovely.”

“That’d be perfect,” you decided.

“Can I get a name, perhaps?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Y/n,” you answered. “And you’re Gerard right?”

“The one and only,” he grinned.

“You’ve got one fucking minute until the manager comes in there and whoops your fucking ass!” Frank hollered. “I’d hurry the hell up, Gerard!”

“I’m going to take that as my cue to leave,” Gerard apologized. “I’ll see you around.”

“Good luck,” you chuckled.

Some people had called him weird before, but this wasn’t what you had expected. His snappy responses, constant cussing, loud voice, and hot temper seemed to vanish every time he so much as turned to face you. It was like the entire world was on his blacklist except for you. You rolled your eyes, thinking it must be a matter of time until he decided to unleash hell upon you too. He couldn’t keep up the act much longer. You had seen the way he yelled at Frank and treated his manager. You were only the photographer, which meant he could very well treat you a hundred times worse. The thought of it made you nervous. That’s why you seemed a little off your game when you went to the concert, snapping photos of the band as they jumped on stage, shouting lyrics and playing their instruments loudly, making awkward eye contact with the people in the crowd.

It was after the show and you were on the tour bus, on your laptop, filtering through your photos. You had noticed how many of them had turned out to be blurry, unfocused, or out of frame. That’s when you felt someone sit beside you on the couch and you looked up, realizing it was Gerard. “Those look good,” he pointed to one of them that focused on him screaming into a microphone. “I like them a lot.”

“That’s only because you’re in it,” you smirked, attempting to be playful.

“Yeah, but you’re better than the last one,” he reassured. “Honest.”

“Most of them are kind of shitty,” you insisted. “I’m not going to lie. You don’t have to sugarcoat it. I know they suck.”

“They don’t,” Gerard shook his head. “Hey Mikey! Come over here for a sec!”

“I don’t have a sec,” Mikey muttered from across the bus. “I have to take a shower. I’m yucky and sweaty and gross.”

“Just come over here, will you?” Gerard argued. He turned towards you and chuckled. “He’s my brother.”

“Fine,” Mikey complied, sitting down on the other side of you.

“Look at these photos,” Gerard explained, pointing to one you took of Mikey plucking away at his bass. “Aren’t they amazing?”

“Woah,” his eyes were transfixed on the image. “That’s great, y/n.”

“Told you so,” Gerard gave you a light shove. “You’re doing an amazing job and it’s only your first day.”

“Can I leave now?” Mikey wondered, irritated.

“Yeah, whatever,” Gerard rolled his eyes. “Point made valid, your photos are pretty stellar.”

“They’re average,” you shrugged.

“Enough of that,” Gerard laughed. “I’m going to go take a shower and then let’s go out for drinks or something at a bar.”

“Seriously?” your eyes lit up. “I thought we were confined to the tour bus.”

“Nah,” Gerard reassured. “You’ll be fine. I do it all the time.”

While you waited on Gerard, you tried editing some of the photos, cropping out a couple blurry edges, you couldn’t quite concentrate. His words were still lingering in your mind, the way he complimented your photos, how he seemed to be annoying or rude to everyone else except you, everything about him so confusing. How come he was such a dick to everyone but as soon as he made eye contact with you, all of that faded away and he was the sweetest dude you’ve ever met? When he reemerged from the back of the tour bus, his hair was neatly combed at the sides, eyes twinkling, dressed in ripped jeans and a leather jacket, sly smile. He extended a hand to you and you closed your laptop, excited. “You look great,” you raised your eyebrows. “Makes me feel underdressed.”

“You look fine,” he smiled. “You could outdo me any day.”

“Enough with the silly compliments,” you rolled your eyes. “Let’s go.”

“Whatever you say,” he winked. Goddammit why was he so cute sometimes? That was the other thing. All the time he looked like some crazy aggressive punk ready to beat the shit out of whoever so much as looked him in the eyes, but around you, he was an adorable fluffy kind gentleman asking you if you’d like to accompany him on a night out at a bar. This only perplexed you even more, and you decided to leave it be, linking your arm with his and following him out the tour bus.

“Where are you going?” Ray snapped, watching you two leave.

“We’ll be back soon, asshole,” Gerard reassured.

“Rude,” Ray glared, stomping onto the tour bus and leaving you and Gerard to travel down the sidewalk.

“Hey,” you decided to speak out. “You could be nicer.”

“So what?” he shrugged. “He deserves it.”

“Everyone seems to deserve it!” you threw your hands up in the air, frustrated.

“Not you,” he pointed out.

“Exactly!” you shouted, twice as exhausted with this mystery. “You’re so damn feisty and rude and mean to everyone except for me and I don’t know why!”

“Because…” Gerard’s voice faltered.

“Because?” you raised an eyebrow, yearning to know.

“Never mind,” Gerard sighed. “I’m just an angry person.”

“Yeah, well you could be angry at me too,” you argued.

“Come on,” he just ignored your suggestion and ushered you into a bar, holding open the door and leading you towards a seat. He ordered two tall beers and took a long sip, then stared at you. “Do you really want to know, y/n?”

“Yes,” you insisted. “I’ve been dying to know. And it’s only been one day with you but you confuse me so much and I-” You stopped instantly in the middle of your sentence, realizing that one of your favorite songs was playing. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Gerard inquired, thoroughly confused of what was going on.

“Oh. My. God!” you squealed.

“What is going on?” he repeated.

“It’s my favorite song!” you explained, grabbing his hand and yanking him up off the seat.

“What are we doing?” Gerard laughed.

“Dancing!” you exclaimed, swaying to the beat happily, twirling around. “Come on. Join me!”

“I don’t know,” he chuckled. “I’m not that big on dancing.”

“Gerard,” you begged, giving him puppy dog eyes. “Please?”

“Okay,” he smirked, placing his hands on your hips and swaying alongside you. “But if Frank or anyone else sees me here, I will kill you.”

“I’m okay with that,” you giggled. “You can kill me any day.”

“I’m just joking,” he rolled his eyes, spinning you around once, then catching you in his arms. “I could never kill anyone as adorable as you.”

“I think you’re a softie,” you insisted, both of you swaying to the music. “All of this, the leather jackets, the cussing, the rock band, all of that, it’s a cover. You’re just scared of being vulnerable. That’s what I think.”

“That’s what you think?” he smiled, amused.

“Yeah,” you admitted.

“Well do you know what I think?” he questioned.

“What?” you inquired with a sly smile.

“I think you might like me,” he guessed.

“Really?” you smirked. “You think that?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, suddenly turning shy. “It was just an assumption.”

“Ah,” you nodded slowly. “So what if, um, what if I did like you? Just for instance?”

“Okay,” he took a moment to think for a second. “Well I think that maybe we could go on a nice date, to a bar or something maybe. Probably after one of my concerts, where I’d buy us a couple rounds of beer, and then your favorite song would come on, and we’d dance, even though I don’t really care for dancing. And maybe, just maybe if I got lucky enough, I could win a kiss at the end of the night. Because you know, I’d probably like you back.”

“Yeah?” a smile crept on your face.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But you know, that’s just for instance.”

“Oh,” you quickly responded. “Right…”

“Unless, you know, you really did like me,” he suggested. “And in that case, my assumption would be correct. I don’t know, cause uh, I didn’t get a response.”

“I see,” you sighed. “Are you still curious?”

“I guess you could call me that, yeah,” he admitted.

“I think I like you,” you confessed, not realizing that the song had stopped and the two of you were still swaying in each other’s arms.

“I think I like you too,” Gerard smirked. “So um, you think I could get lucky enough to get a kiss tonight?”

You didn’t even care to answer him, but instead, decided to plant your lips on his, pulling him closer towards you and felt him relax in your arms. “Yeah,” you chuckled, catching your breath when you both pulled away, looking into each other’s eyes. “I think you could get lucky tonight.”

“Well on that note,” he smirked. “I think we’ll have a very long eventful night in store for the two of us.”

“Not too eventful,” you narrowed your eyes, earning a laugh from him. You both looked around, realizing how dumb you must look standing up in the middle of the bar, and decided to return to your seats and finish your beers.

You two wasted away the rest of the night drinking and talking. You told him about your life, your family, your career, how you found out about his band, and all the crazy things you’ve heard about him. He told you about his insane experiences on tour, with the old photographer, being with the boys, becoming famous, singing on stage every night. You talked about what you thought the first time you saw him, and he told you about what he thought of you the first time he saw you. It was definitely interesting to see your two different viewpoints, and it must’ve been several rounds of beers before you both ended up kissing again, and eventually walking down the sidewalk and finding your way back to the tour bus. You didn’t know how it happened, but you found yourself cuddled up with him in his bunker, both of you underneath the sheets, his arms wrapped around you, lips pressed to your neck. “You know what you said earlier?” he mumbled. “About me pretending to be tough and fierce and all that because I was afraid of being vulnerable?”

“Yeah?” you asked.

“You were right,” he admitted. “But I was just scared of getting hurt. I thought maybe if I opened up to someone, loved someone, I might get hurt. I don’t know. It’s probably stupid.”

“No,” you shook your head. “It’s okay. I just don’t get it, because I mean, you don’t have to be like that. You can let down your walls once in a while. You don’t have to treat everyone so rude. Just treat them like you treat me.”

“But they aren’t you,” he frowned. “Nobody’s like you.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m crazy, you don’t have to remind me.”

“No, you’re perfect,” he chuckled, pressing a light kiss to your lips. “That’s why I love you.”

“Love me?” you widened your eyes. “I thought you liked me.”

“Well I might be a little more than like,” he admitted.

“Yeah?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” he blushed.

“Me too,” you grinned.

One Word

Summary: Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. 
AU: Gakuen/Human AU
Rating: SFW
Prompt Used

“Jones! How many times must I get after you for your uniform?”

Alfred looked up from his cellphone and saw Arthur standing in front of his desk, hands resting on his hips. His slightly larger brows furrowed as he glared down at him, waiting for Alfred to reply.

“Uh…two more times?” Alfred joked while smiling.

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When I Grow Up

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1475

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean asks the reader what she wanted to be when she grew up. When she said she always wanted to be a mother, he does something unexpected. 

A/n: I made an alternate ending with a plot twist. I’ll add a link in at the bottom. (if you liked the ending and don’t want a plot twist and angst, then don’t click on it)   Feed back is always appreciated!! 

You’ve never felt more at home while sitting next to Dean while in the Impala. Driving on a wide, open rode. Looking out the window, you were lost in your thoughts when you heard the man next to you speak up.

“Y/N?” he asked.

“Yeah Dean?” you turned your head to face him.

“Whatcha’ thinking about?”

You grinned to yourself; of course, he would care about this. He was always the concerned boyfriend, but overall, he actually cared about what you had to say.

“Just everything. How we met, how I came into this life.” It is true, that this life chose you. Taking your family from you at a young age and the Winchesters took you in. You’ve all made your own family of sorts. When you grew older, you left for a while, not wishing to be a part of this life anymore, but it all came back to bite you in the butt. You then just decided not to fight it anymore, permanently staying with the Winchesters. But when you returned, something changed between you and Dean; you grew up and were now in your 20’s. You weren’t a little girl anymore and Dean somehow only grew more handsome.  It took a while for you to realize you had feelings for him; and when you did Sam joined you both, so you just decided to ignore it. Eventually you both couldn’t fight your feelings anymore and the rest was history.

“I wish you wouldn’t have to live this life.” Dean said solemnly. You turned your head towards him and smiled. He would always want better for you. But for you, Dean was enough. And you can’t forget Sam. He is the best friend anyone could ask for. They’re your boys and that makes everything in this life worth it.

“What could you see me being?” you asked him. Sometimes you both played this game; you would ask each other ‘what if’ questions, dreaming up your apple pie life.

“Well, your sweet so maybe a teacher,” you made a face knowing you could never accomplish that job. “You love to take care of people so I could see you being a nurse.” He smiled at you and gave you a wink. “What about me?”

“Oh definitely a mechanic.”

“Really? Huh,” he thought out lout. “I thought I would be more of the modeling type.” You giggled at him. “What? Come on it could happen.”

“No way. I could not be dressed up like a Ken doll.” You said. He turned to you and made a fish face while crossing his eyes. You laughed aloud and he joined in with you.

“What did you want to be when you were older?” he inquired.

You thought to yourself. “I wanted to be a lot of things. My first encounter with a possible career was when I was in about third grade and we were studying the phases of the moon and stars. I was so fascinated by every possible thing out there. The heavens were the beautiful unknown. I wanted to be an astrologist. Not go to the stars per say, but just study them, maybe discover life on mars or a new planet.”

“What a little dork.” Dean whispered but you heard it and playfully punched him in the arm. “Okay Y/N what next?”

“Well then I got into writing and I wanted to be a writer or journalist. I guess it did not fit me. I looked at law and FBI, it wasn’t my calling. So I looked into art for a long time. I practiced and actually became pretty good. I thought it was going to be my life. Then I realized I wanted to help people. So I looked into military but it wasn’t for me. As you know, I’m not good with rules.” He chuckled at that.

“What else?”

You sighed thinking back to a younger version of yourself. “I had an interest in the brain. After my mom has a stroke, I spent a lot of time in the hospital listening to neurologists. I wondered why the brain would shut down and what makes a person act the way they do. I was curious about human behavior. I then wanted to be a psychologist and maybe a forensic psychologist or a therapist.” You paused for a moment to catch your breath. “Then I was interested in the body and anatomy. I never thought that I would go into the medical field but I was considering it.  By then everything happened and I became a hunter. The only life I can imagine having.” You finished looking at Dean. Concern fell on your face when you saw that he had tears brimming in eyes.

“Dean it’s okay! I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being a hunter means that I can be with the people I love and I get to help people!” you assured him. You grabbed his large hand. You could feel all the callouses, proof of the hard work and labor he does for strangers and friends.

“I know, I know. I just wish I could make your dreams come true.” He said.

“Exactly Dean! Dreams! Just dreams of a young, curious girl. If I had known that this would be my job, my life, I would have forgotten all about astrology, and art, a-and psychology.” You sighed and looked down. However, one thing popped into your head that you forgot all about.

“But you know there was one other thing that I forgot I wanted to be more than anything else and still do. Dean, I want fall in love with someone incredible and that’s you. I always wanted to be a mother. I wanted to bring a life to this world to make it brighter. I wanted a family more than anything else. To know that I loved someone so much that we made a miracle.” You looked over to Dean. His eyes were wide and you suddenly thought you scared him.

“Dean are you okay?”

All of a sudden, he took a sharp turn of the road and you were driving off into a field. It was dark out and the lights from the streets faded.

“Dean what are you doing?” you asked, a little scared. But he stopped, turned off the car, and got out without responding.

Immediately you opened the door and slammed it. But before you could register anything Dean was there. He grabbed you and kissed the life out of you. You never felt so loved before. It was like he was trying to give everything of himself to you.  

“Wow.” You breathed out when he pulled away.

Then he did the unexpected. He reached inside his pocket as he got down on one knee.

You felt tears come and you laid a hand over your mouth. You shook your head, making sure this all was real, because it was too good to be true. But it was. Sitting right in front of you in his hands, was a little black velvet box. Inside sat the most beautiful silver ring you ever seen. I was simple and pure it was perfect.

“Y/N, I love you so, so much. And that’s not an easy thing for me to say because it means that you could get hurt. You deserve so much better than this. And I can’t give you the stars or give you the answers to the brain. I love you so much that I would give you anything. So when you said you wanted a family with someone who loved you that much, I just knew. I had to give it to you. I can still do that for you. I know this is a little spontaneous, and to be honest not my style. But I can’t live another moment without you. I can’t imagine anyone else being the mother of my children. I don’t care if we stay in the bunker or in a house. I just want a family and I want you. So, Y/N L/N, will you do the honor of becoming my kick-ass hunter wife?”

You could see the tears in his eyes only making you cry even more. This question was a no brainer. You knew that he was special from the moment you met him and that feeling has not changed since. He was the one and the only one. He was home. He was better than any career you could have had or any apple pie, white picket fence life.

He looked so nervous and adorable. You could not help but smile.

“I couldn’t have imagined anything better.” You replied, a tear slipping down your face.

He stood up and kissed you. Everything in that moment felt so completely right. Nothing else mattered but the both of you in that moment of time.

(Alternate Ending Below)

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anonymous asked:

hey, uh can I get some cheating!oikawa angst? [i love your blog btw!]

Flashing yourself in the mirror a last sweet smile, you walked out of your home. Finally, the day where you could see your boyfriend again had arrived and you couldn’t be more excited. Bouncing your way to his house, you saw a cute bakery.

“I bet he would love to have a delicious cupcake.”. You sang in a cheerful tone, while you were entering the shop. There were so much pastries, each one looking better than the next. You decided to go with the one that reminded you of your partner, a beautiful looking cupcake, chocolate brown topping, just like his fluffy locks. You caught yourself grinning at the little package as you walked down the street. Excitement growing with every step you took.

However, when your eyes met with the piercing red of an unknown car, parked directly at your boyfriend’s house, the excitement was blown away, in fact it was slowly growing into insecurity.

Building up your courage you placed your hand at the doorknob, fearing something might be wrong, terribly wrong. Sadly, your instinct wasn’t wrong at all, woman’s laughter could be heard through the whole floor. Still, you were hoping for the best, he was your treasure after all, there was no way he could betray you. Deep inside you knew he was cheating on you, whether or not you were trying to persuade yourself with positive thoughts.

Feelings came over you. Firstly, anger. Secondly, regret. But one feeling was heavier than all the others together. Sadness. You felt numb, the tears that were covering your cheeks were the only thing you could feel. For this exact moment, you wanted nothing more than to scream.

The giggles became louder, until you heard Tooru’s voice. “You should better hurry and get your clothes back on, cupcake.~”. He hummed, overly happy. Staring at the bought cupcake, which was so heartwarming before, seemed like a lie now. Disgusting. This was supposed to be something special, was there no connection between you? You felt it for sure. All those happy memories, gone. All those adorable gifts that should’ve been something unique, they weren’t anymore. All those loving compliments? Never meant anything apparently.

You stomped to the doors where the noises came from and kicked it open. There he was, the man you wanted to spend your life with. Lying on his bed half naked with a female, you’ve never seen before.

His face showed nothing but surprise and guilt.

“Die in hell.”. You yelled at him, louder than you intended. Raising your hand, you threw the cupcake, fueled with rage.

“(Name) wai-“. His dumbfounded face only made you more furious.

“No Tooru, there is nothing to explain, you chose your path and I hope you enjoy your “cupcake”.”. Your back was already turned to him. “Still, throwing away something we built up for years. Disgusting.” Spatting out your last words for him, you ran out of this building as fast as your legs would allow.

How could something so wonderful be destroyed at only one night? How could he do something so stupid to them? They were special to him. They were something he would never be able to find again.

Amends ➵ Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Summary: Sam and Dean are now reunited after Dean escaped Purgatory. Meanwhile, the reader, unknowing that Dean is back, is still searching for a way to bring him back and to rescue Kevin from the hands of Crowley…

Request: No

Pairing/Characters: Dean x reader (eventually), Sam Winchester, Kevin Tran (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned), Random demon

Word Count: 1631

Warnings: angst, language, violence

A/N: This one is longer :) 



Things were tense between the Winchester brothers. They walked in on something they didn’t expect which was each other. Sam put down his hunting gear while Dean did that exact opposite while in Purgatory.

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Study Break- A Major Life Backstory

So this one popped into my head last night.  How about a little more backstory for A Major Life?

Master Post of fic: here

Rated: K

She was studying, like she said she would.  At least she had been, up until a few minutes ago when she couldn’t take it anymore.  Anna hated to sit and have to be quiet.  She preferred places with a little more background noise. She liked to be able to get up and walk around, talk a little to anyone near her when she needed to clear her head for a few minutes.  Maybe it would be alright to talk to someone else, but Kristoff hadn’t come across as someone who was up for idle chit chat unless he found a reason to tease her.  

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Getting To Know You

You’re a nearly blind reader who’s attempting to be friends with the less than friendly hot dog stand owner. You may not be able to view him in the normal definition, but after a few intimate moments with him, you see more than the skeleton monster thought was possible to see. 

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the quality of this image is so low that the instagram version looks a lot better than the original one ;;;;;;;; also, this always remembers me that i’d be nice to get a new phone, one that has actually a decent camera 

but hey, it’s been a while since the last time I drew them! 

Request: Not An Oops

Request: Hi!! I’m on a huge Crowley kick. Anything sweet, maybe him saving reader from demons or angels? And Sam and Dean are pissed off, but hey Crowley saved her so?? ;) Thanks, you’re awesome!

Request: Hello! Could you do a romantic Crowleyxreader? With all the smut and fluff of course! And it would be nice if Crowley would give the reader one of his shirt blouses to wear in the morning! Thanks and luw your writings! :3

Word Count: 1,218

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<3

PS. I don’t write smut, but I hope this is okay!<33

Your lungs burn and your legs cry out for help, but you can’t stop. Not now.

The brothers running at your side breathe in quick huffs, trying to sick as much oxygen into their bodies as possible. There’s a horrible howling from behind you and you let out a cry as the thick black smoke fills the room once again.

You’re painfully outnumbered – all three of you against at least a hundred of them. You weren’t at all prepared for this.

“What do we-” You cut yourself of, a breath tearing through your throat, “Do?”

“Run!” Dean commands as black smoke whirls overhead threateningly.

“Split! Meet back at the car!” Sam says, and you all veer on different paths. You launch yourself down a short corridor and down a set of stairs, barely able to see in the dark. Adrenaline surges through your system and-

You’re totally surrounded. The acrid smell of demon smoke fills your lungs and though the tattoo on your skin makes it impossible for them to take you over, they can definitely swirl around you menacingly, blocking all of your senses. There’s no oxygen and no breath and all dark and all you can hear is the roaring in your ears until everything fades to black.

The next thing you know, you’re lying on the filthy wooden floor with a figure standing over you.

“Finally coming to?” Crowley offers a smirk, and you groan.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Just saving your pretty little hide.” He rolls his eyes, offering a hand which you begrudgingly take, “The demons are gone.”

“Thanks.” You nod hesitantly, brushing your jeans down, “I gotta get back to Sam and Dean, so…”

“I’ll walk you. Can’t have you tripping, can we? You might be concussed.”

You roll your eyes but you don’t fight it – although Sam and Dean have an intense dislike for the demon, he’s always been amiable enough when it comes to you. You’ve had some quite interesting discussions over periods of him being in captivity… or you. Whatever.

“I don’t think I’m concussed.” You offer, but he merely carries on walking beside you.

“You don’t know until you’re falling down the stairs after a dizzy spell.”

“Speaking from personal experience?”

He grins, “Observance.”

“So, you like… concuss people, then throw them down the stairs?”

“What kind of savage do you take me for?”

Before you have a chance to reply, however, you hear Sam yell your name. The cool night air assaults your face and you wince.

“Hey, Sam.” You say quietly, walking out onto the gravelly forecourt.

“What are you doing with him?” Dean demands, appearing from somewhere behind Sam. You shrug.

“He saved my ass.”

“He was the one who put your ass in danger with his demons!”

“Actually, I didn’t tell them to be here.”

“Still, you shouldn’t be talking to him.” Dean scowls, “Get the hell out of here!”

“Dean, come on! Can’t we be even a little bit civil?”

“Y/N, he’s the king of Hell. Does that tell you nothing?” Sam offers, and you fold your arms.

“Sure. But to be totally honest, I think that’s blinding your opinion.”

“I’m still here, you know.”

“Sorry.” You offer, looking at the scowling brothers, “Can you quit being asshats, because if he hadn’t called ‘em off, I’d sure as hell be dead.”

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N. They’re mules. Call me when you get sick of them.” Crowley winks, before walking off. You roll your eyes.

“Let’s just get back to the motel.” Dean says irately, and you nod.

“You’re mad at me.”


“Because I was being civil to someone who saved my ass.”

“You defended him.”

You sigh, deciding to stay quiet. The ride back to the motel is quiet, and it’s times like tonight you’re welcoming of having a room to yourself.

Maybe it’s just to spite the guys. Or maybe it’s because you feel bad. Or maybe, it’s something else entirely, but you grab your phone and dial Crowley’s number.


The warm covers cocoon your body, tangling themselves around your bare legs. As you shift slightly, the warm mass behind you does too, letting out a quiet groan.

“Morning, beautiful.” Crowley sweeps your hair to the side, kissing the nape of your neck. You sigh contentedly as his arm around your waist tightens.

“Hey there.” You offer, turning to look at him. He smiles slightly.

“Did I tell you you’re a whole lot better than those two idiots next door?”

“Maybe once or twice. Never hurts to hear again, though.” You grin, and he presses a kiss to your forehead.

Last night, you’d called him up and invited him down for a few drinks. Never one to decline, you’d shared a couple glasses of whiskey – enough to warm you up, but you were definitely sober enough to know what was going on – and one thing had led to another. Not that you’re complaining – oh, no, definitely not complaining.

“What time is it?”

“Like… nine?” You sigh, “I’ll have to get up soon.”

“Do you have to?” He whines, “Stay with me.”

“Yeah, sure, and have Tweedledum and Tweedledee find you? They’d hang, draw and quarter me. Twice.”

Crowley laughs, letting you go with a small kiss to the end of your nose.

“Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I like it.” He grins, sitting up. You laugh, grabbing a blanket from the end of the bed and wrapping it around yourself while you find some clothes.

“I’ve seen it all before, you know.” Crowley winks, and you roll your eyes.

“I’m not bothered about you seeing, moron. It’s just freezing in here.”

“Wear my shirt, that’ll keep you warm.” He grins, a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Seriously?” You eye the shirt, discarded on the floor from the night before. He nods.

“Plus, think about the look on their faces when they see.”

“You really are a moron.” You laugh, pulling the shirt on, “I’ll see you later?”

“Sure you will.” He promises, “Now go see your friends. I want to hang around and hear their reactions.”

You grin, “Fine. Hang on.”

You pull on a pair of comfortable leggings and disappear out the room, knocking on Sam and Dean’s door which is right next door to yours. A few moments later, Dean opens the door.

“Morning,” He greets, hair sticking up at all angles, “You’re late.”

“Slept in a little, sorry.” You apologise as he lets you in, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah. I think the couple above us were having a little too much fun, though.”

You laugh, and have to cover it with a cough. Dean narrows his eyes, and Sam looks over at you suspiciously.

“I’ve never seen that shirt before, Y/N.” Sam comments.


There’s a long silence, and all you can imagine is Crowley on the other side of the wall, grinning like an idiot.

“You didn’t.” Dean realises, and his eyes widen, “You did not.”


I Thought You Were Different (Part 26/?) (Thor/Rogers x reader)

Part 25

“Oh, Thor, I’m so sorry!  Are you okay?”

“It is of no consequence, (Y/N),” he groaned, doubled over with an arm wrapped around his own stomach, his breaths long and rhythmic as he tried to work through the jolt of pain you had caused.  He tried to look up at you, but with each movement that stretched his muscles, a new wave of radiating agony coursed through him.

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Prompt 6

Prompt used : 7. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough” AND 39. “Go then, leave! See if I care!” AND 87. “No matter what happened, just know that I love you”

Characters used: Negan

Originally posted by gabriellapetty

You are one of Negan’s wives. When he saved you from a horde of Walker, you told him you would do anything for him. He then made you one of his wives. You didn’t hate that but didn’t love that at the same time. You had a camp, food, supplies and safety. But what you hated the most is that you needed to share Negan. You loved him a lot but you felt like a burden to him. Every time you tried to spend time with him, he told you he was with another girl. It made you mad but you told no one. Instead, you just went in your house and calmed down.

Today, Negan told you that he would spend the night with you. You couldn’t wait. You did few chores here and there and soon it was nighttime. You walk to your house, shower and wait for Negan to arrive. It took time. You look at your watch. It’s been already 10 minutes of waiting. He’s probably busy, you tell yourself. So you wait while reading. 10 more minutes and Negan isn’t there. You sigh, close your book and get ready for bed. You lie under your blankets and look at the wall. You can’t fall asleep. Few minutes later, you hear the front door open. “Baby!” Negan says on a weird voice. Wait… Is he drunk?. You walk downstairs and see him. “Where were you?” “With one of my chicks”. You roll your eyes and turn your back on him. “Hey, where do you think you are going” “To bed Negan, I’m tired on always waiting on you!”. You walk back to your room but Negan follows you. “I’m not done with you (y/n)!” “But I am done Negan! You make me feel like I’m not good enough!”. He looks at you with a quite sad look for a moment then the sadness turns in anger. “Go then, leave! See if I care!” Negan screams. “Anyway I have other girls that please me more than you do!”. That’s it. That made you lose it. “Oh yeah?! Fine then! I’ll leave you the fuck alone to you and your fucking group!”. You walk to your room and start packing your clothes in your bag. Negan didn’t stop you, too drunk. When you’re ready to leave, you look one last time at Negan and storm out of the house. Dwight, your best friend, walks to you. “Hey! Where are you going?” “I’m leaving! No one gives a fuck about me here so I’ll be better on my own”. Dwight tried to stop you but you told him that you wouldn’t change your mind. “Look, if Negan ever looks for me tomorrow, just tell him to look under my bed… He’ll find something for him”. Dwight nods and hugs you, telling you to be safe. You nod and leave.

[Negan’s POV]



I wake up next morning in (y/n)’s room but she isn’t there. I smile, knowing she’s probably be downstairs preparing breakfast or something like that. I get up, put on my coat and my scarf and walk downstairs. No signs of her. I listen and hear no sounds, meaning she’s not in the house. I get out and walk to my people. They are all eating but still no signs of her. I wonder where she is but I tell myself that she’s probably already doing her chores. In the middle of the day, since I still didn’t see her, I go ask one of my men is he saw her. They all tell me no, except Dwight, who’s not really talking. So I suspect that he knows something, I walk to him and talk in private. “Dwight, where is she” “She left yesterday night…”. My eyes grow big. “What?!” “Don’t you remember… You both fought yesterday… She told you that she felt like she’s not good enough and you told her to leave to see if you cared”. I look down. Wasn’t this just a dream? Dwight looks at me and says “She left something for you under her bed”. I nod and rush in her house. I look under the bed and see an envelope. I take it and open it. A letter rests inside it. It’s written:


If you have that letter in hand, that means that I left. You know, that day when you saved me, I felt so lucky to be alive and in safety in your arms. You told me that everything would be fine and that you were there. I believed you. In the beginning, what you said happened; you were there for me, comforting me when I had nightmares. But now, I feel like you are more interested in the other girls than in me. You are always with them, laughing and getting drunk. Where’s the Negan I know? You are gone to me Negan… I feel so much like a burden to you… What have I done wrong? Why are you always ignoring me? I’m done of you always doing that so I leave you alone with your chicks. Don’t mind coming for me, I’m probably far, or dead. Last thing Negan, with all that happened, just know that I love you…

I slightly tear up. How could I let that happen?! I couldn’t let her leave. Not with what I feel for her! She’s the first girl I fall for since Lucille passed away. I put the letter in my jeans pocket, storm out of her house to go to mine. I grab Lucille and walk to the gates. Dwight stop me and asks me where I’m going. “I’m gonna get her back”.

Part 2?

Heartwarming (Vikklan one-shot)

Oh my God, do you know how long it took me to write this with a hurting hand? The things I do for you guys…:3

I have soooo many ideas to write down but I can’t right now :( besides having an inflamed hand I’m sick too, so that sucks :( (by soooo many ideas I mean a bunch of Vikklan one-shots, a Poofless one-shot plus I need to develop the storyline for my Pack fanfic…)

And I’m still terrible at coming up with titles…

Also, sorry if this is terrible, I was kinda tired when I wrote the ending

One more thing: just imagine Vikk in Lachlan’s jumper, with the sleeves properly rolled down *-* so cute, OMG, someone gotta make me a fanart of that!

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: How to Minecraft

Word count: 3170 (ohmygod, that’s a lot)

‘Race you to the top!’, Lachlan screamed, dashing up the nearby hill with a headstart.

Vikk couldn’t catch up, so the Australian won their little race.

'I’m the king of the hill!’, he screamed as his friend reached the top too 'Hey, get off me hill!’

With that he pushed the other gently, but forcefully enough to make him stumble backwards and roll a few feet away in the soft grass.

'Hey, rude!’, Vikk laughed, still lying on the ground.

He quieted after a while, just smiling to himself and loving his life a whole lot. He cherished the moment, like he always did when they were like this with Lachlan, when they were so immature and happy and carefree, when it was just the two of them, hidden from the eyes of everyone else. Those were the moments when Vikk felt like he was free to love the Aussie as much as he did, more than a friend, even though it was not the case.

They were exploring, but for no apparent reason. They weren’t in need of any rare materials and there were barely any unexplored chunks within the world border at the moment. Still, going exploring together seemed like an unquestionably great idea to both of them as it gave them an opportunity to spend some time together without having any responsibilities. Because Lachlan loved Vikk too – whether romantically or not, it wasn’t clear for the Brit - and whenever they did something together, it was always just the best of times for the both of them.

Vikk finally got up and started walking towards his friend, causing him to be loud again.

'I’m the king, you’re a peas’, you stay down there!’, he joked.

'Aaaaawwwww…can’t we be kings together, plz?’

'Hmmmm….’, the blonde took his time to think 'Y'know what? That sounds cool, let’s be kings together.’, with that he reached out his hand and pulled him next to him.

The other laughed, but silenced when he looked further behind his friend.

'Lachlan, look over there!’

'Wha…?’, he turned around, confused 'Oh my God, yes!’, he exclaimed when he realised that there was a snow biome on the other side of the hill 'Let’s go there!’

'The last one there is a zombie pigman!’, Vikk screamed, running down the hill, getting his rematch.

'Nuuuuu that’s not fair!’, the Australian whined.

The other just laughed and jumped over the river separating the two biomes and landing on the ice, finishing first that time around. Lachlan ran to the shore, coming to an abrupt stop, being reluctant about jumping over the water and onto the ice.

'Come on, little Lachy! We don’t have all day!’

'I don’t know mate, how did you jump this?’

'It’s easy, just get some momentum.’

'Yeah, and land in the water! I don’t want to be wet if we’re going into a cold biome!’, he continued complaining.

'You won’t, I’ll catch you, okay?’, Vikk smiled reassuringly, reaching out both hands towards him, ready to catch him.

'A-alright…’, he backed away from the bank a few feet, then started dashing towards it.

His jump alone would have been enough, but Vikk caught him anyway. However, Lachlan’s momentum now sent both of them flying backwards, the Brit landing hard on his back, holding his friend on top of him tightly.

'Hey, it worked!’, the Aussie laughed, rolling off of the other and secretly already missing the feeling of his arms around him.

'Why are you so surprised?’, Vikk shot back as they both got up and moved on to solid land.

'Don’t know, maybe because you have a talent to make everything go horribly wrong.’, he giggled.

'Nah mate, that’s you, not me.’


Their occasional fits of laughter was the only noise that could be heard across the silent biome. They have left the river behind long ago, enjoying the chill and the new landscape. They had a couple of snowball fights, made snow angels and built a snowman, which Lachlan didn’t want to leave behind, but he had to. It started snowing too, making it seemingly even more perfect.

Lachlan kept running ahead, still bubbly and full of energy and not even a bit cold thanks to his thick jumper. Vikk, on the other hand, had slowed down, walking slower and falling behind. He started feeling cold after making the angels and now he was absolutely freezing, walking with his arms wrapped around himself, trying to warm himself up as his thin T-shirt wasn’t providing great protection against the chilly weather. However, he was grateful that his friend was still jumping around and was constantly ahead of him, because he wouldn’t have shown he was cold if he could have seen. He seemed to be having so much fun and Vikk didn’t want to ruin it for him by being a wimp and making both of them have to turn back so that he could warm up.

The Australian still turned towards him from time to time.

'You okay there, mate?’

'Yeah, sure.’

'You not cold?’

'Nah, I’m fine.’, he managed to force a smile everytime and it was enough to fool Lachlan. Adorable, naive, sweet Lachlan.

'Well, if you say so…’

And they kept going everytime.

After a while of wandering in the snowy plains, Lachlan came to a stop.

'Hey, Vikk, see that?’, he pointed at the hill ahead of them 'Let’s race up there, it could be the tiebreaker!’, however, he received no answer 'Vikk?’, he asked worriedly, turning around to look at his friend.

What he saw almost made his heart stop. The Brit didn’t even care to act tough anymore, he was just standing there with his arms wrapped around himself and shaking from cold, looking so small and fragile and miserable that it almost broke Lachlan’s heart.


'Oh, yeah, sorry, I kinda spaced out…What’s up?’, he tried to act like he was fine, but he was failing miserably.

'You are freezing…’

'No, I’m fine!’, he attempted to stand straight and walk towards his friend, but at his second step, he stumbled and fell – and he didn’t get up.

'Oh my God, Vikk!’, he rushed to his side, falling to his knees beside him.

Lachlan was terrified to see his friend lying in front of him, motionless and so, so cold, not even conscious anymore.

'No, Vikk, don’t do this to me, please!’, he cried out, shaking his shoulders in attempt to wake him. 'C'mon, sleeping beauty, it’s not naptime yet!’, he was so scared, how could their happy trip go so terribly wrong?!


Warmth and darkness. Those were the first two things Vikk became aware of.

He was covered in something soft, he could feel it on his arms. A blanket? No. A hoodie, maybe? It smelled familiar too. He was lying on a hard surface, stone, probably.

He tried to remember how he had gotten to the place he was in now. The exploring trip with Lachlan…the snow biome. Yeah, right, he was cold and he had overwhelmed himself, until he got to a point where his body couldn’t take it anymore. He should’ve frozen to death then, right? So why hadn’t he? Did Lachlan save him, or was it someone else? Was he even alive?

His thoughts were getting more and more messy and he was getting nowhere with them. He figured that the smartest thing to do would be to open his eyes and actually check his surroundings. It wasn’t as easy though, he felt like all energy had been drained from his body and it took him some tries to open his eyes.

At first he was blinded by the light rushing into his pupils. Then he saw that he was lying on natural stone floor and there was a fire lit really close to him, filling him with warmth. He looked further, seeing that the walls were rough and made of stone too. Was he in a cave? Probably.

He couldn’t see anything else. He lay still for a few minutes, gathering the strength to just move his head a bit, so hopefully he could see more. He moved his head upwards slightly, and fair enough, a figure came into his field of vision. The boy was sitting not far from him, next to the fire, hugging his knees and having his face buried into them. From his blonde locks and the fact that he was the last person he saw, Vikk assumed it was Lachlan…but why was he wearing a white T-shirt? Where was his jumper? Oh, wait a sec…He looked down at his arm, seeing the sleeve of a really familiar red jumper.

He looked at the Aussie again, wondering what he should do. Finally, he made up his mind.

'Lachlan…’, he called softly, his voice hoarse.

The other’s head shot up on an instant, and as his sky blue eyes fell on him they filled to the brim with tears.

The next thing Vikk knew was that he was pulled into an almost suffocatingly tight hug.

'You- you scared me so much…’, the blonde choked out 'Don’t do that ever again! I was so scared…and worried and I…I…’, he lost his ability to speak as sobs took over, so he just held the other even tighter, grasping the fabric of his jumper as if he was fearing that he could be torn away from him every second.

The Brit was taken off guard by the hug, but what surprised him even more was that Lachlan was crying and he had been afraid for a person other than himself…and that person was actually him. He felt like his heart was going to burst as he gently returned the hug and attempted to calm his friend.

'Hey, don’t cry…please, I’m alright now, well I’m better, that’s for sure’, he whispered softly, stumbling over his words 'thanks to you, I suppose?’

His last comment made the other pull away just enough to look him in the eye.

'Y-yeah, it was me.’, he mumbled, breathless from crying 'When you passed out, I brought you to this cave and made the fire to warm you up…’, his tears started to surface again 'but it was so long ago and you never moved and you were so cold, I was so scared…’

'Well, thank you for saving me then…no, no, no, don’t cry again! You’re gonna make me cry too.’

'O-okay…’, he tried to fight back his tears.

'Good’, Vikk chuckled and brought a hand up to wipe the other’s tears away, not taking it away after but gently stroking his cheek with his thumb.

Somehow it didn’t even surprise him that the Australian closed his eyes and leaned into his touch, a smile growing on his tear-stained face.

'I just…I can’t lose you, okay?’, he sighed, opening his eyes and covering the other’s hand with his.

'You won’t’, he said without thinking, his voice barely a whisper.

He wasn’t quite sure where the situation was going, it felt like one of his dreams. His mind was telling him to stop, to not say things like that and to pull away, because they were totally not acting like friends, but his heart was telling him different, and he had always listened to his heart.

'I will if you keep doing reckless stuff like freezing yourself to death!’, despite how much it sounded like his usual jokes, he was being serious for once.

'I’m sorry. I won’t do that again, I promise.’

'How do I know you won’t break that promise?’, he demanded, not caring how childish he sounded.

'I…don’t know…’, he muttered, feeling hurt and pulling away from the hug.

Lachlan let out a whimper at the loss of contact and quickly pulled him close again, burying his face into his shoulder. He knew he was being really clingy, but he couldn’t help it: he had almost lost the person who was the most precious to him and letting him out of his arms where he felt like he could protect him was absolutely terrifying.

'I’m sorry…’, Vikk mumbled as he returned the hug once again.

'It’s okay…you’re safe now, it’s alright’, he said that to calm himself rather than to reassure his friend.

They stayed silent and still for a couple minutes until the Australian raised his head, looking over the other’s shoulder and seeing that the fire was almost out.

'Damn it’, he muttered because he had to get up and leave the Brit’s embrace to put some wood on the fire or maybe even relight it.

He sighed as he got up, earning a little whine from Vikk - which he was most likely not supposed to hear – and knelt by the pile of ashes, watching the last flames die out. He got some more wood from the pile in the corner that he collected earlier and attempted to remake their campfire. Either the wood was wet or there was something wrong with the flint and steel, or maybe the temperature was just too low, the point is, the fire didn’t light.

'Oh, for f-’, he threw the flint and steel at the wall, breaking it 'I’m sorry mate, we’re not gonna have a fire anymore’, he said more calmly.

'It’s alright, I don’t mind. Do you want your jumper back?’

'Nah dude, you need it, you’re still cold.’

'But I don’t want you freezing to death either.’

'I should be alright, don’t worry.’

'If you say so…I still want you to be warm though….C'mere, I’ll warm you up.’, he extended his arms towards him, inviting him to a hug.

'Haha, I can’t say no to that’, the Aussie giggled and went over to him, letting him wrap his arms around him and moving around till he was sitting on the other’s lap.


'Yeah’, his voice was muffled as he buried his face into his friend’s chest.

Lachlan felt like he was in heaven, other than actually feeling warm, being able to – thanks to some miracle – freely hug and cuddle with Vikk was something he could only wish for until that very moment. He closed his eyes, listening to the other’s heartbeat and never wanting the moment to be over. He loved the feeling of the Brit rubbing circles on his back and his presence filling him with more warmth than fire ever could.

'I think I might fall asleep…’, he mumbled.

'I can’t hear you mate, speak up.’, Vikk replied and the blonde could feel his laughter vibrating in his chest.

He raised his head in order to repeat his sentence audibly, but his breath got caught in his throat when he realised how close they were, their faces inches apart and their noses touching. His feelings overwhelmed him and however hard he tried, he couldn’t resist the urge to close the gap between them, connecting their lips in a soft kiss.

But no matter how much he was enjoying the kiss, no matter how soft Vikk’s lips felt on his and how sweet he tasted, no matter how long he had waited for this moment, he felt his heart shatter into millions of tiny pieces as he realised he had probably made the biggest mistake of his life because Vikk wasn’t kissing him back. So he started pulling away, not ready for the terrible awkwardness to follow, but that was when he felt being pulled back into the kiss and his heart was mended again because no, he hadn’t made a mistake, quite the opposite.

They pulled away, breathless and the Aussie went back to his previous position, with his head on the other’s chest, totally forgetting to repeat his sentence. They stayed like that for a while, both of them being clueless on what just happened or what to do about it. Finally, Lachlan decided to speak up, this time making sure the Brit heard him well.

'I think I might have just ruined our friendship.’


'It’s fine though, I don’t want to be your friend anymore anyway.’

He felt his no-longer-friend tense up and he raised his head again, so that he could look him in the eye and smiled cheekily.

'Yep, you heard me right, I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I’d much rather be your boyfriend.’

Vikk let out a sigh of relief and a wide smile formed on his face and he tightened his arms around the blonde a bit more.

'Gosh, you just gave me a heart attack. Why would you do that?’

'It was a payback.’, he grinned, not giving the other time to answer, kissing him again.


After hearing the mobs burn outside their sealed cave, the two boys decided to set off on their journey back to the Salty Lagoon.

'You sure you don’t want your jumper back?’

'Not until we’re back in a warmer biome. I’m not taking any chances, bae.’

Vikk was used to his friend – boyfriend, actually – calling any living creature 'bae’, but it was nice knowing that in his case it meant something more.

'Alright.’, he agreed, but wrapped an arm around his waist so that he would still stay warm until they’ve left the cold lands and he got a soft kiss on his cheek in return.

The edge of the biome wasn’t as far away as they estimated – turns out, they went in an almost complete circle the previous day. They ended up at the same part of the river where they crossed before.

'Do you need me to go ahead and catch you again?’, Vikk chuckled.

'Nah, I’ll be fine.’, he answered, letting go of him and this time not hesitating to jump to the other side, landing smoothly.

The other followed him closely.

'Why did we make such a big deal of this last time?’, the Australian wondered.

'I have no idea. It was you, anyway.’

'Hey, that’s not true!’

'It is, stop denying it!’

'Oh, okay, maybe…’, he admitted, looking at his feet and acting cute knowing how much Vikk loved it when he did that.

'Damn it, you’re too adorable.’, with that the Brit stepped closer and kissed his boyfriend’s nose.

They walked up the hill hand in hand.

'Remember that whole king of the hill thing?’, Lachlan smiled.

'Yeah, we agreed to be kings together, right?’, he replied, finding it fun to take games seriously.

'Yep. Do you still want to be a king with me?’

'I would love to.’, Vikk said softly, cupping the other’s cheeks and pulling him down for a sweet kiss.

But it really didn’t matter if they were kings or peasants or something else as long as they were together and they knew they would be, no matter what. Because really nothing changed, they were still allies, the Salty Squad, the Cool Kid Club who went fishing and exploring together and had each other’s back everytime and anytime, just now they could kiss and hug and hold hands and show they world how much they loved each other.

The Hazards of Being Biological


Worthington Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. had facilities all over the world, but only two handled government contracts. Both of them lay well outside the boundaries of civilization. One was tucked into a huge swath of Brazilian rain forest and tolerated by the Brazilian authorities because of a tangle of treaties, contracts, and backroom deals that made a plate of spaghetti look organized and orderly. The other lay hidden in one of the USA’s many, many old missile bases, secure under a prairie that hadn’t been disturbed in almost forty years. It was this second place that Warren Worthington was headed for.

It hadn’t been on his plans for the day, or even the month, to stop by. No one “stopped by” the government-contract lab on a whim. You went there when you had business there–a test to do away from the prying eyes of employees without clearances, say, or a formula you wanted to work on without filling out endless forms about hazardous materials.

It wasn’t surprising that his handler knew about the lab. What was odd was that she had asked him–practically begged him–to drop everything and go out there to inspect it. Thoroughly. “I need you to find out whether any groups of non-employees have arrived in the last 24 hours,” she’d told him. “Use any pretext you want to. Don’t trust that you’re being told the truth–look everywhere yourself. Some people with a very rare mutation were kidnapped from one of our facilities, and we think they may have been taken there to be–to be tortured and interrogated before…before they’re used–” She’d broken off, and taken a long moment to come back to the phone. “You know what can happen to people who disappear into the company’s testing labs.”

Yes, he did, and it was another one of those components of the company that he would have preferred to remain in the dark about. There was no way to stop it without knowing what it was and where it happened, though, so all he could do was grit his teeth and try to keep tabs on everything that happened there.

It would have been nice if she’d offered some details this time around, if only  because “rare mutation” could mean anything from “harmless but unprecedented” to “literal walking nuclear reaction”, but by this point Warren had been working with them long enough to know when questions wouldn’t be answered. So instead of asking, he’d simply answered, “’Kay, give me a couple hours to get out there”, grabbed a coat long enough to cover up his particularly visible mutation (as long as no one looked too close), and left.

Even if he knew better than to push on them too hard or too often, being the boss’s son had its benefits, and one of them was clearance. Door security looked skeptical, but the keycard checked out, and he was still classed as ‘above suspicion’.

Though how long that would last, he didn’t know.

“Hey, you guys seen anybody else come through today? Non-employees?”

rowaelin-"dive in"

hey guys! this was requested a bit ago for me to write a fanfic on that scene in HoF, near the end, when Rowan threw Aelin in that lagoon pool? people wanted the details because that scene didn’t have many. so,,,,,,,,,,here’s my version! yes, I did change a couple details around, but hey this is fanfiction ay


Aelin snorted. “I dare you.” Rowan raised his brows, and sitting right next to her, he planted his strong hands firmly on her waist. She looked at him in mock surprise. He smirked. They sat at the edge of the miniature hot tub-they were on the chunk of land right above it. You would simply have to scoot forward and you’d fall into the murky baby blue water. Rowan didn’t think the water was hot though, and Aelin trusted him. “Are you actually going to throw me in? Or are you going to simply sit there staring because you are too afraid to do it?”

Rowan bared his teeth, lifted her slightly of the ground, still sitting himself, and launched the princess into the water. She yelped, and the small lagoon was deep enough she went under the foggy water. Aelin figured that if she went down even further, Rowan wouldn’t be able to see her. Let me finally scare him, she thought. It seemed near-impossible to do, unless she was in some sort of harm’s way.

She gripped a root when she finally swam to the bottom of the pool. Visibility was probably about 1 foot in front of her, but she was sure that there weren’t any predatory fish in here. The water actually was warm. Very warm…

Aelin found that crossing her legs, underwater, was not an easy task. She didn’t want to float up.

What was this? Nothing should be this hard, she thought.

It took less than literally five seconds for Rowan’s impact on the water to be felt.

Even underwater, Aelin smirked, showing all her teeth to the small fish that were scared and hiding.

Suddenly, an agitated, tattooed and tan face was in front of her, and hauling her out. Rowan was hugging her as he swam up. She sort of felt like a leech under him, from the way she had to hold on-gods above, he was a fast and hard swimmer.

He was holding her with one arm, a tight grip on her waist. Aelin could feel his muscles, and the solidness of his chest, this close to him. She could feel a couple of other things, too,

She couldn’t help but blush, and to conceal it, Aelin layed her head into the crook of his neck as the light on the surface of the water began shining, and untwined in her hair, creating streaks of what looked like liquid gold.

They had decided not to get out of the lagoon. It was warm, and Aelin refused to admit to herself that maybe she enjoyed being held tight in Rowan’s arms-even though they had emerged, he hadn’t let go, and both Rowan and Aelin simply lounged close in the water. She had wrapped her arms around his neck, and he had dedicated both of his arms to her hips. They stayed afloat by joined kicking power.

Now, looking into Rowan’s eyes, Aelin didn’t really know what to say. She didn’t have to say anything him, but she did think some light conversation would be nice.

Aelin gave him a quick smile. “I liked Varese. I wish i would’ve taken time to explore it.

His feral expression didn’t change. “I could take you there. We could start the journey later today if you wanted.”

She quirked a brow. “Seriously?”

Rowan quirked both.

Aelin sighed. “Maybe another time.” He nodded, sighing himself, through his nose. She rested her forehead against his, closing her eyes. Rowan studied Aelin’s calm face a moment before closing his eyes too.

Both of them were aware of each other’s wet skin, and the texture of it. Aelin dared swirling her finger in a circle on the back of his neck, and Rowan squeezed her to him a little tighter, absentmindedly. They both were basking in the moment, and angled their heads so they instead rested on the other’s shoulder.

For what felt like not long enough, they didn’t move. But Aelin had spotted a leaf-a beautiful leaf that seemed to be a mirror of what echoed in her heart.

The leaf seemed to have been inclined when the gods above crafted it. It was not one single color; no, it held streaks of all the colors representing fire. Yellow across it’s tips; red below that, orange below that, and finally, brown at the bottoms. The colors were like fingers reaching across the leaf. It was beautiful.

Aelin extended her hand, and the exquisite leaf floated down onto her palm. Rowan turned his head, so their temples touched, gazing at the leaf.

She didn’t know when, but suddenly she wasn’t looking at the leaf anymore; her eyes had found Rowan’s. Green, with a brown ring still barely visible-even this close to him. They suddenly shifted down; Aelin had the sense he was studying her mouth.

It wasn’t a lengthy amount of time before lip found lip and their noses rubbed. They turned their heads this way and that, letting teeth and tongue explore the desired territory. Rowan’s hands were massaging every inch of skin he could access, and Aelin’s gripped his face in a gesture that she would not let go.

She made the kiss pause. Aelin wanted to pull back, just for a moment, to see his reaction-Rowan looked in awe.

And more than a little bit hungry for more.


hey guys. This fanfiction, it’s now a goodbye fanfiction. think this is going to be the last fanfiction I write on tumblr-I think I’m going to switch on over to AO3/Wattpad!

so, what’s my reasoning?

first off, I’m not getting a very big response over here. And no one has ever told me what I’m doing wrong, save for one time. As much as I ADORE the praise, that can’t make me write any better. I need to know my weakpoints so I know what I need to study and practice.

I mean, you really never know-I may come back, if I decide I don’t like Wattpad/AO3. I should have a definite decision by next week what I’m going to do. But for now.

of course, when I release yet another fanfiction, I shall notify this community, as well as I do on my Instagram! I’ll simply be writing it, and publishing it, on AO3/Wattpad. I’ll let you know which one I go to, or bot. And when. Anyway…Thank you all so, so much for being so supportive and helping to motivate me, and gave me a real reason to write, a taste of the author life. The author style. I’ve loved it.

again: thank you to the moon and back, for simply giving me the time of day and night. I love you guys.

so let’s dedicate this one last fanfiction to you guys. To you, for being so supportive. To you, for taking your time to read it. To you, for leaving a like. To you, for leaving praise. To you, for leaving an ask. For you, being enthusiastic about the fics. To you, for requesting them. Thank you. It’s been amazing.

“Buck, you are not taking your gun to a children’s birthday party.” Steve sighed as he pulled on his shirt. Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes, waving his gun in the air. While they were getting ready for Pepper’s niece’s birthday party, Bucky had decided to sneakily tuck his gun into his jacket, which Steve obviously saw. Cue the long argument.

“Come on, Stevie! The kids’ll love it! Guns are cool!” Now it was Steve’s turn to roll his eyes as he looked for a pair of paints to match his navy shirt. 

“Oh yeah, sure. It’ll be really cool when we gotta rush a kid to the hospital after getting shot.” Steve bent over to get a better look at his clothes, giving Buck a nice view of his ass in those thin boxers. 

Bucky cleared his throat, not letting himself be distracted. He was going to win this. “That won’t happen cause I’ll be there. See? Put the safety on, pass it around, and suddenly I’m the fun adult at the party.” Bucky smugly told his ingenious plan. Steve just laughed loudly, turning his head to look at Bucky.

“You?” Steve asked incredulously.

“Yes, me. Who else?”

“You’re terrible with kids.”

“We talkin about the same person here? I think we both know which one of us is better with kids.” Bucky looked at him knowingly. Steve shook his head and turned back to what he was currently doing. Okay, he had to give that one to Bucky. Steve was just flat out awful when it came to having to deal with anyone under the age of 12. He didn’t know why, he just got very awkward around them.Thankfully, he didn’t deal with them much now, but back then…..he’d rather not recall all the times he was thrown up on while taking pictures with crying babies.

Steve just sighed, straightening up and pulling out the pair of jeans he’d wanted. Putting them on, he gave Bucky a stern look. “Bucky, leave the damn gun.”

Bucky groaned and flung the gun onto the messy sheets of their bed. “Alright, grumpy, ready to go?” He smiled cheekily, holding out his arm for Steve to take. “Milady.” 

Steve just smacked him upside the head.


As Steve expected, when the Avengers arrived to a party filled with hyped up kids, all hell went loose.

Screaming, throwing, shoving one another to just see one of them; oh yeah, Steve was not enjoying himself. He tried to just sit off to one side and let the rest of the team handle the little creatures, but of course that didn’t work. He stuck out like a beacon of light.

“HEY!” A chubby kid shrieked in his face. Steve just smiled politely and tried to get him to stop climbing onto his lap, but it was no use. By then, the other kids had seen the kid on his lap and they were all scrambling over, trying to get Steve’s attention.




“MR. CAPTAIN AMERICA, LOOK AT ME!” Steve shouted, “Hey!” and caught a kid as she tried jumping off a table. She giggled in his grip and squirmed. Which didn’t help at all.





“I, uh….” Steve didn’t know what to do. He was started to feel overwhelming by all the kids who were tugging at his sleeves, yanking on his hair, asking all these questions, and trying to be the next one on Captain America’s lap. So Steve’s grateful to see Bucky coming over.

“Hey, what do ya guys think you’re doing? Don’t you know Cap’s back from fightin’ more aliens from outer space?” Bucky said, putting his hands on his knees so he could be eye-to-eye with the kids. They all gasped and looked at one another, quickly getting away from Steve with a series of sorry’s! and thank you, captain america!

“Mr. Captain America, tell us about it!” An eager boy who had way too much candy shouted.

“You know, uh, I would but, Mr. Barnes tells stories better than I do so why don’t you guys go to him?” Steve said in one last attempt to get free. They all turned to Bucky, who was grinning from ear-to-ear. 

“Alright, come on kids! Let me tell you the tale of the courageous Captain America….” Bucky’s voice was dramatic as he led the herd farther away from Steve. He sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. He had not signed up for children.

“There’s only two hours at this place, Rogers. Then we got a poker game back at the Tower.” A smooth, silky voice said from Steve’s left. He looked up to see Nat with her arms behind her back and watchful eyes scanning the scene before her. “You can make it, soldier.”

“I’d rather face Loki.” Steve groaned. Natasha laughed, and pulled up a chair to sit beside him. Together, they just watched the party.

Tony had a big group of kids around him, mainly cause he decided to show up in his full Iron Man suit. But it wasn’t going too well for him. The kids were all ravages, climbing over each other to try to at least touch the shiny suit.

“Hey! Hey! That’s my ass. Watch where you’re- woah!” Tony fell over and disappeared in a swarm of tiny people. But Steve heard Tony actually laughing, so he figured he was doing okay. (Eventually, Tony would start blaring out music from Black Sabbath, which got the kids to start dancing.)

Next to Tony was Bruce, who only had a couple of kids with him but it seemed like he was pleased with that. He was showing them charts and pictures of outer space and was explaining things like why the sky was blue, what gravity was, and things like that. The kids were completely attentive, and they were even scribbling down notes from their little lecture. Steve thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

After that was Clint. He was proudly showing a group of kids different fighting techniques and ways to successfully disarm your opponent. He had actually brought a mat with him, and so he started hosting a little wrestling match with him against 7 other giggling kids. He looked happy, and when Steve turned to comment on that to Natasha, he saw her smiling a bit at the little scene.

It was pretty hard to miss Thor and the kids who were on him like angry bees. He was laughing heartily and throwing different children in the air, catching them with one hand and setting them down gently. They weren’t on the ground for long though. They were all climbing him like a tree and a few were even hanging from the arm that wasn’t tossing kids in the air. It looked like Thor was having as much fun as the kids.

And then there was Bucky. Bucky, with his menacing face and huge build, had the largest group out of all of them. He had them completely captivated with his story, adding in his very own special effects and playing out different scenes. Even after his wondrous tale of the amazing Captain America, he still kept them entertained. 

“Wow!” A little boy exclaimed, touching Bucky’s metal arm like it hadn’t been drenched in blood before. “Mister, is this real?” 

Steve tensed.

But Bucky just smiled, and began flexing his arm so they all could see it. A bunch of gasps rose and all the other kids crowded around so they could get a better look. “It’s neat, huh? I fight bad guys with it, but I ain’t as good as Captain America!” Bucky grinned and waved to Steve, who waved back with a small smile. The boys were now flexing their own muscles and comparing it to each others, while the girls were admiring Bucky’s. 

“He always got the dames.” Steve muttered to himself but Natasha heard and laughed.

“Do you count?” Natasha said with a sly smirk.

“Oh yeah,” Steve chuckled, leaning back in his chair and putting his arms behind his head. “He’s hard to resist.” Nat’s smirk softened to a smile.

“Alright, who’s up for a game of hide and seek?” Bucky shouted, raising his arms. His answer was the sound of excited screams of, “Not it! Not it!” Steve laughed as Bucky was running along with the other kids to find a place to hide.

Steve and Nat just sat there and talked. Not about SHIELD though. Nothing that had to do with discussing strategies or arguing about efficient ways to perfectly execute a mission. They talked about the game last night, who’s turn it was to wash the dishes at the tower, argued about how many marshmallows Hulk could fit in his mouth, and just had a good time. 

That was before Nat suddenly nudged Steve and said, “10 o’clock.”

Steve instantly put his guard on, whipping his head to the deserted garden. He’d expected to see- actually, he didn’t know what he expected. Maybe some baddie waving a gun around? He didn’t expect to see a lonely little girl sitting on a tiny stool with flaming red hair and pouting lips. He turned to Nat, obviously confused. She just sighed and stood up, straightening out her leather jacket.

“You gonna come with?” Nat asked. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate for the birthday girl to not be having fun at her birthday.” Finally, it clicked. Steve took a closer look at the red headed girl and yup, that was definitely Pepper’s niece. He and Bucky had actually took care of her a couple of times when Pepper’s sister was swamped with work and dropped her off at the Tower. She just looked so alone right now and Steve felt a pang in his heart. He was going to have to put aside his awkwardness with kids and go help the birthday girl.

“Alright,” Steve stood up. “Let’s do this.”


“Hey, Abby.” Steve said as he and Nat got near. Abby looked up, her huge green eyes looking sad. “Hey, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you playing with your friends?” Steve knelt down to one knee. Nat stood beside him.

“They’re not my friends.” Abby mumbled, casting her eyes down at her hands.

Steve was surprised when she said that. He looked back at the party, watching the shrieking children for a bit before turning back to Abby. “Well then, who are they?”

Abby just shrugged. “I dunno. Mommy just invited these kids I dont’t know from my school,” She looked up. “I just wanted to be with mommy. She’s not even here.”

And for the first time, Steve realized the Avengers were the only supervising adults at this party. That wasn’t really a good thing. He was just about to say something when Nat spoke up.

“Well, doesn’t mean you should be alone on your birthday,” Nat held out her hand for Abby to take. “Come on. You wanna stay here all day or do you wanna hang out with the Black Widow and Captain America?”

Abby just looked at her doubtfully.

“I know how to french braid.” 

It wasn’t Nat who said that.


Abby sat in Steve’s lap, talking happily with Nat and moving way too much for Steve to not mess up. Unfortunately, Nat had chosen to tell Abby about the time when Barton got hit by an elderly woman while on a mission.

“Abby, do you want your hair to look pretty?” Steve said exasperatedly after another round of laughter. Abby nodded fiercely, which didn’t help at all. But he couldn’t stay mad. He just smiled to himself and continued braiding Abby’s hair, listening intently to Nat story and laughing along with them.

“Alright! I’m done!” Steve announced as he finished tying the braid. Abby squealed with delight and jumped off of Steve’s lap, showing off her new hair to Nat. As Nat spewed compliment after compliment to her, Steve leaned back in his chair and pulled his small sketchbook out of his pocket. He chuckled as Abby kept saying how it made her look like a princess and when Nat offered to make her a flower crown, she nearly peed from the excitement. Together, they left Steve to go pick flowers in the garden. He didn’t mind. In fact, he had an idea for the next sketch in his sketchbook. 

Taking his pencil out from his other pocket, he started his sketch.

“Well, damn, Steve.” A familiar voice said. Startled, Steve quickly tried to slam his sketchbook shut but metal fingers held the place of the drawing. Steve groaned and looked up, seeing a tired but happy Bucky grinning down at him. He was about to protest Bucky’s obvious motives when suddenly he realized how quiet it was. Looking around, he didn’t see anymore children. In fact, the sun was setting and Steve hadn’t even noticed this whole time. He was more focused on his drawing. He also saw that it wasn’t just him and Bucky at this table.

Tony was drifting in and out of consciousness, tired from today’s activities. Bruce was desperately trying to discuss their latest project with him but no luck. Sleeping Beauty needed her sleep. Clint was sitting with Nat and Abby and making them laugh with more unfortunate stories involving him and a talking raccoon. Thor was nowhere to be seen so Steve assumed he had gone back to Asgard.

Making eye contact with Bucky was a big mistake.

A seemingly innocent smile was on his face but Steve would know that mischievous twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He tried tugging it out of Bucky’s grip but it was no use. Bucky’s smile grew bigger.

“Buck, no-”

“Aw, c’mon Stevie!” Bucky whined. “I’ve seen your other drawings of me, which were flattering by the way,” He winked and Steve felt himself turning red. “so it won’t matter if I see this one! I like your drawings.”

Steve just shook his head. “Buck, I’d rather you not. So let go.” He glared at him. Sadly, Bucky was just as stubborn as Steve.




“Bucky, stop.” 


“Jesus Christ, you’re acting like a child.”


“HEY!” Tony shouted, getting both of their attentions. He looked pissed and annoyed. “Some people are trying to sleep here, so show your damn boyfriend the drawing, Picasso, or I’ll use your sketchbook for target practice.”

Unfortunately, Steve chose to retaliate back but as he was speaking, his own grip loosened. There was a blur and Bucky’s nose was buried in his book. 

“No! Bucky, stop!” Steve desperately grabbed for the sketchbook but Bucky just held it up high in one arm. He laughed as Steve jumped. There wa His fingertips just barely brushed against the bottom. As he managed to get the book between his index finger and thumb, Bucky made a mad dash for it. Abby started laughing wildly and clapping her hands while Clint laughed along. Nat just smiled as Steve raced past them, making the wind blow through their hair. Bruce managed to keep Tony awake but now he just looked murderous.

Bucky was able to run into the woods behind the house to the river before Steve tackled him down. He pinned his knee against Bucky’s back and snatched the sketchbook, expecting it to fall from Bucky’s hand but no. Of course not. Bucky’s grip never loosened. Now it was just a game of tug-of-war. Which Steve was losing.

Bucky was practically dying from laughter. Clearly, one of them was enjoying this. “This is no way to treat your fiance!” He yelled gleefully.

“I wouldn’t have to treat him this way if he wasn’t such a jerk!” At that, Bucky flipped them around and now he was on top of Steve with his knee pinning his arm. He grabbed Steve’s hand and tore it away from the sketch book, pressing it onto the ground next to his head. “Hey!” Steve struggled to get out but Bucky just nonchalantly opened the book with his left hand. Steve groaned and closed his eyes, asking himself why he got always got in these messes.

Bucky smirked. It was obvious to know who won this round. “Okay, let’s see here….Ah!” He said triumphantly as he got to Steve’s latest drawing. “What’d you draw that was so…” He trailed off. Steve cringed, slightly opening one eye to see his reaction. His mouth was slightly open, and his eyes were darting all over the sketch. He was…..shocked.

“Bucky, I can explain.” Steve rushed out the words. There was just silence. “God, I’m so sorry, Buck.” That snapped him out of his trance. 

“What? Are you kidding? What is there to be sorry about?” Bucky glaned at him and then back at the drawing. His smile was slowly returning. “This is….I just….” He seemed at a loss for words.

The sketch showed a detailed drawing of a laughing, happy Bucky holding a bundle of blankets. In those blankets was a baby. You didn’t need to be a detective to guess who’s baby it was.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking when I was drawing that and I didn’t want you to freak out-” Steve was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips against his. He pulled back slightly, resting his forehead against Steve’s.

“Shut up. I love it.”


About a year later, they adopt a tiny, little baby boy. They name him Joseph George Rogers-Barnes.

Or Joey, for short.