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the quality of this image is so low that the instagram version looks a lot better than the original one ;;;;;;;; also, this always remembers me that i’d be nice to get a new phone, one that has actually a decent camera 

but hey, it’s been a while since the last time I drew them! 

The click of a cassette tape snapping into the player wakes him up.

On the corner shelf at the very top, decorated in dust, the player churns, sputters, and finally begins to play. Slow to start, it settles soon into a rhythm. Yawning, his eyes wander over and trace along the length of the tack board, darting from images of the Blue Lion to the map, marked over in messy scrawl, hastiness in every line once born from both a sense of urgency and a lack of hope. Music filters throughout the room, some acoustic guitar recordings his father enjoyed by artists he can’t name, the sound clear despite the age of the tape. From his place on the couch, legs tangled in the threadbare sheet, he wonders how the music started itself.

“You awake?”

His father stands near the door, holding a cup of coffee in his hands. There’s a matching cup on the table in front of the sofa, with the same chip on the inside of the handle, warmth fluttering into the air in a curl of steam. Keith reaches out and takes a sip. It doesn’t taste like anything – just heat – yet he can’t help himself from drowning down the entire cup in one gulp before speaking.


There’s a smile on his father’s face, surrounded by stubble. It’s thicker than he remembers.

“What’s with the glare? Don’t like a little morning music?”

Keith rolls his eyes. His father laughs – there’s something comforting about the sound, enough that Keith’s shoulders drop, his body settling into relaxation.  Walking over, sitting next to Keith with slow movements, deliberate and careful, his father continues to smile. Keith feels a little like a confused child as he watches his father, watching as he refills Keith’s cup with the coffee that was left in his own. He picks it up and finishes what he was given, and his father lets out a pleased him. Keith ignores that small wash of pride that travels down with the warmth of the drink.

“Still won’t let anything go to waste, huh?”

He places the cup back on the table. “Yeah, well, you never know when something else will come along.”

His father’s smile widens. Keith feels the weight of his hand, as large as he remembers, on his shoulder, warm and encompassing. It almost reminds him of his mother’s touch, one always devoted to comfort.

“That’s my boy.”



I’ve been into this pokemon craze lately and wondered what pokemon preferences would Ridya have. Came to the conclusion that her fave pokemon would be Wartortle, fave type: water, and finally, her poke go team would be Instinct.

Also I made some doodles too, telling how I wanted to make a picture of her as a trainer alongside her pokemon, but in the middle of it I thought “wait… how tall is wartortle again?“ and looked it up and found out that it was… actually bigger than what I imagined (and than Ridya). Wartortle would be towering, so instead I made it a decoration.




Seriously though, tell me if it sucks and I’m sorry if I tag some one who doesn’t want to be tagged but I think you four MIGHT like it >.<

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Its kind of weird, you can pick if you want Sam or Dean past a certain point. I wrote it because I have a friend that just went through a breakup today and I wrote them a nice poetic paragraph about how its gonna be okay. I was like, “Hey that’s actually decent! Sounds like something I’d read.. in a.. fanfiction.. hhhmmm.” so I sort of built a fanfic around it.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I can be the grammar police at times but some stuff slips by. :/

  • Gender neutral reader
  • hurt/comfort/angst/fluff
  • 1,221 words

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“On that day, monsterdom received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Goo Giant and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.”

Attack on Gooliope

*collapses* I haven’t drawn anything so huge before, and I haven’t drawn anything decent in forever. But hey, I actually saw through an idea until the end, which is good. I had fun with this, especially changing Frankie’s gear just a bit, to make it personal. I want her lightning bolt blades.

(Gooliope’s details are only summarily drawn because I’m a lazy piece of shit. Also good practice for getting used to Sai, though I finished off some things with Gimp.)

you can be whatever you want to be, it doesn’t mean you have to be good at it, be terrible. be the worst person who ever did that thing, but do that thing because it makes you happy, and keep doing that thing every day and then hey who knows you might actually end up decent at it and then you might be great