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Dilemmas of The Mind

Me: I finally managed to get to bed at an early hour. Now let’s get to sleep.

*Brain*: Hey, girl! Let’s remember that horrible facial expression you made 5 years ago at that party. And then let’s remember every embarrassing thing you EVER did….EVER!!!


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I’m always late. I’m fired

170222 Gaon Chart Awards

The only pretty picture that’ll be in this post

Everything is gifs. Oh my god, but hey. Gifs are good

Sitting together from the beginning~

So it’s normal at first, Chanyeol’s just closing his water bottle and then suddenly! He finds that his wrist smells or something.

“eyo baek, smell dis”

“ugh wtf man, what did you do to dat thing?”

“I think da wata was poisoned.”

So yeah, this was during a fan choice award and of course we need the Baek speech, and we have Chanyeol gently pushing Baekhyun towards the front~ I think he’s trying to emphasize his support ^^

Can you believe these two are grown men? I love how these two are always playing around with each other in their own little worlds~ They always make each other laugh and have fun with each other and it’s great. Their happiness is contagious.

Mhhmmmmm Baekuhen I see ya there. But besides the random gentle caress (can you tell I write fanfic?) look at how fast pulled his hand way XD honestly he just wanted the moment then had to act that nothing had happened. Maybe that girl had caught on, ohohohohohohohohohoo

Oh how precious ;-; Mum Suho always be showing his love for his childen

Ok who is this cameraman because I needa give him/her a hug. I love hi fives

“Oh look a flower, what shall I do with it?”

“Of courseeeeee! I shall give it to meh luv Bun Bakuhen. Here, accept my love”

Pork Chan: “TAKE IT.”

Bakuhen: “Nah son, I got my own flower here.”

Pork Chan: “O my god, fine. I neva loved u anyway.”

How rude.


Never mind the beautiful shoulder caress and thigh stroke, is Baekhyun ok? I think he’s dying. (Also Park Chanyeol why must you play with my feels?)

Yasss touching. I love touching. Innocently. 




Request: Fluffy/Smutty Daddy!Yifan (gender neutral)



I hope you don’t mind me adding the Daddy/Kitten aspect to your request, it was the only thing I could think of haha

Sorry for taking so long to finally post too oml~~ As you know I’ve been backed up to the point where I ACTUALLY CLOSED REQUESTS! Never did I ever think I’d even have to consider that haha

I hope these came out well~~

-Admin Min-Y 😏😂

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we did this thing last night where all our associates (pledges) do skits roasting all of the brothers and the one who got assigned me was like “oh hey look at me im harrison i use my 3-in-1 dishwashing soap/laundry detergent/conditioner” and i got so mad i immediately corrected him by yelling that it’s a fucking keratin rinse

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Not talking about Caryl here but the show in general, is it just me or is the entire negan story and rising up to go to war just really boring? Boring because it's so predictable, there's no question TF will win, no question that Carol will return, no question that Rick will survive and go on making speeches into oblivion, the whole of 7b is just filler to a few nice fight scenes at the end, nothing deeper than "hey if we work together we can fight evil!" When did TWD get so basic?

Honestly, Caryl is the only thing that makes me stay with this show. The scene effects are terrible, the plots are terrible, and it speaks for itself that the Caryl scenes were the best of the episode, because it’s what Twd should be about, HUMAN CONNECTIONS. Not just negan negan negan, Rick being terrible but everyone praising him and the next cool Walker. Like, really… with all its flaws, I miss season ½/3 so much
The bests episodes of season 4 and 5 were when they dealt with the emotional baggage all of them carry around.

Season 6 and 7 suck so much cause they sidelined that over… some weird guy in a leather jacket who speaks into infinity plus cool walkers.

Also, I think they need to invest the money they have in better effects and start dealing with stuff that will add to the emotional level of the relationships instead of taking the focus away from it. What about the next villain being actually some natural disaster? What about something like people betraying each other and communities working together to rebuild the world and showing this progress. What about dealing with someone imune? They have soooo many options they can explore, but they don’t leave the mediocre field, it’s sad.

Fairly Coherent Thoughts on 404

A lack of bellarke interactions means a lack of screaming but that means a slightly better put together recap so hey, trade off?

What the fuck was Jaha even floating on?  A mattress?  Can he even swim?  Was he rowing back to shore?  I have so many questions.

Also, Clarke being like OKAY THE ALLOTTED THREE MINUTES OF FUN TIME HAVE PASSED EVERYONE BACK TO WORK while wearing her best grumpy cat face is like, Peak Clarke I love it.

Things I also love: Monty’s continuing role as truth-teller, both to Clarke and Jasper.  I get why Monty was upset about her methods and I also get why Clarke was feeling defensive and made the choices she did and god, it is so good to have our show back y’all.

That being said: Clarke’s complete inability to sell The List to her people is definitely a sign that she needs Bellamy.  Jaha stepped in with his (obviously gonna be rigged) lottery to calm people down, but man, that was so clearly highlighting how bad Clarke is at this shit.  It’s a consistent character problem for her– going back to the pilot– and I love that she’s just like “Okay, but I’m right and you are not the best allocation of resources so…hey, where is everyone going?”

I felt like her talk with Jasper at the end of it was a really nice moment, Jaha shade included, but I also felt like the complete lack of even mentioning Bellamy was kind of jarring?  Like, Bellamy’s on that list too, as that random guy in the crowd so helpfully pointed out, and it’s very obvious to anyone with eyesight that Clarke did not put her own name on the list.  Everyone seems to understand they’re a package deal now, but yet this episode treated the List as 100% Clarke’s idea and fault in a way that doesn’t ring true with the previous three episodes.  So when Jasper is like “don’t lie to us, sell us on it” that felt like the perfect opening for a line like “That’s what I need Bellamy for,” or something, and it felt like a brief return to the lack-of-object-permanence of s3 in a way that grated.  (Obviously, since she explicitly worried about him not being back at the top of the episode and his name was mentioned at least twice in her presence it’s not as bad as Clarke’s Polis-induced Bellamy amnesia, but still).

As for the Medical Adventure Squad, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that except for Nyko’s death because dammit, Nyko was so nice and had such a big beard.  He was like the kindly post-apocalyptic biker, who opens doors for everyone and then crushes a beer can in his fist.  But the Luna/Raven moments were great, as was Miller sassing literally everyone and Raven sassing Murphy and Murphy sassing Emori and just…so much sass, all around.  I also loved that Raven appealed to Luna’s heart to get her to stay, and while I’m assuming the whole nightblood thing is not gonna pan out as well as we want it to, I do appreciate that the fandom crowdsourced this solution in like, June.

Okay, so: Polis.  I really, really liked the new building they’re using– it gives the world a more realistic feel that they’re inhabiting partially destroyed buildings instead of just like, building new homes out of discarded materials.  (I know, I know, there’s the Polis tower, but that is so aggressively decorated with antlers that it feels less post-apoc and more, idk, like all grounders are descended from Gaston).  I also like that escaping/surviving massacres is now like, Indra’s superpower, and I hope she continues to wear plot armor for as long as this show is on the air.  Kane calling Murder!Child #2 into the principal’s office to yell at her was great, as was his scramble to keep Roan on his side.  I totally get why Roan is like “god, I am so done with you guys,” because he IS taking a big risk by supporting them and in return they’re being shady as fuck so like…breaking the treaty is kind of warranted, here.

But what we really have to talk about is Echo/Octavia/Bellamy.  First up, Echo and Kane’s that’s blasphemy/no it’s science! exchange really, really bugged me, because I would give good money (so like, idk, $30?) for there to be a grounder who is not instinctively terrified of technology.  I’m also a little unsure as to whether or not we’re supposed to cringe at Kane’s outright dismissal of a belief system in favor of cold hard facts, but I sure as hell did.  It reminded me of Clarke’s “show them you’re not a savage” line, and I do suspect it is supposed to sound tone deaf but the fact that we know that their science can save them makes Echo seem silly and superstitious and I wish it didn’t.

But then Echo slits Conveniently Well Informed Redshirt’s throat and goes to hunt Octavia at Charlotte’s Cliff and man, I need the show to get a better handle on what they’re doing with Bellamy and Echo and fast.  (Also, why are there so many cliffs in fucking Virginia.)  Echo is very clearly upset by having killed Octavia, and her regret is mostly played as “she knows this will hurt Bellamy” but I’m still not buying why she gives a hot dang about Bellamy in the first place.  Like yes, he saved her from Mount Weather and with apologies to JK Rowling there are some things you can’t share with a person without ending up liking them and strangling a man to death in your underwear is one of them, but her constant vacillation between I will destroy all of Skaikru and but what if it hurts Bellamy’s feelings? is not landing the way I want it to.  This may be something I’m just gonna have to accept (she cares about him because of the mountain and even if that’s not reason enough for me fine it can be reason enough in-show) and let go but for now I am hashtag struggle bus on that.

The moment where Roan makes Echo deliver the news is also very interesting.  Snaps to Zach McGowan, a man I would like to punch and then make out with for three straight hours, for managing to pack annoyance (with Echo’s fuck up), regret (for Octavia’s death), and genuine remorse (for Bellamy and Kane’s sadness) into one side eye.  Ian’s disbelief and grief was also nicely underplayed so as to not draw away from the main event, and Tasya did a great job of selling her own sorrow– I do think she respected Octavia as a warrior, and it was a good death is probably the highest compliment she knows how to pay– and then Bob killed us all with his grief.  I’m sure I’ll come back and dwell on “Bellamy without Octavia” in the future but for now let’s just say that was a bleak, bleak moment and everyone involved acted the shit out of it.

Lastly, on Octavia’s Aragorn moment: does it count as an homage if it’s just like, straight up the same scene? Also, in the post apocalyptic LARPing scene, Roan is clearly Elrond and Murderous Elf Prince (whom I missed tonight) is Legolas and obviously Octavia is Aragorn, and when they meet for campaigns Octavia definitely makes Bellamy be Gimli (he’d rather be Samwise but is pacified when given an axe) and Bellamy wants Clarke to be either Frodo or Eowyn but she’s like no fuck you I’m gonna be Galadriel and then Bellamy discovers he’s got an elf fetish after all.

Next week: Clarke does not like Roan’s birthday present for her at all.

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hey so I did an honor band thing and I was sick for auditions so I didn't play as well as I could have & ended up getting a really low chair/score and that's kind of driven me to prove that I'm a lot better than that. I have an audition for a more difficult honor band thing next week and I really want to improve my playing and get a higher score than I've ever gotten but I don't have the money for lessons right now, so do you have any advice for improving tone & playing a good audition?

you just gotta listen to recordings of yourself over and over

Of course it wouldn’t be fixed so easily.

It never is.


Well….. I mean don’t put so much blame on yourself dude.



Ex….cuse me?

Where did you come from?

uH…… Y….yeah.


Whatever yo say show.

Oh hey she’s from St Olga’s!

They really are using this place to scare us huh. Can’t wait to go there someday.

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Hey about the bts plagiarism thing, I'm just throwing this out here. If bts stole that intro part where did they get it from? Like it's not like the actual opening is online where they could've taken it(I may be wrong). Just thinking it may not actually be ygs footage then and be of public use or be able to be bought. Like a sample. Who knows yg could've have gotten it from somewhere too. Again I may be completely wrong. Just curious as to how they could've stolen it if they did?

Ok so anon from just before. So I just googled it and the whole no signal status images are not owned by yg. The exact tv static videos and even the writing that says no signal that both artists used can all be found on royalty free sites. So it’s not plagiarism. Nobody can sue anybody. Doesn’t mean bts didn’t copy the concept (they may have), but just saying it’s a very commonly used thing in media and everybody uses the same images. It just looks bad because bts used it so shortly after bb

Okay so I think this person explained it best

External image

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Hey Jen, what did you think of Ed at the Brits? with the fire and all that. He has a band and everything and it seems a lot different than concerts. I don't know how to feel.

I loved it! Honestly, I think Ed’s performance with Stormzy was the best thing that happened at the Brits yesterday. I know a lot of people were expecting to hear a new song from Divide – I kind of thought we would, too, from what Ed said about it – so there were some people who were disappointed to get a remix of Shape of You instead… but it was actually so good! I keep going back and listening to Stormzy’s lyrics. They’re really sweet, aren’t they? And I love that he calls Ed “my brother Teddy” and name-checks the albums. Everything about all of it was great to me.

And I thought the fire was cool. It’s hard to go wrong with a couple of tasteful flames, isn’t it? Pyrotechnics are a classic, especially at a big event when you have a large performance space and no dancers. It was fun and impressive without being overkill. I also really liked the new animations that went up on the screens during Castle on the Hill. You can’t see them really well in the footage that actually aired, but I saw a couple of clips from the phones of people who were in the audience, and I thought it looked great. There’s this whole comic book-y superhero-looking thing going on, and I’m a little bit obsessed with comic books and superheros, so now I’m even more excited to see it all in person! 

The band didn’t bother me. I think they did a good job without distracting from Ed, and we’ve seen them before so it wasn’t new. If you’re worried though, they’re not going to be there with him when you go see him on tour. :)

I also just want to say that I showed the video to my mom later and about halfway through (during the part when Ed was hurrying to the front with his guitar) she just blurted out, “Ed is so cute!” and the two of us had a little co-fangirling moment. 

Ed Sheeran, bringing families together all over the world. :D

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Hey! Budding archeologist and helenistic pagan here and Im just curious if you had ever though about warrior tattoos for Ares or Eris and if you had thought of any of the more "promiscuous" piercings for Dyonesis or Hermes?

I am personally a huge fan of tattoos and piercings. I was really tempted to tattoo ares and eris (and some piercing would fit dinysos too).. it’s just.. it doesn’t look like “gods thing” to me.. too “human” :P


p>and also, what if I design a tattoo for eris face (some thracian women did tattoo even their faces) and then I regret it or I change my mind about the design? can’t just “get rid of it” D:

hey guys did you know that

i love my friends so much they are what keeps me going every day i love them so much they are all so precious and everytime I think about my love for them i feel like crying i honestly dont know what would be of me without them and their daily support which makes me who i am today and who helped me so many times through my life and I dont think theres enough good things in this lifetime for them because they are just way too good for this world I truly suspect they might be angels disguised as people on earth and i’m just so lucky to live in the same time they do and especially to have met them even though some of them live so far from me it feels like a real miracle

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I know, she’s wonderful. Several times she left me comments and retweet things on twitter. As the day when we made a svtfoe party with piñatas to my younger sister!!!

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hey your designs are soooo cool!! lol anyway i was wondering if u would be able to do a rainbow space type thing with maybe an n on it somewhere since my towns called nebula? ill be chill with anything tho tbh bc ur designs are so good!!

Here you go, this is based off the Crab Nebula! I hope you like it!

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hey i was thinking about rapunzel and i was wondering if you think it could be plausible for her to have did and if so what alters would develop? sorry im just wondering bc i was thinking about it but i don't have did i don't think i could do it in a way that would be respectful

I think it would be possible! While it’s probably not the most likely disorder to develop, let’s suspend such things for the sake of headcanons.

I think she would definitely have an alter loyal to her Mother, one who is eager to please and self deprecate for the sake of survival. It’s likely there would be more than one part like this to cater to a variety of Gothel’s emotions. I think there would be quite a few child alters in an attempt of the brain to preserve her innocence. She would also have a protector who would be able to fight back against her mother given that things ever got worse than what we saw in the movie.

ppl with DID feel free to add on 


LOL SO I JUST GOT FROM POST LIMIT HEY HI HELLO, while I was out I got tagged by my beautiful amazing jae @youngjaaes and @daesdick (thanks loves <3) 

I already did this but I changed my wallpaper and lock screen so much these past few days LOL also I’ve been jamming to Do What I Feel so much guys help me it’s been on repeat since yesterday .-. also my selfie is lil old cause I don’t have any like super current ones on my phone/laptop so like suffer with me pls.

idfk who to tag man I just…. I’m tagging fucking.. idk @minareen cuase shes my bae and @idontknowibangtagon (I’m sorry if I already tagged you in this fucking hell) and um @siriuslyjongup @hellazelo and @yoojaesus (if I did already tag you in this I’m so sorry ignore me LOL idek anymore) 

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my alters havent fronted for weeks and im so scared i made everything up... we went through a trauma program so i dont know if that messed everything up but i need their help and they arent here and its scary

hey, hey, one step at a time!

Alters frequently go dormant for periods of time. They especially go dormant when abnormal unsettling things happen- going on new meds, hospital stays, retraumatizing incidents, etc. 

Please be patient. If you have DID, your alters will return. You will need to give them time. Please stay calm and focus on getting better- journal things out! Meditate (safely)! Continue in therapy! Everything will be okay. 

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Hey! I love ur art! I wanted to ask you about your style. It's really unique. Did you have any inspiration or did you just draw something and like the style you used?

Thank you so much! And thank you for this ask!

When I was a kid I tried really hard to imitate the style of Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. I had no eye for art so it was super crappy doodles. And I drew every character I liked on all of my TV shows and video games. (I still have a ton of them. I never throw anything away. I’m 26 and still have art from seventh grade ooops). I drew fanart for everything I watched or played. I drew a ton of Digimon (I drew a Mimi I was super proud of in fifth grade and I think that’s when I got serious about drawing all the time), Legend of Zelda, Inuyasha, Naruto, and Final Fantasy (which I still draw for all the time). Its always been shoujo manga that I tried to imitate though. In high school, I tried to imitate Shugo Chara. I never colored anything, btw. It was all sketches. I didn’t start attempting to even color anything until college. I got a job at a craft store and used my discount to collect copics and prismacolors. 

My art kind of just kind of grew into what it is now. Its basically if I like it or not. If I see something that I think I can learn from, I try it out. When I first started drawing digitally, I watched a speedpaint or tutorial every time I drew a new piece. I don’t watch that many any more because I feel confident in the style I’ve developed. I kind of combined what I liked and ignored what didn’t work for me. I didn’t even think I had a consistent style until a year ago. Honestly, I’m so stuck in the way I draw I don’t think I could draw other people’s styles at all.   

Thank you so much for this ask and the compliment again. I actually ended up sitting and going through all of my old artwork because of this ask. It meant a lot.

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i understand if u dont want to answer, but if so what is this plagiarism thing about this time?? i've seen vague posts and tweets about it and im not sure ><

here, it’s silly obviously but it always happens and i’m tired of people constantly doing this to them

What Jimin thing? Did I miss something that happened?

he has some neck pain it seems and is getting sick or is sick, he couldn’t control his voice today and since he’s so harsh on himself people are worried, there are also lots of people attacking him for that performance and are articles being written about it so it’s just :(

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s worried about our boys today. So much stuff.. but hey, please try not to stress too much and have a good sleep! You need to rest too. Wish you nice, sweet dreams ♥

i usually don’t worry because of a lot of reasons that i’m too tired to get into, but today was harsh… but yeah, thank you, you’re really sweet! 

how can we convince that person to stop project? i’m just scared this will reach bangtan and they’ll beat themselves over it even more

they messaged me privately and basically just told me that i didn’t understand anything, they are convinced they’re right, so i’m not sure, only thing we can do at this point is not to participate and try to discourage people who reblog the post or who will talk about wanting to be a part of it