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Hi! if you're still accepting radmond requests, maybe do something where raymond does something so sweet and romantic that rad just goes all speechless?? Thank you for accepting requests, and have a lovely day!!

(Of course Anon! I’ll always take requests, especially those of the Radmond nature. of course, it might take me a whole day to actually reply but)

Rad wasn’t the type to ever fall silent or be at a loss for words, even when others would be. He always had something to say, some little quip to add so he could provide a bit of comedic relief. Of course, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be caught with anything to say. He was a cool guy, sure, but he was still a person. And hey, sometimes people just don’t know what to say, you know? Still, for the most part, Rad wasn’t the kind of guy to ever stop talking. Enid and KO knew this about him very well, though the two had entirely different opinions on that aspect of Rad’s personality.

While Enid would roll her eyes, sigh dramatically, and make a big show of not paying attention to Rad, KO was the opposite. He’d follow Rad around the store like a tiny puppy, listening intently to whatever tall tale the alien happened to be spinning at that moment. Yes, Rad was much more familiar with leaving someone speechless, whether it was out of exasperation or awe. In fact, he was so used to being the one to leave others speechless, he’d practically forgotten how it felt to have his brain turn to mush and his tongue tie into several complicated knots. That is, until one slow Monday morning…

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Could you give me some advice on writing a blind character? I've researched it and found out that total blindness is pretty uncommon, so I want her to be almost completely blind. Like, very blurry vision, almost can't see anything. She's born like this, if that helps. Im thinking her vision would be somewhere around 20/1000, but the research I've done gave me really vague and complicated results on this? (1/2)

(2/2) What do you think would be reasonable for someone with really blurry, maybe only basic light/dark distinguishing vision (on the vision scale, I mean)? I’m really sorry because I feel like I should be able to find this on my own, but for some reason there doesn’t seem to be any clear research written about this that I can find. Thank you so much!

Hey there! Wow! What a @reallygoodandoriginalusername!! 

So here’s the thing. I can talk a teeny tiny bit about the medical aspects of blindness, though I freely admit it’s not my specialty. However, what you’re far better off doing is following and sending asks to a blog such as @actuallyblind, who, while not writer-specific, talk a lot about the blind experience. 

And don’t ever feel sorry for asking a question, especially not one about how to write accurately and respectfully about a marginalized group. That’s a really important thing to do, and I’m always happy to help where and when I can. 

One of these days (soon!) I hope to put up a list of blogs that help talk about specific types of disabilities, including blindness, deafness, mobility problems, brain injury, etc. If anyone has any suggestions for awesome, writer-friendly (writer-specific is best!) blogs in these spheres, I’m happy to compile a list; the [Submissions Box] would be awesome! (Of course, @scriptspoonie is going to be on that list….) 

If anyone else has any great suggestions on resources about blind characters, leave a comment or give it a reblog! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 11: Get Down

Words: 946

Tags: Slight angst, Fluff, Humour, Sexual Humour 

Week 11 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper!

Notes: Sorry that this is yet another dialogue only fic; I really wanted to write a full 1500+ word fic this week considering I’ve done two (now three) dialogue fics in a row. I actually had a good idea for this week’s prompt as well! But when I sat down the words just wouldn’t come so I ended up writing this instead. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Please let me know what you think when you’re done! :)

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“Ouch! Felicity, that hurts!”

“I’m sorry. But if you had listened to me, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now.”

“You’re not even in the situation!”

“When you came back with a gaping hole in your shoulder that’s only there because you didn’t listen and then asked me to stitch you up, I officially became a part of this situation.”


“You know, sometimes I wonder why you even bother having me on the team when you don’t want to listen to me.”

“Oh, come on. Now you’re being ridiculous. Of course you’re needed on the team. And I nearly always listen to you!”

“Nearly always? Now you’re just proving my point.”

“I’m sorry, okay? I really am. I thought that I could reach without being seen and I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

“I accept your apology, Oliver, but I’m still mad. You could have ended up with more than just a bullet wound tonight and you know it. First, I told you not to go out there alone but you went anyway. Then, once you got to the building, I told you to get down and hide because there was someone coming and you blatantly ignored me again. Do you even remember the conversation we had the last time you got injured because you didn’t listen to me?”

“Yeah. It was when I fell down the elevator shaft.”

“And you fell down the elevator shaft because…?”

“Because it was rigged and you told me that, you told me to be careful and try something else and I thought I knew best and climbed up there anyway.”


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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Thirty Two

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

I don’t have a masterlist for this fic yet but if you go to tags and choose Too Hot To Handle, it will pull them all up. Thanks!

Jeffrey held Aria against his side in bed, his fingers combing through her hair as they relaxed after their shower. He pressed his nose into her scalp as visions of her bent over taking it, had his stomach clenching and dick swelling again. 

“I’m tired.” She mumbled into his chest as she watched him awaken below the sheet. Chuckling, Jeffrey kissed her forehead and replied, “Me too but my dick’s not apparently.”
He felt her smile into his skin before her head tilted up to look at him. “Your dick’s insatiable.”
“For you, yes.” Jeffrey spoke with a grin, his large hand stroking her smooth back and flared hip. 

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hey i know you like gaara naruto and sasuke together but i've only heard you talk about gaara and narutos relationship. what's sasuke and narutos dynamic like? even as just sns. in most of your post it's more humor centric but i would love to hear your thoughts on the more serious aspects of them together

this is old but like 

naruto and sasuke love each other deeply in every way conceivable. i make jokes about them a lot bc its funner that way but genuinely and seriously i think theyre soulmates who love each other more than anything else and would sacrifice almost anything for the other. they love each other deeply, passionately, and unconditionally and theres something about that that never fades in their relationship even if they decide not to be romantically involved with each other. 

that said i think theyre dramatic and in any universe face a lot of issues between them both from outwards sources and their own dumbass decisions. theyre not always good for each other, theyre both not completely mentally there and that shows through their relationship, but working past that into a healthier space where they can be sources of healing for each other is important. in almost every au i think theres always a time period where they have a hard time with each other that hurts. theyre not always sure of whats best for the other. theyre almost never able to communicate that. 

the most important component of their relationship for me when writing them is that healing. moving past a mutual unhealthiness between them and instead pulling something good from the other and changing that most basic need to be near each other into something sustainable. theyre hurt together, theyre challenged together, and they grow together. 

for their dynamic i think theyre all over the place. they bicker a lot, no matter how old they are, but its more often than not just how they talk. sometimes they argue in more serious ways, but theyre working on doing that in a healthier manner and gradually working towards not doing that. but they also have really similar humor types! they like the same jokes! which are bad jokes! which sasuke doesnt like to admit. they get in trouble together a lot. theyre good at egging the other into doing dumb shit and playing pranks and doing something illegal. 

and overall i think they understand each other in a way other people just cant. arguably thats the most important part of their relationship. theyre deeply intricately empathetic to the others struggle. they know how to express that without talking. they know each other deeply in a way often times they dont know each other and that feeling of complete vulnerability is something they just cant find replicated in any other partner. 

they like. totally are in love ya know. like this is long and rambly b im tipsy but like they LOOOOOVE each other ya feel 

Latina Accent (or any accent) [BTS]

Hi love! I wanted to know if you could do a bts reaction where their girlfriend is latina and is kinda self consious aout her accent? 

I hope you don’t mind, I wrote it so it’ll mostly fit any accent (though I do specifically mention latina a few times). Hope you enjoy~


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Everybody knows prince Jin would be super duper comforting. He would quickly pick up on you trying to hide your accent or not talk as much to hide it and he’d confront you. He loves to hear you talk, he could listen to you all day. He’s the highkey attentive boyfriend. When he heard you were kind of self-conscious his motherly instincts would kick. “Did someone make fun of it? Who said it wasn’t cute? I’ll give them a lashing.” Which would be immediately followed up with praise of how adorable he found your accent whilst pecking you in between compliments. Seokjin would encourage you to talk more naturally but would never push it if you didn’t want to. He’s always your #1 fan regardless.

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dating kim seokjin
  • cries I wish he was my boyfriend
  • he would be one of those people to pine for a hella long time before actually asking you out??
  • like every day namjoon would get texts from jin crying over how cute you are and namjoon is?? just go and say hi?? it’s seriously not that ha- “YOU DONT UNDERSTAND NAMJOON I WAS BORN AWKWARD”
  • namjoon probably the one to instigate a lot of things like “hi see that man over there with the large shoulders yes he’s wonderfuL I THINK YOU SHOULD GO SAY HI”
  • and you’re the one who usually starts up conversation anyhow like “oh hey there I saw you were reading this book and it’s like my absolute favorite” or “you know you should really try the oolong tea here it’s my absolute love” because damn he’s attractive and he’s sweet and he seems so shy buT LIKE WONDERFUL???
  • and every time you talk to him he just!! blushes and stammers and he’s like “jin plz chill out” but he still gets all flustered anyway
  • he finally asks you out after namjoon and jeongguk threaten to ask you out instead
  • and he’s too shy to confess right away so he stays up all night making your favorite cookies and then gets jimin and taehyung to drop them by your house//dorm//room and you open the door to see a huge basket with ribbon and cookies and your heart flutters bcuz there’s only one person this could be?
  • and the little tag says something very corny and cute “like your smile could cure my cravings for sweets” or something !! (can u tell i don’t write fluff usually) nd it’s “wanna come meet up for dinner tonight?”
  • and you take five minutes to scream and jump around on your couch and counter and?? because seokjin of all people?? has asked you out on a date??
  • tbh most of your dates end up being dinner dates
  • he really loves fancy dates for an excuse to see you in //tight// dresses and your hair all made up and he can wear a tux and buy you roses and show you off
  • but they can also be really casual?? like I just got home from practice you want to go and get some noodles from the local ramen place??
  • but I also see him like being super into walks in the park and going out to shop a little bit and feeding pigeons like the old people do?? as long as he’s with you he’s good to go
  • no matter where you are though, this boy is gonna feed you
  • you don’t have a choice, he’s gonna put his fingers on your chin and hold his fork//spoon//chopsticks up to your lips and make sure you eat and coo at you when you try to fight him
  • and for sure he would cook you for you, if you’re not going out or eating at work//school he’s making all your meals, all of them
  • sometimes you help, sometimes he tells you to sit and look pretty so he can surprise you
  • he always asks for your opinion on his cooking??
  • “is it too salty love?? how about too spicy??”
  • pet names though??
  • like I see a lot of “darling, Princess, sweetheart, honey, love”
  • anything that’s romantic and kind of old fashioned
  • the entire relationship would be kinda old fashioned
  • like he’s gonna bring you flowers before every single date and open the doors for you and pay the bill aND WHATEVER YOU TWO END UP DOING JEONGGUK ASKS YOUR PERMISSION
  • “is it okay if I kiss you now I mean if it’s noT-”
  • “jin, you goofball, shut up and kiss me breathless”
  • like he’s so !! about skin ship
  • it would be very timid kisses and hugs and anything else (so shy and embarrassed) and he wouldn’t be one to start much, especially not in public
  • he would always make sure to be touching you in public though either holding your hands (usually) or his arm around your waist if he’s feeling really jealous??
  • he’s a silent jealous
  • if you’re being hit on, or goofing around with even taehyung and jimin, he’ll sit and pout and cross his arms over his chest and glare and threaten the guy under his breath
  • the only way he can be calmed is if you sit on his lap and pepper his face in kisses and tell him he’s all you care about
  • if you’re with the boys and any of them (cough cough namjoon) decide to be flirty and teasy (within reASON- like namjoon all “wow you’re outfit is hella fleek today you should be featured in Kim daily”) jin will not tolerate it and will be gross with affection like kissing the back of your neck when you watch a movie (you gotta be on his lap because “there’s not enough room with all of us in here…) or like keep his hand on your thigh at the dinner table and???
  • while not one to initiate cuddles and kisses normally, he would crave your touch like 25/8
  • although confident in his looks he reminds me of someone who needs constant reassurance you love him??
  • okAY BUT UM??
  • like asking all formally and stuttering and stammering and offering you the power to redecorate if you want and he’s all I even GOT A BIGGER MATTRESS sO ME AND YOU CAN SNUGGLE AND WATCH CUTTHROAT KITCHEN????
  • sleeping with jin can we??
  • like he’s so broad you could lay on top of him and he’d be good to go?? like wow you’re actually a blanket??
  • but his favorite would be spooning for sure and he would always be the big spoon bcuz shouldERS
  • he would definitely be super sappy and sing for you every night before bed like soft lullabies as your eyelids droop and he’s messing with the hem of your shirt??
  • and be all for small talk like “hey what do you think we should name our kids??”
  • he would always probably low key be hinting about kids??
  • like “wow darling see that cute baby doesn’t that make you want a cute baby” or “wow I have like six boys already I want a girl, don’t you want a girl??”
  • but seriously the most respectful person especially of boundaries and your comfort zone
  • he seems to have a very strict comfort zone too, my innocent Prince Charming
  • such a prince in all aspects??
  • like every single day there is some sort of present just waiting for you??
  • like “darling here are so roses cause I came home from practice late”
  • or “I got you a kitten because you said you were lonely when I was away on tour, she’s our baby now!!”
  • for real everything would be your guy’s baby though from the cat to like the plant he got at the farmers market??
  • he’s always smiling and giggling around you and all the other boys make fun of him because he’s so smitten that half the time he can’t even talk right or walk straight??
  • they call you both mom and is the cutest thing when you both turn your head simultaneously like “yes?”
  • yo also gotta say it video game night is like every night you do not have a choice
  • because sad jin will probably be the end of the world keep this boy happy
  • he plays just dance to make you laugh and giggle because he’s not all that great at it and he’s flailing a trying to sing and daNCE AND IF YOU’RE BEATING HIM HE WOULD PROBABLY SLAP YOUR BUTT (then cry lateR BCUZ THAT WAS TOO MUCH WASN’T IT?!?!????)
  • and Mario for sure and he gets so into it like he’s screaming and jumping and threatening the gaming console and you kinda “babe, babe it’s okay, we can team up on wario together babe, we’ll make him pay for stealing your star”
  • when you’re upset he would play with your hair and let you sob and once you cried it all out he would all you through it and offer advice and support??
  • then sing for you and cook your favorite meal and put on your favorite movie and braid your hair to calm you down??
  • and if you’re upset and after you’ve cried iT ALL OUT he would definitely be more affectionate like kiss you all over and pull you on his lap
  • he lets you wear his clothes 25/8 especially his sweaters
  • if you’re not wearing his clothes he would try to match you in the small ways???
  • probably have matching phone cases and bracelets anD SUPER SECRET LOVER EARRINGS (psych anyone??)
  • loves taking your pic with the Polaroid and hanging the pictures all over your room even tho you tell him next time he does you’re gonna fight him
  • he would text you like every five seconds when you aren’t together to make sure you’re eating and feeling okay and remember that he loves you and he would send you pictures of the most random things like “this cup of coffee reminds me of you cause it warms my heart” and he’s so cheesy and sappy
  • like one time jeongguk steals his phone to tease him about flirting or something and he reads it and it’s just talking about what an angel you are and how gorgeous you are and jeongguk just “wtf hyung you’re so boring”
  • and jin gets all offended “youRE TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND LOVE”
  • when you’re out of the room he talks about what a goddess you are and how he worships the ground you walk on
  • and the other boys are like stfu but they’re already placing bets on when he’ll propose
  • can I date jin tho someone get me jin thx
Locator Post @witchtribevibe

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
Age: 22
Name: Jasmine

Hey witches of tumblr!
My name is Jasmine and I am a student in the Netherlands. I am a beginner witch and I’m looking for someone in the area who is a Wiccan. I would love to have someone to talk to about everything I’m learning. Keep in mind that I’m very new to the practice and a noob on every aspect of Wicca. I hope that’s ok!

Contact: please message me on Tumblr (@witchtribevibe) of you would like to get in contact :).

Got7 as your wingman

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

JB: *He’d be pretty confident when approaching that lucky person and he’d have his whole game plan going through his head, he’d briefly introduce himself and then guide their attention to you and from there he’d brag about how amazing you are and how they should go and talk to you* 

Yugyeom: *He’d be very awkward and would have to run through what he has to say with you about 10 times before he’s even the least bit confident, he wouldn’t get why you couldn’t do it yourself but he wasn’t going to say no either*

Youngjae: *He’d almost refuse to go up to them since he’d be so shy but after begging him for a while to help you he’d finally give in and go over there, he’d keep it short and simple by saying you were interested in them and that hey should give you a chance and to talk to you*

Jr: *He’d be the quiet one who feel a little out of place asking for you but would happily approach the person you had your eye on and ask them if they were interested and he wouldn’t hesitate to point out your best aspects*

Bambam: *He’d be very playful and cool about it, he’d run over the plan with you to see if you were okay with it and then when he put his plan into action he would be as cool as possible and would casually talk the the person you liked and from time to time would give you a look to show how the conversation was going along*

Jackson: *Jackson would be that wingman who as soon as you say one person looks cute he’d be over with them in the blink of an eye crying to convince them to come over and talk to you*

Mark: *He’d be the one who would be a little too awkward to go up to anyone himself but when you had your eye set on someone he’d be amazing at giving you little pep talks to boost your confidence in going to talk to them*


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