hey there taylor

hey taylor!! i just wanted to tell you that I love you very much and you are my true hero❤this past week has been very hard, but your kindness, generosity and love has helped me through this❤sending you lots of love @taylorswift

I had an Experience today folks

I walk into a coworker’s office to get some flyers printed for an upcoming event. As they are being printed at an agonizingly slow pace, she turns to me and asks “Hey Taylor? Are you friends with any artists?” I respond yes, I know some people, what exactly are you looking for? She begins to tell me a story about how she met a student a few years ago who gave her some drawing samples and said she could illustrate a book. This student has 3 jobs and a full coursework load- definitely not enough time to do commissions. 

“But her artwork is so beautiful!” my coworker laments as she takes out a sketchbook the student gave to her years ago. Now, I do not know what I expected to see. What I do know is that I did not expect to see manga-style furry artwork. Like, the exact style you would have seen on Deviantart back in 2009, complete with pencil smudges? Lovingly scanned using a library printer? And a caption that would read “XD Smexi~~~”? Something vaguely like this:

You get the point. Anyways, I smile and ask what her book is about- attempting to hide the fact that I am frantically trying to figure out at exactly what moment I had left the administrative office of the history department of my high-level research university and crossed over into the Twilight Zone. A Twilight Zone where grandmothers in university administrative positions hand you the ghost of deviantart regrets past. She looks me dead in the eyes and says “Fornification. I am going to teach the young people about fornification.”

At this point I’m rapidly losing my grip on reality. But that was okay because she launched into a 45 minute lecture about why she wants to write the book. Her lecture she gives spins a rather confusing web- linking the history of anti-black racism in Europe with Chinese politics in less than a 3 minute span. I am still holding a pencil drawing of a catgirl in my hands. My flyers are still printing. 

I am almost dissociating by the time she tells me she is going to make Christianity the framework of her book. That’s it, I think, I’ve lost it. I grip my keychain, a gift from my boss, in my hand as if it is my last possession from a former life. I am vaguely congnizant of the fact that she asserted that there is not a single person on the planet who does not believe in a god- and those who are not Christians are just afraid of accepting the existence of Jesus. I don’t argue, I am too tired. I am a broken woman already. I am still gripping a catgirl and my keychain. 

She says she wants to teach the young people about all of this so we can all unlock a better future together (with Jesus). She says she know she will be effective because she can see the gears turning and switches flipping in my head. She’s wrong, I’m actually fairly busy astral projecting into the beach scene painting behind her desk. But she wants the illustrations because she wants the book to be fun for the young people to read. 

I tell her she should contact some people in the art department. 


Taylor Swift vs. Dan Howell

Hey guys, it’s Taylor. I have a scrunchie on me… Welcome to the DIRECTV Pre-Party for Super Saturday Night. I’m gonna, I don’t know if you know this. I’m gonna be playing a show later. I hope they told you that. Serious information oversight if they didn’t. But, I’m getting ready right now, probably. Just, over there or over there. Somewhere very close to here. And, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming. I really hope you like the show. I haven’t done one in a while. I hope it’s decent. But, I’m gonna try hard, and that’s the point about… football… and… singing. I’m gonna stop… Bye! Have fun!
—  Taylor’s pre show party message for her Super Saturday Night concert

someone: hey what’s u-
me: Taylor Swift didn’t mention a single thing on social media about her birthday, or CHRISTMAS, or New Year’s, but Ed dropping music not only gets an instagram post, but she came on Tumblr as well. Ed Sheeran is more important to Taylor Swift than any holiday or anything ever really and they’re ruining my life yet again and I don’t know how I’m gonna cope with this


i loved you // dj sava ft. irina rimes

somebody else // the 1975

ghost // halsey

buzzcut season // lorde

1965 // zella day

gasoline // halsey

dollhouse // melanie martinez

valley of the dolls // marina & the diamonds

style // taylor swift

haunting // halsey

riptide // vance joy

lolita // lana del rey

wildest dreams // taylor swift

perfect // selena gomez

team // lorde

tennis court // lorde

robbers // the 1975

hey now // manuel riva

hurricane // halsey

say it // nikki flores

shadows // sabrina carpenter

guys my age // hey violet

youth // daughter

alaska // maggie rogers

lost in my mind // the head and the heart

venus // sleeping at last

Lea Michele on Her Revealing New Album, Rooting for the Patriots and Her ‘Love’ for Taylor Swift

Six years after wowing the crowd with her rendition of “America the Beautiful” at Super Bowl XLV, Lea Michele is heading back to Texas for the annual event this weekend — and with a little less pressure.

“It was literally one of the most incredible moments of my entire life, so I’m excited to go back,” the Scream Queens star, 30, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’m obviously not performing this time … it’s nice having a little bit of a breather to just enjoy the game.”

Heading to Houston with some pals, the actress and singer is rooting for the Patriots. “I’m a New Yorker, but I’ve always been a Patriots fan,” she says. “Tom Brady’s an incredible athlete. He will go down probably in my generation as one of the greatest athletes that I’ll get to see.”

But something that’s exciting Michele just as much as seeing her favorite football team possibly take the championship? Singing and dancing along with Taylor Swift as the super star headlines DirecTV Now’s Super Saturday Night concert.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that Taylor Swift music isn’t blasted in my house. Right now, her new song with Zayn … if I play it one more time, I might combust,” jokes the star. “I love her. I was just talking to Emma Roberts about her the other day and we were reading the inside of her booklet for Red, and she has this amazing little excerpt she wrote inside about different kinds of love. She’s really an amazing songwriter and her music is just the best girl music ever.”

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Thank you Taylor Swift...

The only impression we have of stars is what we see in the media and our interpretation of their social media accounts.  IMO, that is a cruel and unfair way to judge a person. I have been fortunate enough in my life to come across a few celebrities and one thing I have learned is you cannot judge them until you experience them in person. It takes about 6 seconds to form a first impression.

Taylor Swift proved herself to be someone of very high integrity and character. She did not draw attention to herself when she entered the room, no “Hey look it’s me, Taylor Swift”… She seemed flattered and appreciative from our thunderous cheering. She smiled and even appeared to blush a bit…. She even seemed humbled from our welcome. She never tried to direct the flow of the gathering, she simply said, “I can do whatever you all want, I am just happy to be here with you.”

Her parents were there, they became part of the crowd, it was easy to see where she gets it from.. They were wonderful, friendly and just as humbled by us as we were by them.  

She wanted to walk around the room, meet everybody and take pictures with us. She was very attentive to Popo, which was the reason she came in the first place. She ate fudge, She hung her coat on the kitchen table, she toured the house, she smiled, laughed and seemed genuinely interested in every single person there.  If it weren’t for the fact that she was Taylor Freaking Swift, we would have thought she was a friend stopping by to say hello.

IMO, Taylor Swift is a very down to earth young woman who faces intense scrutiny and judgement because of who she is.  Everybody has two sides to them, a professional side and a personal side.  We only see her professional side… WE..were fortunate enough to see her personal side and I can tell you one thing… She is a wonderful young lady who took time away from her family at Christmas to bring happiness to a family when they needed it the most.

She made our Popo happy, which made his family happy.   We know there is no way to repay her for what she did, all we can do is be grateful she entered our lives for one hour on a Monday afternoon and made us forget, for just a moment, how tough the past year was…. something for which we will forever be grateful.

Okay; so me and my friend have talked about this for a while and I really want to put it out there.

Now; we ship Sabezra, as do quite a lot of people. But I just want to say; there are two kinds of Sabezra shippers.

One kind who only see the REAL shipping moments; where the moments aren’t just them touching and glancing to each other… But the moments where they care and worry about each other; give each other those heartwarming smiles. That kind of thing. 

The other kind are the people who see Sabezra in every little thing. All Sabine and Ezra need to do is look at one another and people class it as CANON SABEZRA. 

I don’t see why so many people think that us shippers are all the second kind of shippers. Personally, I don’t see Sabezra in everything. A lot of scenes I just see them helping each other out as team members should; but then there could be that one small scene that relates to there ship and gets me excited.

Then there are people who moan at us because Sabine and Ezra are ‘Siblings’ *Sigh* Are they adopted? No. Are they blood? No. Do they both see Kanan and Hera as parent figures; well yes. But that doesn’t make them siblings.

I see Sabezra in the scenes that imply it; not in them looking at each other or talking to one another. 

Not all us shippers go crazy over a scene the two of them are in; and it kind of annoys me that every non shipper I’ve seen think we are. 

Ugh; I’m done for now. But seriously… We’re not all SABEZRA CRAZY and think every single DAMN SCENE means romance. 


Hey Taylor! I thought I’d let you know that I found the absolute love of my life. His name is Joseph. We started dating in October 2015, and we’ve been together for over a year now and I’ve never been happier!

You were the one who gave me so much hope for finding love and I’m so glad I waited 16 years to meet him. Maybe I can introduce you to him someday. He is actually a fan of yours! 😊

I miss you so much Taylor and I hope you’re doing well 💜 @taylorswift