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Let's Make A Character:  (script for two)
  • Me: Alright, let's start designing this character already.
  • Snowflake: Make it a *strong female character*
  • Me: Okay... Strong Female Character.
  • Snowflake: Who is gay.
  • Me: ...Excuse me, what?
  • Snowflake: We need more gay characters - simple as that.
  • Me: Sure. Fine. She's gay. (Though that doesn't really matter, in terms of gameplay)
  • Snowflake: They'd rather prefer 'They-them' pronouns. Don't assume their gender.
  • Me: What? Sorry? We're making a female character, remember?
  • Snowflake: Uhh... Hello? They can identify as female, but not completely. They are demi.
  • Me: Fine. What should 'their' name be?
  • Snowflake: I don't know.
  • Me: Let's go with Alexandra-
  • Snowflake: Excuse me, but that is a cisnormative name and will not be acceptable. Their name should be gender-neutral to keep with the times. It's 2016, after all.
  • Me: Jeez, okay. Their name is Alex.
  • Snowflake: Why are you drawing her that way!?
  • Me: ...Sorry?
  • Snowflake: OMG that sketch only reflects the male power fantasies that dominates the gaming community! It's that mentality that labels you as an ignorant bigot!
  • Me: Okay, okay, what did I do wrong!?
  • Snowflake: Her body is hyper-sexualized, you are oppressing women by drawing such a sexist piece. You are not accepting of other body types other than the D-cups, tiny waists and long legs!
  • Me: Oh... Right. I guess I can make her proportions a bit more accurate -
  • Snowflake: Respect their pronouns, you cis scum!
  • Me: Fine, fine, fine - It's fixed. Calm down.
  • Me: W-Well, it would be more accurate if her hip size corresponds to her already slim body. I also shrunk her breasts so they would look less... well, fanciful.
  • Snowflake: We have too many characters that are skinny like her! And why are they white? Where are the stretch marks? Their freckles? We need IMPERFECTIONS to show how COMPLEX this character needs to be!
  • Me: They aren't white, it's just that I haven't colored them in yet... And so what if she's white? Race doesn't make a character more supreme than the other. In games, it's more about class stats than anything to do with race-
  • Snowflake: If they are white, then they are oppressors to any other person or player that isn't white. To be white, is to be racist. And sure, you say it might be alright in a game - however, think of how it affects people of color playing as the white man! They need a character that represents. This is going to be that character.
  • Me: Well, for the record it's my character. I think I can have the freedom to create her in any way that I want.
  • Snowflake: You just objectified them!
  • Me: How can I objectify something or someone that I haven't fully created yet!?
  • Snowflake: Never mind. Does she have any other complexities?
  • Me: What do you mean?
  • Snowflake: I mean, you need to be tolerant of other behaviors, disorders, and dysfunctions of the mind! Hello? Were you living under a conservative rock? There are too many 'normies' in gaming.
  • Me: Oh... So you want me to make her depressed or something?
  • Snowflake: Not 'depressed or something', saying it like that is immensely offensive and damaging. Especially to those who do suffer from depression.
  • Me: I can give her something mild, I guess.
  • Snowflake: Looking at our character so far, she'd have to be bipolar, autistic, an insomniac and have a small case of ADHD. She will also have alters, for her MPD syndrome.
  • Me: ... You are actually joking, right?
  • Snowflake: Excuse me - mental disorders are not a joke! I was self diagnosed with depression, an array of anxiety disorders. Life is hard for people like me.
  • Me: Yeah. Good to know. But giving her all of those problems may result in her character performance being-
  • Snowflake: Hey. Depression is not a 'problem'. You are really getting on my nerves...
  • Me: ...More like *TRIGGERING* your nerves, am I right?
  • Snowflake: You ableist, ageist, classist, racist, sexist, cissexist, size sexist----
  • Me: Oh wow, you're still going.
  • Snowflake: --- CIS WHITE MALE SCUM.
Let’s be honest, if Baelfire had lived season 4 would never have happened

“Papa, I’m serious, who is this chick?”

“Look, Regina, I’m going to start off by saying how grateful I am with how Henry turned out and that I get you as a co-parent, any and all advice is appreciated, and I get this Robin thing sucks but I really don’t think it’s some mystical author’s fault. ‘Evil Queen’ wasn’t exactly a misnomer. Love you <3”

“Yeah, Emma, I’m not calling him ‘Killian’”

“Hey Hook, sold Henry to a demon yet? Oh, Emma you didn’t know about that, gee I’m sorry”

“Papa, I know you’re nervous so I’ll tell you what, I’ll go to your first session with Archie with you. Yeah, you know, I was held by her too, it might for good for the both of us”

“Emma, I was serious when I said that I wanted you to be happy. But I am also serious now when I say that that dress makes you look like Sandra-dee and that you reek of virginity”

“Henry, do you need help with your homework?”

“Oh, Belle, I was talking to Archie and he said that Papa might need some reassurance after what Zelena did to him. Said his anxiety is likely to be through the roof and that he might be feeling some shame or guilt - I know he didn’t do anything, but apparently it’s common”

“Emma, you need to stop letting your mother pick you date night outfits”

“Excuse me? ‘How could Belle let us down like that?’? It’s Friday night, she’s got plans with Tiana and Pocahontas! Find another babysitter! Geesh!”

“Try give my son dating advice, I dare you”

“Papa, just tell me what the hat does. Yes, I promise I won’t be mad”

“No, Belle, he doesn’t love the dagger more than you”

“Hey Snowflake! Hey little guy… aren’t you just the cutest, yes you are, yes you are, you little snugglemuffin”

“Hey guys, remember when my father died to save the town? And was imprisoned and tortured by Zelena as a reward? And you only sought him out when you needed to pump him for information and then you left him to rot in her cage? No? Well, I sure do!”

“Regina, you are better than him”

“Emma, your parents love you. It’s just in its own special way. Look at it this way, you guys get the rest of your lives together”

“Hook, if you tell Emma she’s your whole reason for staying good one more time, I’m going to see if all that leather makes you float”

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I just finished reading Winglets 4: Runaway and HOLY SHIT SNOWFLAKE X FOX IS SO CUTE and I really need to have more of it in my life. So, um, if you don't mind, could ya draw/write something about it? P.S. You're freaking awesome P.P.S. Senpaiiii

I’ve been wanting to draw them for a while now, i’m glad I got the chance to do so.

Oh my gosh no stop I don’t know how to handle your compliments! Thank you so much??? I feel like that’s really mild and a lame response??? God, I am just so bad with expressing emotions and thankfulness, sorry

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Hey commies and snowflakes, stop taking our racism and bigotry out of context! - Signed, the Alt Right and Alt Lite.

is this in reference to anything ive posted or

~PSA - Low Activity~

{(Hey, snowflakes! So, something I probably should have posted up awhile ago, but better late than never, I suppose. As I’m sure many have noticed by this time, activity for Elsa has dropped a bit than usual, but I promise! It’s not from lack of wanting to be here or that Elsa doesn’t mean as much as she had before. She’s still going to be my priority muse, but activity will still most likely remain low and sporadic for a little bit.

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Bucky is selectively mute after he comes to the tower and doesn't speak at all. And the first time he speaks is alone with Steve or Tony and it's just one or two words but it's progress.

“Hey, snowflake,” Tony calls, falling into the couch opposite Bucky, who sits frozen, hands pressed into his thighs, palms downward, and legs folded up beneath himself.

“How’s it goin?” Tony asks, voice muffled in the couch cushions. He knows he’s being dramatic, his day hasn’t been that long, but it’s nice to literally fall into softness.

Bucky doesn’t reply, which Tony isn’t surprised by. Their little snowman hasn’t spoken once in the months he’s been back, not even to Steve, whom everyone thought would be a sure thing. It’s made things more difficult in communicating with Bucky, but Tony’s found that rambling until Bucky nods with understanding or falls asleep to be a great option and even better execution.

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Characters: Bucky x Angel!Reader

Prompt: Bucky meets an actual angel and struggles with the idea of angels being real

Warnings: Bucky not believing in God?

A/N: There’s a change of POV somewhere in the middle and I wasn’t sure how to write this, so I hope it’s okay.

Originally posted by allthingsmarvell

Bucky had never been particularly religious - not even before the war. Once Hydra had turned him into the Winter Soldier he was sure that something like a god couldn’t exist.

He didn’t think that he was an especially good person, but even someone like him didn’t deserve being turned into a killer – for the sake of himself and the many lives he took.

No there wasn’t a single being watching out for him. He was sure of it after having prayed for help for years.

Heaven was just a dream and nothing more.

It took him months to slowly become Bucky Barnes again with Steve’s help. When Steve mentioned an agent coming back from an 8-months mission he didn’t really care. He still tried to stay away from most people except Steve and he didn’t expect it to be different with this one agent. What Steve failed to mention was who or what this agent was exactly.

Three days later Bucky entered the kitchen after his morning training when Tony’s voice reached his ears.

“Good to have you back, Feathers.”

“I told you not to call me that, Anthony.” A soft voice answered

After taking a bottle of water from the fridge Bucky slowly made his way into the living area.

Tony had his arm slung around the shoulders of a young woman. Feeling slightly awkward staring at them Bucky cleared his throat. Tony and the woman turned around, facing him. While Tony was smirking the woman innocently blinked up at him.

“Hey Snowflake, you haven’t met Feathers here yet, right?” Tony asked, lazily gesturing from her to Bucky, Tony added, “Feathers Snowflake. Snowflake Feathers.”

Bucky glared at Tony, but the woman already had stepped forward, offering her hand to him. Just now he noticed how tiny she is. Carefully he took her delicate hand in his, squeezing it softly.

“Bucky,” he mumbled, dropping her hand again.

“I’m y/n, an angel of the lord.”

“Angels don’t exist”, was Bucky’s immediate response.

She didn’t seem offended, only tilting her head a fraction. “They do.”

Tony snorted, “I didn’t believe it at first, but she’s telling the truth. Y/n is our own little Avengers angel.”

That couldn’t be true. Angels don’t exist. Not in this world.

“H-How?” Bucky stuttered. The scratchy sound of his voice surprising himself.

Her innocent expression changed into something he couldn’t pinpoint.

“I fell.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow and she added, “from heaven.”

Confused you looked after the man who introduced himself as Bucky after he fled from the room. Tony placed a hand on your shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze.

“Did I upset him?” You asked Tony, wondering if you messed up some human custom again.

“Don’t worry about it, y/n. You just told him that you’re an angel, it’s not easy for most of us to accept something like that.”

You dropped your head a bit, but Tony was quick to add, “Hey, you wanna check out my new suit?”

No one saw Bucky while the rest of the team came to welcome you back. You glanced around the room a few times for Bucky, but decided to give him time. Maybe you would be able to talk to him the next day after everything calmed down a bit.

After everyone had gone to bed and Bucky still didn’t show up Steve went looking for him. After asking JARVIS about Bucky’s whereabouts Steve found him in one of the training rooms.

Bucky looked up when he heard the door open, but shifted his focus back on the punching bag once he realized that it only was Steve.

“Why haven’t you come up, Bucky? I wanted to introduce y/n to you.” Steve asked.

“You didn’t tell me that she’s an angel! A real fucking angel!” The punching bag swung violently after an especially hard hit from Bucky, his breathing growing more erratic.

“I don’t get why you’re getting so worked up about it. Sure, it’s surprising, but doesn’t it give you hope that there’s a heaven up there?”

Bucky let out a humorless laugh, “As if. If there’s a god he must fucking hate me.”

Steve shook his head, “It’s not that easy Bucky. At least give y/n a chance…”

Bucky grunted when he threw another punch, “Maybe. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to think. I don’t even know what to say to her. She’s an angel while I’m a killer. We couldn’t be more different.”

Little crush - Kai Parker imagine

Warnings: Talks about minor sex.

It was a very cold night in mystic falls and you were just finishing up getting ready at your apartment. You were going out with all your friends too dinner , nothing fancy just the mystic grill. It had been awhile since everyone hung out together, ever since everyone has gotten into a relationship it seemed we’ve all became distant. I on the other hand have not dated for the past three years, with no new faces around town , it seems pretty hard and I’m not up for the whole weird dating circle the gang has going on. 

As i put on my jacket, I heard a knockon my door. I quickly spray some perfume and put on my scarf and grab my bag. I open the door too only reveal the famous malachai parker. “Hey there snowflake” he says as he leans the door ledge. Ever since I slipped on slush the other day he’s been calling me snowflake. “ I thought caroline was going to pick me up?” “ she was until I texted her that you had the stomach flu and that I was going to take care of you” Kai says walking into my apartment to pet my dog.” Kai why would you do that , i actually want to hang out with my friends for once” i say annoyed by his actions.” hey , don’t get mad snowflake , christmas is around the corner you’ll have time then” he says with a smile on his face.” Can you tell me at least why you told caroline that lie?” i sigh closing the door. “ because , who wants too be around a bunch of couples tonight , why don’t we both go out and have a cu=ouple wings and beers on me?” he says with a flirty smirk on his face. Not gonna lie , when he does that it gives me butterflies , i might have the slightest crush on him but knowing him if he feels any sort of attarction towards me , it’s lust and nothing more.

“ fine , lets go malachai” i say and he beams with excitement and follows me out the apartment. we walk to his car and i immeadiatley turn on the heat seat warmers. He drives us too our favorite pub and we grab the same booth we always do. “ hey there handsome” the bartender/ waitress says to kai. she was about middle aged , she always flirted with kai but not in a harmful way she knows he’s too young for her( technically. “ hey there gorgeous” he flirts back and i chuckle.” what can i get you guys tonight?” she asks. “ I’ll have two beers- the usual and 30 wings , mild” he smiles to her.” coming right up sweetheart” she smiles at him and walks away.

“ you guys would make such a cute couple” I joke.” you think so?” he says tilting his head slightly and i laugh.” so tell me Y/N have you’ve been seeing anyone?” he asks as the waitress gives us the pints of beer and he politley smiles at her.” nah” i shake my head as i grab the pint of beer and bring it to my lips.” bullshit” he says rolling his eyes at me.” i’m being completley honest, everyone here has either dated eachother and their best friends or they’re just simply boring” i shrug. “ so im boring?” he asks with a flirty smile amd i roll my eyes playfully. “ no kai “ i say. “ well i haven’t dated anyone in mystic falls “ he shrugs. “ i think bonnie counts “ i say. “ oh please i wouldn’t have dated her in a million years, i just flirted with her to get under her skin” he says taking a sip of the beer. “ sure” i say raising my eyebrow.

“ no but tell me would you ever consider dating me?” he asks seeming quite serious. i feel myself start too blush at the question cause of course i think he’s hot , i mean look at him! “ why do you ask that?” i ask trying to seem cool about it. He leans in closer across the table.” c’mon Y/N i see the way you are around me… all flirty, you blush at leat 50 times whenever we are with each other and plus elena kind of told me you thought i was hot” he says with a flirty smirk plastered on his face. damn her i thought. 

“ so tell me , why don’t we give it a shot” he says leaning back and taking a sip of his beer. “ I-I don’t think so kai…” i say. “ and why not?” he asks. “ To be honest i just think we both want different things if we date and i wouldn’t want to jeopardize our friendship like that.“ I say awkwardly and he chuckles. ” what?“ I ask as we both take another swig at our beers. ” nothing I just think it’s funny that the only thing you think I want from you is sex" he says shaking his head. “ well , that’s been the case of every guy who’s ever asked me out and if I recall the last two girls you dated or whatever , you said that you were only dating cause of the casual sex” I say. “ you’re not those girls Y/N… and I-I actually like you. I don’t want you just for you body. You’re the only one who’s given me a chance to be a better person instead of hating me cause of my past ” he says and I just sit there not knowing what to say. “ I didn’t know… I’m sorry Kai ” i say. “ just , let’s see how it goes and if you end up not liking any of it then we can act as if it never happened” he says. I take a moment too think about , as much as I’d like to say no. I know I can’t, my mind won’t let me. “ ok” I nod my head and he smiles that gorgeous smile of him. “ great , consider this the first date ” he says as the lady brings us our wings and he winks at me. Oh I hope I don’t regret dating Malachi Parker…

A Different Kind of White Christmas


I turned at the sound of Spencer’s voice and smiled at him. I loved that he was comfortable enough with me to come inside my house as he pleased.
“Hey,” I replied. “Right on time.”
“Always,” he said as he reached around me and snatched one of the still-warm pastries I was arranging on a platter. I swatted at his hand playfully as he smiled around the pastry.
“Hands off, Dr.Reid,” I threatened.
“What’s on the oven?” He asked, and I smiled.
“Have a look,” I offered, gesturing toward the oven. He flicked the oven light on and leaned down to look inside. I watched him smile slightly as he straightened back up.
“They’re snowflakes,” he said, and I nodded.
“Mmhmm,” I hummed.
“I like them,” he said.
“You’ll like them better when you can eat them,” I teased, and he nodded.
“You’re a bottomless pit,” I said.
“I have a high metabolism,” he argued, and I laughed.
“Whatever you say,” I said.
“Okay, hurry up, I have a present for you,” he said excitedly. I glanced at the clock on my wall and then back at him.
“It’s only six-thirty on Christmas Eve, Spence,” I pointed out.
“I know, I know, but I’m really excited for you to see it,” he said. I laughed at him as I dried my hands on a dish towel.
“Pull those out of the oven for me?” I asked, and he nodded. He used potholders and pulled the pan of snowflake cookies out of the oven. When he yelped, I turned around quickly to find him shaking his hand around.
“Whoa, you okay?” I asked.
“I’m fine,” he said, but I smiled knowingly as I reached out, taking his wrist in my hands, catching sight of a small, slightly irritated spot on his hand, between his thumb and forefinger.
“Come on, butterfingers,” I teased as I led him to the sink, where I ran cold water over the burn.
“Band Aid?” I asked. He shook his head but I grabbed one anyway, and he didn’t protest as I secured it over his hand and brought it to my lips, kissing it lightly. He smiled adorably, and I smiled back at him.
“You good?” I asked.
“Perfect,” he whispered and I laughed.
“Come on, Lover Boy, we have Christmas movies to watch,” I said.
“Wait, what about your present?” he asked.
“Midnight, Spencer. I’ve told you that, we can open presents at midnight.”
“That’s five hours, eighteen minutes, and twenty-eight seconds from now,” he complained.
“Yeah, I know,” I said. “But I am not opening or giving any presents until it’s Christmas.”
“Fine,” Spencer sighed. “What movies are we watching?” He asked.
“We have a bunch,” I said cheerfully. “The Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life, a dramatization of The Nutcracker,” I listed. I smiled up at him as we headed toward the living room. “You can pick first.”
“I’ll go with Miracle on 34th Street,” he said.
“Lovely choice, Dr.Reid,” I said, turning on the TV as we both settled onto the couch under a blanket. I leaned against him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders as the movie started to play.

“Alright, are you ready?” I asked.
“I’ve been ready,” Spencer replied, holding my gift out to me, a small box wrapped neatly in silver paper and tied with a blue ribbon. I smiled as I examined it and then glanced back up, meeting his hazel eyes.
“Who helped you wrap this?” I asked.
“How do you know I didn’t do it myself?” He replied.
“Because I’ve seen your hand-eye coordination in action, and let’s just say I’m glad that ‘Dr.’ in front of your name means you’re a profiler and not a surgeon,” I said, and he shrugged.
“JJ helped,” he admitted and I nodded.
“Okay, well, it’s almost midnight, and I insist that you go first,” I said.
“Okay,” he agreed, and he tore into the small package I’d handed him without further delay. When he opened the box, his face lit up.
“Where did you even get this?” He asked, pulling the photo frame out of the box. I smiled.
“Well, apparently our team caught our first kiss on camera,” I explained. “You can thank JJ and Emily for that one.”
He smiled brightly at me, and I knew he liked the gift.
“Thank you,” he said. “Now, you go.”
I obliged, carefully removing the ribbon and the paper to find a sparkly black box. When I opened it, I felt my jaw drop a little bit.
“Spencer, this is beautiful,” I said.
“Do you like it?” He asked anxiously and I nodded.
“I love it,” I said fiercely. “It’s absolutely gorgeous.”
“Look at the inside,” he said. I pulled the bracelet out of the box. It was silver, a solid, thin band with eight identical dangling charms. They were small snowflakes, adorned with sapphire jewels that sparkled in the light. When I looked at the inside of the cuff, I saw thin script, an engraving that read, “Always My Snowflake” , and I couldn’t hold back the tears that rose to my eyes as I looked up at him.
“Thank you, Spencer,” I whispered, leaning over to wrap my arms around him as he pressed his lips gently to mine.
“I’m glad you like it,” he whispered.
“I’m glad I get to be your snowflake,” I murmured quietly, and he smiled.
“Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”

Upset (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Mutation: Ice and snow manipulation
Words: 966
Notes: I had fun writing this, it’s not my best writing but I still like it, and I hope you guys like it too!!

Originally posted by magnetosmind

(Y/N) was training in the danger room, creating icicles and making them shoot towards the simulated enemies. They were trying to get their mind off of their problems. One of those problems being Peter Maximoff. Well, he wasn’t exactly the problem. The truth was, the ice controller liked Peter, a lot.

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  • Snape haters: OMG Snape chose to become a death eater
  • Me: " it is not our abilities that show us who we truly are it is our choices." So yeah he also chose to switch sides.
  • Snape: psh yeah but only because he was wanking over Lily
  • Me: so? Even if he was, he still chose to defect on his own, motivated by love. Ya know what everyone else was motivated by? Ringing a bell? Sirius says "i loved your dad" by extension Harry even though he hardly knows the kid. What difference does it make why? He stayed loyal til the end and without him everyone would have been fucked. I'm pretty sure that was kind of the point of the whole series, love conquers all. Because without this supposed creepy obsessed love Severus had for Lily, everyone would be fucking dead son.
  • Snape haters: but he called her a mudblood!
  • Me: yeah well shit happens when you're pissed off and humiliated
  • Snape Haters: unforgivable!!!!
  • Me: oh go suck an egg
  • Snape haters: hey leave our precious snowflake friend alone she's only 12 1/2 and went home crying about how mean you were to her. Stop using logic and quotes from the books
  • Me: ....*looks at the screen like in the office*