hey there sherlockians

Hey Sherlockians, and also Granadians, I have something for you: ACD’s “A Scandal in Bohemia”, “Silver Blaze”, and “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches” as read by Edward Hardwicke. <3 Before you listen, I feel it’s necessary to tell you that at the beginning Ted dedicates his reading “to the memory of Jeremy Brett.” Do what you need to prepare your heart, and have tissues nearby. I haven’t listened to it all yet, but so far I can guarantee that you will LOVE his voice of the King of Bohemia, or your money back. (And do you recognize the pic I used?) ;)

And, amidst the frenzy of Freddy Frenzy Friday I reached 400 followers! Thanks for having fun with me! :)

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Beliebers: You have no idea who you're messing with.
  • Jared Padalecki: Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?
  • *shots fired*
  • Beliebers: Oh yeah? Well we'll just stop watching Supernatural. So there!
  • Supernatural fandom: War it is. We'll salt and burn you faster than than you can say "Justin Bieber is a painted whore."
  • Sherlockians: Hey, want some help with that? Our season just ended, we're free. We hate being bored.
  • Whovians: Sure, we've got the time to lend a hand. It's just a bunch of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff anyways.
  • Marvel fans: AVENGERS!!!! ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!
  • LOTR fandom: We come to it at last...the great battle of our time.

freaking news article about the sherlock 4 filming delay almost gave me a heart attack
for 5 solid seconds i thought there won’t be a season 4 at all and my world just…stopped
made me realize how important sherlock is to me
well, as long as it /will/ happen, i don’t care how long we’ll have to wait
okay, maybe i do care, but hey, we’re sherlockians, we’re used to waiting
in the meantime, let’s just consume each other’s fanworks and pretend that everything’s okay