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Try Again PT 4 (Nate Maloley Fan fiction)

My eyes snapped open and I turned my head to look at him. Nate chuckled as he kissed under my ear instead.

“Nate? What are you doing?” Luke asked smiling. “Just talking to YN.” Nate smiled as he backed up and continued cooking. I giggled as I hopped off the counter.

“Hey baby, did you have a fun time with da-Nate today?” He smiled and nodded his head.

“Nate said he loved you, and he thinks your pretty mommy.” Luke whispered to me. “Hey, I thought that was our secret!” Nate blushed. I smiled and kissed Luke’s cheek.

“Don’t tell Nate but he’s pretty too.” I whispered loudly to Luke. Luke covered his mouth and giggled. He ran off to his room laughing.

“You’re really good with him Nate.” I smiled walking up behind him.

“Hes sweet, you did an amazing job raising him.” It was my turn to blush now.

“Nate, I think you should tell Luke you’re his father..” I turned my head so I couldn’t see his reaction.

Nate smiled widely at me. “Thank you YN. I hope you’ll give me a second chance and we can work this all out.”

He set the plates on the table and called Luke to come eat. Luke came running out and sat next to Nate.

We all talked and ate, it was starting to feel like a real family. But knowing Nate this may not last long.

After we were done eating Luke ran off to his room. I grabbed the plates and started cleaning them off. As I was washing the dishes Nate came up behind me. He pressed his crotch to my butt and held my hips with his giant hands.

“You know lil mama, I never would have thought calling you lil mama would actually come true. Well I mean not so soon.” He chuckled. I smiled as I placed the last dish in the drying rack.

“And I never thought calling you daddy would come true so soon either.” I turned around in his arms and whispered in his ear.

I heard him groan as his grip on me tightened. “Fuck lil mama, don’t say those things to me.” He leant down to kiss my cheek.

“Why?” I asked innocently. “Damnit YN stop.” He grunted.

His hands gripped my waist tighter and pulled me against him. I rested my head on his chest. I missed this. I missed us. “Thank you Nate.” I whispered before walking away.

“Hey baby, what are you doing?” I asked leaning against his door frame.

“Is Nate staying over tonight?” Luke asked smiling. “No sorry baby, maybe some other time okay?” Luke looked down disappointed.

“Yeah lil man, I have some work to do in the studio, sorry.” Nate ruffled Luke’s hair. “I gotta get going though, bye buddy.” He bent down to hug Luke.

“Bye Nate.” Luke smiled. “Bye lil mama.” Nate got up and hugged me. “Bye Nate.” I smiled as I walked him to the door. I shut the front door and leaned against it. I let out a big sigh and walked to my room. I laid on my bed with my head in the pillows.

“Momma?” I heard Luke’s voice. I picked my head up from the pillow to watch like climbing onto my bed.

“Yes baby?”

“Is Nate daddy?” My eyes grew wide at his question. “What? Baby, why would you think that?”

“Because I heard you guys.” He wouldn’t look me in the eyes, “Is it true?”.

“Yes baby, Nate is your dad.” Lucas looked sad as he walked out of my room.

I took a deep sigh before walking to Luke.

“Baby?” I asked as I walked into his dark room.

“I’m tired.” He mumbled. I said goodnight and walked back to my bedroom.

I climbed into bed and turned my light off.


I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I yawned and climbed out of my bed.

I hugged my robe tight against my body as I made my way to see Luke. He was awake and playing with his toys.

“Hey baby, wanna go out today?” I smiled at him as I walked further into his room.

Luke got up and smiled at me. His mood grew better since last night. He nodded his head and let me pick out his outfit. I quickly dressed him and combed his hair.

Soon there was a knock at the door and I quickly answered it.

“Hey lil mama.” Nate smiled and leaned against the door frame. “I was wondering if I could hang out with little man today?” I smiled at his question.

“Luke! There’s someone here for you!” I called for him. I heard his shoes padding across the floor. “Justin?” He called out. When he saw nate his smile dropped and he looked almost disappointed.

“Hey little man, we’re gonna hang out today!” Nate knelt down to talk to him. “Okay.” He wouldn’t look at nate. Nate furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and shut the door behind them.

I walked around my house fixing things and cleaning for a while. I got bored and decided to take a shower and get dressed in white skinny jeans and a cute sweater. I plopped down on my couch and turned the tv on. Soon I heard my phone ring.


“Hey YN, it’s Justin, I was wondering if you and Luke wanna hang out?”

“I’d love to, but Luke is with Nate today?”

“That’s cool, it can just be us today? We can pick up Luke after.” I could tell he was smiling on the other side of the line.

“Sounds great!” I smiled and hung up the phone.

———Nates point of view———

“What’s wrong little man?” I asked Luke as we walked from my car into the studio.

“You hurt my mom.” I heard Luke mumbled.

“What? What do you mean?”

“She said you’re my dad. You hurt my mom. You told her you didn’t love her.” I watched as Luke teared up.

“Hey buddy, that was a long time ago, I love your mom very much, and I love you too.” I stopped walking and knelt down to hug him. He stepped back and continued walking.

“Hey Lucas!” I heard johnsons voice. I took a deep sigh and got up off the floor. Well. This is not how I wanted it to go.

I walked into our studio room and was greeted by some girls.

“Hey Natey.” One of them came up to me and pushed me on the couch. “Hey suga.” I smiled as she sat almost on me.


“Well today was great Justin, thank you. I needed this.”

“I’m glad I could help you with your nate problem.” He smiled as he stopped in front of a building.

“Bye Justin, I’ll tell Luke you said hi.” I smiled as I got out of the car. He waved bye and I walked into the studio. I searched for the room number Johnson texted me and I finally found it.

I frowned as I opened the door. Johnson and Gilinsky were playing with Lucas as I saw nate smoking and blowing the smoke in some girls mouth. Who by the way was wearing far too less clothing in front of my baby. Nate quickly closed the gap between then and they started making out. I felt my heart break into pieces.


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