hey there man

thank you all for all the kind words you’ve said. 

I’ve gotten so many messages of support and concern and its just nice to know someone out there cares and doesnt hate me as much as I hate myself.

Ill try to reply to some of my asks today, but im going to keep the supportive notes for myself so sorry if I dont reply to those. But sincerely thank you. 

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Good lord, hearing you talk about Mari and Adrien makes my heart SWELL so much it's almost SUFFOCATING. I'm sure I won't survive once they get together.

Hey man, this is canon, okay? I’m just regurgitating all the feels that Thomas Astruc and his crew have given me.

Love-starved Adrien Agreste pining for Ladybug, having no idea that Marinette/Ladybug loves him so much and wants to be with him and worries for his safety and would give up her powers for him and made him a scarf for his birthday and wrote him a love poem and pictures his face in the sky sometimes and would destroy anyone who tries to hurt him.

Like… this dynamic is AGONIZING when you sit down and think about it (as I have, on various occasions).

So if my fan fics reflect that, I must be doing an okay job.

Hey. Hi. Hello!

Man, it’s difficult to gather the nerve to make posts on here. I’ve been alive and painting, just not functioning socially (as if that’s news).

Anyway! I have progress photos of something I’m working on, but I’ve got to keep them under wraps for another week or so. I’m hoping to do a bit of a step-by-step deal, where I explain what I did and why. 

at the orthopedic brace place the doctor clearly read me as male at first (greeted me with “hey man!”) and then he was like “what’s your name?” and i kind of just wordlessly slid him my prescription with my birth name on it, and he did a double take and said, “oh, you’re–” and then asked me how to pronounce my birth name lol

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Hello. Excuse me, I really don't mean to be rude...but how come you use so much text speak in your posts? Is it personal preference? I'm really sorry if that sounded rude but I am just curious, thank you for your time!

hey man idk ive been typing this way since i was 16 lmao!!! it started as a joke w my friends and now i cant stop lol :’-(  idk how i got thru college but i did it !!!!! xoxo

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I feel so horrible because I looked up to CJ...I can't believe they would say such things about Mark and then love Jack in a weird.way...I hate that I ever defended them too.

Hey man, it’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up over that. It happens. The important thing is that you know now, yeah?

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not salty, i dont like yoi but you like otaku trash like love live. you sound like those otaku dudes who dislike yaoi shows(with a reason) but eat loli fapbait shows like that dragon girl one.

Hey man, those words hurt.

I expected some pissant to pull that “you like Yuri so you must dislike yaoi” card eventually because I had the gall to not like the show (keep in mind I haven’t given any specific reasons for why I don’t like it and you’re just making assumptions based on nothing)

I don’t give a hoot if a pairing if m/m or f/f, what matters is the C H E M I S T R Y. WHAT CHARACTERS HAVE AN INTERESTING DYNAMIC THAT MAKES ME WANT YO CARE ABOUT IT. YOI didn’t grip me in that regard but shit like love live does, you can rag on it for being otaku bait but honestly it’s a lot more squeaky clean then YOI was, none of the girls ever get butt ass naked for one.

Also if you know I like Dragon Maid you should already know I freely admit it’s pretty trashy and I enjoy it despite that because it’s a dumb comedic show that’s silly and fun and it doesn’t try to be anything more then that. YOI was try to actually tell a serious story so comparing the two is fucking hilarious

I don’t exclusively like Yuri (HxH’s killugon and Pokeani’s Diodeshipping should tell you that much) JUST BECAUSE it’s girls involved, AND also the fact you write off any yuri as sexual in nature buy not yaoi is a little questionable in and of itself, so please take that BS elsewhere.

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💕 Two hearts, and if you can guess, LEON!! Imma spam you hope that's okay~ I'm sorry!!

💕 Two hearts - There was something about them, that thing that made you fall in love, that keeps you in love. You decide to tell them…and they tell you something surprising in return


Leon was simply hanging out with Isaiah. He was feeling nervous since they were in his room playing video games, and Juliet was downstairs with their parents. Blushing lightly, The blonde glances at his blue-haired crush. He was rather absorbed with the game they were playing and smiling as he won victoriously. That sweet smile… It was so perfect.

“Hey, man..” Leon said, catching the attention of his crush before he himself smiled, “You really need to smile more; I mean, You seriously got a nice smile! Show it more.” He teased, laughing.

‘Makes me want to press those lips against mine…’

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Hey man just stopping by to tell a funny story, a friend of mine is a marine and was helping our wounded warrior regiment out with their version of the Olympic Games for wounded warriors of all countries and she was helping out as a translator for the Colombian Marines and apparently they were super badass and the one marine who had both his legs blown off was showing video footage of when it happened. My hats are off to Colombian marines, super badass.

Sadly we have a lot of veterans like that, as we’re the second country in the world with the most landmines, only beaten by Afghanistan, all thanks of those FARC cunts.

But yeah, they’re badass, the reason why we bent those cunts into submission, and finally got them to negotiate peace in actual reasonable terms, rather than the fiasco from ‘99. 

(I still don’t agree with the peace deal, but that’s for another day).