hey there mamacita

Max misses Steve like crazy when he’s away with Nancy and Jonathan. She tries to occupy her time with studying, hanging out with the boys, skateboarding… whatever she can do to stall going home. Going home means Billy. It means yelling and fighting and storming out of the house not long past nine at night, tears running down her cheeks, hugging her chest and praying to God her big brother would just come home to help her out. 

She starts calling him whenever she can. On the nights when she stays over at El’s, she doesn’t really need to. It’s nice there. But in her own bed, while Billy bangs around the house or drives off drunk, she grabs the phone and punches his number in, biting her lip to keep from sobbing when he doesn’t pick up. This is what it’s like to miss someone. 

He comes home after the summer. They stand in the Wheeler kitchen. Max drops her plastic bowl of ice cream and runs into his arms. 

“Hey, Mamacita,” says Steve. 

“You’re home.”

This is what it’s like to have someone. 


Suju’s new mv got me really excited, the drama was funny and then the singing/dance segments were incredibly hot and serious. But here’s the thing, does anyone understand what Mamacita is about? I didn’t so I went and searched up a version with English subs and something instantly hit me. The words don’t seem to be singing about a hot girl. What’s the song’s meaning?

What I believe is that suju’s new song is meant to be satirical (in some sense)

If you watch the hilarious drama, whilst looking at the lyrics…you realise the words seem to correlate to the actual drama.

I’m not sure the English translation is entirely correct, but this is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with me…I’ve talked to Chinese speaking friends and when they watched it with Chinese subs they agree with my thoughts.

So here comes my analysis…I haven’t entirely worked it out and I welcome others to input too

“Why are you shutting your mouth right now?
Did you decide to just go with the flow?
Just say shh! Then everything will calm down
Everyone keeps nagging”

So this is Siwon’s opening lines-doesn’t seem like something you would say to a hot girl. But it seems more like he’s commenting on elf’s complacency-during the two year absence of Leeteuk elf seemed subdued and the nagging and such sounds like criticism’s and directed at suju.

Were you expecting us to be Superman?
This world is good enough to play in, right?
If you do as you always did, go as you always went
There’s no way you’ll stick out and be hit by a hammer

“Superman” refers to super junior being the best. The crown is their kingship, the theft of it is a metaphor of it being taken away by other idols. You’d think that if you went the way you went you’d remain king right? Then there’s a reference to king (sungmin) getting struck by a hammer-he was previously parading around his crown. It’s paradoxical cos if you’re a king, you’re bound to be noticed and there’s no way you can’t stick out-so obviously they’ll be people attempting to bring you down-I would say that SM is not promoting SJ as hard and basically they’ve been hit by the hammer in preference for a newer idol group.

We’ve strongly protected ourselves, yes!
Donghae also says that, yes!
We have this specialness, ooh!
Exactly what kinds of things happened?

This part is about SJ-how they’ve bounded together and protected each other, there are word plays on their names to emphasise that they’re talking about each other-but if you don’t look into the words you’d think it’s about protecting a girl and they’ve decided to be cheeky and throw in their names. But then we cut to a scene of Kyuhyun robbing Sungmin whilst the lyrics say “What really happened?” like they’re questioning how their popularity is being over taken (yes they are still popular, and I’ll love them only forever, but seriously, they’re not being supported by SM as much)

Hey! MAMACITA! I am a-yayayaya
The cruelly broken dreams are a-yayayaya
Something has broken and left, even the tears have dried
Those who wear the armor feel its weight, you can’t do that!

Now the chorus-broken dreams? Tears? Seems like what they’ve experience as they climbed together up to the top. They’ve been through so many hardships to get there. Now the last line…some translate armour some translate helmet? Lol what? But the Chinese translation says

That means crown…remember the crown in the drama? They then go on to say…you can’t do that! What? The weight of the crown-the suffering they endured to be named kings of kpop. Idols who haven’t got enough experience don’t deserve that name yet- SJ are still the kings-the chorus is kind of like their battle cry to tell us they’re still going to be here-singing as the most united kpop group. They aren’t going away.

Whoever started it first or not, I just want to stop and end this
Words that provoke each other, it’s like a war without purpose

Can be taken as-stop fighting in relationships. But if you look deeper-Donghae’s is saying “stop the fan wars” -they’re stupid and SJ’s not out to start fights. In the drama he points to Leeteuk’s thief character as he rants aggressively to Eunhyuk, I think he’s portraying SM as a money hungry person-but the lyrics basically saying…hating on SM doesn’t make a difference…they don’t give a shit…they just want money so there’s no point.

They just see the benefits right in front of them at the moment
They try to hide their sharpened teeth
Forgetting the really important things but asking again, so dumb

SM-money hungry…enough said. Could also be interpreted as the media-they’re hungry for stories- bringing up past rumors, comparing Hangeng’s leaving to Kris, provoking questions, trying to dig up dirt and ruin images…etc

Can’t you hear even when I’m yelling? Yes!
Did you make a promise you can’t keep? Yes!
Did you get a good solution? Ooh!
What exactly is going on?

Unheard voices and opinions, unkept promises (of lasting popularity? Of forever staying ELF?), conflicts resolved? (We get a tug of war gun fight between Shindong and Donghae, but innocent Ryeowook is suddenly caught in the conflict…)

For example: SM vs Kris (then Hangeng is brought up? Why did you need to drag suju into it?)

And then confusion ensues etc and Ryeowook sings “What’s going on!?” Whilst getting aimed at by a gun which kind of cements this idea.

Then we get the chorus again, this time with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook belting out in the background whilst Kangin’s lovely watermelon gets crushed before his eyes. By Leeteuk. So if Leeteuk is pretending to be SM then the watermelon is SJ’s dream or something along the lines of that. All portrayed in a funny, light hearted way that only SJ can pull off.

Turn around and go another way
I’ll comfort you, who is hurt
Going down so it fits that spot
You ain’t got no chance
Don’t lose this chance because once it’s gone, you’ll never have it again

In another translation it says, “I turn around and take a detour” first so I took that as SJ looking back on previous memories, comforting each other, taking the right path. Instead of “Going down so it fits that spot” another translation says “the right path to make it here”.  Then it talks about chances and we get “SM” shooting down SJ. Not sure how I’ll take that, but then it leads to my favourite sequence…Eunhyuk’s rap (Eunhyuk is my bias…kekeke) but anyways it leads in quite well.

We get a really exaggerated and funny shot of Siwon getting shot, SJ’s really good at being funny, but then we suddenly get hit by Eunhyuk’s powerful rap. It really hit me the first time I watched it with English sub, instead of being all “Wahh-hyuk is so hot” I was like woah, what happened.

(It’s) Funny, I don’t think so! Don’t preach to me
I’m the top of the top, you’re the bottom of the bottom
Do you think you’re the only one who lost this power game?
Just close your lips Shut your tongue

We were all laughing at their funny drama, and I really couldn’t stop laughing at their drama, but then I watch the English subbed version and I get a Eunhyuk telling me It’s funny, I don’t think so!

The words sung before could always be taken as the conflict between the hot girl and the guy. But well, the rap’s really intense…I don’t think you’ll tell the girl you like “I’m the top of the top, you’re the bottom of the bottom” then Shut up…wow…no you don’t say that to your girlfriend.

Basically, he’s saying the situation isn’t funny, SM pushing them down to promote younger idols isn’t funny, and the treatment of human being’s as products that aren’t sellable anymore isn’t funny. Power games, top/bottom, that’s a description of SJ’s experiences in the entertainment industry.

I can’t just dream a different dream by myself, I need you right now
I need you, I need you

SJ + ELF (SJ need ELF to survive)

With a lot of affection, a lot of laughter, when I’m with the people I love
Sometimes, I look back and I think to myself, you did such a good job
I am here, we are here, there is a future to be excited for
Until always, we will gain strength once again

SJ’s relationship with each other, their journey together, the future they’re working towards together. Even though in the MV SM exchanges the crown for money, they continue to always work hard as they always have, enjoying their job and performing together. Their confirmation to us that they aren’t gone yet, they’re far from done, they’ll still be here for us ELF and we should be excited to see them perform.

I strongly believe that no one can be number one forever, and no one can be in last place forever.Rather than who wins over whom, being able to have promotions together is a better thing,“ Leeteuk 

Thanks for reading all this-if you did (Lol ><)