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Jealousy (can it be with stiles)

You were sat in the school’s library, reading your book about the Dread Doctors that bored you at most points but here and there something interesting came up.  You were surprisingly not surrounded by your friends, opting to just sit alone and try to focus on your reading.  It was important to Scott and you wanted to learn as much as you could to help.  Being one of the only two humans in the pack, it was important to you to try as hard as you could.

“Hey y/n” Speaking of humans..

“Hey Stiles what’re you doing here?” You asked, confused when he sat down across from you.  Stiles never went to the library.

“Kira told me you came here to read” He said, and you nodded, waiting for some explanation as to why he’d come, but he just pulled out his own copy and began to read as well.  You stared at him strangely for a few more moments.  “What?” Stiles asked, unable to focus with you looking at him like that.

“N-nothing” You stuttered, down casting your gaze immediately.  Truth be told you were still harboring feelings for the boy… since freshman year anyways.

“How far are you?” He asked you after you’d gotten through another chapter.

“Chapter six, you?” Stiles was silent.  “What part are you on?” You asked him again.

“Four” You shrugged.

“That’s fine, you’re all more busy than me, we’re not all going to read at the same pace you know” You said sweetly, and he smiled slightly at you.  “Hey, how are you by the way?” You closed your book, letting it sit on the table.  “Scott told me that you and Malia… sorta broke up” Stiles licked his lips, closing his own book.

“Yeah… yeah it just wasn’t.. It wasn’t working” You nodded, expression laced with concern.

“Did she not understand the Donovan thing?” You whispered, leaning across the table so you weren’t announcing it to the entire library.

“Uh, well I guess she did” Stiles rubbed the back of his neck, and you cocked your head to the side.  “I just… I couldn’t be with her anymore” You smiled sympathetically, resting a hand on his arm.

“That’s alright, Stiles” You told him softly.  “If you weren’t feeling it, you weren’t feeling.  No one can hold you to love someone” He stared at you for a long moment, then licked his lips and nodded.

“Yeah.. yeah you’re right” He said, and you smiled at him again.

“Maybe after school we can go-”

“y/n” You instantly leaned back in your chair and looked up to see Theo standing by your table, a hand placed flat on it as he seemed to lean towards you.  You stared at said hand, puzzled as to why he was here.

“Um, hi?” You glanced to Stiles for a moment, who’s eyes were hard set on you.  You looked back up to Theo.  “Do you need something?” You asked him, trying not to sound rude, but wanting him to leave.

“No, well, not really I just saw you sitting here and thought I’d come say hi”

“Well… hi” You said with an awkwad smile.  “I’m sorta busy-”

“Would you like to come with me to a party?” He asked abruptly.  Your brows raised in surprise, unsure of how to respond.

“U-uhm I can’t” You stumbled over your words, helplessly glancing to Stiles.

“We’re kinds busy here” Stiles said, leaning forward in his seat and narrowing his eyes at Theo.

“Butt out Stiloinski go find your coyote bitch” Theo grumbled his way.

“Alright  Theo I need you to leave” You said firmly, glaring up at him now.  When he didn’t budge you jerked my hand towards the library’s exit.  “Go, now” He rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“Fine, I’ll just find another pretty thing to take” He said.  “You’re nothing special y/n, there’s a million of you”

“Theo get the fuck out” Stiles slammed on the table as he stood, sending his chair backwards.  You jumped in your seat, frightened by the sudden action.  Again, Theo didn’t bother to move.  “y/n get your things we’re going somewhere else” Stiles muttered.  You didn’t waste a second, stuffing your book into your bag and throwing it over your shoulder.  Stiles came around the table quickly, placing his hand on your back as he guided you out of the library.

“Oh how caring of you Stiles!” Theo called.  You ignored him, but Stiles grimaced.

“Come on, let’s go outside” You spoke softly, hooking your hand around his elbow.  He didn’t say anything, just followed next to you out to the courtyard.  When you sat down on the steps with him, you released his arm and curled your hands together in your lap.  “I’m sorry”

“You are?” Stiles looked at you, bewilderment on his face.  “y/n, you didn’t do anything wrong” You shrugged your shoulders.

“I put you in a position where you could’ve gotten yourself hurt” You spoke quietly.  Stiles chuckled and shook his head.

“No, you didn’t, that was all me” Your brows furrowed but you refused to look at him.  It was quiet for a bit, as he watched you and you looked anywhere but at him.  “y/n”

“Hm?” You heard him take in, and let out, a deep breath.

“Malia and I broke up because she found out I was in love with you”

You did a double take, staring at him with wide eyes.

“W-what?” He shrugged, a sheepish look on his face.

“It’s true” Stiles said simply.  “So don’t apologize, I would’ve gladly done it again” You blinked, not believing him.

“Did you not hear what Theo said?” You asked slowly.  “I’m nothing special, I’m just like every other-”

Stiles cupped your cheeks, leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours before you could finish speaking.  You had your eyes open, you actually both did, and you stared at him as your lips moved softly against his.  When they pulled away, you still watched him.

“Don’t ever say that again” He scolded quietly, thumbs circling over your cheekbones.

“I love you” You whispered out.

“That.. that you can say again” Stiles smiled and you did too, your eyes crinkling slightly.

“I love you” You repeated before leaning up and kissing him once more, closing your eyes this time.

another ‘Humans are Weird’ post

so, sorry if someone has mentioned this before, but i saw a post about how humans were apex predators a little while ago, and one of the points it mentioned was that it’s cause humans have such a wide diet you don’t find in a lot of other animals.  plus, we’re pretty poison resistant to things that would hurt/kill most other animals (we’re the only species that is lactose tolerant as the norm, chocolate isn’t poison to us, plus other things that surprised me and i wish i had kept the post :c)

what if most aliens have limited things they can eat?  the Susutians can only eat plant matter of a specific color, or Luttans can only eat certain meats from certain types of insects on their planet.  so, when they come to earth they’re all like ‘on so what do you eat?’ and they’re thrown through a loop at what choices we have!  and they find out that a LOT of the food we eat on the regular is super poisonous to a majority of the known universe!

like, “oh hey, human-steve, thank you for visiting my planet.  we’re about to eat the meal of the tirid sun, will you join us?”

“o yeah cool what’s the apple looking thing on that tree?”

“apple….. oh, you mean the highly poison and deadly Punnadix Fruit? those are a scourge of my peopl- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“uh….. eating it?  it’s delicious?”

cue an alien having a heart attack, or whatever the equivalent is.  on top of all the other weird shit they’re known for, this makes then rise higher in the list of ‘creatures we are REALLY glad are on our side’.

“So what is your role?”

“Oh uh. I’m trained to be a biologist, but am currently a poison merchant.”
“Ah. You humans do not manufacture any biologically, so that makes sense. Is it for defence?”
“Uhm. Not really.”
“For… pest control?”
“Haha, nah. More for <<excrement and amusement>>”
“I think there was a translator issue there. What was that?”
I take it your species doesn’t do the recreational ethanol thing, eh?”
Look bys, its a big thing here. Fancy meals are expected to have a poison accompaniment. We brew poisons to try winning world poison competitions. We mix poisons to try and make them taste as much as fruit as possible, or as strong as possible. There’s Expensive Poisons that have smoked ingredients to taste both toxic AND burning. A bit of an acquired taste, that one.”
“….humans are weird.”

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

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Mark’s video isn’t “hey respect Felix even though what he has said in his videos”

it’s “hey he’s still a human and going to him and trying to shut down his living and sending him hate isn’t a humanly thing to do, no matter what he said”

little tiny progress with my piece for @supernaturalartbook 
I still have a lot work to do before I will be able to call it finished, but I am getting there 

Currently on the “nope”/*screeeeeech* stage of art. Which means I see all my mistakes but can’t get anything right no matter how hard I try. I will have to look at it tomorrow with a fresh eye.
And draw with a fresh relaxed hand.

Humans and aliens in relationships

In this world where humans are Space Orcs™, Capable of Anything, Afraid-of-Nothing…

Imagine the alien actually having a relationship with a human. First, their friends are so curious and awed and thinks their friend is brave for getting involved with a human.

Second, they are too, at first, until they realize humans are not one particular species that all do the same, but that the specific human they are building a relationship with is pretty cool. Their mind boggles when they realize this, as this would mean that no human can be the same, that they all have different upbringing, likes and dislikes, everything infinitely complex. They finally figure that they, while understanding all of humanity might be impossible, they at least can try understand the one in front of them.

“Hey, C’Lom” the human says as it snaps its fingers in front of their eye-stalks. “Are you still with me?”

“Yes,” they say, “apologies, I was, as you might call it, lost in thought.”

The human stretches its neck muscles to one side, keeping its weird, big eyes on them. It’s very observant, but in a concerned way, like it wants to find out what it can do to make things better.

“Penny for your thoughts?” It says, eating another fried something from the container in front of it.

C’Lom bows their head a bit. Humans and their weird expressions. They ponder a while on how to best use the English language to express such abstract things. The dark room around them is only lit by a few night lights, the mess hall silent for another half hour before everyone starts their shifts. C’Lom had just woken up early and found their crew mate, and learned that it couldn’t sleep. They had started talking in hushed voices and now it was almost morning. Not that the time mattered on a spaceship anyway.

“The vastness of you amazes me,” they finally settled on, watching the humans expression as it took another bite.

The human swallowed, nodding.

“Likewise,” it said, and smiled a smile that made the whole room seem brighter.


I also can’t help but imagine the sex. Like, the alien might not know that humans procreate in any special way because they have never heard of it. They don’t really know anything about different sexes either because not all aliens has those, or they might have moved past it so that it isn’t part of their culture anymore, or something. TLDR, sex isn’t a thing this alien knows about, and even less human sex.

And after a while they are in a relationship and they want to make their human feel good, for their birthday or something. So they ask another human, and this human, after the shock dies down, start asking what kind of relationship they are having. Are they just friends? Are they lovers? Do they meet other people or are they exclusive? Have they kissed? Are they going to have a family?

The alien is so confused and preoccupied they don’t get a present for the human at all, they just sits around and stares vacantly until the human flat out ask them what’s wrong. The alien tells it and the human is making a facial expression where it’s both concerned and amused at the same time.

“Yeah, Dana has very strict ideas on what a relationship should be like. I don’t think that such definitions are as important as long as we are happy together.”

“Do I make you happy?”

The human smiled and traced C’Loms face with its eyes.

“Yes, you make me very happy.”

Maybe their relationship turns physical after this conversation, and C’Lom learns that the Strong, Capable Human™ can turn into putty if you know where to touch them.

Aaand maybe the alien does have tentacles or something similar and maybe they aren’t compatible enough to make babies but they might not want that anyway, and maybe they can adopt?

Anyway, this were just some things on my mind ;)

You know, I really love all those ‘Earth is Space Australia’ ideas and humans as the super tough, super unflappable space badasses who can smile in the face of any danger and who will pet absolutely anything that mostly isn’t toxic and sits still long enough. I adore them. However, sometimes I do wonder … do aliens have phobias?

Because I can’t help thinking that somewhere in this future universe there’s the one human who went to space because spaceships are relatively sterile environments and therefore in space there are less bugs*. And then one day a guest comes onto the ship and their multilegged pet comes slithering out from under their fashionable collar and suddenly from the back of the shuttle bay there’s this high-pitched, hysterical screaming. And the alien crew turn around and there is their human, their badass, amazingly tough human, the one who managed to survive with half her leg torn off that one time long enough to make it back to medbay, the one who bluffed space pirates for a full half-cycle without so much as a quiver, the one who had to be forcibly restrained from petting the nine-foot slavering hregallar on Threlanix because apparently they were 'adorable babies’ … that human, their human, is suddenly clinging to the ceiling in blatant defiance of the ship’s artificial gravity and wailing her head off in absolute terror over a pathetic little xhilitin. The tiny, stupidly harmless insects that about sixteen species keep as pets because their jewelled carapaces are lovely and decorative and they’re so dumb and harmless that they’ll cheerfully sit on your hat as an ornament from here until infinity.

So the mildly shellshocked aliens try and calm their human down and they get her to medbay and they’re asking 'are the xhilitin on Earth dangerous?’, which, probably, apparently everything on Earth is deadly, but none of it has ever terrified their human before, and their absolutely mortified human is going 'no, well yes, some of them are, that’s not the point, it doesn’t matter if they’re dangerous or not, I just don’t fucking like them, okay, please never let one aboard ship again, i will love you forever and fight off a hundred pirates for you if you just keep the creepy leggy little fuckers the hell away from me, i’m so fucking serious right now, i am begging you’.

And she is absolutely deadly serious, and it makes no sense whatsoever, but suddenly the entire crew are 100% for never, ever letting xhilitin aboard the ship again. Because, well. She would fight off a hundred pirates for them, she has fought off a hundred pirates for them, she’s dragged herself back with half her leg torn off that one time after saving Lehm and Ehletol from the nine-foot slavering beasties she still thinks are adorable. There is no rational reason in the universe for her to be afraid of xhilitin, but it doesn’t matter, because she is, and that means this ship is suddenly a no-insect zone from now until forever.

Because hey, okay, humans are tough, humans are insane, humans come from Space Australia, but sometimes humans come with a couple of odd little quirks, sometimes they’re randomly terrified of ridiculously harmless things, and that’s okay. That’s okay. That just means that sometimes aliens get a chance to look out for their humans in return.

* please allow me my comforting illusions and do not inform me of how unsterile and full of bugs spaceships really are, okay, this is future sci-fi land where spaceships are clean and free of creepy crawlies and nobody needs to have nightmares