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Well, I said I should draw Ohio, so I figured I’d draw Sherry as well.

Because lord knows the fandom needs to give these two girlfriends the love they deserve <3

Random thought about Garnet

Y’all remember this, right?

Of course you do. 

Well, a lot of people have noticed that Rubys glove comes out of the hand opposite her gem.  

And Garnet

Garnet has gems on both hands. 

So why is this important? Well, Garnets weapons are gantlets. Big ones.

And as good as they are at hitting things, gauntlets are primarily for protecting your hands.

So if Ruby summons her weapon on the hand opposite her gem, that means that she summons her gauntlet over Sapphires gem. And the gem is like, their soul, their true essence and all.

So Ruby is putting the strongest protection she has over Sapphires gem, and vise versa.

Ruby and Sapphire are constantly protecting eachother. And if you don’t think that is freaking adorable get the fuck out my face.

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.

Imagine if Harry and Draco were fighting side by side at the battle of hogwarts and before the fight starts Draco looks over at Harry and Harry looks over at Draco, and Draco just says “scared potter” with a small smile on his face and Harry will smile back and say “you wish”

The Hawk and the Wolf

PARINING:  Werewolf-Reader x Clint Barton


WARNINGS: Angst, slightly graphic scenes. 

Request from @highchu​: Hey cute stuff! May I request Clint x werewolf reader oneshot, where reader joins the avengers after HYDRA killed off her pack and Thor warnes the team to be weary of werewolfs and Nat finds the relationship between the reader and Clint cute.

So my only thing i know about werewolf's is from The Vampire Diaries (lol) so i’ve based this off the show, and also put my own spin on werewolfs. In this you are able to shift but the full moon still effects you! Hope you enjoy! 


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“Wait are you telling me that Werewolf’s are real? Like howling at the moon all that shit is real?”  You swallowed the urge to roll your eyes at the team of hero’s all sat around in front of you, half of them disbelieving half of them not knowing what to believe as you stood next to Fury. You did not think you were the most imposing person; even in your pack you were considered once of the weak ones. It was pure luck you had survived the massacre, Hydra had your whole pack slaughtered and you were out for revenge.

“It’s true (Y/N) here may poses some different qualities about her, but I’m counting half the people here a part of the abnormal side of humanity. However I’m sure she’ll keep her howling to a minimum Stark” You watched as Tony rolled his eyes, giving you a dismissive wavy.

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Hey guys, we’re good on cute stuff for now. I’ll be posting some of it (there’s no way I could post all of it without drowning your dashes, and that’s not the focus of this blog) over the next couple days. You made a hard day much better with your submissions.  Thank you all. :)