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Kumiko and Reina study together


Kumiko and Reina on new years

Kumiko and Reina study together 2

Kumiko and Reina at the classroom

Kumiko and Reina at school


we dem fools!! i still havent gotten around to posting most of the photos from metrocon but i have these from a photoshoot with my rhys, @spacechampion , last Friday !! 💗💘💖💞💞💖💖💘💘💖💞💝💘💘💕💕❤️❤️


REQUESTED IMAGINE:  So i’ve been listening to Steve’s playlist on Spotify and Old Time Rock & Roll came on and I could totally see Steve dancing and singing to it w/ the reader. ( requested by anonymous )

PAIRING: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing.


A/N: I had some fun with this one! I made it so it wasn’t only that song but a couple others too, each one was super cute to write for me. Just a little background the Reader and Steve have been dating for a while, and it’s 1985. Steve is working as a deputy for Hopper and the Reader is in her final year of high school. There’s lots of smooches. It’s also kinda short but..  I promise that doesn’t take away from the cuteness!

“I made you a mixtape.”

“Y-you what?” a laugh came out of you.

“I made you a mix-tape!” Steve repeated.

“I thought we agreed no super over the top cute stuff.”

“Hey I’m holding back. And you weren’t complaining when we were making out in the hallway of your school last week.”

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