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Do you have any advice for starting a studygram? Yours is such an inspiration!

Hey! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I hit 103,000 followers this morning and I feel so excited. I’ve been in a great mood all day but it is so crazy yet amazing! Anyway, I’ll kind of start from the beginning and go through with some tips!

  • create a cool username - generally, study related is going to be best for a studygram! If you’ve got a Tumblr, you can always use the same username. I tried but just ‘emmastudies’ was taken and deleted so I opted for the next best option!
  • organise your profile - personalised icon are really popular on Instagram, so you could make one and save it to your phone. Canva.com and flaticon.com are great sites for icons! Some people use their own photos or a selfie so just make sure it’s high quality! Your bio is important too. You can design it any way you like. Most people will include their name and education level/system (high school, university, etc). This is completely up to you. If you want to have the gaps between like mine (@emmastudiess), type it on your notes and then copy + paste. Remember to add in your website if you have one!
  • develop a feed that you like!! - some people place a lot of emphasis on having an “aesthetic feed” but I feel like whilst it plays a part, it isn’t everything. I think it’s more important to have similar(ish) photos rather than everything being exactly the same. My feed is similar between photos but isn’t absolutely identical. I often will have photos that look brighter than the others, etc, and I’ve come to a point where it doesn’t bother me. I used to be extremely conscious about my feed and wanted it to be heavily edited like some other accounts but I felt it was unnatural and too washed out so I do a very very simple editing process now. If you’ve followed me for a good couple of months, you may remember a while ago I had a little break from Instagram because I got so stressed about my feed. It so wasn’t worth it and after people said “we like natural!”, “you don’t have to make it perfect”, it made me feel much better. It is more important to take just take normal photos that are high quality than get stressed about having “the perfect feed”. I did a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures which you can see here!
  • take good quality photos - I use an iPhone 6 so anything you can have is great! Try to maximise natural lighting in each picture. I don’t use any third-party apps for editing since I feel they dramatically reduce the quality of each photo but that is up to you. Here are some other tips for pictures!
  • be active in the studygram community - follow anyone you find inspiration. You may be lucky to get some follow backs. I try to check out any studygrams that follow me! Like and comment on photos that you like. I would recommend taking caution when commenting on photos, especially if you’re doing it mainly for getting recognition out of it. It can sometimes come across as ingenuine if you’re commenting on a million posts a day. But commenting and engaging with posts that you do actually like is great. I try to leave a few comments on posts that I particularly like each day!
  • use hashtags - this is a great way to promote your photos! Go with the most popular like #study #studygram #school #studies #studyinstagram. I will often hashtag what is in my photos, for example #muji or #bulletjournal. You could even make a hashtag for just your posts.
  • tag brands - this is another good way to get your posts noticed. If someone is checking out a brand’s Instagram, they may go through the tagged photos to use their products in action.
  • be relatable - I think this is super important. I’m always myself on Instagram. If you’ve watched my livestreams, you’ll know I seem to ramble on and on about random topics! I try to keep my entire Instagram genuine and real. I’m just a normal girl and I want people to see me that way! People love to connect with a real persona!
  • interact with your followers - this is so important and actually really fun! I love replying to comments, messaging with others and helping where I can! I feel so lucky to be able to interact with a whole load of different people each day. It is truly the most awesome thing of social media!
  • post regularly - this doesn’t necessarily mean every single day! I post once a day but even once every two or three is enough. Obviously, the more active you are, the quicker you’ll gain followers.

I hope this helps! I feel it is really important to remember that social media isn’t everything and you shouldn’t place so much emphasis on it. As I mentioned I got very worked up a while ago about it but now I’m very casual about it and try not to like anything get to me in that sense. It is so important to note that followers aren’t everything! They’re awesome to have but if you’re gaining slowly, don’t beat yourself up about it! We all started small! Again, I hope this has helped! xx

Hey guys, guess who just hit 400 followers! Thank you all so much, I can’t believe it’s only been a week. 

I do have to ask though, if people have any characters they’d like to see featured in the quotes together, than please tell me. Akira may be featured in a few too many quotes coming up. Remember this includes any of the confidantes, named characters, even teachers if you’d like, not just the squad.

Also remember you can submit you’re own quote’s anytime *hint*

  • *After a fight*
  • Person A: Babe, open the door...
  • Person B: NO!
  • Person A: Babe....
  • Person B: GO AWAY!!
  • Person A: *breath in*
  • Person A: Veronica! Open the- Open the door please! Veronica, open the door!
  • Person B: *immediately opens door* Goddammit you

Hey guys! I hit 7k followers today (thank you all so much!) so I decided to do a masterpost that some of you requested! Personally, I sometimes struggle with staying focused when I’m studying and it can get difficult to focus on your work and avoid all types of distractions. Here are some times that I find helpful when I want to be 100% focused on my study related tasks:

  • make sure your study space is as minimalist as possible: if you’re like me, you tend to have lots of pens, highlighters and sticky notes when you are studying. One of my main goals for this year is definitely to become more minimalist since I end up being distracted by the huge amount of stationery around me. Try to focus on the essentials when you are studying: a piece of paper, your textbooks, one or two coloured pens and a few highlighters. Don’t get me wrong, I looove stationery and I think it can for sure be an asset in your academic life, but sometimes it can get in the way and you’ll end up overdoing your colour coding system and wasting time in your study sessions looking at the quantity of things around you.
  • put your phone on silent mode: this is a very predictable tip but it works! Putting your phone on silent or airplane mode is the best way to make sure you won’t fall in the temptation of replying to any messages or calls for the period of time you should be focused.
  • install forest: this app is one of my favorite things ever. There are plenty of other similar apps for your phone but, in my opinion, this one is the best. With forest, you can set a timer for the amount of time you want to stay focused and while doing that, you are planting a tree. It’s so motivational because you can see a little graphic garden of all the trees you planted in the app and you also earn money to buy different species of plants. It’s a great app to make sure you stay out of your phone while your working, since your tree will die if you check any social media while it’s growing.
  • make a realistic and functional to do list: one of the best ways to make sure you stay focused during your study session is to know exactly what you have to do. If you just start studying without having specific goals you might end up feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and that will reduce your productivity levels. Make a specific list of everything you want to accomplish during that time and stick to it. This will help you be more efficient and focused plus it will motivate you to finish all the work you want to do!

I hope you found these tips helpful!


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You were in my dream last night! Your mom was driving to Mexico and made you turn back at the border and walk home through Texas. I only know it was you bc you kept saying "nice job Mollyhall" and then you accidentally started a couple of grass fires. O: idk why tho

i love that in your head, as in reality, i am:

  1. a great source of consternation to my mother
  2. constantly talking aloud to myself in exasperation
  3. always on the verge of accidentally setting fire to something

sarrasims 50 follower gift!!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for 50 followers!!! Its unreal in such a short amount of time how much support and love I’ve gotten from this little simblr community :D 

Here’s a recolor of @waekey ‘s bell sleeved top in a (WIP) palette I like to call purble. (since this is my first time making recolors, please let me know if there are any problems!)

you will need the mesh for this!! {mesh}

download: {sims file share}

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

(i’m so sorry)

The One With the Baby Fever

Another one shot coming ‘atcha!! also, side note, I am like so in tune with Brie and Daniel’s baby stuff. Like I watch the youtube videos and stuff, and I’m just so excited for them. and I don’t even know them??

this was roughly 16 pages in my notebook? so  i’m pretty sure this is the longest thing I’ve ever wrote. and I wrote in a bit of Dean’s pov so be aware of that *finger guns*

Dean Ambrose x Reader

While meeting Brie Bella’s new baby, Dean starts to feel some type of way.

There is now a part two!!! this is going to be a mini series.

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pictures to give to the police so they can arrest me for ruining your life

pictures for your “wanted: dead or alive” posters

pictures so you can find me and beat me up

sorry about ch. 12

i’m even more sorry about ch. 13

 i figured it was about time to post a selfie! there’s 1,200+ of you, so here’s what i look like! hello!




this is my first time doing an art raffle NGHHHHH

sorry for my handwriting XDDDD

Maximum of 3 characters

Deadline: April 25

Note: If u want me to draw a male human character, I’m so sorry if it will look like a female XDDD i’m out of practice when drawing male human characters TwT



hey y’all!! i recently hit 1000 followers and wanted to say thank you to this awesome fandom with a giveaway ^__^ one winner will randomly chosen and announced on april 1st and will receive a keep calm and carry on journal as well as eight mint aero bars (i went a little crazy at the store sue me) 


  • lasts through march 31st
  • no giveaway blogs!
  • likes and reblogs count and you may reblog as many times as you like (but don’t spam)
  • open to u.s. only sorry x.x 
  • must be willing to provide your address for shipping (please get permission if you are under 18)
  • you must be following this blog! (let me know if you like/reblog with a sideblog if you are contacted)
  • must have your ask box open!
  • winners must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen

good luck everyone!!

Hey guys! I recently reached 2500 followers (thank you so much!!!) and I wanted to do a follower celebration - meaning tons of stuff for you guys. So I decided to start my celebration off with A Bellarke Fic Ref List and I really think you guys will enjoy it! This post is full of amazing fanfiction that I’ve read over the course of this year; some of it is long, some are short - but they’re all equally amazing. I have everything broken down into categories and links to the fics. I even included some of the authors tumblr urls if I could find them! This is just part one - there will be a few more to go over the course of the next year! ;-)

Also, most of these fics are in the canonverse. There are a few that are AUs that are in their own section. And when an @ sign is in front of a username - it’ll bring you to their tumblr. 

*I own nothing, all of this fics belong to their writers*






Future Fic:


Hey guys!

First thing first - thank you so much for 500 followers! *__* you guys are amazing.

Second thing - god I’m so hooked on the stuff Gorillaz recently released, it’s great! Especially Saturnz barz. Sooo I sketched a little. If you see a picture in this mess, you have a great imagination.