hey there!!! :d

kirishima: hey bakugo, why’d the chicken cross the road?

bakugo, reading a book: fuck off

kirishima: no come on just answer it’s funny i promise

bakugo angrily sighing: fucking fine why’d the fucking chicken cross the goddamn road?

kirishima: to get to the idiots house

bakugo close to exploding: hair for brains I swear to fucking go-

kirishima to kaminari who literally just walked into the room: yo kaminari! knock knock!

kaminari, confused: uh who’s there?

kirishima: the chicken



kaminari: …….uhh that doesn’t make any-


kaminari: holy shit?! what’s wrong with him?!

kirishima staring at bakugo in aww: hush kaminari let me have this

Jack:  Ashi…
Ashi:  … Jack!  You’ve got your sword back… and a shave.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jack:  :)
Me:  They’re so close, they could have done that cute thing where both love-interests lean in and take hands in a gentle, “oh my goodness I’m so relieved you’re okay” way but hey, this works too. :D


Self Love Bath Sachet

hey everyone! I thought I’d share a simple self love bath sachet, which is perfect for Beltane!

You’ll need:

  • A mesh sachet/bag (pink or red would go well for Beltane)
  • Himalayan salt (I used one specifically for baths, I think normal Himalayan salt would be okay but just be careful!) 
  • A few rosemary sprigs (fresh is best)
  • Lavender oil (or you could use fresh lavender if you have it)

Place all your ingredients in the bag - if you have any skin sensitivities be careful using the Himalayan salt and lavender essential oils as they can cause reactions. 

If you’re using lavender oil drip a couple of drops onto the salt to soak it up before placing in the bag.

Whilst placing the ingredients in the bag, set your intention. You could whisper this to yourself or just think it over in your head. For instance: “I love and appreciate myself” 

Tie up the bag and place under warm running water 

Leave in the bath as you bathe and the ingredients will disperse into the water and smell lovely!

Happy Beltane to those who celebrate! 

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Oh my god I can't believe I just found out about your AU, It's incredible! Could you please draw more of Isabella? She looks so beautiful!

Hey hey! :D
Thanks, I’m happy you are enjoying ^w^
Glad you like how Isabella looks :D
But, I probably won’t draw her much, but she’ll appear a few times in the AU ^^

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I think 1D are coming back for next year. Thats why theybare doing it before the year ends. Liam and Niall will probably do the same.

Hey, I’d be all for that. Definitely not banking on anything yet, cause I’m certainly missing a lot of puzzle pieces (including timing of other things for other people), but we’ll see how things go.

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Hey Steph! I was just wondering wether anyone already mentioned this.. in TST Sherlock doesn't seem to know Margaret Thatcher (he does not even know what a PM is) but he had already seen pictures of her in THoB when he guessed that password correctly.. I guess he just deleted it afterwards but I still found this quite strange, adding to the long pile of strange things on s4 :D

Hey Nonny!

Yeah, there was some talk about why the heck Sherlock acts like he doesn’t know who Thatcher is, which confused a lot of us. In the context of the show, it doesn’t really make any sense since we know that he knows who Margaret Thatcher is (John even calls him out on it). My and others’ guess is that it is a deliberate “fuck you” from Gatiss (it is his episode) to Thatcherism. It’s supposed that Sherlock DOES know who Thatcher is, but he’s being a DELIBERATE SHIT to this family who clearly support Thatcher’s ideals while having a gay son who is too afraid to come out to them; Sherlock would have picked up on this, I think (Jenna did another great meta about the Welsboroughs here, so read that as well).

So essentially, it’s Sherlock being a dick on purpose.

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Hi, I have searched for this tumblr and finally find this via nyublackneko (thanks @nyublackneko) I just read one of your post and thinking, are you live in Jakarta? Anyway my main question is, do your 'kitty cat and rouge crowbar' has a story? I love your artwork 😆

hey thanks :D yeah i live in jakarta… barely living… ;_;

and yes they do have a story! I.. forgot my own story timeline link but you can look at most stuff related to it in my tag: 

thanks for liking ^^ 

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Hey hayley I'd just like to let you know I really really hate the sg fandom. I truly never expected it to be so bad, and it ended up being so much worse. so much discourse when there shouldn't be: it's clear mon-mayo-hell sucks

i’m just here for Lena Luthor’s lesbian self, James Olsen’s bisexual journey, and Kara’s LGBT presence. we are all one fandom. the human fandom


(NICK: Hey everyone thought I’d make this birthday a little special for everyone so I know I do this a little more often than usual but I thought of sharing my thanks. Prepare for traditional bad art and a long list of tags and thanks)

(First @ask-the-galaxydoggo thank you for bringing this blog to life and bringing happiness to Tanner whether it was having fun or making him completely flustered he was always smiling when you were around so I must thank you for that you are one of the few I admire most.)

( @askrosethelalonde thank you for being an idol I look up too both art and role play I remember the first day I followed and absolutely fell in love with the art you did and me being star struck I couldn’t RP due to my shyness so my apologies for my small interactions.)

( @the-armless-one thank you for showing such good art I’m always too timid to like or share being an amateur artist but rest assure I always make sure to take notes from such a great artist.)

( @that-one-catbird thank you for sending your likes to my blog here and there it really keeps this blog going and I just wanna let you know I really appreciate it.)

( @spooky-smol-trolls thank you too for also sharing your likes on my blog to my content it makes me happy knowing someone watches my content.)

(This is just part one of two of thanks to you all)

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Hey man, how'd ya get so popular? (from a new blogger to tumblr)

((honestly……i don’t really know! a lot of people do the same thing i do, but don’t always get the same results. there’s probably a few explanations though, and they are:

1. i draw every response
2. sniper is one of the more popular tf2 characters
3. tagging properly helps

however, i think i mostly just got lucky. drawing every response isn’t for everyone, so if that’s something you’re looking to do, be prepared for a lot of work))

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Hey mom! How'd your depression coming out go (using the analogy you did)? I really hope it went well!!!

To be honest, it went a lot better than I thought it would. After my mom read it she came up to my room and hugged be for a while and told me that she loves and supports me no matter what and that she will always love me. She also complimented my rad letter writing skills and said she admired the fact that I had the balls to actually write something so important to me. She understands how with all the shit going on around me that it’s taking a toll on me and said that if it gets worse and I need help then she will get me some. I really am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing and supportive mom. And my friends on tumblr? I’m blessed. I love you all

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I'm about to finish the animated series of LoK I'm pretty late but wow I'm so happy there's going to be a continuation I'm so excited

hey man its all good :D least you didnt have to suffer waiting so many years lmao

but god. The comic is coming around my birthday.. ontop of all the shows I watch that feature wlw are coming out around there too… happy fucking birthday ;u;