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Horror Favorites Meme: [1/6] Franchises - Halloween, 1978-2002

“It was a movie where the main character, the guy in the mask, really isn’t altogether human. He has no characteristics. He’s, uh, almost like a machine. He was just pure evil. That was what I intended to do. It’s evil out of nothing, evil from no background, which completely creeps me out as a human being, that evil could arrive at my doorstep without a purpose, without a past, without an origin. So that’s the idea behind it. It was put together to scare you. That’s all.” - John Carpenter

taz characters as weird shit my friends have said
  • taako: trust me! or don't, i don't care.
  • merle: it's like good cop bad cop, but good priest bad priest!
  • magnus: i know how to NOT cut someone in half with a sword...
  • lup: why would you even like need to know the law at all? ever?? at all???
  • barry: i swear, that man is nothing but an ice cream cone wearing pants!
  • lucretia: i'm allergic to things like that. things that sound stupid.
  • avi: the more you talk, the less i agree with you.
  • johann: never have i ever... dropped a beat that wasn't FIRE.
  • killian: can we have snacks now that we're gay?
  • carey: it's mythical, like a dragon... only dragons are real!
  • davenport: why does he always have a tie on, what's he hiding?
  • angus: well, that's nice and illegal...
  • kravitz: that's my name, don't... say it again.
  • john: hey, i've got a free drink voucher for the concession stand in HELL!

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Romanced Hancock and Danse! F! SS finding Fraternal Post 115. She's fallen for her companion but is reminded this is where she and Nate were going night the bombs fell. She breaks down and starts crying about life before the war. Let's get fluffy!

Paladin Danse: 
When Nora starts crying, it’s quiet. Her shoulders are hunched up and her back is to Danse while he looks around the main hall, doing a quick once over of the post before he turns to go back to her. “All clear, soldier,” he reassures her, and it’s then that he hears her crying over the crackling of the fire from the barrel in the center. Danse disengages his power armor pretty quickly after that, stepping out of it and approaching Nora from behind. She almost jumps when she feels his arms fold around her abdomen, but instead she just starts crying harder. She doesn’t mean to be, because she knows that was over 210 years ago, and it’s damn pointless to cry about it now, but she can’t help it. All she can imagine is Nate standing in front of the mirror and smiling back at her on the morning the bombs dropped. They were supposed to be here, and he was supposed to be smiling at her just like that again. But instead, he’s still in Vault 111, and she can’t stop crying. After a few minutes, she’s turned around to press her face into Danse’s shoulder, and he’s rubbing her back, repeating ‘it’s okay’ and similar phrases to her under his breath. As she manages to calm down, she whispers “I miss what we had. I miss the world- I miss him,” and as much as it hits Danse to hear it, he thinks he can understand, and he just nods before calmly suggesting that maybe they should go back to Sanctuary- Shaun’s probably waiting for her to get home.

They’re just wandering along the streets when Nora’s gaze falls onto the building. It takes her a solid second before she recognizes why it looks familiar, and her stomach does a flip. By this point, Hancock’s backtracked a few steps upon noticing that Nora’s not by his side like usual, and he almost asks if she’s alright before he notices that he’s got this look on her face- almost like it’s scrunched up and she’s trying not to show just how clearly upset she is. Before he can say anything, she’s opening the door and lifting her gun, ready to clear out whatever the fuck’s been plaguing the place for the last two hundred years. After quite a bit of fighting and stimpaks, they’re in the main hall and Nora’s behind the podium. She looks like a mess as it is, but as soon as she croaks out “War– War never changes,” she’s got that look that just says she’s been through hell and back. When she steps away from it, Hancock’s already striding up to her to wrap her in a hug. She ducks into it, almost embarrassed when she starts crying, but he seems to be fine with it, defaulting to rubbing her back before he asks her if she wants to get out of there. It’s already cleared out, and they can come back again sometime if she wants, but she shakes her head. “All of that’s gone now,” she reassures him. “I miss him. God, I miss him, but it was a long time ago, and I have you now, right?” Hancock gives her this big crooked grin and wipes away her tears before he tugs back and grabs her hand. “What do you say we get out of here and grab a few drinks, then? There’s nothing wrong with relaxing.”

Astro as shit my family says
  • MJ: "Is that like dark chicken?" "That's....that's steak"
  • Jinjin: "You see this scar? That's from playing chicken down a hallway. Turns out when you run full force at someone slightly taller than you, you risk their teeth slamming into your head."
  • Eunwoo: "Hey Eunwoo, do-...wait that's my name. Never mind."
  • Moonbin: "I dance when I am about to eat because food makes me happy and I dance when I'm happy."
  • Rocky: "If the reason you keep changing the song is cause you want to find something that I won't dance to, you mind as well give up now. I'll dance to anything."
  • Sanha: "Teach me how to adult! I don't know how to adult!"

sawasprout 🌱 (please click through to read!)

I was having sad thoughts of lonely kid miyuki, which made me return to my sawasprout au ideas. that au did basically start with miyuki wanting a good pitcher to play catch with and he is given seeds to grow one. one of too many other au’s i have.



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Dealing with finishing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by imagining the most ridiculous Team TF29 meets Team Sarif scenarios :^)

The funniest part about the decor in the queuing hall at Celebration was that eventually it became clear that evidently neither Lucasfilm nor Disney has shelled out the money to buy new large-sized Star Wars signage since Revenge of the Sith came out. Practically every single sign in there – save for a few generic Yoda/Vader/etc head shots – was from Episode 3. 

I mean, naturally I had no problem looking at gigantic pictures of Obi-Wan and Anakin, obviously (any and all Star Wars events should have enormous banners of them on display from now until the end of time,) but it was still pretty entertaining, and a little bit confusing.

RFA + Saeran on Vine

Jumin: cat vines. ALL cat vines.. mostly very obscure clips of Elizabeth 3rd like a random clip of her lying on the floor in an awkward position asleep with her fur moving softly from the breeze of a fan with no music or other sounds or a clip of her sitting on the floor looking up at him with her giant blue eyes and at the very last second jumping straight up at the camera and the video cuts there

Zen: clips from his stage performances, occasional selfie compilations with motivational quotes attached to them, clips of himself singing a song he likes, and selfie-videos of his exercise/skincare/diet routines, like “hey guys its zen im trying this new charcoal mask from so-and-so and its really good u can get it at ur local drugstore okay love yourself peace out”

Yoosung: posts clips of what he’s cooking, clips of his gameplay time on LOLOL, cute animals he meets at his veterinary internship, and the occasional motivational thing

Jaehee: has a vine account but doesn’t post anything original bc she has no time, her account is all re-vines of Zen’s performances, and very rarely a post of her making a really nice latte or espresso for herself at home

Seven: 90% of his vines are of him dressed really weird and walking into the room and saying HI, WELCOME TO BIBLE STUDY (a la christine sydelko), a lot of slow-motion footage that makes no sense (like him squeezing an entire tube of toothpaste into a frying pan in slow-mo), and the occasional stupid and crazy experiments he does with MC or his brother

Jihyun: Similar to Jumin except instead of a cat it’s random things like a video of a ladybug crawling on a leaf, a flower moving in the breeze, or a clip of him painting but not with him in the shot. Sometimes he’ll put really soft music as the background, sometimes not, it depends on his feeling

Saeran: has thousands of followers on his vine acc but it only has one vine of him doing this:“hey yo whats up vine im saeran, except thats the name my bitch ass mom gave me, so call me UNKNOWN, im about to do the fucking chug a monster drink challenge!” takes 3 sips and begins to spit the entire thing on the floor while seven is heard yelling from behind the camera “no!” he never posted again.