hey that was an alliteration


So I participated in the Tolkien Secret Santa 2016 to force myself into doing Tolkien fanart once more! My giftee is @thelioninmybed, who asked for something witty actually. I can’t do witty, I can only do silly, BUT I did come up with a musical joke. I invented the Melkor in musica. I’m so proud of myself. HEY IT ALLITERATES.
Initially, I wasn’t sure which scene to make fun of to insert the joke; Lúthien before Morgoth or the Valar might also have worked. Then again, I absolutely cannot imagine Lúthien singing something disharmonious, so I ended up with this.
I apologize. For everything.
I also apologize for the scribbliness of the whole comic thing, but I have to finish other Christmas gifts in time, too, so this will have to do. It’s about the joke anyway? *secretly hoping somebody will laugh at it*

Merry Christmas.