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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Mentioned Stiles x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Would you do a Stiles One-Shot where your little sister hates him because he’s stealing you away from her and one day she starts crying about it or something and you’re not there and he comforts her and it’s all cute. :3

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“Hey beauitful."you just walked into your room seeing your boyfriend Stiles in your room. Sitting on the edge of the bed. He was covered in bruises and deep cuts o his face.
” I leave you alone with the werewolves for a night what the hell happened to you?“ You rushed over to Stiles as he grinned weakly "should see the other guy” you leaned over softly touched his cheek staring at his wound. You walked slowly to your bathroom grabbing a clean wet cloth as you returned to slowly whip the dry blood of his forehead.
“What am I going to do with you?” He smiled weakly looking up at you grinning

“Love me forever?” You smiled brrightly leaning down to be eye level as you kissed his lips softly. He flinched as you pulled back. “My lips hurt.” You chuckled softly as he rubbed his hand on your sides. “Love you y/n.”

evarosie  asked:

Hey angel :) so im not really in the teen wolf fandom anymore but still always come back to read your stuff cause soooo good !! :D idk if you really take prompts or if you're watching season 5 buuut maybe you could write something about Derek coming back and just like Stiles and Derek talking and being babes cause i am dying without Derek in this season! I miss him and the boys pretending to hate each other! :(

Thanks, darling! Full disclosure: I’ve only seen the premiere of season 5 so this really has nothing to do with that. Hope this is something along what you wanted! :) 

It’s been years since graduation, years since Stiles was so worried about losing everyone, and thankfully, he’s since realized that if people are important enough to you, you make that effort.

He’s managed to stay in touch with everyone from high school. He even gets a text from Jackson every now and again.

It’s nice to know that all his fears weren’t valid.

He’s also realized that a big chunk of everyone’s connection is the fact that you can’t live through what they’ve lived through without wanting to make sure that these people are still alive at the bare minimum.

It’s why it’s so strange when he sees Derek in the grocery store.

Stiles, himself, has only been back a week or two, having taken a year to travel after his college graduation and he’s finally starting his job at the precinct.

Derek’s the only one he hasn’t kept in touch with.

He has better updates on where Peter is in the world than Derek (but that’s probably because he’s highly suspicious of Peter and he has no reason to not trust Derek, not anymore).

Occasionally throughout the years, he’d receive a random postcard from Cora or an email and one time, a letter via carrier bird.

But nothing from Derek.

He’d even seen Cora only a month ago when they both were in Thailand and she’d said nothing about Derek moving back.

So it’s strange, and he doesn’t quite no what to do.

Especially not when Derek meets his gaze, nods his head hello, and moves on.

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