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Hey Taryn! Absolutely love your artwork! Do you usually sketch your drawings on paper and digitally color them?


Nope, I don’t (though I’d like to experiment with it). My colored paintings are done in Photoshop from start to finish, even the sketch part.

I like to use a pencil brush to mimic a traditional sketch feel when I draft out a drawing.

Thank you! :)


it has been a long time since I’ve considered going back home a vacation…
but i’m finally there.
two of them are even paid wadddup.
i’m renting a car which is amazing because I miss driving. so much.
and right now my only real plans are do get day wasted with my sister and hopefully get our sister/friendship vibe right where I want it to be again.
anyway, i’m stoked.

Liam Payne Imagine - He misses you on tour


A/N : hi guys I apologise that I’m taking quite long to write some of your requests . I’m currently on vacation, so I’m sorry if I take long cuz I’m busy though I’m trying to do all. I’m sorry again and hope you understand . Hope you like this imagine if you did make sure to like this and follow me for more. Also be sure to leave a request in my ask and I’ll try to write you request soon. Okay byeee :) .xx

Finally the day had come, your finally going to meet Liam after 8 months. Oh how you missed him, there wasn’t a day that you would not miss him. Thanks to the help of the boys your going to meet him. You loved the boys, they were always there for you when you needed them, they were like your 4 older brothers. They loved you and you loved them. The boys decided to help you on your ‘little surprise’ because well you both missed eachother a lot and you were like the boys younger sister.

Your bags are packed and your now ready to go to Santiago, Chile to meet them. You took a taxi to Heathrow Airport. Once you were done with your luggage and walking towards your gate, you were just on time to board your flight. When you were settle on the plane you quickly sent a text to all 4 of them letting them know that your on the flight and you would land in Chile in 15 hours. Quite a long flight you thought but it’s worth it. You switched your phone off and decided to sleep since you didn’t want to meet the boys tired. The boys had promised that one of them would come pick you up from the airport.

You had just touchdown into Chile !! You did a little happy dance in your seat when you landed, the lady next to you gave you an odd look, who cares though because your finally going to see your boyfriend. You texted the boys that you’ve landed and you received a text from Niall saying “Hey Taryn. Glad your finally here ! Can’t wait to see you ! Liam is going to freak out aha ! Btw I will be fetching you so keep an eye out for me ! See ya !” You laughed at his text, these boys… You replied back “Hey Niall. I’m so happy I’m finally here. Can’t wait to see you guys either especially Liam ;) . Defo keep my eye out for you aha byee !!!” and then press sent.

You got in the airport and spotted Niall in a grey beanie, a blue and white shirt , grey pants and well of course his sunglasses. You walked towards him and engulfed him in a hug. “Taryn !!! We missed you so much . The guys can’t wait to see you.. and well Liam is missing you a lot” he mumbled while hugging you. “Aww I missed you guys to. I’m missing my babe now” you say getting out of the hug and showing him your sad face. “Aha well let’s get going to the surprise and also try not to get mobbed yeah ?” He says. “Yeah let’s do that ” you say laughing. You put your bags into the car and you both drove off to the arena.

On the way to the arena you both discussed the surprise…”Okay, when were at the arena you guys are going to distract him while I hide in the closet of the dressing room. Your going to tell him theirs a package for him inside and when he opens it… BAM ! Surprise . Got it ?” You ask assuringly. “I got it Taryn… Don’t worry everything will go according as planned !” He said.

You reached the arena and did as planned, without Liam seeing you .
You got into the closet quick and waited. Not long, you heard the door open and footsteps enter. It’s probably Liam you thought you were trying so hard not to scream or run into his arms. “What package could their possibly be in -” he said until he saw you inside. You jumped into his arms. “oh my god Taryn what are you doing here ?” He said spinning you around the room till he put you down so he could take in your appearance . “Well I decided to surprise since I heard the boys saying you missed me and I missed you more so yeah I’m here now” you said smiling and huffing from talking so fast. He laughed and cupped your face. “I’ve missed you way too much. Your coming with me. I can’t stay away from you. I love you so much baby.” He said and kissed you. The kiss was passionate and sweet . You missed his kisses, his scent, his hugs… You missed moments like these together and now your finally experiencing them all over again. “I missed you too babe” you said embracing him and he kissed your forehead.