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-Anon request (A/N: Reader has the mutation of heightened senses and general ‘spidey senses’)

“Hey, Hank?” you called into the lab where Hank hadn’t emerged for three days now. It was normal enough for the reclusive scientist to busy himself under so much work that he forgot that he still needed things like food, water and showers. But this time, something felt a bit off to you, so you’d decided to go down and see him when he made another no-show at dinner.

At your first glance, form the door, you couldn’t immediately see anything wrong, but as you stepped into the lab your heightened sense of hearing picked up an odd hiccoughing noise coming from around the corner.

Frowning, your picked your way through the labyrinth of science equipment stacked precariously around the room, towards the source of the noise. As you rounded the corner, you spotted Hank bunched up on the floor with a half-empty bottle of liquor in one hand. His figure looked so small and was shaking with each sniffle.

“Hank?” you asked quietly, approaching him and kneeling down beside him. “Hank, what’s wrong?”

He shook his head miserably and offered, in a husky voice, “I’m…I’m just tired of…of being like this.” He gestured to himself with a particularly loud sniffle. “The professor managed to convince me to go down to the end of the road to collect the mail from the box and I-I thought it was fine until a car drove past…a-and I just- I freaked. The mail’s still lying on the floor at the end of the road and I just- I don’t want to leave.”

Sighing, you lay down next to him and said pointedly, “Hank, it was one car going really fast- for one thing they probably didn’t even see yo, and for another: they probably didn’t care.” Cupping his furry face with your hand, you added, “And if you don’t leave this bloody lab sometime soon, I think I’m gonna go mad. Alex has never been more annoying than when he’s missing you and Charles is driving everyone mad trying to pretend that nothing’s wrong.”

Hank grunted noncommittally, and you leaned upwards to drag him down next to you. Winding your arms around him, you pulled his body close to yours and buried your face in the musky fur of his chest. “I love you, Hank,” you mumbled into his fur, “And I hate seeing you so self-conscious, especially when I think you’re so beautiful.” Pulling his head downwards with a hand wound in his hair, you kissed him and muttered against his lips, “And if you leave the cooking to Sean again, we’re all going to die from food poisoning.”

Chuckling, the scientist, kissed you back and promised, “Ok, I’ll be up tomorrow for breakfast and I’ll be cooking blueberry pancakes.”

“Score!” you grinned, and the two of you laughed.

Okay, Y’all can worry about who’s gonna die in Civil War, and about all the friendships collapsing, and Bucky. Like, that’s fine. A week ago i was on the same boat as y’all. i get it.

However. I will be over here, in my corner, praying to any deities that might even slightly exist, that my Child, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, will be well written, as the geeky, caring, sarcastic, awkward intelligent teenager he is, and will not be given a love interest, so the studio can’t use that as a easy way of causing tension and drama for him, instead of developing him as a boy who has taken so much weight onto his shoulders, has a huge guilt complex, balances this insane double life because he feels that it is the right thing to do.

I will be deeply hoping for him to be accurately presented as a shy smart kid, who didn’t go to the hospital when the symptoms from the spider bite started, because his family couldn’t afford it.

I want to see the boy who took on a job at the newspaper, on top of all his ap classes, so his aunt could afford rent, the boy who took on the role of a superhero, so what happened to his family wouldn’t happen to anybody else.

I will be over here, hoping against hope, that this version will be able to do what the others could not, and show Peter as a kid, who feels he must protect everyone, because that is his responsibility, because it is the right thing to do. Because he is noble, and because he might be able to, that kid tries to hold the world together.

Because that’s what the movies always seemed to fail to do, isn’t it? “With great power, comes great responsibility.” How do the other movies show that line? They show it as Uncle Ben, guilt tripping Peter, and then Peter, making it his motto, in grief for what he didn’t do for Uncle Ben.

It’s used to admonish Peter for his immaturity.

And yes, that happened in the comics.

But more important, is what it says, this motto of Spiderman.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

The other movies don’t accurately show how Peter, while remaining a teenager, a kid who sometimes acts rashly and selfishly, takes on that responsibility. It is his. Instead of making his drama center around a romance, they should have had it center on his nobility, and his struggle to balance his double life. He IS noble, that boy. He’s just a kid, and he’s battling killers in the streets of New York. He’s just a kid, and he’s worrying about how to pay his family’s rent this month. He’s just a kid, and he carries both those responsibilities, and treats them as equally important. This boy carries so much weight, in both his lives, and he never gives up. Sometimes he wants to, but he never ever does.

So I’ll be over here, in my corner, hoping with all my heart that this movie will get it right. That they will manage the balancing act and show this sweet intelligent sarcastic boy from Queens, who tries to carry the world on his shoulders, and not get fired from his job at the same time.

Maybe some of you will want to join me.


Hey everyone! 

I’m so excited for the new captain america civil war movie. That trailer was so dope this year awesomeness continues my friends.

I had to draw him because he’s my favorite superhero of all time and he deserves a great roll in this mcu. 

Good night


Requested by anonymous

You almost shouted his real name as you watched Spider-Man fall to the cement. Your eyes were wide with fear and worry as he landed hard, but you didn’t even hear a groan from him.

You wanted so badly to run to him, make sure he’s okay, but you knew that would be suicidal with the villain there. Thankfully, the villain didn’t care weather or not Spider-Man was dead, only that he was out of the way, and left.

As soon as he was gone, you dashed for Spider-Man before anyone else could get to him. He looked bad. There was so much blood, most likely a broken bone or two, and who knows what else.

“Hey, hey Spidey, talk to me,” you pleaded, carefully rolling Peter onto his back and bringing your legs under his head to give him a pillow. You noticed someone in the crowd had called 911, so you didn’t have to worry about that. “Peter, help’s coming, just hang in there,” you whispered.

“Take my mask off,” Peter said, barely even a whisper.

“What?” you asked. Didn’t he want to keep his secret identity?

“I want to see you without the lenses in the way,” Peter explained, coughing at the end.

You noticed Peter get even weaker than when he fell and tears started falling from your eyes. You did what he asked, however, and took his mask off, hoping the ambulance would get here soon.

Peter gave a weak smile. “It’ll be okay,” he said up to you. You forced a small smile, then decided you didn’t want Peter watching you cry over him. You leaned down, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. Peter kissed back for a few moments, but then you realized his lips weren’t moving anymore, and you could no longer feel his breath.

“Peter? Peter!” you said, hoping to wake him up as you checked his pulse. Nothing. You crumpled around him, your forehead on his chest as you began to sob.


Spidey: Hey Deadpool, you’ve got a name right?
Deadpool: *thinking ~he’s pointing at us he wants us* Course I do you just said it 😛 *say it again*
S: That’s too bad it’s kinda hard to moan Deadpool in the throws of passion.
D: WADE! ♥️But you can call me smoochy-kins.
S: ☺️I’ll be dead before I call you smoochy-kins *gag*
D: Hope you’re not opposed to Snuggle-muffin ♥️it’s the safeword💕
S: Safeword?! *gulp* 😳