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the superhero code | peter parker x hero!reader

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notes: Y/S/N = your superhero name
possible spoilers from the movie, so be warned. also in this imagine peter doesn’t have a crush on liz. 
also there is a part two if you’re interested, it’s called the lovers code it’s linked in my masterlist on my blog.

“Ugh! Watching you stare at Peter, is like watching a kid stare at a toy they really want but know they can’t have,” Michelle stated, as her eyes lifted from her book to point out the obvious. That analogy was pretty much the perfect way to describe your feelings for the boy. 

Since your freshmen year at Midtown, you had developed a crush on the cute nerd. You thought it would go away soon, but here you are a year later still longing for him. It’s not like you were shy or anything. You shared that quality with Michelle where you’re outsiders but you aren’t afraid to share your opinion with people. 

The analogy she given was perfect because you knew you couldn’t have him. Not with the life you lead. You were one of Queen’s heroes, (Y/S/N). You couldn’t have anybody get too close or else they’re life would be endangered. It was kind of the superhero code. 

Michelle was fully aware of your predicament, after reading one of your text messages from Tony Stark….’s assistant/body guard Happy. You didn’t work for Tony Stark or the Avengers. Mr. Stark saw you on the news and realized you were a superhero he would have to keep an eye on. Just like Spiderman.

“(Y/N)! No witty comeback. I’m disappointed,” Michelle stated as she stood up out of her seat. Apparently you were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear the bell ring, signifying the next period. Where you had P.E.

“Peter knows Spiderman!” Shouted the voice of Ned, gaining the attention of every student in the gym. You and Michelle also turned your heads to hear the story. 

Peter quickly stood up from his gym mat and walked up to Liz Allen and her group of friends. “Ugh… y-yeah. I know-know him. I’ve met him through the internship.” Peter explained, clearly nervous due to all of the eyes on him. Flash scoffed as he walked up to Peter.

“Yeah right. You probably know (Y/S/N) too since she and Spiderman are pretty much inseparable,” Flash said. You tensed at the statement. You were aware that some of the public thought you and Spidey were a thing, which made your hear hurt cause you just wanted to be associated with Peter not Spiderman.

“I’ve met her too.” Peter said. Now this got your attention. You had never once approached Peter as (Y/S/N). Too scared that he will recognize you.

“Sure. So why don’t you bring the happy couple over to Liz’s party.” Flash suggested. Which made your stomach turn, as you looked away from the two boys. Michelle noticed your reaction. She put a reassuring hand on your shoulder. 

What you didn’t know was that Peter was looking like a tomato due to the couple fact. 


“I swear if I hear that one more time I will scream.” You stated to Michelle. You were both at Liz’s party. You weren’t that into partying but you wanted to see if Peter was actually going to bring Spiderman. Or if Peter was going to try to get (Y/S/N) here. You wanted to help the boy out but you knew if you did your secret identity- POOF.

“I swear if they don’t have any cream for this bagel I will scream.” Michelle stated as she looked around the snack table for any kind of cream. She found one and started to spread it on her bagel.

“Are you seriously eating at a time like this?” You questioned, crossing my arms and keeping my eyes on the front door. Michelle nodded. “Would you relax? Your little love bug is going to show up with the boy you wished was your love bug. And he won’t look like a complete fool.” You narrowed your eyes at her for that statement, but then you saw Peter and Ned… in an interesting? fedora. But no Spiderman. 

Liz walked up to them and engaged in a short conversation. She left after someone smashed a vase and now it was Michelle’s turn to socialize. 
“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party,” She stated as she took a bite from her bagel. “You’re here too.” Ned replied. “Am i?” With that Michelle turned to me, winked, and then walked away. Ned following, probably to argue with her or something. 

Peter walked up to you though. “Hey, (Y/N). Since when has partying ever been your thing?” He questioned. It took all you had not to squeal. Because one your crush was talking to you and two he observed your habit of not going to parties. “Michelle wanted to come but didn’t want to be stuck by herself with all of these strange people.” You lied. You were actually the one to drag Michelle here.

Peter chuckled. “Oh. Well-” 

“Hey. Parker!” Flash said into the microphone turning everybody’s attention onto Peter again. “Where’s Spiderman? Is he in Canada with your girlfriend?” Peter looked hurt and immediately exited the party.

Every muscle in your body ached for you to go after him but you knew it wasn’t your place. But you knew someone who could fix this. You looked around for Michelle and when your eyes locked with hers, she offered you a small smile fully aware of what your plan was.

You were all suited up and were about to go ahead into Liz’s party when you saw a certain web-slinger perched on a roof. You jumped up on it and joined him. Maybe he had come for Peter after all.

“Hey, Spidey! What you doing at a party like this?” You tried joking as you sat down next to him. The fellow hero seemed to be in a better mood now that you joined him. “Hey, beautiful. The question is what are you doing here,” He said. 

“First of all; how can you know I’m beautiful if you’ve never seen me underneath the mask.” “I don’t need to see your face to know you look like an angel.” “Two; I asked you first.” 

“Okay, my buddy Peter invited me. What’s your excuse?” “Thought I’d just swing by.” Spidey nodded as he looked down at the house. It was like he was looking for someone. Probably Peter. He doesn’t know that the boy stormed out of the party though. You then realized if Spidey knows Peter, maybe he could offer you some advice. 

“Hey, Spiderman can I get your advice on something?” You asked, starting to twiddle with your thumbs. Spidey nodded as he looked at you through his mask.  “Do you think it’s a good idea for superheroes to date civilians? Like I know Iron Man has Pepper Potts, but do you think it’s a good idea?” 

“Do you like a civilian?” You only nodded. Spidey let out a sigh. “If you would like to know I also like a civilian but I have no idea if it’s a good idea to date her. And if I did would it be a good idea if she knew about my whole Spiderman life.”  “That’s exactly my thoughts.”

“So who do you like?” The wall-crawler asked. “I’ll say his name if you tell me her’s.” “Deal.” And then we spoke of their names:

“Peter Parker”

“(Y/N) (L/N)”

Spiderman liked you. You had no idea how to feel or whether you should tell him that you were her. The spider had the same predicament. You let out a nervous laugh. 

“It’s probably a bad idea if we dated these people right. It’s against the code, right?” You questioned. Spidey nodded.

Always Love You

Peter Parker x reader

Plot- gonna skip this today cause i feel like it would ruing the story if you knew what was going on so, it s a surprise

Warnings- language like usual, angst

A/n ok so im like super proud of this cause I’ve had this idea for a really long time and i like how it turned out. Let me know what you think!!!


You sighed, leaning forward on the counter and tapping your fingers against the wood, leisurely scrolling through tumblr to pass the time at your job. You were bored out of your mind. Every Friday, you worked the night shift at the small little coffee shop you worked at. It was easy, hardly anyone came in at night, and you were allowed to drink a few coffee’s to keep your eyes open, so it wasn’t anything too bad. Plus, there was the extra cash, so.

But, above all, there was one major plus in working the night shift, and that was your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. He came by to buy a coffee once, you ended up talking for hours, and it just kinda became a thing between you two. Eventually he would bring some snacks, as you often got hungry in the night, and you would sit together and drink coffee and eat snacks with him. Well, you ate, he refused to lift his mask that high, and you respected him as to not lose his trust. Of course you wondered who he was, when you first became friends it killed you (not to mention something about his voice was so familiar), but you accepted his secret and let it be.

To be honest, you really enjoyed his company and looked forward to these Friday nights. You didn’t know how many times you had refused to skip a week of the night shift in order to go out on a Friday with your friends. They all eventually learned to plan their nights out on Saturday. You didn’t want to ditch Spiderman, or have him worry. He had freaked out once when you were sick, thinking something had happened to you, and you thought it was really sweet. You worried about him too, a lot considering what he did. He rushed off all the time in the middle of your conversations, and most of the time you wouldn’t see him until next week. Of course you would see on the news that he was fine and had taken down the threat, and that would put you at ease until the next time it happened.

It was dumb, and you knew it was, but you couldn’t help but have a little bit of a crush on him. He was sweet and kind to you, and you loved being around him. You knew you had no chance, you didn’t even know his name for god’s sake, but it was a nice thought. Not, that you thought about it often. You definitely didn’t daydream about him romantically taking off his mask and taking you into his arms before kissing you and-…no, you definitely didn’t think about that.

A few months ago, the light almost silent sound of someone landing outside your stand would have scared the shit out of you, especially at this time of night. But you were more than used to it now, and smiled as you turned around and saw the mask of your favorite superhero.

“Hey Spidey,” you leaned on the edge of the counter to greet him before turning to make his usual espresso, “Slow night?”

“Ya, but hey I’m not complaining. In this business, you don’t want a busy night.” he said with a dorky giggle at the end.

You had to stop yourself from swooning. God, he was just so cute!

“Can’t argue with that.” you handed him the coffee, and as usual, he tried to hand over the money but you pushed it back, “How many times do I have to tell you, Superheroes drink free.” You winked.

Although you couldn’t see his face, you had a feeling he was smiling, you could tell from his voice.

“Thanks (Y/n). So how’s your week been?” he asked.

You went into the usual retelling of your week, as he listened intently, lifting his mask just enough to get the straw under and to his mouth. He then followed with his own stories from the week, which you often argued was the more interesting part of your conversation but he insisted he liked yours better.

“But by far the worst part was when this dude tried to tase me.” he chuckled, and you too couldn’t contain your own giggles. Just imagining him swinging around trying to avoid getting tased.

“Hey, it’s not funny. See, this is the kind of thanks I get for trying to protect you citizens. I was promised the pretty girls would be swooning over me, but instead all I get is laughed at.”

You only laughed harder, until his words processed in your minds, “Wait, you think I’m pretty…?” you trailed off, your amused smile turning to a hopeful one, and you prayed he didn’t pick up on it.

His whole body seemed to go rigid for a split second as he himself realized what he had said, “Uh, I um- I mean uh-” he floundered for a moment, reaching up and running the back of his neck while looking anywhere but at you as he tried to gather his thoughts. Then he froze, looking off into the distance.

You knew that look. His spidey-senses were tingling.

And the moment was gone.

“It’s ok, go save the city.” You smiled, playfully nudging his shoulder.

He looked at you, and you wished you could see the emotions on his face, but all you got was a rushed, “Bye (Y/n). See you next week.”

And it was over. Just like that, the best part of your week had gone by, and you would have to wait a whole seven days before you got it again.

During rest of your shift, and the moments up to when you fell asleep that night, all you thought about was him. Or, more specifically, what would have happened between you and him if he hadn’t had to go at that moment. That night you dreamt of him, or at least someone like him.

Slamming your locker shut, you dropped your head onto the cool metal, “I definitely bombed that test.”

“Same.” your friend mumbled, her eyes fixated on her phone.

“Seriously am I crazy or was that nothing like the study guide?”

“Both.” she winked as you began to walk towards your car.

You laughed, climbing into the driver’s seat as she got into the passengers.

Looking through the rearview mirror, you froze as you saw an oh so familiar car pulling up.

It was Tony Starks. Or, rather, his drivers, coming by like he did every Monday to pick up Peter.

You felt the air drain out of you as you saw Peter run out of the school and into the car, the tinted windows preventing you from seeing anything else.

You gripped the steering wheel and tore your eyes away, looking down. It was ridiculous really. It’s been so long. Why did it still hurt so bad just seeing him?

“Hey,” you felt a comforting hand on your arm, “Does it still hurt that much?” she asked.

She was right to be surprised, it had been almost two months since you broke up with Peter, and as bad as you wanted to, you just couldn’t move on. It was like something was keeping you hung up on him.

He was the first significant other you had really loved, but you never even got the chance to say it. After just over a year of being together, he began to grow distant. He would disappear, miss dates, ignore texts and calls. And the weirdest part was when he would show up with random bruises and cuts. No matter how much you begged, he wouldn’t explain. According to Aunt May, he was sneaking out at night and not coming home till the morning. Not to mention his sudden friendship with Tony Stark, which he claimed was an internship, but he never went into too much detail about it.

It was all just too much. The lies and excuses drove you insane, and you eventually forced yourself to end it. He had just stared at you with huge eyes when you did it, and you knew if he had simply asked you to stay, you would have. But he didn’t ask. And you didn’t stay.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” you mumbled, putting the car into drive and pulling out of the parking lot.

Standing by the window of your coffee stand, you impatiently tapped a beat into the counter. Your coworker was 30 minutes late with no explanation as to why, which meant you were stuck here until her or your boss showed up, whichever happened first. It was almost 9, and you had a crap load of homework to do, but you were stuck in the goddamn stand.

You folded your arms before resting your head on them. A few minutes passed before you heard the sound of a car pulling up.

When you looked up, and saw a van about twenty feet from the stand.

The side door slid open.

“What the hell…?” you mumbled,  standing up straight.

As soon as the words left your mouth, a man jumped out and began firing at the stand with a machine gun.

You shrieked, and dropped to the ground, covering your head.

The firing didn’t stop, and you began to crawl towards the back door, but as you reached the door knob, it was pulled open. A man stood outside, and grabbed you, pulling you to your feet and dragging you along with him.

He pushed you forward to the center of the group that had exited the van. They didn’t seem like anyone special, just a group of very scary looking people.

You tripped and just barely kept your balance, looking around at the circle that had formed around you.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Call him!” a girl spat at you.

“W-what?” you stammered, “I don’t know what your talking about please-”

“Don’t play dumb with us. You dont think no one’s noticed the Spiderman coming here every week? He obviously knows you and unless you call him here the next time he sees ya is gonna be in a body bag!”

You flinched back, tears filling your eyes, “I don’t, I don’t know who he is he just stops by to talk i really don’t-” you screamed as one of the fired into the air.

“Just kill the crying bitch. Leave her as a warning- mmh!” His mouth was suddenly covered in webs before he was kicked in the face.

“Is that really how you talk to a lady?” a familiar voice asked, standing over the guy as he webbed him up.

There was yelling and a lot of  gunshots, then for some reason you were laying on the ground.

You could hardly keep up with the red and blue blur that was Spiderman. Watching him fight was mesmerising, nothing like listening to his retellings of it. He always down played his feats.

Then all at once there was a pain in your stomach, and you couldn’t contain your scream of pain. It was like nothing you had felt before.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Open your eyes!”

When had you closed your eyes? Nevertheless, you opened them and saw the masked face you had grown to close too. He had pulled you into his lap and was gently moving your hair out of your face.

“What…what happened?” you breathed.

“You were shot oh god (Y/n) I’m so sorry this is all my fault I should’ve come faster or better yet just never let them get to you in the first place just just stay awake ok Mr Stark is bringing help he’ll fix you oh god-” you couldn’t quite hear the rest of his rambles, but instead focused on the increasing feeling of familiarity. His voice,  it made you feel comfortable, and safe, and reminded you of better times. You felt happy, closing your eyes, listening to the sound of his voice, and leaning into his touch. It was soft and loving. And for some reason, Peter was all you could think about. Peter. Why him, why now? Why was he the one?

You could hear him calling your name.


Or, was it Spiderman.

You couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes to check.

And as you slipped into unconsciousness, there was only one thing on your mind.



He felt sick.

He felt tired.

He felt like he had died.

But he wasn’t the one who had gotten hurt.

He sat in the hospital room, everything a sterile, too bright white. The only thing keeping him together was the sound of the heart monitor. Your heart monitor.

He didn’t want to look at you, he had already seen your skin, which was strikingly pale. He had already seen your face, with dry lips and a tube to help you breath. He had already seen your bandged up stomach, where the bullet wou d had been.

He just wanted to see your eyes. For you to be awake.

But until then, he didn’t want to see you because then it became too real.

He did this too you, and it was killing him.

The door opened,  and peter didn’t have to look up to know who it was.

Mr Stark placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Here kid, you gotta eat something.” he place a box on the table next to them.

Peter stayed silent, so he spoke again, “All those times you went on and on about (Y/n) I figured the first time I would be meeting her would be at the engagement party.” he said, trying to lift the mood.

“She wasn’t even my girlfriend.” Peter simply said, keeping his gaze on the floor.

“What? I thought you said-”

“She broke up with me. Because I was keeping secrets. I didn’t tell her cause I thought she would be in danger if I did. And I took her for granted and she broke up with me.” he paused for a moment and Tony heard his sniffling, “But I love her and I couldn’t stay away so I was being selfish and talking to her as Spiderman. And I fell in love with her all over again. And I was an idiot and I almost killed her.”

The room was silent, the steady beating of your heart the only thing making noise.

“You’re right, you were an idiot. You can’t protect people by keeping them in the dark. But this isn’t your fault, kid. You did everything you could, and she isn’t dead, just injured. So my advice is to tell her the truth and pray she’ll take you back when she wakes up. This life isn’t worth losing someone you love over. Trust me.” Tony stood, sympathetically patting his shoulder again, before leaving the room.

For the second time since he had gotten to the hospital, he brought his tear filled eyes up to look at you.

He had missed you more than words could describe. When you broke up with him, he felt his heart breaking, and he hadn’t been able to make himself saying anything. He regretted that everyday. If he had just asked, would he have been able to make you stay?

He took your limp hand in his.

He wanted nothing more but to hold you again, kiss you again.

Finally tell you he loved you.

But for now, this was as close as he could get.

He would just have to wait and hope.


What do you think?? Is it good? Let me know, i love you all!!

Part Two for ya’ll

taking care of peter when he's injured would include...


  • ok so obviously there were some strings attached when it came to dating the hero himself of new york 
  • peter limping to your apartment building, not even swinging over there, because he just took a pretty bad beating and can’t move his shoulder along with a ton of other injuries to his lil body :(
  • him hobbling up your fire escape with little strings of curse words stumbling out of his mouth every time he stumbled up a step 
  • he personally thanks god that you live on the second floor
  • him tapping on your window so gentle you barely hear it but it’s a sound you’ve grown to know 
  • you getting super excited to see your boyfriend, a huge smile on your face when you hop off your bed and jog over to the window
  • all of that quickly disappearing when you take in his appearance 
  • quickly panicking and turning into protective mode when you see the lil angel hurt 
  • he’s holding onto the window with one hand and clutching his mask in the other with a pained expression
  • he’s got a nasty cut covering his left cheek, bruises scattering the sides of his face, and you’re positive there’s plenty of injuries underneath the rest of the suit
  • helping him get into your little room, careful not to wake up your parents, not wanting to have the ‘hey my boyfriend is spidey’ talk at this moment 
  • guiding him super gently to your bed and him just collapsing back from exhaustion and the waves of pain coursing through his whole body 
  • you pressing a quick kiss to his lips before telling him you’ll be right back
  • literally running out of your room to go find an emergency first aid kit, also stopping in the kitchen to get some ice, painkillers, etc 
  • running as quiet as you can without dropping two arm-fulls of supplies
  • seeing him on the bed wincing in pain literally makes your heart sink and you’re positive you feel it crack 
  • setting the stuff down on the bed next to him and climbing onto the bed with him, trying not to hit any parts of his body
  • “baby I’m sorry, but we need to get this suit off of you” 
  • him deflating it and allowing you to carefully pull it off, seeing the scattered bruises and gashes littering his abdomen
  • you’re positive you can feel his pain just by seeing your baby like this 
  • starting with the cuts, cleaning them, making your heart break eVEN MORE when he hisses in pain, because you couldn’t stand hurting the boy anymore than he already is 
  • “I’m so sorry babe, just a few more”
  • him nodding quietly and shutting his eyes trying to not think about it
  • you wanting to ask what happened, but not sure when you should ask
  • him somehow reading your mind with those spidey senses
  • “c-couple of vulture’s guys, don’t worry d-darling, i probably did more damage to them than they did”
  • your voice starting to raise because you’re so damn scared and hurt to see him like this, it’s like watching your world fall apart 
  • you can feel the tears you’ve been holding back start to fall
  • him noticing it and sitting up slowly, guilt running through him and making his pain almost feel insignificant due to the fact that he thinks he’s the reason you’re crying because he promised himself he’d never drag you into this side of his life
  • “B-baby, please listen to me, I-I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have come here”
  • literally almost getting whiplash from turning your head that quick to look at him with a ‘wtf’ face 
  • “whY wouldn’t you come here? Peter I’m your girlfriend for fucks sake I’m supposed to take care of you”
  • “b-but how can I let you take care of me when i can see it tearing you apart?” in a rEAlly soft voice, his voice cracking off at the end 
  • this statement honestly hits you super hard and before you know it you can feel sobs about to burst out of you
  • you standing up off the bed, making him sit up more and his heart beat pick up insanely faster bc he’s worried you’d walk out the door 
  • “w-w-where are you going?”
  • your back turned to him so he can’t see the painful expression on your face and the sobs quieted by your hand
  • but peter’s smarter than that and can see you shaking
  • honestly he doesn’t even care anymore about his injuries at this point so he gets off the bed and stands behind you
  • “baby-y can you p-please look at me?” tbh his heart feels like it weighs a million pounds due to the guilt coursing through him, even though it’s not like he intended to hurt you, he just didn’t know where else to go
  • you not turning around
  • him grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him and sucking in a huge breath when he sees the agonizing look on your face but you turn your head to ground, embarrassed that he’s seeing this side of you
  • “no no don’t hide from me, please baby, not now”
  • “I’m supposed to be strong for you, I’m supposed to take care of you when you’re hurt and I can’t even do that. I’m a shitty girlfriend” you try to stutter out in between sobs 
  • “hey hey hey don’t talk like that, don’t be ridiculous” him shushing you gently, picking up your head with his hand, “please look at me” and his voice breaking off, due to the tightening and pain in his throat he’s getting from holding back his tears 
  • you shaking your head furiously and pulling away, but him refusing to see you this way any longer so he grabs your face with both hands this time, wiping the fast falling tears with his thumbs
  • pulling you into his chest, not caring about his pain because honestly seeing you this way was 10000x worse than any physical pain he could endure
  • “I-I’m so sorry” you sobbing against his chest, pulling away
  • “No, you stay h-here” he demands, wrapping both arms around you tighter
  • somehow the body contact is mending his heart a lil bit and making some other pain go away
  • you finally pull away after a few minutes when your breathing and sobs have calmed down
  • “what if y-you get hurt worse than i could ever help fix?” you whisper to him, the thought of it making tears fall all over again 
  • him dragging you back to the bed, laying you down, and crawling next to you, pulling you into his arms 
  • “I promise you I’m always going to come back” 
  • and “y-you’re the biggest reason I have to stay alive” 
  • “Peter I don’t know what I’d do without you, I mean, you’re my world” 
  • “m-mine too baby”
  • “promise me you’ll be careful, i’ll always be here to fix you up but i hate seeing you hurt” 
  • “i’ll try my hardest, b-but seeing you hurt like this is worse than any bad guy could ever do to me” and “even the possibility of losing you scares me more than any villain imaginable” 
  • “i’m not going anywhere” 
  • “good…c-can you please hand me some ibuprofen? my adrenaline from that little moment is wearing off…” 
  • “RIGHT, SORRY!!”
  • jumping out of bed literally to finish patching him up 
  • straddling his hips to properly take care of his wounds and him just staring at you, unable to comprehend what he did to land as lucky as he did with you 

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U kinda look like tom holland

Secret’s out y’all, I was Spiderman all along

I’ve been a bit out of practise with photoediting lately so I rolled hard with this ask lol

joke-edits aside, thank you! tbh I take that as a major compliment, haha

Teen Dad Three [Finale Part 1 of 2]

Teen Dad Three [Finale Part 1 of 2]

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: I guess it’s kind of sad?

A/N: This would be the Finale part 1 of 2! I was going to make it one big ending but, I decided to cut it into two parts, mainly because this ending gets you more curious about what’s going to happen next. Let me know what you think :) My goal was to make you feel warm and happy inside and also make you cry and hurt your heart a little haha (Though I don’t think I can, I’m not that good of a writer)  | i love you all ! :) <3

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Teen Dad | Teen Dad Two

Peter ran back home, breathing heavily.

It was around midnight, Aunt May should be asleep.

Peter unlocked the door, opening it carefully, and shutting it quietly behind his back.

Walking back to his room, he was startled when Aunt May was watching him from the hallway.

“May. Wh– what are you doing up this late?”

“I should be asking you the same thing, Peter.”

“I– I was just going out for a walk. That’s all.”

“And why are you going out this late at night?”

“I– I couldn’t sleep, but I’m tired now, I’ll see you in the morning.”

And with that, Peter walked past Aunt May, walking straight to his room.

Getting up later than usual, since it is winter break after all, Peter slept till 9am, usually he wakes up at 6:30 for school.

He got up and walked to the kitchen to get breakfast.

“Mornin’ May.”

“Good morning, look, I need to get some stuff from the store, I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

She said, she grabbed her keys, walking towards the door.

“It’s going to take you one to two hours to get ‘some’ stuff?”

She scoffed, hand on the door knob, “you know how I am.” She laughs, making Peter laugh as well, knowing how she gets distracted and ends up buying everything but what she needed.

She gave Peter a soft smile, “I miss seeing that smile of yours sweetie.” Peter looked down, nodding.

“I do too.”

“Do you think you’ll be okay being by yourself for a couple of days?”

Your mom yelled over the loud sound of her hair dryer.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“Call May if anything happens, I talked to her the other day.”

“Okay, I will.”

She put the dryer down and turned around, looking at you sitting quietly on the foot of her bed.

“Sweetie,” she said, holding my chin up.

“Still haven’t talked to Peter huh?”

You shook your head no. She sighed, caressing your cheek.

“Don’t look so down baby girl, something will turn up, okay?”

You nodded.

Peter laid on his bed, staring at his phone.

He’s been thinking of when he should call (Y/n). He doesn’t know what’s going on with her anymore. Is she okay? Is she happy? Sad? Still mad at him? Will she ever forgive him? Is she feeling sick at all? His finger hovered over her name. One little tap and he would be calling you.

He let out a sigh, jumping and dropping his phone on his face when it started ringing.

Tony Stark.

He let it go to voicemail. He didn’t want to talk to anyone but (Y/n) right now and he doesn’t know if he can even do that.

Tony Stark Misscall (1)

Tony Stark Voice Mail (1)

He clicked on the voicemail, Tony never calls and it left him curious.

“Hey, Spidey. What happened last night? Did you tell her? I really hope you do make the right decision. Think hard about what’s more important, and make the right decision all right?”

Peter thought hard about it alright.

He still wasn’t ready to be a father, but he still loves (Y/n). He still doesn’t know what to do but all he knows is that he loves you.

An hour or two after your mom left, you felt a little dizzy.

Holding your head, you closed your eyes before passing out on the couch.

Aunt May came home, Peter was passed out on the couch.

“Peter,” she cooed, “wake up honey.”

Peter opens his eyes slowly and props himself up onto his elbows.

“What– what time is it?”

“It’s time for you to wake up. Stop sleeping so much, you didn’t use to be so sleepy all the time.”

“I just haven’t been getting any sleep lately.”

She sat down next to him, he scrunching his legs up to his chest, putting his head on his knees.

“Talk to her.”


“Call her, visit her, talk to her when you see her!”

“I– I just can’t May. It’s not as easy as you think.”

“It is as easy as I think Peter. You both are so depressed about being apart. You know how to make that depression go away? BE TOGETHER.”

“But the baby! That’s the only thing I’m afraid of May. I don’t know how to be a father. I’m still a kid.”

She sighs, fully turning to him this time.

“Pete, do you think I was ready to take care of you when your parents passed away?”

She looked straight into his teary brown eyes.

“I was as terrified as you were. But you were my responsibility. You and (Y/n) did what you did and you have to deal with the consequences. I didn’t raise you to be irresponsible.”

Peter had tears streaming down his face, he was silent. May wiped the tears away from his cheeks, and kissed his salty cheeks.

“You’ll be fine Pete, trust me on this. Okay?” Peter nodded.

“Good. I have to go leave again, I have a dinner to go to with some friends. Be good, okay? I brought home some take out if you’re hungry.”

He nodded, still quiet.

She kissed his forehead, “love you.”

“Love you too.”

You woke up a couple hours later, rubbing your head. What happened? You wondered. All you can remember is your mom kissing you goodbye and binge watching Pretty Little Liars afterwards. When you looked down, your eyes open quickly.

You saw some blood, knowing what that meant, you called Aunt May right away.

Peter turns around as he heard a phone ringing. It wasn’t his usual ring tone, so he looked behind him with a confused look. Seeing May’s phone on the table, he sighs.

She left her phone again.

Grabbing the phone, he checked who was calling. Seeing your name popped up on the screen, his eyes goes wide, but he decides to answer anyways. This was his chance to make things right with you again.


“Aunt May!” He heard, her voice was shaky and cracking. You can hear her sobbing, panick was also heard in her voice.


“I need to go to the hospital. My– my mom is out right now and– and no one can go with me so if you can– can you meet me there? I– I’m so scared. I’ll text you the address. I wish Peter was here.” You whispered the last part to yourself before you ended the call, but Peter still heard. Guilt formed around his heart. He couldn’t stand hearing you so hurt. He doesn’t know what’s going on but he snapped out of his thoughts once he heard a ding. Looking back at the phone, seeing that you sent the address to the hospital you’re going to, Peter ran out the door in a heartbeat.

You sat in a hospital bed.

Heart pounding in your chest.

Constantly rubbing your hands together.

Your whole body was trembling.

Thoughts running through your mind.

Constantly looking at the door.

Waiting for Aunt May to walk in.

Waiting for the doctor to tell you what you needed to hear.

The longer you wait, the more you tried to convinced yourself that whatever happened, whatever was happening.

Happened for a reason.

Maybe losing the baby, maybe it’s suppose to happen. Maybe it wasn’t a good thing. Maybe it was a reality check. Maybe the baby showed you something you didn’t notice in the relationship you had with Peter. That he didn’t love you as much as you thought. Because, without the baby happening, you wouldn’t realize that him being Spider-Man was more important than him being yours.

Sleepy (Spideypool Quick Fic)

Needed a break from the angst and serious feels that is Storms. So here’s some Andrew Garfield-Spidey and Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool!
Deadpool and Spider-Man were sitting on the roof of a crappy apartment building, waiting for the sun to set so they could start their patrol.

It was actually Wade’s crappy apartment building, but Spidey didn’t know that was why he always insisted on meeting here. Wade was honestly too lazy to meet any further away from his own place, so this worked just fine.

Wade was talking about… well nothing, really. Really he was just running his mouth a thousand miles a minute like he tended to do whenever Spidey was around because even fully wrapped in clothes (spandex) and with his mask firmly in place, Spider Man still gave Deadpool the sort of heebie jeebies that his favorite stripper gave him, or the kind of heebie jeebies one of those giant chimichangas from that street vendor gave him. The kind of heebie jeebies that started at his fingertips and ended well below his belt and always left him feeling as if his brain had shorted out and he was starving for more.

But Spidey had made it clear, like painfully awkwardly crystal screaming clear, months ago, that if Wade didn’t start keeping his hands to himself, that his hot little piece of spandex clad Spidey ass was gonna leave him strung up somewhere where he couldn’t get down, and their days of hanging out on patrol would be OVER.

So Wade kept his grabbiness to himself and instead kept a running stream of nonsense from behind his mask, talking about literally anything in the world to keep himself distracted from the way the Spiders legs were long and muscled, and that trim little waist, and the way his voice was soft even when he was upset and –oh. Oh wait.

What was happening?
What was happening right now?

Somewhere in between talking about the ugly sweater he’d seen on some old lady, and day dreaming about Spideys legs, the kid had fallen asleep… and was leaning against Wade’s shoulder, snoring softly.

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Requested by @brennughh (okay I’m still not really sure what happened?? Like I meant to save this to my drafts at some point but I think I might have answered privately instead?? Cause it just like.. dissapeared?? Sorry for the confusion man :(( )

I hope your surgery goes/went well!! I tried to look into the recovery process a little to get an idea on what to write, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not, so bear with me :’)

  • As soon as you would make it home, Peter would rACE to your apartment to see you
  • since he wouldn’t have been able to come and visit you in the hospital
  • stingy nurses that didn’t like the fact that you weren’t related
  • Honestly he’d probably already be waiting at your house when you got there
  • balloons galore
  • lots of pillows and blankets
  • a stack of movies
  • a pile of books
  • When you would make it inside Peter would immediately run to your side and help you
  • Your parent would have been helping you get on the elevator and stuff
  • Peter would reassure them that he’s “got it from here”
  • It’d be a lot of cooing and smiling and ginger touches as he helped you to the bed
  • “C’mere, babe”
  • “Alrighty, almost there”
  • “You’re doing great”
  • One of his arms would be looped around your shoulder and the other would be holding your hand
  • Steady steps and patient smiles from Peter
  • Once you would get to the bed he’d kinda looked confused for a second
  • like
  • how were you supposed to climb up there
  • ?
  • “Can I lift you up?”
  • A guiltily, pleased smile
  • Cause even though he would feel so, so bad for you he would lOVe the idea of like carrying you around and taking care of you
  • You’d giggle and nod and lean against his chest
  • His arms would loop under your legs and back
  • SO.
  • one of his thumbs would be rubbing little circles on your side awww
  • You’d gingerly wrap your arms around his neck and lazily stare off into the distance because you’d be bEAt
  • He’d be admiring youuuu ahH
  • He’d love the sleepy smile and messy hair and soft breathing
  • so much so thaT HE WOULD ALMOST TRIP
  • almost.
  • But of course he wouldn’t trip like he’s clumsy but Spidey isn’t so it would balance out
  • he’d still feel super bad that he was too busy looking at you to focus asjfad
  • He’d lay you down really gently on the bed and fold the various blankets he had brought over across your legs and shoulders
  • Kneel by the bedside and stroke the hair at your temples
  • “You doin’ okay?”
  • he would feel so sad that you were sore and hurting uf
  • Questioning brown eyes and a worried smile
  • “I am now”
  • He’d chuckle really lightly, relieved
  • “Good, sleepy”
  • You’d pass out like right then
  • Peter would kind of be having an internal debate
  • He wouldn’t want to leave but he’d know that you needed to just sleep
  • so he’d wander into the next room to do homework
  • but he’d be in to check on you like evEry two seconds
  • Every time he’d be super careful to close the door so you could barely hear the click
  • EveRY TIME HE’D look at you and admire you and smile a lil and feel so bad for you
  • When you would finally wake up, your mouth would be pretty dry
  • You’d barely squeak out “Peter?”
  • Special spidey hearing and special spidey caring :’)
  • “Hey, uh, are - are you okay?”
  • You’d give a sleepy smile and nod, closing your eyes a little bit
  • “You’ve been out for a while, dude”
  • He’d grin and wander over to you
  • You’d wince a little as you shifted on the bed
  • “Does it hurt?”
  • “Yeah, a little”
  • Peter would look so. broken. adfadjha
  • “Can I - can I do anything?”
  • He’d swallow really hesitantly and lick his lips
  • “Those books looked pretty interesting”
  • His face would light up
  • “The ones - the ones I had on the coffee table?”
  • You’d nod and smile up at him
  • “I’ll go get them, I checked out a bunch from the library so we could read after you felt better”
  • and then he’d hurriedly scratch the back of his neck and chuckle a little
  • “Oh, uh I meant so that you could read them, I got them for you to read, it doesn’t necessarily have to -“
  • “I wanna read with you, Parker, c’mon go get those books”
  • He’d be a blushing happy grinning meSS
  • aW
  • He’d come back in the room with all of the books and some more blankets and pillows
  • He’d climb up next to you and you guys would sit there and read for a while
  • Little gentle cuddles
  • You’d probably fall asleep on his shoulder
  • aWW

- -

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Prompt: Bucky/Tony, Possessive Winter Soldier

“I hope you’ll be comfortable here, Peter,” Steve said. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“No, I’m good. Really,” Peter said with a small smile. He’d been hoping that Tony would be available to give him the official tour of the compound. But Steve had met him at the door and said that Tony was buried in the workshop right now, so Steve it was. And that was fine, really. Peter barely even felt the need to punch Steve in the face anymore.

“Well, we’re all really glad you’ve accepted a position on the team. I can’t wait to work with you out in the field.”

Peter opened his mouth, flattered in spite of himself, but paused when Tony literally stumbled into the room. He went straight for the coffee pot, ignoring both Peter and Steve, and began fumbling for a mug. Steve sighed and shook his head. Peter raised an eyebrow, amused by just how long it took a certified, sleep deprived genius to actually get a mug out of the cupboard, pick up the coffee pot, and pour himself a cup.

Tony only seemed to register their presence once he’d downed half the mug. “Hey, Spidey! You’re early!”

“Actually, I’m a day late,” Peter said gently.

Tony blinked, apparently genuinely bewildered by this, but just as quickly shook it off. “You should totally come down to the shop with me. I’ve been working on a new organic compound that I think can function as a weapon for you. I could use a guinea pig.”

“Sure!” Peter said eagerly. He even took a step forward.

Then Barnes walked into the room. Well, stalked was probably a more apt descriptor, because he was moving like he had a mission and Tony was his target. He went right up to Tony and scooped Tony up into a bridal hold. Tony yelped in surprise, nearly dropping his cup of coffee.

“Winter! What have I told you about sneaking up on the guy with a heart condition?” he scolded, switching his cup to his other hand and patting Barnes’s head.

Barnes didn’t bother to dignify that with a response. He hugged Tony tighter and glared at Peter.

“Um,” Peter said.

Barnes’s glare intensified.

“Just go,” Steve said, covering his face with his hand.

Still glaring at Peter, Barnes backed out of the room.

“Bye Peter!” Tony shouted just before they were out of sight. “We’ll catch up in the lab later! Winter, let’s stop in Natasha’s room before we crash. She stole my favorite blanket -”

“What just happened?” Peter asked the air.

Steve sighed and slowly dragged his hand down his face. “Bucky’s been having a little trouble balancing himself and the Winter Soldier lately,” he explained. “The good thing is, being around Tony calms the Winter Soldier down. The bad part is… that.” He waved a hand at the space where Tony and Barnes had been.

Peter considered that, then said doubtfully, “Tony didn’t look like he thought it was a bad thing.”

Steve sighed again. “I know. The two of them have been a terrible influence on each other. I question my taste in friends,” he said morosely. “I tried to cuddle with them one day and the Soldier almost shot me.”

I Used to be Pretty Too

Wade Wilson x Reader x Peter Parker

Summary- You are a hero called nightshade, who works alongside Deadpool and Spider-Man to keep New York City safe. The three of you had been dating for about six months when you decided that it’s time to reveal yourselves to one another.

Message- This is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Both him and the reader are in their early-mid-twenties. The reader is enhanced, she has enhanced senses, super strength, quick reflexes and can run really fast (basically Caps powers.) Her costume covers her whole body (it has a hoodie- like spider Gwen) and is completely black. Sorry if it sucks!

Word Count- 1486 

“Hey, Spidey.” You say as Spider-Man swings down into the alleyway, that you were waiting for him in.

“Hey, Nightshade.” Spidey says as he moves to give you a hug. “Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yeah, I’m actually really excited. I can’t wait to see what you guys look like under those masks and I’m excited to finally be able to kiss my boyfriends.” You say as you giggle. “How about you? Any second thought?”

“No, I’m excited to. I can’t wait to go one real dates with the two of you.” Spidey says as he wraps one of his arms around you and then he uses he webs to swing the two of you to the roof where you planned on meeting Deadpool.

“Hey, Wade!” You say as Spidey puts you down. Wade had told you his name when you had all first started to date. When you and Spidey would ask why he wore the mask around the two of you if you already knew his name, he would always say he wore it for another reason.

“Hey, Baby Girl. Hey Baby Boy.” Wade said as he hugged you and Spidey. “Y-You ready to do this?”

“Yeah, we are. Are you?” Spidey asks.

“Y-yeah.” Wade says as he nods his head. “Who should go first?”

“I’ll do it.” You murmur. Then you take a deep breath, pull your hood down and then you take the mask that completely covers your head off. “My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“Y/N! Oh my God!” Spidey says as he takes off his mask.

“Peter!” You say. “Everything about you makes so much more sense now!”

“Yeah, same.”

“H-how do the two of you know each other.” Wade asks.

“We go to Empire State University together. Where both seniors this year.” Peter answers. Then you and Peter turn to Wade.

“Okay, it’s your turn.” You say to Wade.

“I-I can do t-this. I-I’m sorry.” Wade whispers before running to the ledge of the building and jumping off. You and Peter run to the edge and watch as Wade hits the ground and starts to run away.

“W-W-What was that? Does he not want us?” You whisper as your eyes start to tear up.

“I-I don’t k-know.” Peter whispers as he pulls you into a hug.

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Better This Way (Chapter Three)

Long Update- almost 3000 words! Honestly you guys, if you don’t absolutely love Wade by the end of this chapter, then– you know what? No, you will all love him by the end of this chapter lol

Like and Reblog for me guys, share the love for this fic, and let me know what you think! All you new readers– I LOVE to hear from you! Hit up my ask box and let’s chat about the fic!


Enjoy :)

Wade would never know how he made it back to his apartment with an armful of writhing, moaning Omega clinging to his neck, but somehow he did, and as soon as he kicked the door to his place shut again, he was making a beeline for his bedroom, carefully laying his friend out on his bed.

Alpha.” That long, lean body was moving helplessly, fingers digging into the covers, chest heaving with each breath. “Please help me. I need you.”

Wade closed his eyes and counted to ten before shaking his head. “You don’t need me, baby boy. Just need to get through this. How long is each heat wave? When will you get a break?”

“Twenty four hours.” Spidey was ripping at his gloves, trying to get undressed. “Twenty four hours then I’ll be done.”

“Alright, honey, now look.” Wade kept his voice soft, despite wanting to just growl and rip every shred of clothing off this desperate, needy omega. “I’m going to–fuck– okay I’m going to help you out of your clothes, but we need to leave your mask on alright? Clothes off, mask on, need you to tell me yes before I touch you, yeah?”

“Touch me.” The omega was pleading. “Oh fuck yes touch me please. Help me.”

God dammit. “Okay, you’re too far gone to make any decisions.” Wade yanked open his bedside drawer and pulled out lube and one of the toys he kept for when he was feeling extra amped up and didn’t have anyone to take the edge off. “So here. This will help. You’re gonna be fine.”

Wade changed his mind about helping the omega undress. That was too– the omega was too— damn he didn’t trust himself nearly that much so he turned and basically ran from the room, clicking the lock on the inside of the door before he shut it.

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red carpet | t. holland

word count: 2056
warnings: nada :-)
note: i just had this idea pop up and well i think its cute and i hope you think so too :> anywayy… again, im not much of a writer so pls pardon my writing :’)


You felt your heart beating out of your chest. Your palms started to sweat. This was it. The premiere that’s been eating you up this past week. You’re so nervous, your tongue’s tied already, you haven’t even spoken a single word ever since you left your hotel. Of course, you’ve done movies before. You’ve won and been nominated for numerous awards already, you’ve worked with Scorsese, Nolan, Spielberg—all of them admiring your raw and genuine talent. You were one of the top A-List Actresses in Hollywood.

But this… this was entirely different.

Yes, you knew this was a Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Yes, you knew you only had a supporting role in this movie and that this shouldn’t be that much of a big deal to you. So why were you so conscious of what you were wearing? You usually spend an hour tops to prepare for a premiere, but this time you took ages to get ready.

You wanted to look good. You wanted to look your best without trying too hard.

Hmph. You’re not doing all that for the paparazzi, that’s for sure.

You stepped out of your limo and instantly, the bright flashes of cameras blind you, the screams of fans deafen you, the amount of big time movie stars you’ve worked alongside with numbed you. You composed yourself and took a breather, then started walking down the red carpet, with your white lace gown trailing behind you, as if you were royalty. You loved your dress a lot, you gotta hand it to your designer for the amazing design. It was a shame that you had to go alone though.

You wanted a certain someone to be your date, but you guess that someone didn’t see you that way.

You gracefully pause in front of the crowd to pose for some pictures. Later on, you went to the fans and signed some autographs and took selfies. Your once poised and elegant manner banished as soon as you started to have some fun making the most ridiculous faces for the pictures you were taking with your fans. You loved them. You wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for them.

A few more minutes spending quality time with your beloved fans, you were ushered away to have a few interviews.

“Y/N!” The fifth interviewer of the night beamed, “How does it feel to be on a red carpet yet again?”

You laugh and smile, “It feels great. I love the energy these Marvel fans are giving out. It makes me wanna show up in my costume rather than this dress.”

“Well, won’t they appreciate that.” The interviewer replied, “Your dress is absolutely stunning, though! You look really, really, really pretty.”

You reply with a flattered smile, but before you could even verbally reply, someone cleared their throat behind you, disrupting the conversation.

I think the proper term for her is gorgeous.”

You instantly felt your knees go weak as soon as you heard that heart-melting British accent.

Tom Holland! What a great surprise!” The interviewer exclaimed as she saw the Brit behind you.

He hugged you from behind, his arms snaking around your waist, “Hey, love.” Tom winked at you quickly that the interviewer didn’t notice.

“Hey there, Spidey.” You casually punch his arm and pinch his cheek.

Right beside you right now was the reason you felt all those things beforehand. You couldn’t deny it any longer… Tom Holland made you nervous.

The interviewer once again spoke up, “Tom, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks. It’s really fun to be here.” He flashed his signature smile.

“We were just discussing Y/N’s outfit for tonight. Any comments?” The interviewer wiggled her eyebrows.

You felt my your cheeks flush red again.

“I’m speechless actually. She looks so good that the words haven’t been invented yet.” His cheeky and adorable smile widened with every word that came out of his mouth, to which you blushed intensely at.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” The interviewer giggled.

You laugh along with Tom and feel his hand rest on your shoulder.

“Okay, real topic guys. You two have been spotted out together so many times, your chemistry on-screen and off-screen is just off the charts, you’re always gushing about each other in interviews. So everyone on this planet wants to know…” The interviewer said, “Are you two seeing each other?”

You didn’t even think of what you were going to say, you just blurted it out… “We’re just really good friends.”

Mental facepalm.

You felt Tom’s chocolate brown eyes on you.

“I mean… uh…” You went off track as you tried to fix what you said.

You were at a loss for words. You didn’t really know how follow that up. It was true that you and Tom were friends. How can you not? You two instantly clicked right away from the moment you both met in the first script reading of the movie. You’ve always thought he was cute. It came to the point that that little innocent admiration for your co-star became… something more. There were so many times you wished you could just tell him how you felt, but you just keep chickening out. Scared. Fearing that he won’t feel the same way.

You loved the fact that Tom is always so open and comfortable around you. He’s always there for you when you need help in the most little things. If you need pads, he won’t hesitate to go the store and buy you pads—with wings. If you need someone to have a movie marathon with you, he’ll come over any time of the night with the complete collection of your favorite Disney movies. If you need someone to talk to, he’s there.

You can’t help yourself. You were falling for him, each time he smiles at you. The more you denied it, the feeling grew and grew until you can no longer ignore it. You’ve always wanted to see the things he does for you as acts of romantic and courtly love, but you know in your heart that he did those things because he sees you as a mere sister. It hurt a lot. You’re still wrapping your mind around that little heartbreaking thought.

So you came back to your reply. We’re just really good friends… Your own voice echoed through your head.

Really good friends.

Friends. You thought. That’s what Tom and I will be for the rest of our lives. Just. Friends.

What can you do, though? You’re young and stupid. Love only makes things worse for you.

“I think what Y/N meant was… we have a really strong bond. We wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. We have our ups and downs. We may have our preferences and our differences, but I know this for sure…” He turned his head to glance at me, “We’re really good together.”

You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach after hearing his answer.

The interviewer smiled and closed up the interview, “Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Y/N!”

After bidding your goodbyes, Tom and you headed back out to the red carpet, posing for more pictures alongside each other. You were 4 or 5 feet away from him as the camera flashes come one after another. Again, you feel yourself drifting away. The blinding flashes, the deafening screams, the numbness… it all came back from the moment you no longer felt Tom’s presence within your reach.

Though, you still keep a plastered smile on your face. You don’t want anyone thinking there was something bothering you. It was easy to cover it up anyway. You were an actress after all.

“Hey, Y/N…” Tom’s voice surprised you, causing you to slightly wince at his touch when he put his hand on your back, “Are you alright? You seem flustered.”

“I’m fine. What are you talking about?” You lie.

Tom then furrowed his brows. Then without a word, he pulled you to the side.

“Y/N, do you honestly think I don’t know when you’re feeling a bit off?” He crossed his arms on his chest.

Of course.

Of course!

Of course, he could see right through you. He knows you more than you probably know yourself. It was silly thinking you could convince him otherwise.

“Tom, just drop it, okay? I’m fine…” You let it out with a bit of frustration.

He sighed. He already knew what this was about.

“Y/N…” He took a step closer to you, making your heart race a thousand times faster, as if the beat earlier wasn’t fast enough, “Just so you know… I think you look beyond beautiful tonight.”

You look up at him, red bloomed on your face. You tried to hide it, but you realized it was pointless.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Holland.” You replied with a small and shy smile.

He chuckled softly and took your hand in his, “I meant to tell you this a week ago but I just kept on letting fear come first. I was scared.” He held his head down in embarrassment, “But I’m tired of running away from this. I’m done.” He looked into your eyes and you saw how nervous he was. It was even making you nervous as well. You were both trying to gather all the courage you can suck up.

“Now, let me try this again—for real this time.” Tom laughed half-heartedly, “Forgive me if I sound a bit too cheesy, but Y/N Y/L/N, from the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I found the girl who would finally make me fall down to my knees just thinking about her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her cute rosy cheeks… Y/N, you’ve bewitched me. You make me feel the tingly feeling in my stomach every time I’m around you, and it’s bloody annoying. Look, what I’m trying to say here, without sounding like a complete fool, is that I have strong feelings for you, Y/N. I.. I like you. I really like you.”

You widened your eyes and almost choked on thin air, “Are you… are you serious?”

He chuckled, his dimples showing and his eyes looking cute as ever, “I confess my feelings in the monologue I’ve been practicing for weeks, and that’s the response I get?”

You laugh and blush furiously, “Tom, I… I’ve been waiting for you to say that for the longest time.” You wasted no time and engulfed him in a hug, your chin resting on his shoulder.

“Does this mean you like me too?” He wondered like an innocent puppy.

You reply with a giggle, “Yes, you moron. I feel the same way.”

His smile reached up to his eyes when he heard you say that. He was so happy. So were you. You looped your arm into his as you both walked back onto the red carpet, posing for more pictures, but this time, it was different.

People started to screaming louder as soon as they saw Tom’s hand intertwine with yours and your arm hug his waist. You two were smiling so wide, knowing that you were with the one person you’ve been wanting to be with ever since. You still can’t believe you arrived to this premiere empty handed, nervous and worried. The camera flashes once again, came one after another. The screams of the fans, louder and louder. You noticed the rest of the cast including Chris Evans and RDJ on the side, wolf whistling and applauding.

Damn, did everyone want you two together?

When things seemed they couldn’t get any better, Tom swiftly pulled you closer to him. Before you could question his sudden actions, he cupped your cheek, leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for the longest time too.” He cheekily smiled as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

You laughed and he laughed. Not minding the blood curdling fangirl and fanboy screams the fans were yelling out. You could only imagine the amount of tweets and tumblr posts you’ll be tagged in later on.

Sundays with Spideypool #2

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“Wade.” Peter shook Wade’s shoulder lightly, then again a little harder. “Wade this isn’t funny, wake up.”

The big mercenary didn’t move, and for the first time, Peter felt a jolt of fear. “Wade?” he asked again. “Wade, I swear to god if you are messing with me, I really will kill you.”

Silence again, because the man wasn’t moving, much less answering, and Peter sat back on his heels in disbelief.

“No no no. Wade come on. What the hell. What the hell? It wasn’t even that big of a fall!” Peter looked up at the office building that rose several hundred feet above where they sat in the alley. “Ok, it really was that big of a fall, but you– you should be fine.”

Peter pressed gingerly on Wade’s ribs, flinching when they visibly shifted beneath his fingers, biting down as his lip when he felt the sickening soft beneath the busted ribs that meant he was feeling internal organs that had been shoved out of place by the fall.

Or rather by the landing.

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Ain’t My Thing

Summary: Y/n has moved from Georgia, Atlanta to Queens New York… Maybe things wouldn’t be too bad due to a certain brown eyed and curly headed boy…

Requested: No

Word Count: 1.8k+

Taglist: @cutie1365

Warning(s)?: Teen Angst, Swearing, Party (if that’s warning idk), fLUFFF

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Ain’t My Thing

Peter’s pov#

“We really shouldn’t be here…” I muttered to Ned, staring at the huge house in front of us. It was practically bursting at the seams with drunk filled teenagers. Parties… we never got invited so how do we even know if they are our scene? Highly doubtful…

“What helps with stress is going to a party… Unless you go to the party” Ned responds back leaving me slightly confused. Instead he just pulls on my sleeve practically dragging me towards the front door. 

We really shouldn’t be here…” I try again but seem to fail. The door opens where Liz stood with a smile across her face. 

“Hey guys!” She greets happily noticing us.

“Cool hat Ned” She says to Ned, admiring his outfit. He gives me sideways glance, not believing that she just complimented him. 

“Thanks Liz!” He replies over-the-top happy but I let it slide. Instead I hide my head in my hands trying not to laugh. Ned has had a crush on Liz since pretty much preschool and he always seemed to make a fool of himself in front of her. Like I did any better… 

I felt an elbow to my rib. I jolt up and mutter out an ‘ouch’, sending a glare towards Ned. He happily returns it. 

“There’s pizza and drinks… help yourself” she said, eyeing Ned one more time before turning around to leave with a smile. I just turn to Ned and shake my head, letting a smile grow across my lips. 

“Don’t even start…” Ned mumbles out, heading over to the drinks table.

I didn’t say anything!” I call out mockingly before following him. 

Y/N’s pov#

You sighed, spinning the liquid in your cup around in a circular motion. To say you were bored would be an understatement. Parties were never really your thing but you found it was usually a good excuse to get out of the house for a little while. Your parents worked late so often they didn’t need to know. 

You left where you stood and walked over to the drink’s table, deciding to turn in your sour-tasting beer for just some coca-cola. You began to pour some into your cup after pouring out the remains of the beer into the sink. The party was held at your best friends Liz’s house, it was all a hoax actually to see if 'he’ would come. 

You couldn’t help but to laugh at your foolish friends antics. She was like the most popular girl ion school, all she had to go was walk about to the guy and bam, he was hers. You were popular as well by default but kept out of the limelight as much as possible. Popularity wasn’t your thing either, in fact… did you even have a thing?

“Penis Parker!” You heard Flash begin to call out over the microphone. You sighed and placed your cup down on to the table. Not again. Without even thinking you turned around and made your way past two nerds who stood in front of you.

“Excuse me” You said politely as you made your way past them. You walked outside and over towards flash, a frown beginning to etch over your face. In all honesty you were sick of his tormenting. It was growing an old and in fact, quiet annoying. 

“Hey where’s your pal spidey?” He taunts into the microphone. You were now out the door and beginning to push your way through the crowd. 

“Up in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend?” He taunts again, each time he said something he would play a sounds that almost sounded like it was from a meme. You began to grow frustrated when people kept blocking your way, not moving even when you began to elbow them. 

“That’s not Spiderman, that’s just Ned in a red shirt” He says again, playing the tune for the last time before you made your way to the dj booth. You reached for his mic cord and pulled it out, sending him a glare in the process. He looks at you and throws his hands up in the air as the crowd began to boo. 

“We’re paying you to play fucking music Eugene not to run a comedy festival” You spoke harshly at him, shoving the mic and the cord into his body. 

“Your not even paying me…” You heard him mumble from behind you but you didn’t care. You just turned around and walked down the steps, back inside the house to go retrieve your drink. Soon enough Flash began playing music, the crowd forgetting what just happened moments prior and began to dance to the upbeat music. 

You could see your drink in sights, knowing you were going to have to empty it just in case it has been tampered with while you were gone. Great… you were really looking forward to that coke-cola too… 

Without realizing you crashed into another body. Stupid you wasn’t looking where they were going and head there eyes mainly towards the ground. You glanced up to see it was the two nerds who you brushed past before muttering a 'excuse me’ to them. You stumbled back slightly, glad no liquids where spilt on you in the process. 

“Shit! I-m-m-m so sorr-y-y-y” You could hear a voice stutter out from in front of you. You just began to laugh and shook it off, not thinking anything off it.

“It’s fine… Hey! At least no harmful yet disgusting liquids were spilt on me this time” You decided to joke, earning a chuckle from both of them. You finally glanced up to notice a very flustered brown haired kid next to a darker, chubbier kid. You furrow your eyebrows.

“Do I know you guys?” You asked, they did look awfully familiar….

“Probably not” The brown haired guy spoke up, scratching the back of his head. The other guy seemed to glare at him before speaking. 

“Your in our grade” You smiled. Of course.

“Oh! Sorry, I don’t really go out and socialize much, what’s your names?” You ask politely, seeing it was the least you could do seeing you didn’t even know who they were and you just walked right on into one of them. 

“My names Ned…” The one in the red shirt spoke up, trailing off for the other guy to finish. Just as the other guy opened his mouth you cut him off.

“Wait… Ned… as in Ned Leeds?” You asked with a smirk. Gosh if Liz only knew…

He seemed to stiffen up a bit, wondering how you knew his full name. Meanwhile Peter looked between you two confused and slightly jealous. His crush knew his best friends name and not his? 

“Yeah” He responded with a smile. You smile in return, turning towards the other guy. 

“Sorry for cutting you off… I had kind of a sense of deja vu” You responded meekly. He opened his mouth to speak again but was interrupted when your body collided into his again. Someone bumping into you from behind quite harshly. You reached out to grab the boys shoulders to steady yourself, your face heating up knowing you had just bumped into the poor guy.. again.

He snaked his hands around your waist so fast before you fell, catching you instantly. It surprised you at how fast his reflexes was but you were just grateful your face didn’t come into contact with the ground. 

“Thanks” You mumbled weakly, regaining your footing. He slowly began to remove his arms from your waist, the cool air breeze making it’s way towards you guys causing you to shiver slightly. 

“No problem” He spoke out, still seeming to gaze at your face. Feeling the pair of eyes on you, you lifted your head, your gaze meeting his. 

Wow, his eyes were really brown. Almost like chocolate… Or a puppy brown kind of.

Without even realizing you head lent forward, your eyes searching his in wonder. He also seemed to have a few specks of gold in them, very dull of course but up close you could see them. How could someone have specks of gold in their brown eyes? 

You could hear his breath hitch in front of you due to the proximity but you ignored it. His eyes were just so beautiful… well at leas’ that’s what you were telling yourself. You heart wanted to burst out of your chest at any second. Of course you knew the guy who was standing in front of you, you’ve only caught him staring at you like 90 times. You always found it adorable actually, creepy at first but them you felt admired. You felt… desired, wanted. But it was a different desire then from the way most guys looked at you, they seemed to look at you with just lust. He was different… there’s was always something else behind his gaze…

“Your eyes” You spoke up, still slightly dazed. Ned was just standing beside Peter, watching the whole scene unfold with his mouth dropped and his eyes widened. Never before have you noticed Peter… well ever talked to him before and now suddenly you guys were very close to each other. He couldn’t wait to tease Peter about this once they got home…

“M-m-y e-y-y-es?” He stuttered out again, almost feeling her hot breath fawn over his face. She was so close he almost wanted to cry. 

You blinked for a few seconds before pulling away. Okay, that was a little creepy…

“Sorry it’s just…. you have specks of gold in them” You stated, still staring into his eyes. 

“I do?” he questions. You just smile and lightly bit your lip. You really badly wanted to tease him but thought not to, he looked to innocent for that and gosh he was just… so damn cute, in an irresistible way. Why haven’t you bumped into him say… 9 months ago? 

You only arrived at Midtown high at the start of the year due to both your parents accepting jobs here in Queens, New York. You were originally from Georgia, Atlanta. 

“Names Peter right?” you asked. He still seemed to be frozen in his play due to shock but his friend Ned quickly snapped him out of it. 

“Yup.. Parker Peter I mean… Peter Man… No… Peter Parker-” He stumbled over his words causing a smile to adorn your face as he flushed red. 

“Well Parker Peter, Peter Man… nice meeting you” You said with a smile. He just smiled in return, not really knowing what else to do in the moment. 

“Ned” you spoke to Ned as a form of Goodbye.

“Y/N” he replies before you begin to walk away. You walk back over to the drinks table and decide to pour yourself another drink. 

Maybe just maybe… Queens wouldn’t be all bad. 


A/N: This was really random I’m sorry

impressive — p.p.

wc: 1k
summary: “man, i wish i knew how to do that.” in which she impresses peter with her secret talent. (requested)
tags: @theclonewarss @peacefulmusician @grant-valdes-holland @spideyydarling @captainswriting @underoosie @spideyyss @marvelsdaughter @ladysnowren @lil-spidey @peterletmebeanavengerparker @tomhollandisthicc @focused-on-holland @peterfightmeparker @spideyyparker @spideyboys @toms-spidey @themultilingualmartell

“Hey, are you still coming over to finish the chem project?” Peter’s voice was a whisper, in hopes that their teacher didn’t catch him. (Name) awkwardly gave a half shrug and nod.

“Yeah, sure,” she whispered back, trying to maintain her focus on the notes the teacher kept writing on the board. She felt awkward going over to Peter’s apartment after school. It wasn’t that they weren’t friends—they were great friends actually, but only inside the chemistry classroom it seemed.

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I’m pretty sure I’m too old now to be attracted to Peter Parker but being attracted to Tom isn’t weird cause he’s like two years older than me. Ya win some ya lose some I guess??