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I could speak a thousand words of devotion and they wouldn’t mean a thing. So, I will continue to stand, silent and steadfast, at your side. If you can be sure of one thing in this world love, let it be this, I will never leave you.

bitter pill.

the worst part was not knowing. not knowing if he was truly guilty. he did not know, so he acted like he was — he swallowed the pill he was given, because so many people were urging him to take it. and every time he took his dose, the sorrow crept up his throat, cut off his air supply, left him hanging from the branches of a willow tree. 

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look i know babadook discourse is over but i don’t know if i’ll ever be okay with the gay babadook jokes personally? i mean…its a movie about an abuse demon that heavily echoes fire walk with me (which is a movie about a bisexual teenager being abused and murdered by her father) and like

idk man…maybe its just because I come from a similar background depicted in the movie that i’ll never be 100% okay with people making light of it. like it was fine at first but then it snowballed into something else that kind of like…outshined the rest of the movie’s message about trauma and abuse. or made people straight up dismiss the movie entirely 

EXO REACT: To you talking in your sleep

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: heylo love^^ could I please have an EXO, Vixx and Infinite reaction to you sleep talking? thx

INFINITE?!?! DID SOMEONE ASK FOR INFINITE?!?! <3333 yes yes yessss I will do it in order just so it’s easier on me, but I am SO EXCITED FOR THE INFINITE ONE.

I kind of had trouble choosing which route to take. The sentimental night conversation route or the confused and slightly irritated route. But with Exo, I felt like the latter would be the most relatable and fun.

(Song suggestion by @marrymeleoxxiu)

Suho: Is always genuinely confused whenever he hears you sleep talking. Rather than annoyance he just wonders what you dream about, if anything at all, because all he can understand between the mumbling is absolutely nothing.


What is this girl saying?

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Xiumin: He’d try to adjust to you sleep talking because he knows you do it unconsciously and it usually doesn’t last for very long so if he can just wait it out he should be able to sleep.

Just a few more minutes Minseok, you can do it, she’s getting quieter…

Y/N: “MINSEOK OPPA…wheresdfhlaksjmyalskjdalskdjalsfoodhmmmn?”

Make that another thirty minutes.

Lay: Honestly I think Lay can sleep through pretty much anything. I mean he slept through the movie and he probably sleeps through convos too. If he does wake up though, he’ll probably just wonder what it was that made you speak up before drifting back to zzzzz…..

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Baekhyun: No doubt, he’d be annoyed. He knows it’s no use waking you up because you’d just have no clue what he was talking about and then the whole process of you going back to sleep would take even longer so he’d wait it out until you were in a deeper sleep -like Xiumin. Except he’d be a lot louder, and reply to anything remotely understandable.

Y/N: “Baekhyunnaihslakjsdkalsingalkjdaksjdforjlkjsdksme…”

“Oh my god y/n, not again…”

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D.O.: Honestly, work tired him out so much and he might be a little irritated that he can’t get any sleep until you’re in a deeper sleep cycle but he’d give up trying to get you to be quiet and just lay there in his tired af state and let you continue your gibberish mumbling, hoping his brain would just overpower everything and force him to sleep through the noise.

I give up.

(tbh, kyungsoo? SAME)

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Chanyeol: He’d always get really pissy when he hears the beginnings of your sleep talk. He can never understand it and he really wants to sleep, but hey, sometimes you’ve gotta give a little for love.

It’s fine. I can make it. She’s not doing it on purpose. Keep it together Park Chanyeol.

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Chen: Wouldn’t even bother going to sleep when you fell asleep because a few moments later you were sleep talking. Instead, he’d be getting himself drunk because smart Chen known that only drunk Chen can sleep with all the noise.

Y/N: “Asdjlaskjdaklnfahfpidjflkehmmamamdakjdmnnnn…zzz…”

“Cheers, y/n.”

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Kai: Is he asleep? Is he awake? Somewhere in between? Even he doesn’t know. But he’d be too tired to do anything but sigh and wait until you were deep asleep and stopped sleep talking.

Sacrifices have to be made…

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Sehun: I think out of all the members, he’d like listening and trying to see if he could decipher what you were talking about. It would be a fun pass time for him, even. He’d like responding to whatever it was you were saying, because half conscious conversations were the funniest.

Y/N: “Sehunnie is really…asdjlaksjdalsds….really….great…”

“I agree!”

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Man, I’m awesome. Can’t stop thinking about me at all.

Y/N: “But he’sasdjlskjdasd always so freakingsdaksjdlksajd full of himself and I don’tasdladjaksd know what forasdad.”

Did she just…diss me in her sleep?

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In which the Novaks hire Dean as the family photographer.

They’re definitely the weirdest family Dean has ever photographed… and he’s been subjected to some weird shit.

Forget that guy who wanted nude portraits with his five dogs—he was gonna send them as holiday cards—the Novak family takes the cake.

They’re androids.

Dean is convinced; each stands like they have a stick up their ass, and all of them look airbrushed, and they’re so obedient it’s un-friggin-real. They just stand there, still and staring and… robotic. All four of them.

Well, all but those who haven’t shown up yet.

Apparently, they’re still missing half their party. But seriously, no worries, Dean is getting paid by the hour and is totally cool waiting here in the twilight zone with the weirdos with even weirder names.

Michael is okay, that’s normal. And even Naomi is fine—she may constantly look at him like he smells, but whatever, Dean knows he’s good at his job and comes highly recommended, no matter how young he is or how unprofessionally he dresses. But Hester and Hael? Who the hell named those two?

Androids, all of them.

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Hey there!
Um… sometimes I make posts like yesterday’s one. Don’t worry, it’s just mood. I’m listening to the song again and again and again until I’m gettin’ sick of it. “In Your Room” is the song that making me cry. Or write porn, but yesterday I wanted to cry :D

And look, I’m trying to finish my old sketchbook! Someday I’ll make a video to show you my sketches (they’re awful TBH)

  • Dean Winchester whenever someone insults Cas: HEY! I know he's a weird, dorky, little guy that sometimes makes really bad decisions but he is MY weird, dorky, little guy that sometimes makes really bad decisions and I will NOT have you talk to him like that! Because although he's a weird, dorky, little guy who sometimes makes really bad decisions he is also the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful person out there and is just trying to do the right thing. Which I get becasue he's my best friend and I love him for it even when he screws up and he knows that so you can just back the fuck off!

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(both) A lot of the time when i see kids being happy or doing things i wasn't allowed to do or just being kids i get strangely angry. Their naivety annoys me. Sometimes I just want to yell & dash their hopes like my parents broke mine (but ofc I don't do that). I try to tell myself that it's good that they're happy & enjoying their childhood but i get so jealous & it just brings back bad memories. I hate myself for being like this

hey, i feel the same way sometimes. and it doesn’t make you a bad person for feeling this way! your true character shows in that you choose not to treat those kids the way you were treated–and that makes you a good person!