hey so i'm gonna tag this okay

when girls shut their eyes really tight and tilt their head back while they’re laughing my heart explodes with love

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Hey! Just saw your DBT spread and I was wandering if you'd have some more and would be willing to show them? I've been thinking about good ways to incorporate DBT in my bullet journal but am not sure how. Yours look lovely! I hope you have a good day!!

(i’m gonna post this if that’s okay???)

hey! thank you so much!!! <33 that was actually the very first DBT spread i’d done, as the ones before were printed sheets that my therapist gave me (which imo were so ugly LOL sorry @ my therapist)

i’ve still been using the same layout for my mood/action entries, just more neat so if u want a better/closer look this is a better pic

(this isn’t even as neat as it should be rip)

those are all just moods/actions that i personally struggle with most. at my clinic, everyone’s DBT entries are customized to keep track of their personal struggles, so if you do plan on making DBT entries (if u don’t have one/made one already) then i highly suggest asking ur therapist to help u customize one or making one for urself even. 

this was the original layout for my diary card in case u were wondering what the hell any of that means LOL

in addition to this though i wanted to have some personal things i wanted to keep track of, like sleep, medication, hygiene, and whether i’d actually filled out the diary card LOL so this is the tracker page that i use

believe it or not, i actually used a ruler while drawing those lines smh i have such shaky hands LOL

so yeah, this is kind of basically what i do to make it a little less boring to fill out my dbt entries. 

i hope this helped!!!!

hey it's lonely aromantic time again,,,,,,,

anyways today’s Lonely Aromantic Rant is that i always feel so lonely and tired and sad when i see adorable mushy posts, like “I love listening to you talk about things you love, the way your eyes and voice fill with happiness is all I could ever ask for”

“kiss my forehead and tell me that it’s going to be okay”

idk stuff like that, that’s so intimate but so Romantic and so obviously intended for a Romantic Partner, a True Love, and i just feel so,,,……left behind?? because i crave that kind of vulnerability and intimacy,,,, but not Like That

it always makes me feel like there’s smth wrong with me that, it makes me feel isolated and abnormal. idk. i just want to feel like a whole person and be comfortable with my self, and the fact that i’m aro, and not try to force myself to be More Normal

@ myself being aro is normal!! being touch averse is normal!! ur ok!!! agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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Hey guys, just wanted to give an update.

Feeling better. I am very lucky to have the family that I do. I wasn’t interrogated or anything, we just…chilled outside for four hours grilling, eating burgers, and listening to southern beach music (Jimmy Buffet and the like). 

I’m not at 100% but…it’s going to be okay. Things will work themselves out. I’m going to get a new car in the next couple of weeks and it’s going to be a better car than I had (it was an 18 year old vehicle and died proudly at 242,000 miles). 

The clothing industry can go fuck itself, too. I’m already planning to go back into therapy (no shame) after graduation. So….things will work out.

Thanks for all the love and support <3

OtaYuri after ep 10

-after their date was interrupted, and everyone returned to the hotel, Yurio and Otabek exchange numbers and text all night
-Yurio telling him how annoying Yuuri and Victor can be sometimes, and that it started since that night at the banquet
-“you saw it right? Here I still have the photos of it I’ll send them to you”
-and Otabek is just ???why do u still have them if you say–oh here’s you dancing
-he saves all the photos of Yuri dancing because he thinks he looks cool
-Otabek: wanna go dancing sometime
Yuri: it’s embarrassing
Otabek: okay but will you do it
Yuri: hell yes
-Yuri: hey wanna try that coffee thing again sometime? Let’s be discreet so those idiots won’t find us this time
Otabek: sure

OKAY THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO DRAW IN 10 YEARS ughhhhhhhh what is anatomy. I was never good at PROPORTIONS and drawing LIMBS and HANDS and ughhhhhhhhhh.

BUT. Of Tuxedos and Masks is stuck in my head and I was thinking about what would happen if Ladybug actually humors Chat Noir and goes through with the Maskception at Japan Expo. It won’t work like all the other Sailor Bug ideas like @gabzilla-z‘s (which is adorable and awesome). She’d be in full Ladybug gear UNDER the Sailor gear, so it’s a little different.

Marinette will balance still looking like Ladybug, but adding Sailor Moon-ish things. Like DOUBLE BUNS! (Yup, I totally got the idea from @peachpurin​’s art.) And ribbons being more antenna-like higher on her head than low near her neck. Her bandalore will be on her ribbon like Sailor Moon wears her brooch. No knee-high Sailor boots and gloves, though, since she already has her suit. But she can add ankle ones like Jupiter’s, probably. Not heels like Mars’ because those are pretty…impractical? Maybe? I just prefer boots okay.

I… I’m sorry? I made messy art using a crappy hard pencil lying around? And it’s messy art of my own fic? That doesn’t even include something like this yet? Except maybe in Chat Noir’s imagination? I’m just posting this here for archiving and reference so I can laugh at myself ten years from now?

…Okay. I’m… I’m gonna go back to writing.

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Hey humans. So, I'm not good at social interaction so sorry if this is awkward and not smooth at all. I really love this blog, so thanks for that. I looked at your tag page, I usually do, and I've noticed you guys don't have a side relationship tag for the polyamorous relationship between Scott, Isaac, and Allison (Scallisaac). I'd really appreciate it if you guys could create one or something. It's okay if you guys don't want to or something, Just thought I'd ask. Yeah that's all. Peace. -Leo

yeah of course we can make this tag (it’s gonna be tagged as allison x scott x isaac)

Not Your Disney Romance by tylerfucklin (zimothy) (5/5 | 42,065 | R)

After a long-forgotten agreement of an arranged marriage between Derek and the daughter of another pack’s alpha resurfaces, Stiles takes it upon himself to become the most amazing fake fiancé that a clueless, desperate alpha werewolf could wish for.

Enemy Lines by qhuinn (tekla) (17/18 | 149,179 | NC17)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.

Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.

Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

All’s Fair in Orgasms and War by bleep0bleep (15/15 | 63,213 | NC17)

“We haven’t seen much of our favorite rock hard stud from Hale House ever since that indie twink dethroned him as champion in Orgasm Wars, but it’s just been confirmed that Diamond will no longer be working for the legendary studio famous for producing some of our favorite werewolf-on-human works. Don’t fret, Diamond fans, it looks like he’s been spotted cozying up to True Alpha Studios! Apparently he couldn’t get enough of that one human and then followed him home. Could it be true love? Keep your eye on this studio– us at AVN think we’re about to get a lot more of Diamond in a very new way!”
The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way. 

Just the Same by ericaismeg (7/7 | 68,066 | G)

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Dances With Wolves by ZainClaw (25/25 | 59,134 | NC17)

(Sterek Christmas calendar project)

Two months after the events of the Nemeton, it’s safe to say that Beacon Hills has gone back to the small and quiet town it once was. No animal attacks or strange deaths. No creepy blind man or maniac teacher running about. For the first time in nearly a year, Stiles and his friends can go back to the lives of ordinary teenagers. (Despite half of them not being ordinary at all.) Christmas is coming, and the news of a winter school dance at the end of the semester leaves Isaac terrified and Stiles unbelievably dateless.

It’s funny how both their problems are solved by the same person.