hey slug

  • me, getting thrown out of an applebees for wearing my omocat shirt of a little anime girl vomiting up blood and slugs: hey, watch the shirt pal!!! this cost 75 bucks!
bangtangy’s super cool 3D gfx tutorial

hey everybody, ur lil slug friend is here to give you a super hip, super rad graphics tutorial! (request via @fabtaebutt)

so today I’m going to teach you how to make this picture:

do this:

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‘You’re predators. So you think being a predator is fine. Well, we think being parasites is fine,’ Karen said, smirking. 'Your morality is real simple. Anything humans do is okay, anything Yeerks do is wrong.’

Marco was mostly human now. Human enough to speak and to jab his finger angrily at Karen. 'Hey, Slug-girl, we didn’t start this fight, you did. We didn’t go to the Yeerk planet and start killing Yeerks. You started this war.’

'Who started the war between humans and cows? Or humans and pigs? Or humans and chickens?’ Karen demanded, laughing derisively. 'Cows weren’t eating humans, were they?’

'Hey, we’re not cows,’ Marco snapped. 'You can’t compare what you do to humans with what we do to cows.’

'Sure I can. You’re our meat!’ Karen said.
—  Book #19: The Departure, pg. 96 (by K.A. Applegate)