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Fake Chats #31
  • Taehyung: hey, Jungkookie, time to wake up
  • Seokjin: hey, Jungkookie, rise and shine
  • Namjoon: Jungkook, come on, it's morning
  • Hoseok: Kookie! Kookie! Kookie!
  • Yoongi: get up. Eat food.
  • Seokjin: wait, where's Jimin? He'll be able to get him up
  • Jimin: *pokes his head out of the covers* I'm here
  • Jungkook: do I sleep with you so much that they forget that this is actually your bed?
  • Taehyung: yes, you do, and nobody's happy about it
Xiumin’s Mixtape Tracklist

1- It’s Always The Quiet Ones

2-When Will SM Let Me Do Things

3- The Sound Effects Get More Spotlight Than Me (ft.Sehun) 

4- Shortest Yet Oldest

5- Baekhyun I Am Not Your Slave

6- When Will The Members Stop Being So Extra (ft. D.O) 

7- Outro: Call Me A Smurf One More Time Bitch


Who wore it better? Jonghyun vs Barny 

I made this for you @jonghyun-kun 

Her Walking in on Them Singing While Showering: BTS


11/10 would ask you to join him in the shower. He ain’t the most perverted hyung for nothing, you know?


Since you heard him sing I the shower you knew this was your chance to tease him. After so many times where he made you flustered, now was your time to shine.

“Hey, Yoongz, do you want me to put on some music and bring you the mic, too? You should totally record this for your next mixtape.”

“Shut up you ungrateful brat. Let me shine. You know my vocals are breath-taking.”


Wouldn’t even stop and just start to sing louder, making you laugh and cringe all the more. The boy didn’t have any shame at all.

Rap Monster:

He would quickly peak his head out through the shower-curtain thingy and look at you all embarrassed cause he heard you laugh.

“Why are you laughing?!”

“You were so bad…”


You wouldn’t even care what song he was singing cause he was killing them high-notes. Gladly, he didn’t see you either coming in or leaving.


“Oh, hey there, (Y/N). Didn’t see you there~!”


Would probably start yelling a fucking murder, tbh. Like: “Did she just see me naked?!”

exodarkwolf16  asked:

Hey, I love your reactions to far, please may I request a gif reaction to them falling in love with the only female hwarang who also is very caring and considerate, thank you :)

Sun Woo

Sun Woo would be confused about his feelings for you, and he would wonder if he was simply attracted to you because you were of the opposite gender. But he enjoyed that you were around him constantly, and he became extremely protective of you. He would take a while to confess his feelings towards you, but it would be worth it when he gives you a small, love-filled speech about everything he likes about you and how you make his heart flutter.

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Soo Ho

The minute he started feeling romantic feelings for you, he would become distant. He had never felt attracted to someone like you, and he was scared to confess only for you to turn him down. He would take a while to confess and it would probably be the most awkward confession ever - but it would be worth it, I’m sure. He’d definitely beat himself up for being so stupid.

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Han Sung

I feel like this innocent baby would be pretty blunt and wouldn’t really fear you potentially rejecting him. He loved you, and he wasn’t going to hide that from you - he had no reason to. Yes, you were the only female Hwarang, but that didn’t stop him from making advances.

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Yeo Wool

Yeo Wool will have been flirtatious from the very beginning, but once he developed genuine feelings for you, he would make sure to be by your side constantly. He would try to drop teasing hints about his feelings for you, but if you took too long to figure out he had feelings for you - he would probably just end up stealing a kiss from you.

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Maek Jong

This guy is not shy when it comes to being romantic and flirtatious towards you, so when he developed genuine feelings for you: he would invite you on dates and would not shy away from skinship. He loved you, and he was going to make sure everyone knew that you were his.

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Ban Ryu

Ban Ryu is going to be stunned about the fact he could ever develop romantic feelings, and the fact that those feelings were directed towards the only female in the Hwarang made him feel bad. He couldn’t stop loving everything you did, however, and would end up confessing his feelings via. a love letter.

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